Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

Sun setting on the lake in Rhinelander and the year 2009.

The last day of 2009 is upon us and it went by fast as hell. I Can't believe that another year has passed by already. I just wish the years going by seemed a little slower but I know that they won't. They only thing slowing down I have felling will be me. But that comes with age. Tonight we are getting together with John and Laurie for a Birthday New Years gathering. I will keep it mellow as I don't need to be on the road after drinking to much and get pulled over for something that I can prevent. Plus the kids will be along and that would be so uncool. Nate is going by a friends for the night as they will be up all night gaming so that means that he may miss the ride tomorrow but that is OK. But the best of the New Year will be that the bmx racing starts up again Sunday and Nate gets to race his new GHP. Should be fun. Time to start sinner and get ready to head to John and Laurie's. Later..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 12

Awesome Tensile Titanium coated ceramic bearing head set.
Waiting for a Answer carbon fork to lighten it up.
What can be said? Saint cranks.
Awesome great support by Sun Ringle wheels.

Today was another day in the bike cave transferring the carbon handle bars for a pair of steel ones off Nate's cruiser as he has hit the 120 pound area and they are for 120 and less. He said after seeing me lay it down snapping my bars that he wants none of that. I had a pair on the Felt cruiser that I took the Saints off for his GHP so we did the switch. Anyone want to but a awesome pair of carbon bars? Also went over his GHP once more as I'm not going to be the one that misses something and that causes Nate to crash. I think that it is all good so I will keep the fingers crossed for Nate's first few gates. See you at the races. Later..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nate's New GHP

Nate got his new GHP 20 inch today. It was after I dropped a new head set in his old one today as it was gone, totally bad so it had to be done no matter what. So we walked in the house after being at the shop already and I grabbed a soda and sat down. Then the door bell rings and the big brown truck was out front with the bmx bike box was in his hand. We then threw it in the car and ran back to the bike shop to get another head set, chain, seat clamp and seat post along with the brake cable and housing. Got it home and put the old fork on as the Answer carbon is ordered and is to be in around the 11th of January so that bites but all OK. I took the Saint cranks of my old Felt cruiser and tossed those on and they look and feel sweet. We put on the Four Stroke wheel set on until we get a new set of Sun Ringle Super Stock Pro's. In all the bike looks sweet and hopefully holds up at the races on Sunday. Later..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 10

Just another day off meaning I did not have to check work e-mails. That means I will have a ton to look at in a week but who cares now? I asked the girls if they wanted to go skating or swimming at the Pulaski pool but they said NO Mom is taking us shopping. I guess Cece had said in passing that she wanted to exchange a few things that were either to small or that she had already and the girls pounced on that taking it as they could tag along. Well they did. That leaves Nate and myself home alone to a peaceful house. We got our workouts in and now are just watching nothing on TV. I do have to say being home during the day and trying to watch TV there is crap on all day. I find that only Jerry Springer the entertaining thing to catch and the rest is boring. Maybe I will find something interesting to do tomorrow. Maybe I will run to Ben's and get some cables and housing and redo a brakes on the bmx bikes. Later..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 9

I want to be BMX racing on Sundays. Watching football games are not what you are supposed to be doing. Racing your bike is what should be done. At least this week the Packers played better. But the good thing is that there is racing next week Sunday. Who knows maybe New Years eve midnight bmx race in Indiana.

The musical that we went to see last night was pretty cool. The guys that sing and perform do a good job at keeping you entertained through out the show. I do have to say though that 1 show every few years does keep it real for me. I will be honest that I don't have to see a play, musical or show more then 1 time every 2 to 3 years. Just me and to those that enjoy them, well good for you as I just have different interests.

On tap for this week we are going to try to get to the ice rink to skate a few times and also try to get to the pool to swim. Man I can't believe that I only have 7 days of vacation left. It is going by fast as it feels like it just started yesterday. Time to kick back and try to figure out what to do for the last week off. Later..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 8

I have had the last 8 days off and man could I get used to it. But I do have to say that work seems a little less stressful at times so I will only take another 8 days off. Nothing like using 6 days of vacation and getting 16 days off. I have been using some of my vacation like this for the last 8 years so it is nice to be home when the kids and Cece are all off to. Will have to do it again next year. This morning I ran to my brothers to run Wade to Car Quest to get a new battery as his was acting up. Now he should be fine for another 5 or 6 years.

