Friday, February 29, 2008

No Corn Husker

Well with Nate not able to go to Nebraska that means that if the weather holds out and is not to crappy or cold that I my try to make it to Russell's for the ride at noon. It may not fit in or if Cece has my number first then I will try to be at the ride. If it is crappy or I have the Hamm's flu in the morning then I will just do a roller workout. Nate will go on the ride if we go or do his workout on the rollers also. Then Sunday it will be the computrainer for Nate. Later..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Few = Alot

There was another low turnout of riders to night which meant that you got gates till you dropped. Again it was open gates all night and there was hardly a full rack all night. You know you got enough gates when at the end of the night Ray looks over and says I'm ready to puke. The thing about Ray is that he kept going until the last gate dropped any way. Lenny was all sweaty and looked like he was ready to puke also. I know I had enough as I get 8 to 10 hard gates and then I go and work the gate drops to catch my breath. The good thing about working is that I go as hard as I can and then when I get tired I work and that keeps me from blowing myself up completely.

Nate and I get there early any how and get 30 to 40 minutes of gate practice before the gang gets there and that is the biggest help. Nate is just tearing it up out of the gates. He has got the timing and power perfect. He also has the skills down and Jacob one of the other experts that he races and beats now won't get in the gates with him. It is kind of funny as this past weekend Jacob raced cruiser only just not race against Nate. Well Nate wants to race cruiser as he likes his Kuwahara cruiser now that he has a few weeks on it. He also is sick of getting crashed in the age class races. He is a totally different rider then a few weeks ago. Moving up has just made him faster and way better. It is fun to watch Nate just get in the gate and these other kids that their parents are paying a former pro to train them get dropped by him. Hopefully it all transfers to the other bikes as well. Later..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lance here in March

Armstrong to advocate for Wisconsin smoking ban

Lance Armstrong is keeping plenty busy in his retirement. On Tuesday, March 4, the seven-time former Tour de France winner will travel to Madison, Wisconsin, to advocate for a ban on smoking. The trip supports his foundation's cancer advocacy effort, including highlighting the causal link between smoking and lung cancer.
"He's a great advocate, obviously a fabulous athlete, and we're honored to have him come speaking about this bill," said Allison Miller, on behalf of the American Cancer Society to the Badger Herald.
A cancer survivor himself, Armstrong is scheduled to meet with Wisconsin's Governor Jim Doyle in order to express support for legislation to ban smoking in all work settings, including eateries and bars.

I hope that with Lance coming here we some day get a smoking ban in all public places. I think a lot of people respect him and just maybe this will work in getting the butts and butt heads out of the bars and restaurants. I hope this works. Later..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yearly checkup

Today I went to the Dr. for the yearly checkup. Everything so far is just dandy. Just waiting for the blood work to see if the cholesterol is in the normal range. In 05 it was a little high and then good in o6 good, but last year I forgot about the appointment so no record of what it was. As the Dr. said " Jay you are getting a little older so we need to watch these things now." The blood pressure was nice and low and the rest of the things they check were good to go. I just told him I may be getting older but I won't grow up. I know what a few of your are thinking, my 6 year old acts more mature then me. That's OK with me.

I still haven't heard from Mike Froh about the trip to Nebraska so if it is a go I will let Nate make the choice if he wants to go. I really don't care what happens and if he wants to go I will let him. Nothing like getting the chances to race against the best, so if he wants to go then I will let him go. Just hoping to hear from him today at he latest so I can get everything ready for him. Matter of fact Nate is doing his roller workout right now and Maddie just got done. Ah I'll just get Nate's race gear and bikes ready for the weekend just in case. Later..

Monday, February 25, 2008

More Snow?

Just sitting here waiting to see how much snow we get this round. I hope we get missed like the last time. Now we just need a few more days of warmer weather to melt more of the stuff still on the ground. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday I was walking along the garage and with all the snow melting the sidewalk had a nice sheet of ice and of course I fell carrying my bmx bike in. Good thing is nothing happened to the bike and nothing to me either. I spent the next 30 minutes chopping the ice away and cleaning up the sidewalk. I have to say that I'm sick of falling this year with all the ice and snow. Man I wish I had 2 good legs when walking on ice and snow.

