Monday, October 31, 2011


Here are some pictures of Jessica getting ready with the help of Kaitlyn on Saturday.  Claudio was over to make sure it was done right.  Then they went to his house for the Halloween party that his family was having.  The party theme was Alice in Wonderland so hence the outfits.  Later...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taming the equalizer

This morning was the Sheboygan cross race and Nate had to ride the Equalizer hill which has been made famous from the WORS races held there.  Nate has made it up the hill since his early mtn bike race days since his ripe age of 9 yrs old.  Well he kept it up as he made it up the hill all 3 times during the race today.  He used the last time up to get a gap on Tad and rode away for the win.  In the end it was Nate 1st, Tad 2nd and Max 3rd.  Now it is time for Nate to get ready for the ICE MAN mtn bike race this weekend.  Should be a fun one.  Later..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Land and Water

Today was some cross racing and Maddie's Varsity Conference swim meet.  In the morning we we at the as always Washington Park Halloween cross race.  Nate toed the line for the Jr 15-18 yr old race and took the hole shot and kept a steady tempo for the win with Garrett 2nd and Max 3rd.  Then it was run to Maddie's swim meet.  She was in 3 events, a melody relay event which she was the first in with the backstroke and she pulled into the blocks in 2nd place and the team ended up 3rd.  Then she hit the water in her 100 backstroke and won her heat and took 6 seconds off her time.  Then it was the 100 freestyle and she took a 3rd in her heat and knocked almost 4 seconds off her best time.  Great times watching her swim and Nate racing.  Now it is time to hand out candy to kids I don't know.  Later..

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Been busy running here and there the last few days.  On Tuesday it was ride and catch up on a few things around the house as Nate works at Rays on Sunday and Monday night so he does not get a ride after his races on Sundays.  So was a few intervals and open the legs back up.  Then yesterday was cross practice for Nate and he looks forward to going to the practice but has said that the turn out has gotten lighter each week but he will still keep going till he is the only one there.  Also a thinks to Steve for taking Nate and Simon out for dinner after practice as he really enjoyed it.

I had a quick ride as I had to get out to Tosa West for a swim meet as Maddie had to swim 1 event as she has conference swim meet this weekend and I think she is in 3 events hence the fact that she only swam in 1 last night.  Maddie was the anchor in a 200 yard freestyle that took a 2nd place.  They were in 4th when she took to the water and made up a lot of distance to gather the 2nd place.  On Saturday I think Maddie is in the Melody relay and then the 100 yard backstroke and the 100yard freestyle.  So we are hoping for some good races.  Then next week she has the sectionals and I think it will be the same events and maybe one more.  But wow what a fast and fun year of swimming for her.

Jessie got a hamster last night as I finally gave in.  One of her classmates was selling it as they were tired of it and were moving on to a different pet.  So I gave in as they were giving a complete set up with it and I figure I have taken care of their fish, turtles, hermit crabs why not a rodent now.  But it should be fun and the kids are having fun with it for now and I will take over in a few days when it wears off I guess. So that is what is happening around here and see you at the races and the pool.  Later..

Monday, October 24, 2011

cool pic's

Here are some pictures that Lynne took of Nate at the race on Saturday.  Thanks for the cool pictures Lynne.

I also had a Dr appointment today with the dermatologist for a full body check for any more suspicious spots that may have been a concern.  I got the all clear and now I don't have to back for another 3 months to make sure that all stays that way.  But I still have a appointment with the cancer specialist to get the stitches out and his final OK too.  Boy I have been to one Dr or another at least 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks, can't wait for this to end for a while.

Some good news today too was that Maddie is swimming i 1 event at the JV conference swim meet on Wednesday and then in 3 events at the varsity conference swim meet on Saturday and then in the sectionals after that.  All I have to say is that I and so proud of her and how well she is doing considering that she just started swimming this year.  Hopefully it turns into a good thing that she can maybe continue to swim in college too.  Who knows how far she can or will take it.  Later..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sun Prairie cross

 Nate and the gang at the start today.

 Nate taking the hole shot.

  Simon taking the drop during the race.

 Simon tackling the mini equalizer.
 Nate getting ready to remount his bike after the uphill barriers.

Nate taking the drop during the race.