Yesterday was a nice night down in Racine. Fun getting all the kids together and sitting back talking smack for a while. As always the girls spent the night by Cece's brothers house and Jacob and Nate came here and played PS3 till 3am and then got back up and are right back at it. They have it on the surround sound and it is loud and every now and then you think that something crashed into the house as the shakes from the bombs and crashes. They asked me to play but I had to reward myself with a spin on the rollers and lift weights instead. I got the better end of that deal I think.

Tonight we are going out for dinner with my parents, brothers, Cece's Mom and Ken. After dinner we are going to see the Musical Plaid Tidings at the Skylight Theater. I heard it is supposed to be a real good show. I do hope that they serve some beers so the night goes by a little quicker. Have a good night as I need to start to get ready. Later..

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas. Do not eat to many cookies and milk like this poor Santa did. Later..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 6

The way Santa comes to our house. Picture by Guy.

It is finally here, Christmas and the kids are in super hyper mode. Well it is only for a few days and then it is almost back to normal till school starts up. Also it will be can the cousins sleep over and then can we sleep there for the next week too. Oh I hope the weather is nice and I can get out for some nice long rides. Also Nate and I are thinking about going to Hobart bmx for the New Years eve midnight race. We have done that one a few times and it is fun so we may go this year again.

My parents and brother should be here in a few hours and then the crazy stuff hits the fan. Uncle Wade, Uncle Tim, Grandma, Grandpa look at this and look at that. Oh it gets annoying after the 100th time. So I hope to be in the beer and wine LaLaLa land by then and it always seems to help. Cece has the house looking real nice and it always amazes me that she gets it all done, and yes I help as I stay the heck out of her way. We open our gifts tonight here and tomorrow we go to Racine by her Mom's and Cece's family comes over. Well Merry Christmas everyone. Later..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 5

Today I didn't get to sleep in today as I had to run the car to the Chmielewski Bros. Service station as the check engine light was on. It turned out the connector to the ERG valve was broken causing the light to stay on. It was causing the car to run a little rough and I was getting lower miles per gallon. Not a good thing but not a bad thing as Jeff told me that when the light came on 2 weeks ago that I could bring it in during my vacation. I made a appointment for today and to my surprise it saved me some $. Merry Christmas to me.

I just seen a Billy Mays commercial. Is that guy not like dead? How freaky that they are still using a dead dude to push crap on TV.

After getting the car dropped off it was into the basement to throw some weights around and ride the rollers. I don't like to ride inside but living here in Wisconsin that is what needs to be done much of the time. I do ride outside when there is no bmx racing and I don't have other family things to attend to if there is a ride planned but I just don't need to get all dressed up to ride slow outside. I would rather ride outside when the weather is nice and when it is race season, winter is for easy riding and doing it when and where you want. So for those who have the time and the want to ride outside good for you.

After working out is was run to the grocery store for Jess and I. We had to buy some meat and place the order at the bakery for the bread that I will pick up tomorrow for our dinner. Then Jess and I stopped and bought some poinsettia's at the green house down the road from us. Nice and full for just getting them 2 days before Christmas. I was expecting that the crappy ones would just be left but not here. Just a few more things to get ready tonight and then it is full on crazy kids and Christmas time here. I can't wait as it is the most fun time of the year as the kids are just all giddy and happy, also seem to fight less. Makes all the fuss worth it all. To all a very Merry Christmas. Later..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 4

Not much today as I had to get the punks after their last finals. It is nice that they start a week earlier then the regular public schools as they get the finals done before the holidays. That way they remember the material for the finals and don't waste a few weeks going over it after the Christmas break. Then they are done in the 2nd week of May as they don't take as many unneeded days off during the school year.

After that the girls and I ran a few errands to pick up the last couple of things for numbing the next few nights. After that I was able to get in the basement for a roller ride and throw the weights around. Now I'm sitting back having a few glasses of Merlot. Nice to have a few weeks off to over indulge. Later..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 3

Jess outside of Ben's when the Grinch was walking past handing out candy canes. She was good to having a picture taken with him.

