Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well another kick in the junk. We put a offer in piece of dirt to put up a new crib and another person beat us to it. Well that will be enough for awhile as Cece and I are just going to stay put for awhile and just look and if something comes along that we like we will take the jump then. Almost paid off here so just staying put for awhile longer. Will let the kids bother the neighbor and maybe he will go a way.

Today went for a night ride with the Tool and Coop. The trails were perfect and it felt great to be on the bike and on the dirt. I took the single speeder out and it was fun to ride it. I plan on racing it so I better be riding it a few more times to get used to it for the races. I hope that the trails stay that way as I have to get more time on the single track and get the Boy and the Mad Dog out a few times before the season. Well time to get something to eat and shower before I go to bed. Later..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Now that the Roadmaster is been hit and maybe have to be put to sleep, Russell may have to let this girl out at the curb. The Roadmaster or Bubba's truck is the only thing that could maybe handle this load. Anybody hungry?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rewards from the barn

Pictures of the Nate's cool coat and number plate.

Today we went to the track for the last day of racing at the barn. For all the racers who raced every week or missed just one week got a jacket and a number plate. Nate only missed one week to race in Indiana and I missed 2 times one in Indy and one race for the broken ribs. So Nate got the cool coat and number plate. You should have seen his eyes when they called his name to get the coat, it was really cool. My parents came and watched on their way back to Rhinelander and got to see Nate race and get the coat. They really enjoyed the day at the races watching the 2 of us race.

Nate had another good day as he won age class again and just missed out getting into the cruiser main again. He blew the others away in age and I'm hoping that it will carry over to the Nationals. He can take these guys from any gate that he gets. He won his first moto from gate 2 and then had gate 8 for the main and just blew by the others like they were standing still. He has got a great gate start and is just stronger then the other kids from the start to finish. Thanks to Ron and the others who have helped him get better.

I took a third again in my cruiser. I'm getting closer to them but they just have the years and track time in that beats me. Maybe after a few weeks at the track in Rockford and the track being longer I may be able to catch and pass a few and do a little better. Going to go to Rockford Sunday and see how that track is and then maybe a few more

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Just as easy sat ride from the wheel this morning. A good group to ride with as no one was trying to be Superman and drop the others and no one was falling off the back and we had to wait for them. Just a nice steady pace out and kept it real nice into the wind also. We tried talking Russell into pulling us into the wind but he wanted money this week and we offered but he said Fast Girl Sam didn't ante up so it was work for everyone. Thanks Sam. At the end it was a good ride and seemed easy but that was because it was real smooth the entire ride today. I wish that all the rides were that smooth. The next couple of rides I think the pace will be amped up and it will separate a few off the front group and that should be ok.

Tomorrow is the last day of indoor racing at the bmx barn. I can't believe that the indoor season is over with already. Nate and I are planning on hitting a few of the races at Rockford as we are going to do the Nationals there this year. We need to dial the track in and get used to the asphalt turns before the Nationals. We want to do the Nationals this year as Nate is flying in Intermediate and I think he has a chance in making the mains and even maybe if all goes right at winning. Just have to see the weather and try to make a race or two before the Nationals. Have to get a few chores done, Later..

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fish Fry time

Had a good time meeting everyone for some wings and beer the other night. I don't see Russell as often and he is looking real thin these days. The real work must be getting him shape. Maybe he will be racing age class instead of fat man class. Ron showed up also and I think he is looking forward to the race season as much as I am. I think he will be back in the top 10 over all again this year. I ordered 50 wings and Cece had a bunch and Nate had a couple and I ended up eating more then 35 of them. I don't mind as I think I could have eaten 50 if I didn't drink 3 23 oz beers first.

Well still waiting to hear if the offer on the house will be the primary or the one in holding for a possible pull out by the other one. We still can build across the street and have it our way and more usable space for our family. We will look into that as a possible avenue to pursue. Or just tough it out and pay off this house and deal with the piece of shit that lives next door. I will have the kids make enough noise and play kick ball and stuff so that may keep him away. Also if the idiot has sex with the things he brings home and leaves the windows open while laying the wood I'll get in his face. Other then him we love the house and area.