Nate said he felt good this morning after the crash yesterday at the races. I have to say the one of the first things Nate said on the way home after the race was "man I'm glad that I wear the chest protector when I race". He took a face first spill over the handle bars and landed on his chest and nothing happened. Well there are a few more holes in his jersey but he was OK so that was good. I have to say I hope Alan is OK as he went down in the cruiser class and it appeared that he broke his collarbone. Hope he heals fast and is back on his bike soon. Time to get the kids in bed. Later..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh my

Jess all dressed up with Cece's friend Chris looking on.
Look how scary I look.
These shoes are killing me.
I can't go to bed looking like this? I want to keep the make up on all day tomorrow.
Ok you win I will clean up before I go to bed.

Jessica was dressed up by her sister Maddie last night. We thought it was kind of quiet upstairs last night. Then the 2 of them came down stairs laughing. Now we know why. I can't wait as I think Maddie will be trying to do this to herself everyday soon. I hope she just wants to be a clean cut girl not some grunge freaky thing.

Today at the bmx races I took a 6th. In turn one I was moving up to try to take 3rd and the 2 guys in front of me tangled up a little and hit the brakes and I had to also. I lost all my momentum and had to settle for 6th. Nate took a 2nd in the open and was crashed out in the class main as he was running 3rd again. That is the last 3 out of 4 races that he has been right in the front and some WT just takes him out. He just needs to get that little better manual skill and I think he will have no problem keeping them all behind him. Mike is going to call me tonight about getting Nate to Nebraska or not. I hate just sitting here waiting as I always try to plan as much ahead as I can. Oh well. Later..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

John's 40th

Here are a bunch of pictures from John's 40th Birthday. I'm to lazy to type so fill in your own captions for the pictures. All said it was a great time and we had a tad to much for the beer and other liquors.
Today after having the PBR flu in the morning I did manage to get over and help Russell move to a new shed. I thought he had to be a certain distance from a school but he must have gotten approval from the local authorities. He moved to a nice place and has a lot more room for his bikes and other odds and ends.
Tomorrow is bmx racing and relaxing. Later..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Levi kills it

Levi had a great TT and has taken a big lead in the Tour of California. I know some hate him but I was impressed with his ride and as it goes the Dude is fast. He killed a few former world champs today and that was cool. Now all the Astana team has to do is keep the break aways close and he will win it again. Always great to see a American win. I caught the end on the note book as I typed on the blog and watched Pimp My Ride on the tv with Nate.

Tonight I going to John's 40th Birthday party. He finally finished his rec room and we get to break it in. I'm sure Russell will try to break it in and knowing him he may even try to break something to make it official break in. Tomorrow it will be clearing some ice and then get a ride in. Later..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gate night

Nate and I hit the gate practice early along with Josh, Hailey and Payton. Getting there early has really paid off for Nate. I think with the extra time before the practice he has gotten the edge and that has pulled him to his good finishes in the expert class. I talked to Mike and I will hear on Sunday if Nate is going to Nebraska. It looks like it will on and that maybe he will be going with Mike and Desire. He should do fine if he rides the way he is riding now. This Friday I'm going to John B's for his 40th birthday. Other then that nothing else other then racing bmx Sunday. Later..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse

Tonight there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse of the moon. We are lucky as there is not a cloud in the sky. The main event is to be from 9:01 till 9:51pm. So if you aren't doing anything try to catch the show. We aren't going to half another Total Lunar Eclipse until 2010.

There is gate practice tomorrow. Nate and I are going to head out a little early to get extra gates in. Bryan isn't going to be there but I will drop the gates for anyone who wants a few extras before pratice. Still waiting to hear from Mike about Nebraska. If we don't hear soon I think we will just so no as I can't just do things on that short of notice. Well see you at gate practice. Later..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dam ice

With the rain yesterday and the cold today there is ice every where. For that fact when I was shoveling the snow after work I was lucky enough to fall on my ass twice. After the 2nd fall the snow in the alley has to wait till a later time. I got most of it cleared but the rest will just have to wait. I should have stopped after the first fall but I didn't, I went down for the 2nd time and then I hung it up not wanting to take it down for a 3rd time. With all the snow and ice this year I have gone down more then the past few years but luckly I haven't been hurt.