Today being a vacation day I slept in again. I then got up and had a pot of coffee and ate some Christmas cookies. The it was into the basement to throw some weights around and get a roller workout in. Then I had to go and get the punks after their finals today before getting my chores done. Had to then wash the Christmas dishes, glue the dinning room chairs as they are about 50 plus years old and creaking real bad. After that I had to run Jess for her booster swine flu shot which was not that bad. We had to wait about 30 minutes in line but it was nice to see some of the nurses that I used to work with. After that it was off to Ben's as Jess wanted to sell a few of her candy bars from school. So thanks to those who bought some and Vince for buying the rest. Now I have to fold the laundry. Later..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 of vacation has been uneventful. Got to sleep in again and then read the paper and drink coffee. Then as the time came to when Nate and I leave for bmx racing it seemed weird to just not be leaving. But then it was nothing on the plate so I got all antsy and had to get in the basement and throw some weights around and then get on the bike for a spin. Now I'm waiting for the Packer game to come on as I'm never home to catch them because of the bmx racing. Maddie wrapped most of the gifts last night and Cece got the rest today so that is nice to have that done. Just a few more things to pick up and then it is just cleaning the house up before the family comes over for Christmas. Still nice to be having another 15 days off to be relaxing, tomorrow Nate and Maddie have final exams and Cece works so that leaves Jess and me to do what we want for the morning and then get the punks after lunch. We will have to try to come up with something fun. Time for some more coffee. Later..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 1

I slept in today and then did a little bit of something and a lot of nothing. I tossed the weights around and then rode the rollers to force the beers out through the sweat. It worked and I felt a million times better after. I'm going to miss not racing the bmx bike over the next few weekends as that has taken a 2 week break to. Hopefully the weather holds and I can get Nate to join me for a few rides outside.

Now I'm sitting watching the Ironman coverage. Cool stories of people doing the race that have over come many challenges in their lives. That is always the best part of the show. I watched as some of the people that just pushed through the pains and distress to get to the finish line, it was cool. Makes me want to go back in to the basement and ride again. Well maybe not and the recliner does feel pretty good right now. That's it for now. Later..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Party

Have a Christmas party tonight at Cece's brother Pete's house for adults only, no kids . Should be another nice night as the ones in the past have been fun. Always fun to talk to some of the others that we only get to see once a year. Then tomorrow maybe a outside ride if the weather is nice enough as the basement is getting boring.

I know that I won't get the good stuff like Pabst at the party so I may need to stop and pick up a few cold ones for myself on the way there. I hope not to drink to many beers tonight but at least I'm off for the next 2 weeks to sleep it off. Now I'm going to go downstairs and have a beer. Later..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pic's from Sam

Here are 2 pictures that Sam took last night. He got some awesome pictures and I have to say that Sam and Guy get some really cool pictures.

Got a Christmas party to go to tomorrow night and then the weekend that will be spent on getting the house ready for Christmas as the families are coming here this year. As always there will be to much stuff for the kids as they are spoiled. 1 more day of work and then 2 weeks off to just enjoy the days of sleeping in and staying up late, I may even try to stay up to 10pm. Got to get a few things done so I can party tomorrow. Later..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bmx fun

Tonight was a nice night of gate practice as there was a light turnout and that means 1 thing. Gates till you drop. Now age break up so you got as many as the legs and body could take. At the end Nate and I were dead tired. I did take a tumble in turn 3 but all OK as only scrapped the elbow and ego. Nate is looking faster and I think I may even be getting a little faster which means 1 thing. I will crash more as I will be riding way over my skills and head. So bmx is done till Jan 4th and gate practice is also done till Jan 6th. Good break and the body needs the rest from the last 2 weeks of crashing. 2 more days of work and then off for 2 weeks. Oh I can't wait. Later..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gates Dropping Tomorrow

Picture by Guy

Gates will be dropping tomorrow for the last time before the Christmas break. So come on out and get in some fun action at the bmx track. Later..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas program

Tonight was Jess's Christmas program. It was nice to hear the kids sing as they still enjoy it as we know the older they get the less they participate. Jess had a little solo part and sang it rather loud into the microphone, but it was nice. I don't mind going but the families all bring all the kids to the program. But the thing is the kids have to be there 30 minutes early and most show up minutes to an hour early and these little kids have lost it by the time the program starts. Like the one in front of us. the parent kept letting the kid stand on her fat ass legs and by the end of the night it was just a matter of time and the kid slipped and hit his head on the pew. It was a classic good thump and the kid was crying and Nate and Maddie were laughing, I like. Also the fat ass women stood up at the start and I told here to sit down and she eye mugged me but I won. She did stand up and show us here HUGE ass and HUGE butt crack butt sat down right away as she didn't want to be told to sit again. Other then a few moments of rudeness from others the program was nice. I Now I need to try to get 3 kids showered and in bed. Later..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

BMX race'n

Raced at the barn today on a perfect day to be riding the bike. Nothing like riding the little bikes and racing big kids. Nate took a 2nd in cruiser and missed making his 20 inch class. I took a 4th in cruiser and a 2nd in the 20 inch. There is a gate practice this Wednesday and it is the last one for this year before the Christmas . Then the racing starts again on Jan 3rd. See you at the barn. Later..

