Thursday, April 28, 2005

Group ride

Today was the group ride and it is getting larger by the week. Today Jerry, Jack, Lenny and Aaron fresh from the Olympic training center were at the ride. It was together until we turned off of Janesville road and then it picked up and the ride broke up in to 3 or 4 smaller groups. I got into the first group and it was nice as the pace was smooth and we were clipping along. Have to watch what wheel you are on as Samantha said she got to the back after rolling through and then they said we are not chasing and we are riding our own pace. By then it was to late and she couldn't close the gap and had to ride with the slow group. That is hard to swallow when you are out for a hard ride and you get stuck like that. Going to watch the weather and see what it is and then decide what to race at the 12 hour race. I may just ride the 3 hour and but maybe the 6 hour will tempt me enough to try that, we will have to just wait and see. My parents are coming to get the kids to keep them over night as they don't have school tomorrow. Have to get the kids ready. Later..

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today was a ride on the single speed with the Burley loaded with Jessica in it and Nate and Maddie following behind. Well Nate was always way ahead of us because Maddie has a steady easy pace and Nate is all out all the time. I have to say that Nate is good because he would go ahead and then come back and always encourage Maddie to keep trying harder. Well after a hour and a half we were home and it is nice to just ride easy every now and then. This weekend we are going to race the 12 hour at the kettles but as of now I don't know what Jerry is up for as it will be a little cool and he my just want to do 3 hour solo's or maybe a I can talk him into the 6 or 12 hour duo. If maybe we found 1 more person I know he would be up for a 12 hour team race. Are you up for it Ron? We could do the 12 hour with 3 guys. Tomorrow is the wheel group ride and that is always fun and a quick pace so that is good then rest then race. Have to get the kids ready and fold some clothes. Later..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No Ride

Today just going to lift weights and not ride the bike. I have to take a day off the bike when other thing are going on or I won't take the day off. Nate has softball practice and then we are going to go out for some Chinese food. Well off to the basement to lift. Later..

Monday, April 25, 2005


Today was a roller workout with the kids. Today we did a interval workout and they both seemed a little tired I think from the swimming yesterday, but they got the workout in. I felt ok and I think the base miles and the recovery after the longer harder rides is been good. We then set up the new pitch back so Nate can go out in the back yard and pitch to it and then catch it as flies back off the net. This is nice because he always is asking to play catch the minute you stop doing anything. I had a school board meeting and now I'm going to get something to eat. Short and sweet today. Later..

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Parents are great

My parents took the kids to a indoor water park today. My brothers room mate has a few connections and got us some passes to the Hilton hotel indoor water park. My parents took the kids while I went for a ride. The kids had a blast and my parents said that they are like fish and couldn't get them out os the water. Now Cece is cutting my Dad's hair and then we are going out for some pizza. Today was a busy one as I lifted weights and rebuilt the head set on the epic for the race next weekend at Muir. Jerry, Jeff Brodik and myself are doing the 12 hour with 3 guys and Nate is doing the 3 hour. I then cut the grass and washed the car and truck and ate 2 quick sandwiches and headed to Samantha's house for a ride at 1pm. It was Jeff Senn, Samantha, Mary, Aaron and myself for a very windy 47 mile ride. I don't like the wind but you have to forget about it and just put your head down and ride. It was very nice to ride with others and make the wind that much less noticeable and the ride that much easier. I have to say Jeff is a amazing rider as he can just pull and make it look easy going into the wind, thanks Jeff. Now time to go and get something to eat. Later..

Saturday, April 23, 2005

BMX upgrade

Today I put some new XTR V brakes that I had laying around on Nate's BMX bike. I have HAYES brakes on all the bikes and these were just collecting dust so I may as well put them to use. They look nice and feel real nice to. When I got done Nate cleaned and waxed the bike and it looks brand new again he really likes his bikes and keeps them clean. I then got in a roller work out and lifted weights before we went to the first communion which was nice. Tomorrow it's a longer ride if it is nice outside or I will do a roller work out again. Time to eat popcorn and watch NASCAR. Later..