Yesterday nothing real notable happened. Just work and a good workout on the rollers with the kids in the basement. We did a good climbing workout and even Maddie was tired after the workout. She is getting better and working harder each week. Nate just works hard in every workout. Then it was just getting a few chores done so I can ride and race over the weekend.

Today no workout as my parents are here and we are going to meet my brother for a fish fry. Had a easy day at work and now its time for a few beers and a good fish fry. Don't know where we are going yet but somewhere on the eastside I think as that is where my brother lives. Then tomorrow doing the Wheel ride at 9:30 and racing at the bmx barn on Sunday. Have to get going. Later..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chow Down Wide Load

That's the plan for today. We are going to go to BW3's and eat a ton of wings with the gang tonight. We are going to just get together as the bmx season is done and have a good time. We had a fun time at the track and want to get together a few times until the race season starts and the kids all see each other again. Looking forward to eating wings and drinking a few beers. No ride today s I do need to take a day off the bike.

Well we haven't heard anything about the house so I'm beginning to think that the other offer may go through so we may have to keep our eye's peeled for another house. That's ok as we need to get a few things in order also so it would be a smooth thing not a wham bam thing. So we are just going to keep it in stride and do what ever goes. We can still build one and have the 1st offer to purchase on a few others in the area where the other on was. Will wait and see I guess. Well have to go. Later..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Today had a meeting on the North side so I stopped to see the Tool. I had to see the new Sun wheel building shop and where he is twisting nipples. A fine shop it was and looked like a huge warehouse full of rims hubs and spokes. With all the rims and hubs the Tool should be twisting nipples for a long time to come. After that it was back to the real world of work and then get the kids and do a sprint workout before dinner. Then I had to go to the School board meeting as I'm the Prez. Nothing else yet on the house, as we are waiting to hear if the other offer pulled the sell their house first and got the financing to pay for both. Just have to wait and see. Later..

Monday, March 20, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

This is the gal that we needed to push Russell's car out of the mud on saturday night. Here is your new gal for the week Russ.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Got it done

Well the 3 days of racing at the barn are now history. Nate grabbed another 1st place in age and just missed making the in cruiser. He got a hat trick for the weekend in age and that is way cool. He raced his ass off and it was a great 3 days hanging with the Ronsta and 1 day with the Tool. I took another 3rd in cruiser today so that made it a hat trick of 3rd places for me. The Ronsta made the main again but was pushed over in the final turn and got 7th. It was a fun weekend and only one more at the barn next weekend. Picture above is The Boy with his 1st place and my 3rd place hardware.

Today after the races Cece and I put a bid in on a house the we have had our eyes on. We are hoping that we will know in the next 3 to 4 days if we are moving. Kind of really excited but wondering why the hell move all the stuff we have collected. The answer is easy as we need the space and new neighbors as the freak next door reason enough to move. Will keep you posted on when we here if we get it. There is another offer out there also so now it is time to wait it out. Have to go and eat as Cece's Mom and her Bro are here and she made a pan of lasagna, salad and the works. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON a day early. Later..

Saturday, March 18, 2006

More Race'n

Today was another day of racing at the bmx track. Nate and I left to get there with time to get a bunch of gates as I thought there would be a mess of the finest trailer trash there. The was a bunch of the trash blowing in the doors but only about 70 moto's. We got there and Russell showed up after doing the morning road ride. Ronsta showed up a couple of minutes later and we all were hitting the track before the races started. I got hooked on a handle bar on one of the gate practices and hit the deck and now have a nice circle on my chest from where my handle bar dug in. A few scrapes but nothing really bad, got up and rode on. One more day of racing and then the 3 days of hitting the dirt will be done. It was alot of fun and hope to have more good results.

Nate did the usual age and cruiser today. He took another first place in the age and a 2nd in the cruiser. He is just getting better each week and now beating the others kids in intermediate and making it look like the other racers are not even out on the track with him. In cruiser he had a total pointer and rode a very smart and got the great result again. Nate is a natural on the bike and I think you just put a bike under him and he will ride it as hard as he can and never give up. I can't wait until Mtn bike racing starts. I think he will be flying and doing a fine job again this year.