Head'n to the barn

Heading to the barn for some racing. I dropped Nate off yesterday and he said he took a 2nd in cruiser and a 3rd in 20 inch. Then he spent the night at the Dickerson's. Thanks Bryan. I had the Christmas party for work and it was OK and wish I would had raced. Next year I will race. Now time to go racing. Later..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our House

The girls are baby sitting for one of Cece's teacher friends again tonight and Cece is playing bingo at the casino with some other teacher friends. So Nate and I have the house to ourselves, oh so nice it will be. Nate is hanging low as he stayed home from school today as he got sick at school yesterday and threw up in a garbage can during 4th hours. He just stayed at school and laid low last night and today. But still no women in the house is going to be nice tonight. Tomorrow I have to run Nate out to the bmx track and then to a union at night. Well they are gone time to enjoy the peace. Later..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Duce racing this coming weekend

This weekend is single point racing on both Saturday and Sunday. I have our union Christmas party on Saturday so I'm running Nate out to the race and Bryan is taking Nate home with him after the race and bringing him back on Sunday. Thanks again Bryan. I am really thinking that if I had known that the race and the Christmas party were the on the same night I would have raced and skipped the Christmas party. But oh well and again thanks Bryan. Now I have to get going as I'm watching Jeff Dunham, this guy is good. Later..

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

No Show Snow

We got no snow here but I heard that a lot of others did. Well with the snow that they got in Elkhorn the racing got cancelled tonight. So with that happening I'm going to have to meet Russell out and have some wings and PBR's. Got to run to get a good seat. Later..

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Racing Wed night

Got some of this tomorrow night instead of gate practice. Jake tossed in a race to change it up a little bit. So if you are thinking of coming to gate practice tomorrow night you will be out of luck and may have to race instead. Hope that there is not to much snow as that may cancel the racing and that would bite. See you at the races.

Now it is snowing and I can not believe how many schools have been called already. It has not even started to stick to the ground and they are calling things off. Maybe just maybe we may get about 4 inches out of the possible 13 they are saying that we might get. I hope we get a lot and part of me hopes we don't. Have to make Nate get up and help clear it to if we get a lot. Now I need to get back to watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Later..

Monday, December 07, 2009

What's up

Nate pulling a manual.
Me pulling into 2nd in my main in 20 inch class. Great pictures by Guy.

Have been a little busy the last couple of days. Yesterday started with the garage door acting up and taking a crap. I was able to get it open but then had to leave it unlocked while Nate and I went and bmx raced. Nate and I stopped at Sears after racing and bought a new one. When home we got to work and put the new one in. Well it didn't work and at 11pm I gave up and went to bed. When I got home from work Nate and I went to work and ripped it back down and took it back to Sears. Told them the issues and in 2 minutes we were out the door and had a new one in the trunk. We got home and in less then and hour and a half a new working garage door opener was in and working. Glad to be done as it was to be a pain in the ass. Have to say Nate was a great help and I could not have done it without him. He helped with the tree and the garage door and I never had to ask, that was cool.

At the bmx races it was going good until I snapped my handle bars on my cruiser going over a double into turn 2. I held it together for the rest of the double but the turn came up and I tried to get my feet unclipped and that didn't happen either. Well I hit the corner and meet the dirt up close, I landed hard and was dazed but got up as I didn't want to get run over. I picked up the bike and rolled off the track to see what I hurt. Just banged up and sore, today I tight and sore as hell though. I was lucky as Byran had a pair of new bars that he had brought along and I put them on and did a few laps to get them in the right spot. I worked and I took a 3rd in cruiser and then a 2nd in 20 inch. Nate had a good day and pulled a 4th place finish in both cruiser and 20 inch. That class he races is one of the most talented and fasted of the day. Also one of the most fun to watch as the skills and speed is mind boggling. There is racing this Wednesday instead of gate practice so if you aren't buried in snow come and watch. Time to watch the Packers and read the Sunday paper that I never got to read. Later..