I tracked the Tour of California online and JJ Haedo won the first stage today. Now tonight I have to catch the recap on Versus at 10pm. Lucky Len gets to go out to California later this week to ride and catch few stages of the Tour. Oh yea Tony Stewart didn't win which was cool last night in the Daytona 500. Later..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Expert win today

This morning I got up at 6 and heard the rain and was just thinking do I want to drive to the bmx races? I turned on the news and they kept saying stay home and don't drive any where as there is ice under the rain water. That meant I must go as I couldn't just listen to the weathermen trying to scare everyone. I got Nate up and asked him do you want to drive to the bmx races or stay home and hit the computrainer with the jr team? He said that he wanted to hit the bmx as he is still leaning towards going to the Nebraska Nationals. He said he wanted more time on the bmx bike. So we loaded the gear into the truck which took twice as long as we skated back and forth loading it in. I was thinking the entire time are we nuts for doing this? We got on the road and it took 45 minutes to get there which was only 10 minutes longer. When we got to the races there was only about 10 racers there. Over the time more showed up but not many as there was only 24 motos.

I had a total point race and took a 2nd in the end. I was fun and I had a few chances to take it to Rich but it would had been a stupid move so I just rolled in second and was very satisfied with the result.

Nate had to race with the 15-16 open today as he was the only 13 year old. He just missed making it in the main. In his age class it was a total point race also. He had to race Alan who won the Grands and Brandon. In the first moto hit got in line behind Alan and took him with a sprint at the line. Alan was surprised at Nate's speed and that he took the win in the 1st moto from him. In the 2nd motot Nate just plain old beat them both with a fast gate and just a fast and smooth run. In the 3rd moto he just slid in behind Alan and rolled in 2nd and the overall win. He could have taken Alan and won all 3 but he just played it safe. Nate has just moved into expert and he has not missed a beat. He is getting faster and the kids in expert are just going to see the backside in many races. It was cool to watch him get his first expert win as he just walked back and had that look on his face as like I knew that I would win, just a small smile. It didn't take long for the first win of many to come.

We are just sittig here watching the Tour of California and the Daytona 500 in the picture in picture. I hope that any one but Tony Stewart wins the Daytona 500 as I think that he is the biggest goof in NASCAR. In the Tour of California I think Levi has a chance to repeat or Jens Voight might take it away. I also hope we don't get any snow tonight. Later..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good Bye to Donny

Hey everybody, if you haven't heard we are moving to Colorado on February 21st and we would like to get a chance to say Goodbye to everyone. We are going to Romines on South 27th Street around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday February 16th. Would love to see all of you guys.

Hope to see you soon,
Donny Kay a.k.a. Rockstar

P.S. I don't have everyone's e-mail so please spread the word. Thanks.

Here is a message from Donny Kay. If you aren't too busy come on out and say good bye to a good friend. See you there if you can make it.

Got some errands to run today, like get to Ben's to get a free wheel off a old cruiser wheel to get it on new set for the Boy. Get a hair cut as it is getting a little to long. I have to actually comb it and that means it is too long for me. I already rode so that is done with. I rode the rollers and Cece rode the spin bike next to me. It was a nice ride as I didn't get dropped by her today. Nate still has to get his training ride in and then get the bmx stuff ready for the races tomoorow. Still waiting to hear from Mike about the Nebraska Nationals. Still on the fence about that one. See you tonight at Donny's going away if you can make it. Later..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bowling again

I bought a new bowling game for the Wii and it is more like real bowling. The people look real in this one and the alleys and all are way better. The way you bowl is more like bowling as the sports game is different and you curve the ball the way you would as if you were bowling the real way. It is a lot more fun. I won the first game but I think that will end soon as Nate is picking up the way you bowl in this game. I had a 145 in the first game and in this game I'm behind Nate by a few pins. I think I can pull it off again.

Tonight Cece went to a Opera thing and the Punks and I went for a fish fry at St Stephens. The fish was real good and the fries were perfect. I didn't feel like cooking or anything so I just took the Punks for a fish fry. I always run into someone I know when I go to a fish fry. I ran into Pete Karpfinger and his family as they were celebrating hos fathers Birthday. I haven't seen him in like 6 years. Always fun to run into some one you haven't seen for years. I hope that Cece enjoyed her thing to. Time to go and kick some butt in the bowling. Later..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow and Gates

Gate practice tonight was more of the same as there was a lower turn out with the snow. If there was 50 that would be giving a heavy estimate. You could take gates till you fell over. Nate and I headed out to the gate practice early to work on his gate starts with Bryan Dickerson some more. Nate is pulling out of the gates faster each week and now is just pulling it fast and smooth down the front straight. We are still kind of on the fence about Nebraska as I have tried to get ahold of Mike to finalize the plans and see what is going on. Nate said he doesn't care either way but he would like to go and try another National event. Just have to wait and maybe make the plans after Sunday.