Friday, April 22, 2005

Chris Charmichael

Today didn't have time to ride. I had to pick up Cece's bro from the airport at 8 am and be at a funeral at 10 in Racine. We spent the day at Cece's mom's house talking to relatives from all over the place and got home at 7:30. We flew out and then went to the Chris Charmicheal thing at Wheel and Sprocket. Nate and Maddie got his autogragph. Try to get a ride before a first communion tomorrow have to see. Have to get a long ride on Sunday as not going to drive to Rock cut. Later..

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Group ride

Today was sit and listen to people talk about pest control for 7 hours. But hey it's nice to do something different from time to time. The group ride is getting bigger and faster every week as a few years ago it was like only 10 of us riding and now it has turned into about 35 plus every week. Today it was a 22 plus average which is good for this time of year and the stops we have to make. Only a few fell of the back this week so that is good since as it gets dark and we hate to have a couple of groups for the idiots on the road to pass. The ride was good and only had to do as much work as you needed so I sat in as many of the newbies were jumping from line to line so to stay safe sat back and drove the bus. Got done and came home right away as my parents were watching the kids and hadn't seen them in a week so had to visit with them to. Tomorrow a funeral for Cece's uncle and on Sat a first communion so have to see what riding I might get in if any. A couple of days off won't hurt either so we just have to see. Have to go. Later..

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hill repeats

Today Maddie, Nate and Jordan and I did hill repeats for our workout. I pulled Jessica in the Burley hooked up to the single speed. Nate was ready for the workout as he was flying up the hill and around the block to go down hill into the wind. He lapped us 2 times to do 14 applies to our 12. Nate doing real good and I can't wait to see him race the mountain bike as his skills are getting better every time we are out on the bikes. I stayed with Maddie and Jordan as they are much slower then Nate. I also didn't want to leave Maddie as she is working hard and I wanted to keep her moving and also there was cars also on the roads and she is not used to training on the roads as Nate is. I got a good workout on the single speed pulling the Burley and the group ride is tomorrow so it was enough so I'm not tired for the group ride. I got Maddie a pair of mitten bike shoes today and put a pair of time pedals on her bike and she had no problem getting in and out of them. Today Jordan road my spare mitten bike and had time pedals and he did alright but did fall over 2 times trying to get out of them. So a few more times on the pedals and they should have no problems. Friday we are going to do a sprint workout and I hope that the kids are ready for some structured workouts now that we are riding outside. Well off to check the kids home work and get them ready for bed. Later..

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

80 oh yea

What another nice day. Although it was a little windy ok a lot windy when I rode south first. I was only allowed an hour to ride so I had to make the most of it. I did a ride into the wind for a 35 minutes along the lake and then I turned around. It only took 22 minutes to ride back home. I got home to get the kids and then shower and get Nate to softball practice. I really like watching the kids play sports as they don't care if they strike out or miss the ball. Nate is playing real well and is one of the better players and is playing first base right now as he can catch or stop most of the balls thrown to him. He can also hit well too so that is a bonus as many can't hit the ball to good. Cece had night class so the girls just played at the park and then when I got home I had dinner catered in from Mcdonalds down the block, I know not it's not good food but hey I have to make it as easy as possible some times. Got to go Jessica is over tired and having a melt down so time to get her in bed. Later..

Monday, April 18, 2005

Easy Monday

Today rode with the kids on my single speed. We went to the woods by the house to try to get a little more time on some easy trails. I think that we need to spend more time on the trails as Maddie still is afraid to ride up hills and over roots and things. She has more grease on her legs then on the chain. But a few more days on the trails I think that it will be ok. It was a easy 15 mile 1 1/2 hour ride. On Wed it will be a hill repeat for the kids and I will pull the Burley on the single speed for a harder workout. Tomorrow is a track work out but have to skip as Nate has soft ball practice. Have to eat now. Later..