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tree up

The Christmas tree is up and most of the ornaments are on it. Nate and I put on most and the girls we hope will finish it up. Maddie did walk up and say is that all you are putting on? Nate said there are the boxes put the rest on and she said it looks fine and walked away, typical Maddie. Jess is playing with Claudio and she is interested at the moment so Cece will end up finishing it up. But here it is. I'm done as I'm treed out.

Also lifted weights in the morning and was planing on getting a ride in but it is the off season for training and the ride didn't happen. We do have bmx racing so that will have to be the ride for the weekend. It is a good sprint workout before the races and then the racing. Nate and I also got the stained glass thingy hung in the upstairs bay window before the tree was placed in the front of it. It does look really nice hanging in the window and I can't wait till the sun hits it, that should really make it look nice. Later..

Friday, December 04, 2009

Parrr tay

Tonight is the first of many parties that Cece and I will be attending this Christmas season. Yes I said Christmas not holiday parties as that is what the season is really about. It is a group of her fellow teachers from her school so it should be a fun time. Just add alcohol to a bunch of teachers and hell even I can learn a few things. Maddie and Jessie are going to baby sit on of the other teachers little boy and Nate now has a friend over and they plan on playing PS3 all night. I guess there goes a 12 pack of Coke and a few bags of chips. Tomorrow if the Miller flu isn't to bad then we will get the Christmas tree and put that up. Then Sunday is bmx racing. Time to get going. Later..

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Snow (men )

It is snowing out but for sure not enough for the kids to build snowmen so they can get to work. I have always thought that if it is cold out there may as well be snow out to. The weather dude has been saying that there is a chance for 1-3 inches of snow but if there is a dusting we will be lucky. Good enough for me though as I'm really not ready for a ton of it bunch small batches of it is good.

Tomorrow Cece and I have a birthday party for one of her teacher friends and Maddie and Jess are going to baby sit one of her other teacher friends 1 year old so they can come to. That will leave Nate home alone so I hope that when we got home it is still standing. But I think it will be as he is pretty responsible. Then on Saturday the kids and I will get the tree and hopefully get it decorated over the weekend. Then of course it is bmx racing on Sunday. Already the weekend is full and Cece and I have to get some shopping done in the next 3 weeks to. Later..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Yes that is what you heard. Next week Wednesday there will be racing at the barn not gate practice. Jake announced today that there will be a race instead. The gate will start dropping at 5pm till 6:30 and racing will be ASAP after that. So if you have nothing going on and want to see some good racing during the week as the weekends fill up fast, come on over. Later..

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Picture by Guy

Holy cow where has the time gone? I can not believe that it is December already. Just another 2 and a half weeks of work and them I'm off for the rest of the year. It is nice to save a few days for the end of the year as then I take 6 vacation days and get 2 full weeks off. With Cece and the kids having off it is the best 6 days spent all year. This year though Cece does have to work on December 21 and 22 but the kids are off so I think we will be able to get into some kind of trouble. But I still can't believe that the holidays are coming and the year is almost over, just crazy.

Tomorrow is bmx gate practice and it has been a week and a half since we were at the track. I hope that I don't forget how to ride and fall over the gate. I hope Joe shows up as I have little Jack's new helmet and I think that he will be happy to be wearing a full mask instead of a freestyle helmet. But as always the gate practice is the high light of the week, nothing like busting out sprints for 3 hours. See you at the gates. Later..

Monday, November 30, 2009


Here is what the feeling in the house was for the kids when it was time to head out to school. They went but it was some hard pushing to get Jess going as she was pulling I have a stomach ache and once there she was fine. Nate said he wasn't feeling that good to but it was no problem for him. Maddie was fine. I felt a little crappy but it went away once I ate breakfast.

Now the parties start with one this Friday and one every weekend till Christmas. Yeah looks like the Miller Flu season will be hitting me hard this season again. Oh you have to love the CHRISTMAS party season. See you at the track. Later..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work

After a nice week off and getting up to the cabin and spend some time with my parents and brother it is back to work. Got the lunch box ready and now I have to get the mind and body ready.

We stopped by Grandma on the way down to. She moved from a senior living home in South Milwaukee which we would stop by very often to a new place in Keil. Now it will be only a few times a year now. But she is doing really good for a 91 yr old.