It is snowing here again and but it is not as much as they are getting to the north of us. It liiks like it maybe only about 2-3 inches this time. I'm just glad that it is not like the 10 plus they got to the north. I had to use the roof rake yesterday to pull a bunch of snow off to prevent the ice dams from forming. It is a great investment and I don't have any roof problems but I don't want any either. Time to watch the Gatorade 150's. Later..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a little snow here

The blue bins are 2 feet high and under the swing set.
Walking to the alley the side with snow is now chest high.
Tossing the snow here across the alley here is head high now. Makes a good workout when I'm shoveling.
The snow here in front of the house is now over 3 feet high between the sidewalk and street.
Here is the side walk along the house and the snow is mid thigh now.

It has been a fun winter so far as the snow keeps on coming. There is gate practice tomorrow and again there is supposed to be snow. If you want to get gates to you drop tomorrow will be a day to do that. The turn out is always low when there is snow or cold. I'm hoping that the turnout is low enough that we don't have to break up the practice into age groups as then we get gates all night. Just have to watch out for a few of the little ones here and there while on the track.

The kids are doing a yoga workout tonight as it is a night off the bike. On the nights that Nate isn't on the bike for a training workout we have been adding yoga to his training. It appears that he has gotten a lot more flexible and his concentration is getting better. We have the cyclo-core workouts and they have great workouts for the off season. They have yoga and biking incorporated in the workouts to make them a little tougher. Check them out if you get a chance. They cost a little more but they are good training programs. See you at the gate practice. Later..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Round 3

I'm just sitting here watching the losers trying to sing waiting for the snow to stop so I can go and shovel it for the 3rd time. I got it done this morning before I left for work and then again after work. There was about 3 to 4 inches this morning and then another 3 to 4 after work. Now there is another 2 to 3 again. The airport says we got 5 to 6 but the amount I have in my side walk and alley say more then that like it always does. I think they have the snow and rain measuring thingy under a tent at the airport as when ever it snows or rains it sure looks like alot more then what they ever say. All I know is that the snow is more then knee deep every where in my yard and the drifts are at least chest high or higher. Well if is going to be cold it may well snow at the same time in my book. These are the winters I remember growing up and I like it for a change. Not every year but every now and then never hurts. Looks like it may have stopped snowing. Time to get it done 1 more time. Later..

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just pile it on

Sitting here watching the American Gladiators and waiting for the snow to come. I was glad to see that the snow was staying to the south of us this afternoon. I don't really want to get up early and move another 4-6 inches of snow in the morning. I see out the back window that a few flurries are falling right now. Just hoping that there is only a inch or 2. The luck we have it will be about 5 inches when it is done. Oh well just having a snowy winter for once.

It was nice to go back to work as it is a time that I get to just relax and work. I have to say that the job is physical but not that mind bending hurt that normal office jobs cause. It is just nice to put in a hard 8 hours and come home and then do the normal family stuff. It seems that all I do every weekend is run run run. I do enjoy it but it is nice to just work and not be running here and there. It just goes with the hobby that we choose to do. It is just going to get busier as the road season and mtn bike season is just around the corner now. We still have about 7 weeks of bmx'n to finish first. Time to get a big bowl of ice cream. Later..

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The 4 kids lined up in the front row.
Zoe by herself but putting in a great first time on the trainer.
Nate and Gage on the right side.
Theo and Mitch lined up to the left side.

The kids did a nice afternoon on the Comp U trainers. I think that they will have another fun season on the bikes. I hope that they take it to the road and mtn bikes like they did last year. A few new team mates this year will only make them stronger and tougher to beat. No bmx today as we did the indoor training and then it is back to the bmx as Nate is going to go and do the Nebraska Nationals at the end of the month. We may do a few bmx Nationals this year as Nate is racing for a Sun Ringle factory team. So that Nate can be on this team we need to race in a few Nationals this summer. So Nebraska, Rockford, and Minnesota along with the Grands again are the for sure for now. Plus toss in a few bmx races at the Milwaukee track and the Rockford track. We will still do a bunch of the WORS, but not as many as the past, track, road and the 24 hour Nationals are on. I still have to sit down with all the schedules and get it all sorted out and then make the plans.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The BS was flying tonight

Rolling out as 1 of the top 8 in the BS open tonight at the barn. Taking pictures here suck.
My Trophy and loot form the BS open tonight.