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Coffee stop

Today Jerry can up again and Nate and I went to crystal ridge and road some single track for 2 hours. We rode a first lap with Nate and then we said Nate Jerry and I are are going to do a few fast laps and we will meet you at the bottom of the Alpha trail. Jerry and I did 4 laps with him leading the 1st lap and then I lead for the next 3 and he wanted to chase. I went hard and made him chase and that he did as I know those trails like the back of my hand and was able to fly today. As we rode on I felt better each lap and they were getting faster and Jerry further back as he was running into trees trying to catch me. Nate was able to get 3 laps in to our 4 so he is riding real good, but he did lose a little energy at the end as Jerry and I did 2 extra laps on the top to finish off the day at crystal and he waited at the truck. We came home so Nate could spend the afternoon with a friend from school. We then took the girls for a ride to Allttera on the lake for some coffee and cookies. That was a 24.25 mile ride and Maddie rode well and never complained and rode the entire ride very well. Jerry pulled Mackenzie on a trail behind bike. That was a good day to ride for almost 4 hours some hard some slow but a great day on the bike in any case. I read Ron's site and the crazy man did a 100 mile rise by himself, call us I'll ride a easy 100 ride any time that is if you can ride it easy. I then did some yard work and got some other things done that you know always need to be done. Later..

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sat. Ride

Today was a good ride as Jerry, Dan, John and myself left from my house at 9 and got to the ride with some time to spare to do a lap in the park. We had a group of 28 and it was a brisk pace as we left about 8 people and had to wait a little for them. After awhile it was just leave the weak and ride on. We averaged 21 plus for the ride so that wasn't bad. We rode home making it 60 miles and cleaned up and took the kids to the shop as Jerrry had to return the Moots that they sent for him to try. He bought one after the ride and it should be here in a week or so. Then we took the kids for some ice cream and give Cece a break as Jerry is coming up again tomorrow and we are riding at Crystal at 10 am. Now time for Monty Python the Holy Grail with Russell. Later..

Friday, April 15, 2005


Today was a ride with the kids. I used to think how far should we go so the kids can make it home or that when will they complain that this is to far. But with the training this winter the last 2 Friday rides have been 14 last week and 17 today. Neither ride has anyone complained so it is good, but you have to remember that Maddie is 9 and Nate is 10 so that is really great that they ride that far and want to race. Today Maddie was following Jordan up a small hill and he stopped and Maddie ran into the back of him and as you know what goes up hill and then stops must go down hill. Maddie fell and took the big chain ring in the shin and now has a few big gouges and I hope it won't scar here leg. But she didn't cry and got back up so I happy and she still wants to ride. And then on the way home Jordan took the corner of a paved parking lot and hit a pedal and he went flying over the handle bars and landed on his head. He was wearing one of my spare helmets and got up and looked at the helmet and said thank you to me and the helmet and we went on. He really went flying but no problems I hope he felling ok tonight or in the morning. Tomorrow it's a ride from my house to the Wheel ride then a little more the home. It should be about 65 to 75 miles. Well time to go fold more clothes. Later..

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Group ride

Well the group ride from wheel in Hales Corners is going off right where it ended last year. The pace was ok going out for about 2 miles then it was pounding nails at 28 to 31 mph for awhile and blowing up a lot of the people. Then it got back together at a stop light but that didn't last long and a few of the riders were gone. After while it separated into 2 groups and the fast group had about 12 of us and the rest rolled in together. As Dan and I were talking the ride will be different because of a few of the faster riders are coming so the pace will be fast and boy was that right. But hey it is training and it is to get in the first group and if all else fails fall back to the back group, but I will fight with all my might and try to prevent that from happening. Tomorrow is a easy ride no matter what, I have to let the legs get a break. I will take the kids for a ride and pull Jessie in the burley behind the single speed and go for a 13 to 15 mile with them. Time to put a over tired girl in the tub and into bed. Later...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

4 walls

With Maddie still on antibiotics I'm giving her rest to get over her sickness. So Nate, Jordan and myself did a crit workout in the basement. I wish with the weather that I could have gotten to ride outside but it looked a bit windy and that always makes the rides a little more difficult. I would have had to hook up the burley to the single speed and ride with the kids but that always helps to make it more even and myself able to get a good workout. I'm looking forward to the time trials starting in the 1st week of May and getting the kids there to start racing. With Cece having night school it looks like we won't be doing the track workouts this year also Nate has softball those nights to. I will have to try to get Maddie down there on a weekend to try her track bike. If we can't get there on the weekend I will have to try to get her to ride it on the play ground or a parking lot. That should be fun to watch her the first few times as this will be her first time on a fixed gear. My mother is here to pick up Jessie to keep he rover night and watch her tomorrow so I have to get things ready. Later..