Then we got home and where in time to catch some of the Grands on line. Very disappointed that we missed Tina's races but we caught all the 20 inch mains. Man I wish I went as I think I could have done OK. Maybe next year. Got to kick the next kid into the shower. Later..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beary good day

The small black spot is the mother bear outside her den. There are 3 cubs inside the den and were out playing later on. Nate, Maddie and Jess drove the 4 wheeler out to go get the mail 5 hours later and the mother was still out in the sun. A really cool thing for the kids to see. Nate had offered to get closer to get a picture but I thought that Cece might yell at us and then the bears would get pissed so he didn't. Sat in the tree stand for 3 1/2 hours and didn't see a thing again but I think the bears have the deer scared away. Hunting is in the books for 2009 and no deer hanging here.

Nate has been driving Wade's truck and the Excursion in and out of the road while we have been here and has been doing a good job. Still doesn't have temps or anything but our road is a private road so he can drive on it and there is no problems there. He can get his temps in Jan and we will as soon as we can and then Nate can drive back and forth to the bmx practices and the races. That will be nice as I can sit back and relax ( well maybe not ) while some one else drives. Popcorn is popping and I don't want butter on the keys. Later..

Friday, November 27, 2009


I sat in the stand today and seen 2 deer. 1 was a nice size doe ( I don't shoot them unless we have to ) and a nub little buck. They both got to see another day. I got to sit a watch the squirrels fight in the woods all day though. I was funny as there was a bully squirrel and he was really mean to the other squirrels and then 2 came back and chased the bully away. Fun to watch. Then Cece, Nate, Wade and my Mom went in to town for some deals. They got what they wanted and Nate used his race winnings to buy a PS3. He is happy and now has it hooked up to the big tv that we brought from Wade's house. Now we are going to watch a blu-ray movie. Also got in to watch Tina race her main at the Race of Champions race at the Grands and she took a 2nd. Great job Tina. More hunting tomorrow so maybe a good size deer may stroll past yet. Time for a beer. Later..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We made it here this morning and got everything done. Then Nate and headed to the woods to try to kill something. Seen nothing but squirrels and birds so nothing hanging here. Now the dinner is coming and I'm going to eat till I can't fit another thing in. I'm not one to give a crap about needing to worry about eating and not exercising as in a week when the riding and racing continues it will all be fine. So eat and drink is what is in order. Time for more wine and food. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Later..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Be Prepared

Thinking this is the message that should be posted for the drive the next few days. Just going to have to roll with the pace and be happy. Going to have to keep the thoughts of getting out of here in my mind. Safe travels to everyone visiting families and those racing the Grands.

Got the truck gassed up and the punks from school. Now all I have to load the truck and wait for Cece to get home from school and we are out the door. Hope to get to Wade's house by about 6 pm and settle in for the night. Then tomorrow when Tim gets there in the morning load a big screen TV in to back of his truck and head to my parents in Rhinelander. Then I will try to get in the woods for a few hours and see if I can sit in the deer stand for a few hours. Hopefully a nice buck will stroll by, but if not just getting out and sitting in the peace and quite is well worth it. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Later..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Short Movie of Nate at bmx

Here is a short movie of Nate racing his cruiser on Sunday at the bmx track. He was in the 21-25 class and he took 2nd in moto 1, a 3rd in moto 2, and that had Nate and Bodie tied for 2nd going into the main. Nate needed to beat Bodie to get the 2nd place and he hit it hard and pulled the win to get the 2nd overall. Great clean racing by all 3 of them made for some awesome racing to watch.

Got the truck back today and for the way it sounded it was not easy doing the ball joints on a Excursion as Jeff said it was big, heavy and a tough job. But in the end now I have grease fitting in the ball joints and that should help make them last longer. Glad it is done but man the amount it cost is crazy, but it is something that I can't do so oh well. Again ran some errands and got a lot done on a day off. Tomorrow we head up to Wade's for the night and then to Rhinelander. Can't wait to get he heck out of here. Later..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pictures from the racing yesterday

Here are a few pictures from the races yesterday. Nate at the cross race and then some more at the bmx track that Guy snapped of Nate and I racing. I have the week off and had a few things that I needed to get done. First was getting the ball joints on the Excursion done and get the emissions test on the car done. The car passed and the truck is still at the shop getting worked on. They said the the truck will be ready tomorrow as they were a real bear to get one side done today and wouldn't be able to finish it today. Good thing is that I am off and Cece is working and we don't need both vehicles. I also got a few more errands done and got my workouts in so good day off. But I do have to say that I do go to work to relax as the days off seem so be super busy. Now I have more time to do the packing to head up to Rhinelander on Wednesday night. First to stop and spend a night by Wade in Stevens Point and then to Rhinelander. Can't wait to get up north and hunt a little. Got to run and get Cece. Later..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting it done


Last night I got the Christmas decorating done for the house. With the weather being so nice how could you pass up the chance. It took me about 20 seconds to get it done. I have to say it does look nice.