Nate and I just got back from a night at the barn. It was the 28 and over BS Open tonight. Always a fun night to race. I think the snow kept a few of the big guns away but it still had a solid 19 riders at the start. In my first moto I was able to get one of my best gates and took a 2nd and got into the semi's right away. In the semi I busted another good gate and pulled a 3rd place and was in the BS main again this year. In the main I took 2 5th place finishes and a 6th and ended up 6th overall when the dust settled. Not bad as the top 5 were real fast and I beat 2 guys that I battle with all the time. In Cruiser main I pulled a 4th place finish again. I was just tired and wanted to do good in my last moto of the BS open. It was a blast tonight and just loved racing.

Nate had another good night at the track. In the open he took a 1st place again. In his age he was sitting 3rd and then a rider unclipped and it caused a bunch up down the 3rd straight and he ended up 5th. He will be fine in the expert class and soon he will be taking a bunch of 1st places in no time. He just needs to stick on the gas a little longer at times. He needs to trust his skills and speed and it will carry him to the top.

Matt made the semi's in the BS and took a 4th in cruiser. Kenny just missed the semi's for the BS and was taken out in the last turn and got up and finished 2nd. Josh missed making his main. I would post a few pictures but it is not working right now. Later..

Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Funday

The weekend is here at last. This week went by fast with being out of work with the leg and the snow day. Today at work was uneventful as I just chased down a few operators that haven't paid for their scales and gas pumps. In between doing that I was able to get the items that Sun was so great to donate for the race this weekend also. Tonight is just a fish fry and some relaxing. It will be another weekend of racing and riding for Nate. I will race tomorrow also. But tomorrow if you have nothing to do come and checkout the races at elkhorn. Later..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gates and snow

Tonight Nate and I hit up the gate practice. We left early aand got there to work with Brian Dickeerson again on Nate exploding out of the gates. Brian talked to him and got him getting faster each time the gate dropped. I hope that Nate remembers this each time he lines up now. With the snow and everything it kept the riders away. There was about 40 riders tonight and we never had to break up the age groups. I don't think there was ever a full rack tonight for a gate drop. I stopped before the end as the leg was tired from the infection and I was not all that clear in the gates from the meds so I took about 1/2 the gates I would on a normal night of practice. If you have nothing to do this weekend come out and watch the races. Sat is a great race to see. The BS open is Sat and racing starts at about 5 and it is pro and all the rest of us racers racing on 20 inch and cruiser bikes. It is a great race and a fun one to watch. Time to get the leg up. Later..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day Off #3

Told to stay home from work by the Mayor today. We are getting some snow but to be told and even called by my boss to stay home and not report to work is a first. It isn't even snowing outside right now. We may have about 6 or 7 inches on the ground right now, but they are saying that we are to get another 8 to 12 inches during the day maybe up to 16-20 total. I then looked at the e-mails from the city and it states that once you are told to stay home that you are to use a vacation day, comp time or a day without pay. Now that kind of sucks that you are told that you can't work because we closed your department down and now take the time you earned to get paid. I think if they say you don't need to report that they should pay you also not force you to use your earned time off. Or at least you get the offer to report to work to save the time to use when you want to, like during the summer to go for a ride. I got to use another sick day as I still have the infection issue. I would have gone in today and suffered through the day if I would have been told not to, but I will burn 1 more day to save the vacation time for a day I want like the BMX Grands with Nate.

I will go back to work tomorrow as the leg is feeling a ton better today. The meds must be kicking in and taking down the infection. That always takes a couple of days and then it clears up pretty quick. Just have to let the meds do their job and take it easy the first day or 2 and then it is pretty much back to normal after that.

Cece and the kids are also off today so it should be a fun day here. The kids will be in and out at least 5 times I bet. I will send them out to shovel later this afternoon and I will get out there if the leg feel a little better. Ahh I'll just take a Vicadin that should work and then just go out and snow blow the stuff for myself and the other 4 older ladies areas to. Stay safe today if you can. Later..