Here is a short film of Nate riding the steep hill during the race.  He rode it every lap today and it looked like the faster was to go.

Today was the Sun Prairie cross race.  Nate stayed with Max and a few team mates again at Max's families place in Lake Mills.  Thanks again for the opportunity again for Nate to stay there.  The weather this year at the race was a lot better then last year when it was like 10 degrees out and windy.  This year it was about 40 degrees at the start of Nate's race and again like most of the Jr races the grass was still wet from the frosty night.  As the race goes on though the grass and course dries out and gets faster as the laps click along.  Nate took the hole shot and kept the pace steady increasing his lead each lap to win by a comfortable margin.  I think that the fact that Nate was riding the steep hill helped him pad the lead as the other racers were running it and you could see the time lost running the hill.  In the end it was Nate 1st, Gerrett 2nd, and Tad 3rd.  Max was riding in the next group but crashed and broke a shift leaver and pulled out of the race.  Next week is Halloween cross and the new race in Sheboygan. Should be another fun weekend of racing again.  Later..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doyne cross

Today was the My Wife Inc cross race at Doyne park.  I have to say that these guys know how to put on a great race.  Note toed the line in the jr race and took the win today.  He decided not to race the cat 3 race as his back was still stiff from a combination of a cold and building the bmx track.  But more racing tomorrow and then he gets to go to work after the race.  Later..

Friday, October 21, 2011

That was a first for sure

Well I took the day off to get a few things done.  I got alot done but I still had a few things I wanted to do but I just ran out of time.  But in short I got the Volvo into the shop and for a check up and then ran to the bank before getting home around 9:30 for a quick cup of coffee.  As I was finishing the coffee I heard a fire truck pull up in the street right in front of my house.  I was thinking that there are about 6 out of 7 houses right around me have people that are at least 80 plus and I was thinking that maybe one of my neighbors may have needed some help.  But it was my next door neighbors that did.  Well their house did.  they both teach with Cece and  Amondo was at school and Rebecca was with the kids at the store ( they kids had a day off today ).  But the firemen got off the truck as I walked out the front door and were walking around their house looking in the windows.  Then they got the axes out and were looking at the doors and I asked what they were going to do.  They said that they had a fire alarm and were going to get into the house by breaking the doors down.  I said that I had a set of keys and that I would rather they got in their house that way instead of ruining some doors and costing them a bunch of money.  It worked and once I opened the back door you could smell the smoke from inside the house.  But in short they walked out in about 5 seconds with a toaster oven that Isabella had left a few waffles in before they ran to the store.  That was were the smoke was from as the waffles were about 2 minutes away from starting a fire in the kitchen causing a real big issue.  But as I was turning the alarm off Rebecca and the kids got home in tears and the firemen told them that all was OK.  The firemen and Rebecca were happy that I was home to save the doors and some money.

After the fun next door it was time to hit the chore list.  I got the ladder out and cleaned the gutters, seen the roof and I have to get on that fast before winter as many areas are to close to failure and I need to gt a new roof up there asap.  Then it was get the leaf blower out and clear the leaves, cut some old flowers and other garden things cleared up.  Then it was wash the cars and truck before Nate and I went for a spin on the mtn bikes.  After that it was a nice dinner with Cece, Nate and Jessica as Maddie is out with some friends at a haunted house some where.  After dinner is was go over Nate's cross bikes for this weekends races and finally now I get to sit down.  Well time for some sleep as I feel a cold coming on and I am hoping to try to keep it away.  Later..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Little Fish

Last night was another night of watching the St Francis/St Thomas More girls swim team.  The girls are all awesome swimmers and they are doing well.  Maddie had a good night as her 400 yard melody relay took a 3rd place and then her 200 yard freestyle relay took a 3rd place.  Then she swam her 50 yard freestyle and took a 2nd place, the timers tried to pull a fast one by timing one of their swimmers touching the wall first but the officials and coach Shannon caught the error and Maddie got her hard earned 2nd place.  Then Maddie had her 100 yard backstroke and to make sure that the timers did not try pull a fast one again she won the 100 yard backstroke by 8 seconds and was out of the water by the time the last few finished the race.  She is looking good and enjoying herself which is awesome.  I hope to make a few more swim meets and see her win a few more races.  Later..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Gone