I took another 3rd place in the cruiser today. I didn't have the head in the gate starts and blew it in the first 2 moto's and had to settle for a 3rd place. But the fun was that they had a race called the BS open for all racers who were 28 and over ( sorry Ron as he turns 28 on Monday). You race the bike you brung and it is the pro's and everyone else. I had to do 2 qualifying moto's and pulled a sweet low high to make it to the semi's. In the semi's it was a full gate and the top 4 in each made it to the main. I had a great gate start and took 4th out of turn 1 and held it to make it to the main. It was cool and they did a call up and all so it was the shit man. We had 3 races and the points were added and I took a 7th at the end. The top 6 were pro or former pro racers. It was the shit to make it to the main and I got a a real cool number plate, bmx DVD and a shirt. Thanks to Fred who got it all organized and to Len and Russell who donated 2 wheel sets to raffle to the racers in the BS open.

Again Russell came and raced and took another 3rd in the crusiser. That guy has the luck as he shows up and gets a total pointer and comes home with some goods. He raced well and is closer to the guys each race. Ronsta always has the tough expert age to race. He races the 19 to 27 year olds. He didn't make the main today but stuck around to watch us finish our races. Thanks Ron.

Also always the show never ends as Russell was leaving and he got the Loser Cruiser buried in the mud outside up to it's axles. We tried pushing the cruiser out but that wasn't going to happen as that thing weighs a ton. He got that thing buried in deep water and mud I don't know what the hell he was thinking. We went inside and got Fred hooked up the tow ropes to his F250 and he pulled and we pushed and it out. Always something.

Well Cece and I talked and we are putting a bid in on the house. The realtor is coming over tomorrow when I get home from the races and we are going to sit down and get one in. We should know after a few days of what is going to happen. I hope it goes and this is over and we can move and go from there. It will be nice to have a brand new never lived in house. Will keep you posted. Later..

Pounding dirt

Went to the races and like Ron said low turn for the moto's. A lot of them were combined and we 6 and 7 in all the moto's. Nate won his age and took a 3rd in cruiser. I took a 3rd in cruiser also last night. Ron made the mains and got pushed over the top in turn 2 by Joey and finished 4th. Back there today for more action at the barn . Racing starts at about 4:30 today.

Looked at the house and Cece and I like it alot. We called and got preapproved for the loan. Now we have to pull the trigger and put the offer in. Pat would help finish some of the finer points and the details that Cece and I would like so that would be cool. Just have to go and talk to Cece maybe put in the bid. Will keep you all posted. May be making a move soon. Have to go and get things done as we are going to be gone racing all weekend. Later..

Friday, March 17, 2006

F@&king Friday

Finally Friday. Have a few things on the plate for the for today.

We are going to go look at a house today as Cece is off and see if it fits in the plans and if she likes it. You all know that the wife always has the last say on something like this. I hope to get this home thing either done or drop it for a while. Part of me wants to get a new house and more room. But part of me doesn't want to move as the place we have is nice and almost paid for. Right now I can do just about anything and get just about anything I want. Moving will be putting a crunch in the wallet for awhile. The good thing is moving will put us in a area where the punks can go to a better high school so it would be a public not a private one saving like $6,000 or more each a year. More when Nate and Maddie are both in high school at the same time. That alone makes the move worth it. But moving all the shit and making the payments make us second guess the entire process. Oh well have to push forward and see how it goes.

The racing this weekend should be fun. We are gonig to race all 3 days and hope the Nate and I can make all the mains each day. Well Nate will if he is on his game and could win his age each day. I will have to ride well and have a few good races and hope to make it to the main each day. It should be fun and I can't believe that the indoor BMX races will be done after next week. Then the outdoor season does start and we will hit a bunch of those this year. On the weekends that we don't have a WORS race we may go to a BMX race instead of a WEMS this year. If a new house we will have to wait and see.