Today was another day of stacked up racing. First was the State Cross race and I have to say it was perfect weather. For Nate it went bad from the start though. I was wondering why he was not in the front group but after the race it was apparent as his derailleur hanger broke at the start but the skewer kept it place enough to race but he had 2 gears. He ended up 7th at the end and it was good that he stuck it out and that the derailleur didn't snap off and go in the spokes as I didn't feel like buying a new one. The hanger is way a better deal. Gage had a great race and took a 2nd place. He had a great cross season and it was great to see him have such a awesome race. All I have to say is great racing Gage.

Then it was off to the bmx track. We got there and got a few gates and then had to wait about 15 minutes as Tim E went down hard and was out for about 2 minutes and had to go to the hospital. Last I heard was he had a cat scan and things were ok just a real bad concussion. Nate made the mains and he took a 2nd in cruiser and a 4th in 20 inch. I took a 3rd in 20 and did not make the main in cruiser. Great to see Mitch K there as he raced and won his first race as a Novice. Not bad to show up and never ride the track and then win. Great job. Now I have off for the next week and have a long list of things to get done. Hope I can fit it all in. Now time for some home made lasagna that Cece made for us. Can't wait to dig in. Later..

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Party getting started.
Tim taking a break after separating himself from his bike.
Waiting for the food to arrive and having a few cold ones.
Carlito playing with Toni's crank that fell off her tandem.

Last night was the Ronsta Rockesha ride and let it be known that if you were not there you missed a good one. We sat around Ron's crib waiting for a few peeps to get there but as always the wait provided time to have a few cold Blatz and talk to some of the folks that you have not seen in a while. When all the riders got there the 35 to 40 of us proceeded to over take the roads for a while. The ride was pretty uneventful for the most part till Tim Bates decided to separate himself from his bike and meet the pave up close. After a few minutes of making sure that he was not hurt we rolled on. Then it was time to roll down the downtown streets and show the good people of Waukesha how we roll. Then we took over the Mexican restaurant to enjoy a awesome spread of food that they provided Buffet style since there so many of us. Great food was had and then it was back to riding and racing through the downtown streets again. The people that we were flying past were in amazement as we were just killing it and topping off a great ride, great food off in style. As the big boys were heading in to the bars Nate and I headed home. Thanks again Ron for the great time.

Today was a day of getting chores done. Cece cut my hair in the morning and then I was out side cleaning the garage and washing the truck. After that I pulled the Harley out and cleaned it up and put a charge on the battery as I washed the car and vacuumed and washed the windows to. Man was the car dirty after a summer of racing and a few bmx races. Then it was off to a single speed ride along the lake front. Oh the weather was perfect to get all the chores done since I blow them off all summer. Tomorrow is the State Championship Cross race for Nate and then right after off to the bmx track for some fun racing. Then I am off for the next week and going up to Rhinelander for Thanksgiving and some deer hunting. Now I need a cup of Alterra and kick my feet up. Later.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today is Jessica's Birthday. She is 8 years old. If I leave the 3 kids at home I put her in charge as she is more mature then the other 2. Later..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gate pictures by Guy

Again here are some cool pictures that Guy snapped last night at the gate practice of myself and Nate. Thanks again Guy for the pictures. I have a few videos that Sam took from the races on Sunday and I will post them later.

Today I took the kids and we all got the H1n1 ( swine flu shots ). They were giving them out free to everyone so I could not pass it up to protect ourselves from the swine flu. There was no wait and we were out in less then 15 minutes. Good deal.

Tomorrow night is the Ronsta ride in Rockesha and it should be a nice little cruise, noise and food. So come on out and join us. Later..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gate drops

Nate hitting one of the many gates tonight.

Tonight was another great night at the gate practice and as always a fun time. Got as many gates as your body could handle and at the end my butt was dragging. Not Nate though he kept going till the last gate was dropped and he looked cooked at the end to. But this weekend there is a cross race to attend and then after that we are heading right to the bmx track for some more racing. Should be fun. See you at the races. Later..