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1 more day

I decided to stay home 1 more day to let the antibiotics kick in and the pain go down a notch before going back to work. I think it should be ok in a day or 2 if I rest it properly. Now I'm just hoping that the 10-12 inches of snow that they are forcasting doesn't show up as I really don't feel like shoveling the snow with this infection going on. Well I do have 3 kids that may have to take over the duties. I may have to go easy on Jessica as she is only 6 years old but the other 2 may have to pull their weight. Just have to wait and see what falls over night. Later..

Monday, February 04, 2008


Another infection in the leg. The Dr. has me on some antibiotics to clear it up. Better now then in the summer during the race season. Seems like every 2 to 3 years I get an infection that reqiures a couple of days relaxing and a script of meds to clear it up. Later..

Sick day

I'm sitting here at home waiting for the Dr. office to get back to me. I have something going on and I think it is another infection or something. My entire body aches and the bones in the bad leg are sore all the time. Every time that happens there is a infection or something hanging out in my leg. I never call in and the only time is when this happens. Oh well time to just relax and hope it is nothing to bad. Later..

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Boy is fast

Today at the bmx races it was Nate's first race in the Expert group. In the open he made it to the main but had gate 8 in the main so he had the long way around and finished a 4th. In his class main he made it to the main in the first moto which was a lot of presure off of him for his first Expert race. In the main he shot of the gate and was elbow to elbow into turn 1 with the winner. He settled into 2nd and held off the rest of the field to get a 2nd place in his first Expert main. His gate is getting real good and now his manuals are with power and his skills are just as good as the other experts his age. The thing is that he has been doing this for 3 years and theey have all been doing it for 6 or 7 years. He kills me big time in every part of the bmx now, well he was before to.

In my race I made the main in the 2nd moto as the fast guys took the first 3 spots in the first moto. In the 2nd moto I was pinched in and had to go low in the first turn and pedal over the step up and down the other side. I have tried this in practice and never in the race as I was never that comfortable doing it. Well it was either do it or be watching from the side. I pedaled and going into the 2nd turn I jsut went for the middle of the turn and held it and came out in 3rd. It meant if I didn't mess up I was in. It waotked as Jim tried to low high me in the last turn but he wasn't close enough to get me. In the main I took a 5th as the others are just plain old fast and my goal is to make the main and see what happens then. It was a good day of racing though.

I don't have a pick for the Superbowl today and I didn't get in any pools either for some reason or another when they came around. I guess that I would like to see the Giants win as they did beat the Packers and that would also ruin the Patriots perfect season. Just something to cheer for to see Brady and the rest lose. Just to say that they didn't pull off the perfect season if nothing else. Later..

Saturday, February 02, 2008

This and That

It was a nice night at the Bike Fed party. Got to see some other bikers and friends that gathered for a nice fund raiser. I didn't place any high bids to win any of the nice prizes that were aviable just raised a few here and there. After the party we went out for some mexican food and drink. Ray ordered a picher of Mexican Mountain Dew ( margirita ) and everyone ordered up a bunch of tacos and chips. After eating we went our own ways and went home. A good time was had by all.

Today I decided to ride the spin bike and lift weights in the basement. I was on the fence about riding the Russell ride but the cold and snow just made me a chicken. Plus I do have some bmx'n to do tomorrow so I didn't want to get sick or a little sore. I hope that they had a good ride. Next week Saturday is the 28 and over BS open. It is a open that allows all the pro and us less fast racers race together. It is a fun race to watch and also race in. Practice gates are 3 pm till about 5pm and racing asap after that. Come out and watch if want to see some great racing.

I went and visited my 89 year old Grandma today. The Punks were getting on my nerves so I needed a litttle time away from them. I usaully take them with me but it was nice to just visit with Grandma alone with out them messing around in her room or with each other there. Plus one of Nates friends was here so it was just nice to get away and get away from all the noise. She is doing great and man I think she has another 90 years left in her. She is a little slower but she still gets around good and remembers everything. I have to try to get there more often. Well that is all for today as I'm sitting back and watching a Warren Miller ski movie. Great stuff. Later..

Friday, February 01, 2008

Got to love your bike

Tonight I'm going to check this out . With the snow tomorrow will be another day in the basement on the spin bike. I'm just not going to get all dressed up and get a bike all trashed to try to ride outside. So if you aren't busy tonight come and check it out. Time to get Nate something to eat as he is going to another dance tonight. Later..