Tonight after the races Nate and I are going to drive to Steve's in Racine for some of his great corned beef and cabbage. We have been getting together for like 15 years now. We drink a few shots of real cheap whiskey and drink some beers. Should be fun as it is every year. When I get there a few of the guys should be drunk and we will have someone to mess with. Well that is a little of what is going on this friday and weekend. I hope to make it through the day and the rest will just fall into place. Later..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Get R Dun

That will be the thing to do this weekend. There is BMX racing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The racing begins on Friday with a single point day and like the Ronsta said it should be a lower turn out then. The registration is from 4 till 6 and racing ASAP after that. This will be the day if you want to try racing it would be a good day to try. On Sat it is a Double point day and the Registration is from 2 till 4 and racing ASAP after that. Also on Sat there is a race called the no BS open and everyone 28 years old and over can race for prizes and $ for 10 dollars extra. For the Sunday races it is a triple point day and the registration is 10 till noon racing ASAP after that. Sunday is a day that there will be like 90 plus moto's and some real good racing. So if it's crappy out come and check it out you will enjoy the races. That is the Stuff at the BMX for the weekend. Any questions call me or email me. Later..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ouch it is beginning to hurt.

My mind is going so fast with the idea of moving the empire to a bigger crib my brain is hurting. With 5 people in a place with 3 bedrooms we are needing a bigger place to crash. The issue is that Cece and I both work for the city and they require that we live in the city. I don't have a real problem with that. I have lived in the city my entire life as my father also worked for the city so no problem staying here. The problem is the price for a nice 4 bedroom house is high. I will not live on the far North West side of Milwaukee just not safe feeling, the East side is to nuts for a family and the gay view area is getting out of hand, also kids don't need to see their rainbow flags hanging all over the place. That leaves us with a few places along the airport and the South West side near West Allis and Greenfield. We have found a nice place where they are building a few new houses in the city along West Allis and Milwaukee. Talked to the builder and we are meeting with him on Friday. It is a nice house and the 4 bedrooms are just what we need to separate the punks. The kicker is that it is pretty pricey. We can also wait a little and have a lot more input on another house that will be ready later in the fall. Just going to have to sit and think it out.

The main thing about all this is that my neighbor is a lazy pig that just makes living next to him uncomfortable. He just raked his leaves from the fall yesterday and never takes care of his place. He also has sex with women he brings home and leaves the windows open. This makes a nice treat for us and the kids to have to listen to. He have talked to him and asked him to clean up his act and it hasn't worked. So needing more room and a shit head living next door he are in the market. We love our house and where we live but need more room and get rid of the sicko next door. The mortgage for our present house is low and almost done so having to start over again is hard to swallow. Just have to sit and think it over and pull the trigger when we think the right crib comes along. Oh man my head is just hurting thinking about all this shit and trying to get ready for a race season. One will have to give sooner or later.

Well nothing else really going on. Metro meeting last night and a few new things going on. The bmx track may be built over by Drytska Park on 100 something and Bradley road. Have to wait and see. The Wednesday time trails will be starting the first week of May if the ground is ready and not all muddy. There will be trail work days before then so help out and get them ready for all of us to use. Marty will post them when time allows us to get on them to work. Also Marty is trying to get legal trails in Harley woods and will keep us posted on that. Spring social ride is April 29th so get your drinking shoes on join in as it is always a fun ride. It will tour the south side drinking holes this year, details to come. Time to go to Jessica's school to go on a field trip to the Betty Brin thing. Later..

Monday, March 13, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Now that Russell is a official nipple twister I think that this lady is all happy. She wants to be first in line to have him twist her nipples. Here is to all the nipples you can twist Russell.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Nate and I hit the BMX scene again today. Got there and hit the open gates for as many of the drops as I could. Had to get the legs loosened up from the ride yesterday. They weren't sore or anything but you know had to move the junk out. After a few gates I felt pretty good. Nate was flying in the gate practice so I knew he would do fine. Well Pat and I are sitting shoot'n the shit and we hear a bike slam the ground and a big crack. Well I look and it's the Boy laying there in the same spot that took the wheels right out from under the Ronsta. No big hicky on the side of the Boys neck but he smashed the front of his helmet up but had all his teeth. He does look like he my have a shiner where the helmet moved up and hit his face. Pat and I got him up and he was hitting the gate's like nothing happened. Good sign.

