Saturday, April 13, 2013

20th St Pats party

We had our 20 St Pats party and it was as always it was a fun night of laughs and stories.  Each year it is a fun time getting together with the gang.  Can't wait till the weather turns for the better and the riding and racing starts again.  Later..

Monday, April 01, 2013

50 years and Easter

We were lucky this weekend as we got together at my brother Tim's place and celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday and then Easter on Sunday.  Plus Nate came home after he raced on Saturday and went back to school after dinner last night.  Now this week Cece and the girls have off this week and they are doing some painting in Nate's bedroom and who knows what else.  But at least I get to go to work to not get in their way and relax after a very busy weekend.  Nothing else new here though.  Later..