Sunday, October 16, 2011

New trail

Here is the new trail left on the shoulder after the Melanoma Surgery the other day.  I guess the Dr said that he like to make sure that the area taken along with the Melanoma is at least 1+ cm.  He looked at the area marked from the surgery Monday and he was not confident that enough was taken along with the Melanoma.  So he didn't even take the stitches out before he removed a a larger area as he cut them out along with the larger area.  I think that it is healing fine and looking pretty good so far.  I didn't get the lab report form the surgery on Wednesday yet and was told to call Monday if had not heard anything, but I am thinking that if it were any concerns that the Dr's office would had contacted me by know.  So no news is good news right?  Nothing else really new except that Nate and I were out in Elkhorn and helped build the new indoor track Friday and Saturday.  Nate helped alot as I was the go for this and that guys.  I pushed a few mounds of dirt around but I did not get to help near as much in the past because of the surgery on Wednesday.   But I have to say that the track is nice and it should be another fun indoor race season.  Can't wait to get out on the track as it looked fun.  Plus now Rays will have to wait a little as the would take a toll on my shoulder for sure but I have all winter to gt there.  Well back to work tomorrow but I have some restrictions for a few weeks or longer till the wound heals, oh well.  Later..

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