Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Tonight we went to John and Laurie's for like the 7th year in a row for the trick or treating. I feel so ghetto when we go because all I see at our door is kids that don't live in the area asking for candy. The difference is the kids that come here have their parents following in cars with rap music blasting or Spanish music blasting with spinners on the cars. I walk around with the guys before the pizza is done and then we all eat and the ladies take the kids back out after dinner to hit the other side of the neighborhood. The kids have so much candy that the bags are just about over flowing. I hope that the kids don't eat to much candy that they get the shits from to much sugar. As always it is a good time and the kids have fun seeing each other and we have fun visiting with the others that we see only a few times a year. Nate went as a football player, Maddie went as a dracula, and Jessie went as little mermaid.

Well 3 days until the long drive for the Iceman and I'm thinking that Mike and I will ride ok as I really don't know what to expect as they combine the sport and expert tandems. So it is time to just ride and try to have a solid finish and hope to be on the podium. I think Ron has a chance to finish first in age again and maybe Russell can hop on the podium if he can get a nice solid ride also. We got a cabin at the finish thanks to Mr Hauser at the finish line for a great price so now it is get there and hope for the best. Time to get the kids in the shower and then relax for a few minutes as today I started work Goat time like at 6 in the morning. Later..

Monday, October 30, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

Now that Russell and Ron are out West I know that Russell will be eye balling the cowgirls. I hope that there is something left of Russell after the tall one on the left is done with him. Ron my have more luck with one of the smaller ones on the right. You 2 be careful out there and no broke back.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Here is a picture of the family at the NORBA Nationals in July. Boy the weather was hot and all but it would feel nice right now. I can't believe that it was already over 3 months ago.

I went to the Bubba's for a party for Julie who turned 29 again. It was a great night and I got home a little late and then got up early to get a ride in and wash the truck and car before heading up to the WORS awards. I talked to Cece and we decided to go up later and stop at the outlet stores and get some things out of the way. We then got to Point and meet up with my parents and had a good night of talking and watching the awards. Maddie went up first and got her 2nd overall. Nate was next and he got his first place overall award. I went next for my 2nd in Single speed. Cece didn't get a overall finish but she was the NORBA state champion as was Maddie and Nate. They all got 1st place and I missed the medals as comp single speeders get points first even if they finish last in their race. Well next year I will be racing comp so that will change as I think I can beat a couple of them so that will help for the points. As for the raffles last night the family got some good swag. I won a heart rate monitor, Cece won a bag of Cliff items and Nate won a pair of Sun wheels. Good night for family awards and swag. Good thing is the fact we ganed an hour because of daylight savings.

Today was the cross race at Washington Park and Nate took 2nd to Myles who had a great race. Nate had some shifting issues and a side ache. Well you can't win every race so he needs to just chalk up the fact he had a good race and still finished strong and build up that he knows what he needs to do if he wants to win the State race. I got out for a good ride as we now have 5 days until the Iceman. Time to eat. Later..

Friday, October 27, 2006


The blogger must be off his break as the picture jumped right up today. Nate cut the 1 eyed pumpkin and I did the 2 next to his. Jess wanted 2 different eyes and a big smile on hers and Maddie did the 2 triangle eyed one. The seeds were a little salty but taste great and will have to wash them down will a Lakefront beer later. Heading out for a gathering later and then up to Point for the WORS awards. Dinner just walked in door. Later..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Well

I tried to load a picture of the pumpkins are we cut them but the site is not letting me up load the picture. Have to wait another day I guess. Well other news The Boy and I went for a night ride last night with Russ, Bubba, Candy, Jim and Randy on the Tosa trails. We got a good couple of hours in and it was a blast to ride at night again in great weather. Today I went for a ride with Mike Owens on the tandem on the single track in the Tosa trails again. Boy was that a blast and we got real smooth riding that bus by the end. We were able to get the ride in before the rain started as I got done with work at 1pm as I started at 5am. Mike took off in the afternoon and we got rolling after a few adjustments to make it comfortable for me. I think Don should add a tandem class for the Marathon races next year. Time to get to bed as I'm beat from only getting a couple of hours of sleep last night. Later..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stab'in and Gutt'in