Well in the racing Nate was flying and made the mains in both cruiser and age. In age he took 1st place and in cruiser he took a 5th. I took a 3rd place in my cruiser class. Sam the rocket was racing his first race at inter and his boost was shut off I think today. He just didn't look the same today but everyone has a bad day, he will be fine next week I bet. Maddie J. also raced today and is looking better each week. She missed making the mains in age and open also. Also Ty, Tony's brother came and cheered his nephew on today racing his new bike as Tony pulled Russell around for a road bike ride.

Hope that everyone that raced and road had a good day as the weather looks and sounds bad right now. Have to go and get the kids in bed. Later..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just riding in the wind

Last night was the Hayes youth spin class in Racine. Gordy wasn't there and Chick was the hammer on the spin bike last night. It was one hell of a good spin class last night. The kids were all quiet as he had them doing long steady state riding with ladder increases all night. The kids and even myself were all sweaty and tired at the end. Between Gordy and Chick these kids are getting some good training in on the spin bikes this year. I hope that they all do well after the season starts.

Well I did the Wheel ride and there was a larger then normal group there this morning. Got there in plenty of time to get ready and not feel rushed for once. There was a lot of new faces and ones that have made a appearance for a long time. The winter makes it hard to get together with a lot of the other riders with the family doings and bmx racing.

We held the group together until we hit 7 mile road and a few of the rolling hills spilt a few of the riders off the back. We regrouped at the school and Russell took off with the guys that we waited for and the rest were waiting for a few to get going and never were able to get back on. As the group was a large one and the red necks have a problem and like to brush as close as they can to the group it was best that it spilt any how. We had a good group of about 9 working and then the Sug came the other direction and caught the back for the ride home. We were heading back and all were good with rolling along as several are going to race tomorrow and all. But Russell seems to like to roll it faster at times and doesn't look back to see some one left a gap. We were fine letting Russell pull as he likes to win the training rides. Good ride and nice pace for the entire ride. Miss next week as we are bmx'n for 3 days.

Good luck to those tomorrow who are going to race at Parkside and the others have a good long day in the saddle doing a good training ride. Ride to the bmx track and catch a race or 2 and ride home if you want a good long ride in. We race at about 1pm if try to do a ride there and back. Got to relax as I washed the truck and car. Also got the car waxed today also.

Time to look and see if any nice homes up for sale and move the empire some where else. Got to get a bigger crib anyways and get away from the dork next door. Found a few and have some calls in, just have to wait and see. Later..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We miss the barn

It felt kind of different today as I picked up the kids and we weren't heading to the barn for some bmx gate practice. I always enjoyed the practice as we got to goof around with everyone and try to beat each other into the ground. I think the practices this year really helped in the races and I hope it will carry over to the WORS races. Since there was no gate practice the 3 of us headed down to the basement and did a sprint workout on the rollers. Nate did a 30 minute spin on the rollers to loosen up the knee and said it felt a lot better after the ride. His knee looks a lot better and he will only spin easy at the spin class tomorrow and he should be ready for the bmx races this Sunday. I hope that it doesn't rain so everyone can get to race at the Parkside races and get their 5 hour rides in. I will do the Wheel ride and after the bmx racing is done I will amp it up for the WORS races. With the training I have done I should be fine for the season.

I will take the mtn bikes down and go over each one and see if any work needs to be done. I have to put the Fox fork on the single speed and get it ready as I'm thinking that I will race that this year in WORS. Nate is looking at starting off in cit it as he is only 11 and moving up to sport half way through the season. Maddie is 10 and is going to do the cit youth and see how that goes and do a few of the cit races at the end if all goes well. As for Cece I don't know if and what she is going to race. She hasn't ridden the bike yet and only rode it when she raced last year. So that is the some what is going to maybe happen.

As far as other races we are planning on doing 9 or 10 of the WORS races. The Ore 2 shore. And the weekends that there is no WORS races we are planning on doing some of the bmx races either in Rockford or maybe upnorth. No real plans on what the A races are but as it looks we may be racing just about every weekend. We will just have to see how it all pans out. Later..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What now?