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kids day

Today with Cece at night school there was no time to fit in a ride unless I ride at 9:30 in the basement and honest I don't feel like it. Maddie was still sick so today was drop her off a my parents house so she could lay low a get better. I got home a got Nate and Jessie and then took Maddie her homework and Jessie wanted to stay there so Grandma said ok and the it was off to softball practice for Nate. I stayed there and helped out at practice and then we hit the ball after practice was over so no ride today. I have to say that a day off the bike is needed and if I don't do something else I will not take a day or 2 off so I know that I will be better by not trying to ride later. Tomorrow is a training day with the kids and I think will will either do a time trail or crit workout so the rest will work out perfect. My mother just called and said that they sold their house so that is good for them but I'm really bummed as I see them 5 or 6 days a week and they help us a lot with everything and the kids. I'm really going to miss them when they move upnorth. But as they said trying to pay for 2 of everything is not good and then trying to take care of 2 homes is getting old so I can't blame them and I'm glad that they are making it easier on themselves. Have to get going and get things done and the kids ready for bed. Later..

Monday, April 11, 2005

Easy day

Today nothing really to say. Maddie was sick and didn't go to school so no training for her. It was Nate, Jordan and myself. We did a steady state workout to just spin the legs out. We wanted to ride out side but with Maddie sick it was in the basement for the workout. I don't mind but after riding out side it is hard to ride in the basement when it isn't raining. Just the family chores to finish up tonight like folding the clothes and cleaning up the play room. Must get going so I can get the kids to bed. Later..

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunny Sunday

Again what a great day. Got up early and meet Jerry at the southern kettles for a ride on the connecter trail. I didn't know how I would feel after riding for 4 hours yesterday. I felt pretty good and riding with Jerry and him saying let's ride kind of easy. Well his kind of easy is about 90% of my training level but that is ok as I need to do a few runs like that. As we were riding I said that man I should have called Ron. As we went to the parking lot for a restroom break I thought that hey that looks like Ron's truck. And a few seconds later there he is on his single speed. He says he is riding the connector and a few loops on the other end. I thinks this man is nuts and after watching him ride off and catch us later I now know that this man is fast and nuts. Ron it was great to see you and we will get together and go for a ride one of these day's or see you at the time trails a few times. After the ride and a quick bite to eat at the General store I got home and went to Nate's softball practice and played ball for a couple of hours. I then was able to plant my Cana Lilly bulbs, this is great because that means that they will grow sooner and I don't have to try to fit it in on mothers day like the other years. I also had to take a look at my bike as I was riding it was making so much noise that I was embarrassed. I took the bottom bracket off and rebuilt it and that seems to have worked. Grilled and ate dinner now time to kick back and read the paper and fold the clean clothes. It never ends. Later..

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday in the saddle

Friday was a easy 14 mile ride with the kids on their mtn bikes around the park so Maddie could get used to it. It was fun and I think she will do alright when she races. Nate is just a goof ball and was jumping this mulch pile now that he has a few bmx skills. I tried but a team SID says that is not the right thing to do and I almost lost it so I won't be trying that again. Then like every Friday it was a great dinner by my parents. Today was a group ride from wheel and that was good as Joe showed up and we were pounding nails for awhile and our group of 9 was Joe off the front and 3 of chasing then 2 more then the rest. We waited at a school and regrouped and Joe was gone again and 3 of were chasing and then the rest were all over the place. We waited again and kept it togeether for awhile then the others said it was to fast and fell off. We finished the ride and Russ, Nate and I went for a mtn bike ride and it was a good ride for recovery and hard enough for Nate to feel the burn. I think he will be doing pretty good when racing starts. That made it 4 hours on the bike today so that was a good day. We got home and cleaned up and went next door for Clodeo's 2 year B-day party and some BBQ and tacos, oh and some good cake too. Tomorrow it's a kettle ride and then a ride in the afternoon with the family. And try to fit in some yard work also. Time to watch Monty Python's Holy Grail. Later

Friday, April 08, 2005


It was fun to see some of the guys that haven't been able to make the Sat rides. There was about 20 of us and Samantha the 14 year old faast girl. The ride was a good ride and everyone seemed to be in good shape as we didn't drop anyone and the pace was above average for this time of year. May try to make it to the Wheel sale this weekend but I go evey year and pay for parking and never buy a thing so may need to just skip it. The weather is looking good so hope to be able to fit some good rides in this weekend. Later..