Tonight we were stabb'in and gutt'in the pumpkins. I then took the seeds and they are now roasting in the oven for 3 hours at 250 with so much salt that I drink 2 beers to every hand full of seeds. We then took some knifes and cut those pumpkins up like no ones business. I will post pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

With Halloween this weekend I think I seen Russell getting this pumkin out. He was getting his pumpkin ready to scare the little kids away in the neighborhood. I have to say this is one ugly ass pumpkin. I hope your pumpkin doesn't have some rotten smells coming from it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Double Crossed

This weekend was a cross race on both Saturday and Sunday. The raace on Sat was in Whitewater and the conditions were anything but good from the start. It was raining and the course was a mowed open field with a few barriers tossed in. Nate was hooked up with his mtn bike having disc brakes and the fenders I put on. He got a good start and just rolled away for the win. He didn't even get any mud on his clothes and his bike wasn't that muddy. The races that went off later the course just got worse and the racers just looked like they were suffering. I'm glad Nate went went when he did as the course was in better shape for his race then the later races. Sarah looked good since it was her first cross race of the year. Pat looked like he was having fun playing in the mud as did Ray.

The race today was in Cam Rock. The course was laid out better but the conditions were anything but good. As Russell, The Boy and I got to the race there was still snow on the ground and 32 degrees. Russell went off first and got a bad start and had to work his way through the field. He finished in the middle of the pack. Nate went off next and got a good gap and just rolled it to the end for another win. He didn't look that well before the race and after he looked worse. Right after getting home he got sick and fell asleep by 7pm. I hope he feels better so he can go to school as he has never missed a day of school. Again Sarah raced well, Pat looked good and Ray raced well. Samantha looked real good and finished 3rd in the women 1 2 3's. Ron was looking ok as we were leaving also. No time to get Nate's bike cleaned up and read the paper. Later..

Friday, October 20, 2006

All play'n and no work'n

It won't be long and we will all be hanging out at the bmx track for some fast and furious racing and practices. This was a picture of us racing at the Barn on one of the double weekends. I think this was right before the BS open finals. I heard the track has been built and the practices will start the first Thursday after the races on 11/4. The website has the times and the dates for the practices and the races http://www.walworthbmx.com/ so check it out.

Tomorrow is the cross race in Whitewater and then a race at Cam Rock on Sunday. Again I'm not doing either race but Nate is doing them both. Nate said he is looking forward to doing a race on both days of the weekend. I hope he has the energy for the races after he goes to a dance tonight and mac's on the girls all night.

Spent the last 2 days off with the kids as they had off for teachers convention and I had 4 weeks of vacation to burn. I got some things done yesterday like buying on of these to kill deer and then taking the kids to get some pumpkins to stab later this and cook the insides. Today we all went to the Whole food store and just kind of laughed at all the fools over paying for the stuff there. Boy I'm out of that loop where people think it is cool to dress like bums and others to dress with sweaters and wide corduroy on. And Coop if I ever have a pair of glasses hanging on the end of my nose just walking around thinking that it is cool come over and smack those pieces of shit right off my face. I can say I won't be there again to buy anything soon as it cost $6.69 for a gallon of milk and prices for the fruit and meat were just so high we couldn't believe it. Now we are just getting the punks ready for the dance and then relaxing watching a movie with Jessie. Time to get them ready and the relax. Later..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


We went to a festival that was around the Space Needle in Centennial park that made anything around here look sad. It was a fun day as there was bands and food everywhere. If more time was to be had it would have been fun to see a little more of the festival. But as it was we walked like 3 or 4 miles to get there and wanted to get back and relax as it was like 100 degree's that day.