I had to take Maddie to the Dr. yesterday as she has hives. She has had the hives since Saturday and they hadn't gotten better by Monday so Cece made me run her to the Dr. as last time she had the hives she also had strep throat. Well she didn't have strep throat so we don't know what is up. Got some benadryl and let it take it's course. She has been off the bike since Friday now. May get her on the bike tomorrow.

Nate today came home from school and his left knee has fluid on the inside. He did crash a few weeks ago and I think this is because of that. He had been ride easy and only going hard at spin class and at the races. He is icing it and taking a few aspirin. Hope that it goes down over night and by the weekend. He should be ok to race the weekend though at the bmx track.

Nothing else going on except I got the new WORS books in the mail today. We got 4 as all of us raced last year. Maybe a little cross reference and they could have mailed maybe 1 or 2 to the house. Oh well have one on the desk, in the house and one in the truck and car. Looking at the races we are going to be missing 2 for sure maybe 3 . That will be the first time in in 4 years that we have not done every race. I knew that sooner or later that we would miss a couple so oh well have to do well in the ones that we do. Time to eat, Later..

Monday, March 06, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

I know that Russell has a crush on President Bush so why not a fine lady that looks like him.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

First Win

This morning got up and loaded the bikes and then Nate and I headed to the bmx track. Once we got there it was a small crowd today. There is a National in Nebraska and with the snow in the forecast it kept a lot of the people away. That was ok as we got out of there before 2pm. Nate had to race the 12 year old inters and 1 expert for age. He made the mains in the first moto and then took a 2nd place in the age class main. In cruiser he had to race a 12 & 16 year old expert for a total pointer and took a 3rd in the end. He did fine and is just happy to be racing and not worried that he didn't have a class that he could have maybe won, just racing makes the kid happy.

I had to qualify for the main again today. With Bryan Dickerson in Nebraska this weekend I had a chance for the win. I qualified for the main by winning my first moto. In the main I had the shit gate 8. I had a good gate start and got to the corner even and hit the low high into the first corner and never stopped peddling. I got out of the corner first and then just pumped it in the rtythm section and peddled over the last table for a solid win. It is my first win in the bmx racing and I hope that maybe a few more t come down the road. I don't think I'll catch up to Nate though.

Congratulations to Sammy the Rocket as he won again today and has now moved up to intermediate. He won by a ton and I think he will be winning in intermediate at no time. He also had a good race in open and got a 3rd place. He is flying and I think will be a great bmx racer down the road as he has the skills and started nice and early. Maddie J. also raced today and took a 3rd place. It was fun to see Maddie enjoy the racing. I have to get my Maddie there to race one of these days to race. She has said no and I'm not going to push it right now.

Now I'm looking out the window and it looks like I will have to go out and shovel later. Going to take the day off the bike tomorrow and just mellow out. Nate and I are still thinking that we are going to race the bmx races and skip Parkside. Will have to see if it is like 50 to 60 degrees and sunny maybe we will go to the Parkside race and then take off so we could race the bmx races after he races. Just have to see how it goes. I hope that everyone got in a ride early today as it looks like the snow is going to be coming down for a while. I hope it melts by the weekend so the races are still on. Time to go and eat. Later..

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Taking a day at a time.

Well last night we had the spin class down in Racine with Gordy and the youth team. It was cool as Gordy had the lights off and a single red spot light on. It was a great way to ride as the kids and myself all kind of concentrated better and not day dreamed. They kids are getting better each week and there form is looking great. We did a sprint workout last night and I could feel it in my legs from the long gate practice at the bmx track the night before. By the end I felt better and Nate and Maddie we cooked. We enjoy the spin classes and the kids are always looking forward to the workout that Gordy puts them through. Parkside starts next week but we are going to do the bmx thing as Nate and I are sitting good in the over all points right now.