I got the news form the cancer Dr that the biopsy report form the procedure that he performed last Wednesday got 100% of the Melanoma.  I was pretty sure that when he was talking to me after the procedure that he got it all and so was he, but you still have to hear it to believe it.  I am just glad that I went in and asked my primary Dr about a spot on my forehead and that I was worried that a spot on my shoulder was beginning to show a irregular shape lately too.  So I got a appointment with a dermatologist and he looked at both and was concerned with the spot on the shoulder not the head.  But instead of a biopsy he removed it on a Monday and sent it in for a test and that is when we found out it was Melanoma cancer on Tuesday and then on Wednesday the cancer Dr removed a larger area to ensure all the Melanoma was removed all done with in 3 days and today was the news that it all was gone.  Now that is news that I can live with.  So in short watch any moles or spots and if they change in shape or color get them looked at ASAP.  The spot I had has not seen sun other then a few minutes a year in 30 years and it turned out to be Melanoma not the light colored dry skin spot that got sun for repeated hours a day.  Take care of yourself as I was just lucky that I caught it early as it is the highest mortality rate type of cancer. 100% GONE, OH YEAH......Later...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New trail

Here is the new trail left on the shoulder after the Melanoma Surgery the other day.  I guess the Dr said that he like to make sure that the area taken along with the Melanoma is at least 1+ cm.  He looked at the area marked from the surgery Monday and he was not confident that enough was taken along with the Melanoma.  So he didn't even take the stitches out before he removed a a larger area as he cut them out along with the larger area.  I think that it is healing fine and looking pretty good so far.  I didn't get the lab report form the surgery on Wednesday yet and was told to call Monday if had not heard anything, but I am thinking that if it were any concerns that the Dr's office would had contacted me by know.  So no news is good news right?  Nothing else really new except that Nate and I were out in Elkhorn and helped build the new indoor track Friday and Saturday.  Nate helped alot as I was the go for this and that guys.  I pushed a few mounds of dirt around but I did not get to help near as much in the past because of the surgery on Wednesday.   But I have to say that the track is nice and it should be another fun indoor race season.  Can't wait to get out on the track as it looked fun.  Plus now Rays will have to wait a little as the would take a toll on my shoulder for sure but I have all winter to gt there.  Well back to work tomorrow but I have some restrictions for a few weeks or longer till the wound heals, oh well.  Later..

Friday, October 14, 2011

Clicking along

The shoulder is feeling good and just changed the dressing and the stitches and  wound area are looking good. So all I have to do is behave and keep the area clean so no infection and all should be good.  The pain has been a comfortable numb and I have been able to deal with by only taking a few pain pills so that is a good sign.

Maddie had her swim meet yesterday and she had a good night as she won her 50 yard freestyle and her 100 yard backstroke.  She has also knocked a few more seconds off her times and looks like she is getting stronger each meet so that is a good sign.  Just happy that she is enjoying so much and that she is doing so well.  Nothing else going on so now i just need to get my butt in bed and rest my shoulder.  Later..

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have to say that healing is a pain.  Well the pain is from the fact that a chunk of my shoulder is missing but again it is a pain that I can live with knowing that it means that the Melanoma is gone.  But the good thing is that the pain means that the process of healing has started and I hope that I don't need to go back for anymore.  I will have a bunch of follow ups with the Dr's and they will keep me posted on the results but as of now I am cancer free and that is fine with me.  All I have to say is that day time tv is not good and I will have to have Jessie show me how to order NetFix on the tv so the day will go by better as I sit here.  Tonight Maddie has a swim meet and I am going to try to go and watch her as long as the pain is good.  Well maybe I will take a few extra pain meds and then the swim meet might even be more fun.  Well here is to healing.  Later..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clear sailing

My new bigger longer scar from the nice Dr today that he left me after removing the rest of the Melanoma.  This is a scar that I can live with, thanks Doc.  

