Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Gone

I got the news form the cancer Dr that the biopsy report form the procedure that he performed last Wednesday got 100% of the Melanoma.  I was pretty sure that when he was talking to me after the procedure that he got it all and so was he, but you still have to hear it to believe it.  I am just glad that I went in and asked my primary Dr about a spot on my forehead and that I was worried that a spot on my shoulder was beginning to show a irregular shape lately too.  So I got a appointment with a dermatologist and he looked at both and was concerned with the spot on the shoulder not the head.  But instead of a biopsy he removed it on a Monday and sent it in for a test and that is when we found out it was Melanoma cancer on Tuesday and then on Wednesday the cancer Dr removed a larger area to ensure all the Melanoma was removed all done with in 3 days and today was the news that it all was gone.  Now that is news that I can live with.  So in short watch any moles or spots and if they change in shape or color get them looked at ASAP.  The spot I had has not seen sun other then a few minutes a year in 30 years and it turned out to be Melanoma not the light colored dry skin spot that got sun for repeated hours a day.  Take care of yourself as I was just lucky that I caught it early as it is the highest mortality rate type of cancer. 100% GONE, OH YEAH......Later...

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