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A day late

Well the volleyball went good. We won all 5 games and were able to bring the trophy back home. I'm glad I don't play on any teams as I'm only a OK player and if not for the 2 girls on our team that play real good and set us up we would have lost a game or 2. But it was fun and doing it once a year is just fine. Today I have the kids riding their rollers and then my parents are coming over to watch them so I can make the Wheel ride tonight. What great parents I have to watch the kids or take them to races for us. Well later..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


WOW what a great day for a ride. The temperature was in the 70's and it was great to just ride in shorts and a jersey. I got home from work and took off right away and was able to get in 27 mile ride before getting the kids. I felt good and just rode tempo for the ride as I know it is a long season and the hammer rides are yet to start. It looks like it is going to rain the next couple of days so back to the trainer. Tomorrow I have a volleyball tourney for work so no ride but it is always fun to play volleyball against the nurses and bet them and rub it in their faces. I'm glad that Ill. lost as they were do to lose and that we would have never heard the end of it next year. Well off to bath time for the kids as Cece is at school tonight. Later..

Monday, April 04, 2005


Easy ride today for a recovery with the kids on rollers. We rode for 30 minutes with sprints every 5 minitues for 30 seconds. The legs felt real good and I'm looking forward to going for a long ride tomorrow. Had a school board meeting and now have to get the kids to bed. Watching the game and thinking that Ill. is going to lose. Later..

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Went to church in the morning and then got home to eat 2 omelets and 9 pancakes before the ride from West Alllis to East Troy. There was 6 of us but that was ok because just got to work more. We got to East Troy and had lunch at the Subway and then started home . Not bad did the ride in 19.7 average and got 60 miles in by the end. Got home to watch the rest of the NASCAR race then turn on OLN and catch the race on there. The kids got home from the cabin with my parents so it is not quiet any more. Have to unpack the kids things and get some dinner. Later..

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Riding with the wind. That is what the ride was today. There was a great tail wind on the way out and everyone was thinking that they were going to have a good and easy time. But then we turned and started going West and the wind turned to be a cross wind and the weak rider's were falling off and we had to regroup so Jeff didn't have to push and pull Bubba by himself. Everyone made the ride and it turned out to be a good pace and a real good ride. I have to say that burping cheap whiskey and Mickey's malt beer for the entire ride was not pleasant. I had a little more then I planned to drink last night but having Coop to drive the truck back was nice so I drank more then I should have. Washed the vehicles and cleaned my mountain bike and Cece's road bike too. Now I only have about 15 more bikes to clean and get ready for the race season. Cece's Mom came up and I went and got some Mexican food and we all ate like pigs now we are resting up for the B-day cake. She turns 75 today so I have 75 candles but I don't think that I can light them all before the first one burns down so 1 big one will have to do. Going to go and ride with Jeff and Sammy and the coyote team tomorrow and it is supposed to be a 70 miler so that should be a good ride. And most of all rest in peace Pope John Paul ll. Later..

Friday, April 01, 2005

April fools ?

I guess the trick is on us as it is raining and there will be no ride before the party today. I'm thinking that maybe a few extra drinks today as Jack called me to tell me that Chris is expecting so that means a few extra drinks with Jack. But I hope to be able to pull the plug before I get drunk. I'm hoping to get some good miles in this weekend but we will have to see. Cece has a real bad case of pink eye right now so that really bites and will have to help her do things. Also we may get together or have Cece's mom here as it is her 75 birthday. Going to go downstairs and put new wrap on the road bikes instead of riding. Later..