I had a appointment today with a cancer specialist to go over options for my Melanoma.  He said that the pathology report stated that the Melanoma was only 2.1 mm deep meaning that we caught it in the early stages and that he was able to cut more skin and muscle away in the medical center and remove all of the Melanoma.  Since it was still between the 2 - 4 mm we did not have to have the lymph nodes tested or any of the scans to see if it spread as he said there was less then a 1% chance that it did spread.  So the Dr asked if I minded if he did right away and we got it over with.  I said lets do it and we did and now I am relaxing as I know that the pain is going to kick in soon and Cece is at her haircut and the prescription for pain meds is at Walgreens till she gets home.  I can wait and who knows as I may not even take any if the pain starts anyhow.  The other good thing is I have off from work till Monday and I also have a lot of restrictions for lifting things, no raking, lawn mowing, no vacuuming, oh the fun that  am getting out of.  But the good thing is that I am now cancer free again.  Later..

Fork in the road

 Mole that was removed and found to be Melanoma.

What it looked like after I was sliced to remove it.

So I went the Dr the other day as I was concerned about a spot on my fore head that had gotten darker and a little bigger then I had liked.  Cece and I had also become alittle concerned about a mole on my shoulder that was becoming irregular in shape.  So I went in on Friday and the dermatologist looked at the spot on the fore head and said that was just a spot that the sun made stand out mire and the treatment was to freeze it and that would take care of it.  But the one on the shoulder was causing him some concern and he said at first that he wanted to do a biopsy and can back to the room 2 minutes later saying no biopsy that he wanted to remove the spot.  So Monday I went back and the Dr froze the spot on the fore head and then cut out the spot on the shoulder and sent it in for a check asap on the results.  Well yesterday I got the results and it was Melanoma and now I have to see some specialist Dr's to first get the rest of the area removed and then check to see if the cancer has spread to any other places.  Just hope that it is localized and that I only have to have more of the area removed but I guess I will do what ever they say and go from there.  I will keep you posted.  Later..

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cam Rock cross'n

 Start of the Jr race this morning.

 Nate and Garrett going for the hole shot.

 Nate in the lead with Garrett on his wheel.

 Nate and Garrett climbing the back side hill.

 Nate and Garrett coming through the finish area with a few laps to go.

 Nate and Garrett coming out of the woods to the barriers.

 Nate on the gas through the play ground.

 Nate and Garrett over the barriers for the last time.

 Nate for the win.

 Max of in the woods.

 Sam climbing the back side hill.

 Max coming through the play ground area.

 Max going out for the last lap.

 Max through the pines.

Max coming in through the finish line for the 3rd place finish.

It was another great day for a cross race.  Perfect temps at about 70 degrees at the start and sunny.  Nate took to the line and when the race was off he took the hole shot with Garrett on his wheel.  That is the way it was for the rest of the race as Nate kept the pace at a high enough tempo that he and Garrett just rode away from the rest of the field.  At the end Nate jumped the last straight and took the win with Garrett in 2nd and Max in 3rd.  Then it was load the bikes so we could get home so Cece could cut Nate's hair and he could have a early dinner and get to work at Rays.  I got the cana lilies cut yesterday and I dug the bulbs out today with the help of Jessie.  Maddie went to Pulaski pool and did a swim work out with a few of her team mates.    Oh well time to get a few other chores done and relax for the night.  Later..

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Grafton Cross

 Nate on the front after the 1st lap.

 Nate over the barrier and up the hill.

 Nate going through the water.

Max going over the barrier.

 Garrett going over the barrier.

 Max through the water.

 Garrett going through the water.

My scene on my ride along Lake Michigan.

Today was the cross race in Grafton and Nate decided to just ride the Jr race as we have been in recovery mode for the last few weeks until we start to amp it up before the last few big races.  But in short Nate got the hole shot and stayed in the front till the end and took the win today.  Tonight Nate is staying with Max at their family place in Lake Mills.  So I have to just get to the Cam Rock race in time for Nate's race.  He has everything for the race but I do have to wash his kit so he has it at the race.  He does have a spare with him but he left his race numbers on his dirty kit so I have to get there with those for sure.  I watched the USGP race in Colorado as it looked like the USGP race here a few weeks ago.  Rain, cold and mud.  I am glad that I don't have to replace more stuff after another mud race.  Oh well time to relax as no one is home as Cece is still gone from her ride with some of her teacher friends, Maddie is at a bin fire, and Jessie is at a friends house.  I love the quiet house.  Later..