Also last night after the spin class I went to Bald Eric's for his big 40th B-Day. All I can say is add alcohol and fire and you have a endless show. If it wasn't locked up or tied down it had a great shot of ending up in the fire. The empty beer bottles were the first and we had fun watching them melt and Drew trying to get them out with out breaking them or burning his hand. Then the pieces of old bikes were the next to make it in to the fire. Handle bars, chainstays and bottom bracket and a old fork that when the seal let go it was a good show. Russell after a few beers ( 40 oz ) tried to place his cell phone on the top of a log and it fell in the fire. The tool fool put his hand in the fire and grabbed the phone and no damage done, amazining he didn't loose the phone of a few layers of skin on the hand. It was a fun time to see a lot of the other guys that I haven't seen since before the New Year.

Well after getting home at 1:30am from the party and a few beers the ride this morning almost wasn't. But I have to start getting some rides outside if I have a chance at any good racing. It was the first ride on the road bike outside since December. It felt kind of weird. I rode my old Schwinn for the first time in 2 years since I bought my S Works. I like my S Works way more but I don't want to get all the salt and shit all over my good bike. I didn't a harder ride then I had planned but Oh well. Russell felt good on the ride and was doing some long and strong pulls. It must have been the 40 of PBR and the 40 of Old Milwaukee. I think he should drink more often as he looked strong today. Had a good pace that it blew up John B once we hit 7 mile road. You got to think WTF are some people thiking as Dave S was following us and John could have gotten a draft behind the car and stayed with us but his sorry out of shape ass couldn't even do that. We were all changed and going home or in the shop when he got done. Oh well. I felt good and was working through the pace line fine for the first ride outside in 2 plus months.

Tomorrow Nate and I are heading to the bmx races and there are only 4 more races at the barn this year. It should be a good day to go to the races as it is supposed to snow and be a crappy day outside anyhow as we are to get 2 to 4 inches of snow in the morning. Why not as I washed the car and truck after the ride. So if you all have nothing better to do then try a race this year also. Pat is also going to be there with Sam and maybe Maddie, so we can help anyone who needs help. Well time to finish folding clothes and run to Office Max for some sticky labels to write down our race motos. Later..

Friday, March 03, 2006

Randy's new house

The picture of Randy's new crib just got in. He should be in shape by the time racing starts by just going up and down for the mail.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Last 1

Well the gate practice night's are over for the year. What is one to do now? Just have to train on the road bikes now. Well the entire gang was there and we were hitting it all night as it was open gates the entire night. I was going in as many gates as my body would let me. By the end I was so tired that it felt like I did a long race. It was a great night. I wish that there was more practices as there is 4 more weekends of racing but that is ok as we can do other training to keep in shape for the racing. We are going to skip the Parkside races and do the bmx races for the rest of the year. Nate is doing great as he is sitting 4th in 20 inch and I'm also sitting in the top 5 in cruiser right now. So we hav eto get the points now as in the summer we miss the races to race WORS. We are going to hit some of the races in Rockford on weekends that there is not a WORS race and do the Nationals at Rockford.

It was a fun year at the track as there was a ton of new racers from the WORS racers that are now coming to the track to give the BMX racing a try. There was a ton of kids that came and they all had a blast hanging out together for the winter and riding their bikes. That is the most fun to see as the kids all rode together and helped each other get better each week. I hope that a few of the other kids give racing a try and join the fun that Nate and I have each week. Went to BW3's after the practice and everyone showed up so that was a cool time also. Have to go and shower and ge to bed. Later..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Well it is Lent time at our house so that means that so meat today and Fridays until Easter. No problem but it is kind of funny as you never really think about not eating meat one time a week until you don't eat it for about 6 weeks. I have to cook up some fish dish tonight and the a fish fry on Friday.

I can't believe that the Parkside race is like 9 days away. As it looks right now we may not be making any of the races unless it is real nice outside. We are going to finish the BMX season off before the other races start. I haven't missed to many Parkside races in the last 6 or 7 years, but we want to do well in the bmx races first this year. When the summer comes we miss a lot of the bmx races and the other racers pass us up. We are going to go to a few more bmx races and skip the Kewaunee race to race the National bmx race in Rockford this year. Nate is doing well and this might be a time to try to take a chance to win or place high at a National bmx race. Also we are going to travel to NORBA nationals this year also so it should be a real fun summer of racing this year. Nothing else going on so time to go and get dinner ready.

See you at the BMX practice tomorrow. It is the last one so be there or be Randy. Later..