Nothing else is happening around here as the weather has been crappy at night and Cece has had classes at night and parent conferences also. It is a busy time of the year for us and the riding gets to the every now and then outside and more inside. But if the night rides come up I will try to make those. I need to get more riding in as I have to stay in shape to ride the tandem in the Iceman with Mike Owens. I'm off the next 2 days as the kids are off for teachers convention and I have 4 weeks to burn up yet before the end of the year. We have some errands to run and try to get to the pumpkin farm and 2 cross races this weekend. Well nothing else to do except to get my big bowl of ice cream. Later..

Monday, October 16, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is a nice lady of the dark for the great night race that Russell was able to put on the other night. Thanks again for the great race and enjoy the night goddess.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend Recap

We raced the State Night Race Championships at crystal Ridge on Friday. The Boy won this cool medal for his 2nd place finish. He looked good and raced well for really not having a lot of night riding under his belt. He rode a couple of times with us last year and wants to ride every time we ride this year. If he gets his school work done that might be a possibility. I raced it on the Single Speed and was able to ride most of the race behind Nate. I hit a tree on one lap and it sent me flying about 10 feet off the trail and it took a few minutes to get the bearings back, then I caught back up to Nate and rode with Nate to the finish. It was a great race and Russell was able to put together one of the best races of the year. We then hit Ray and Dots for some post race beers.

Saturday was a day to get a lot of things around the house done as the next few weekends are at races and the WORK awards ceremony. I got the Canalilly bulbs dug up, the car and truck washed and the kids got the flower beds cleaned and The Boy cut the grass. In the end I got that a ride in. We then loaded the car and went to Kenny's for his 35th Birthday party. He had a nice bon fire that was just getting nice and big and we left as Nate had a cross race today. I have to say Kenny recovered nice after blowing up at the last WORS race and tossed a nice party.

Today the Boy and I headed to the cross race at Lapham Peak. He raced at 10:45 but as always the race starts were messed up and he started about 30 minutes late. Nate got a nice start and was in the lead from the start to the finish. He was able to put a little more space between himself and Myles each lap and by the end he had about a minute and a half on him. All he got today was a pair of socks unlike the nice medal he got on Friday night. This week is a nice short work week as I'm taking Thursday and Friday off because the kids are off so that should be nice. Then the weekend will bring 2 more cross races for The Boy. Time to get the kids in bed. Later..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Night Race 10-13

Tomorrow is the first night race championships at Crystal Ridge. Russell is putting on the race and has a bunch great swag to give away. So get there and support the race as the money is going to the parks to help get more mtn bike trails in the area.

Nothing new and the same old shit so time to get going. Later..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here is a picture of us on a boat that took us around Lake Washington. It was a tour that showed the big houses of the rich famous people that made millions and billions of dollars. It was a real nice ride and then we went to a classic car show in town.

I went to the Dr. That put my fingers back on and he gave me a total release. He said that I have almost 100% of the movement back and he has never had someone who messed their fingers up as bad as I did do this well. He said that I don't have to see him anymore and that I can do any thing that I want with no restrictions.

Going to see how the legs feel as they are still sore from the race and the cramping that I had whether I will race in the night race this Friday. I know Nate wants to race so he will and I will have to see. I want to take it easy as I'm going to race the Ice Man on the back of the tandem with Mike Owens. So I want to take a couple of days off and then be ready for the race also. Time to go and have a bowl of ice cream. Later..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is Russell's Supermate for this week. I think her back shelf should be able to hold the awards that he won this weekend at the WORS race. Enjoy your lady Russ..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Now what do we do?

Here are some pictures from the races this year. It was a good season for the family considering that Cece cracked her elbow in Iola before even racing and missed most of the year and will end up I think in 4th place in age. Nate won several of the races this year and was finishing several times in the top 10 overall. He won his age group and is now looking forward to the cross and bmx seasons. Nate also took 3rd in his age on the track this summer. Maddie missed 4 races this year and still had a great year for the races she did. She will end up 2nd in age. She also took 2nd in age on the track this summer. I managed to take 2nd in single speed class and I think it is the most fun class that I have raced so far in the WORS series in the last 7 years.

Today was a good day for the kids at the race. Maddie took 2nd and she was all worried in the morning as she needed to beat another racer and after her pedal falling off I think she was worried. No problems today. Nate had a great race and was in the lead and just kept adding distance till the end. He also made $10 bucks as he made it up the equalizer both times. I was in 3rd and got a flat on the last lap and fixed and finished. Oh well, thanks to the air fairy for the help. Later..

Friday, October 06, 2006

Last Stand

Here is a picture of the grave of Custer. He was a fool that if he had waited for the other guys to arrive he would have won his battle. Sometimes working as a team will save your ass from being killed. We stopped and saw the site of the battle and it was a different thing to see all the graves of the men who died in the battle over shit land at that.

Just dropped the Boy and one of his friends off at a dance. He has been going to the last 5 dances and I think he must be hitting on the young hotties at the dance. They say that they are dancing with the girls and Maddie said at the dance that she went to he dances with the girls from other schools. Man it won't be long and the bike will be second to the women.

Tomorrow we are going to preride the course and see how it is doing after the rain and all. Plus I have to ride it on the single speed and pick the right gear. It is the last race of the season and I can't believe that it went by so fast. It seems like yesterday that I tried removing my fingers and now they are just like nothing happened. Nate has his class locked up for the win and Maddie is tied for 2nd and if she does well or at least nothing falls off her bike she should get 2nd. Cece is out of the medals for the year after cracking her elbow in the first race of the season so nothing for her. I'm tied for 2nd also and I have a chance to hold on to it but I need a couple of others to ride well and at the least I need to beat Adam by at least a place or 2. But if all fails I do have 3rd for the year. It has been fun racing single speed but again doing well I have to make a decision to move up to comp or maybe race single in the age class. Just have to wait and see but I'm leaning towards moving to SS comp. See tou at the race. Later..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Home sweet home

Here is a picture of us driving across the bridge for Oregon to Washington. If you are afraid of heights and water then avoid this bridge as it is like a mile or longer and very high. It was a really nice drive and a cool bridge to drive over.

I got back from a convention in La Crosse. The weather there was beautiful and I got a ride in both days. On Monday I rode the old Blue Bird race trails. It was nice to ride in a area that I raced before but it was different as I had to find my way around and then get out before it got dark as I would have maybe had to stay the night if I got lost. Then yesterday I just had time to ride a state trail and never made it to the best trails up by Grand Dads bluff. The time never allowed but I still got 2 good rides in. Now 1 more race and then it will be bmx race time and night rides as often as possible. Well time to eat. Later..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

I think this is how Russell felt after getting done with the cross race. Next time he should fell better and get the results he should. Get your supermate some exercise Russ.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Here is a picture of the kids at a cool National park near Seattle. We had to walk in about 3 miles and then there was a natural rock slide for the kids to go down. I thought better of doing that and told the kids not to. Maddie didn't listen and she then tore a hole in her swim suit bottoms, lucky she had a pair of shorts to wear. It was really cool and we had a blast there.

The latest news from the last update. Friday we did nothing as I had to fix a hose on the car that was leaking so I didn't get a ride in. Oh well. Saturday I did the ride from wheel and we had a good group and kept a decent pace and didn't drop anyone. Then I got home and got a bunch of stuff around the house done. Today I picked up Russell and went to the first cross race in Madison. Russell went off first and he took his solid middle of the pack finish and Ron Kay did his first cross race finishing like 6th or 7th. Next was Nate and he won his age and got a cool Timbuk 2 bag. It was cool also because it was a Hayes sweep for th top 3 in the kids age. Ryan and Adam Kay looked good for their first cross race taking 2nd and 3rd behind Nate. Then Ron S. was up and he spanked the cat 3 class on his single speed cross bike. We then stopped by Rick and Rick's meat fest for a few beers and good meat. Oh and good company also. Tomorrow I'm off to La Crosse for a few days so I need to pack a few clothes and my bike and riding stuff. Later..