Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting it done

Had a early start today because I had a meeting. Like always we were told we had to do more with less. Oh well all I can do is keep plugging away. I still feel that the meetings are a waste of time and I could have been getting work done that wasn't as I was sitting there. At least I get paid while I'm there.
After work I got home lifted weights and ran to the Chiropractor, man I needed that after the race this weekend. Then I got Jessie from the sitter. Ran home and Cece called and said she was tied up at work and couldn't get home to get Jess to her soccer practice so I got Nate and loaded the bikes and ran Jess to her practice, all in less then 10 minutes. Nate and I got the bikes off the car and did our cross practice in the park as Jess practiced. We done and then ran home and showered and off to the school board again in less then 10 minutes. Had a good meeting and then got home at 9 and finally sat down to 3 BLT sandwiches. I was starving and woofed them down and now I'm sitting and watching the Whammy and Catch 21 on GSN. I like watching the people act fools, I could do these shows. Later..

Monday, September 29, 2008

A few pictures from WORS

Here are the pictures that we got from the race this weekend. I will post a few more of the ones from the cross later.

Amy before the start of her first race. She finished strong and may even race at the last one.
Ron before the start of his first race. Maybe he will race the last one to.
Mark coming out of the culvert with a big old smile on his face.
Myles and Nate on the boxes.

Dave, Matt, Myself and Danny on the boxes.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

WORS update

Just rolled in from the WORS race. It was a nice race and a nice race venue. After hearing some of the complaining and banter about the race and all they stepped up and put on a great race. The culvert was no problem and the course was real nice. Like Jerry said much like the old Wisconsin Rapids race. It was a little bumpy but a nice one. Well for the race it was fast and dusty. Nate was a little off from the race yesterday and settled into 2nd as Myles killed it again. We seen Brandon on the front and then looking at the bike as we flew by and we never seen him again. Myles won and Nate took another 2nd. I took a solid 2nd today and I was happy with that. Danny had a good race despite his bad back and rolled in 4th. Nick took a 5th place and Rob a 7th. I also talked to Jeremey and he said that Mitch took another 2nd and Gage got a 4th. Great job guys and Jeremey took a 4th. To bad there is so much good racing going on at the same time. Time to relax a little. Later..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cross'n it up

Here are a few of the pictures form the cross race today.

Here are the pictures of the kids racing today at the cross race in Sun Prairie. It was a perfect day for a cross race as the sun was shinning and the temps were a perfect 75, couldn't ask for better day. The kids had a good day at the races. Mitch edged Nate at the line to take 2nd and Nate 3rd. Gage dropped his chain and pushed on to finish 5th. Another great day for the MARS jrs. Tomorrow Gage and Mitch are staying to race the cross race and Nate and I are heading up to the WORS race. So were ever you are racing Good Luck.

Here are the pictures of James killing the 3's on his new Ellis single speed. Sweet ride and race.

Here are pictures of Jeremey at the race. He raced strong and pulled a 3rd place in the 30+. I'll post the other pictures at another time as I'm out of picture space . Later..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Like New

Well it is new. The replacement Haro arrived at the shop today thanks to Len. I got the oil changed in the car and ran home and got the cracked one and ran back to the shop and started the transfer of parts. Dan gave me a hand in the process and other then the shim that was stuck in the old frame it went smooth. I love single speeds as it took only about an hour to take it off one bike and then re grease the bolts and then put them on the new frame. The bike looks great and feels the same. Haro was great as they got the frame here in less then 2 weeks and I'm happy to be riding on their single speed for the races.

Now tomorrow Nate and I are heading to the cross race as he is racing and I'm playing pit man. We are staying around to catch the Elite race and see the pros race against a few of our local fast guys. It should be fun as it is not everyday that you get to see some of the fastest guys in the world race right in front of you. It should be a blast. Now I have to help Cece get a bunch of toys, clothes, and other crap we don't need ready for a rummage sale. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Half over

Well it is hard to believe but Nate is half way through the first quarter of the school year. We went to the conferences and they were all good. The same old thing was that if Nate put a little more effort in he would be a;ll A's. Right now he is on the edge of a B+, A- but with a small amount of extra work he could be a tad better. That said he is doing well and we are happy as he does fit in all the school work and still finds the time to train and race. As long as it stays this way the routine won't change, but a slip in the grades and the riding and racing will take a second fiddle. Tomorrow he has the day off so he is going to study and read his book for History class and then we are can get a easy spin in for the races in this weekend. That said I bought Ron's dirt jumping bike for Nate to ride back and forth to school. It is a great bike and he loves it. Thanks Ron. Later..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More of this

We went to the cross practice tonight for a few more laps and barriers before the race this weekend. Ran into this fast guy again at the practice. He looks a little smoother this week then last. It was a light turn out this week and we kept the practice short and concentrated on a few things. I think Nate is ready for the race this weekend. See you at the races. Later..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy as heck

Today was a day of working to hard and a little fun after. Tested and sealed 90 gas meters during the workday and then got home and lifted weights. Got Jessie to her soccer practice while Nate and I rode in the park during her practice again. Ran home and then Cece headed to the home and school meeting as it meant that the girls got dress down passes for Friday. You can't pass those up. Then she headed to the open house to check the girls class rooms. I Passed this round as it has been the same for the last 9 years. Just relaxed tonight and caught up on a bunch of shows on the DVR. Tomorrow is cross practice for Nate so that should be fun. I'll just ride again and roll pass the barriers and make him chase me for a couple of laps. Maybe I'll make Nate chase this guy, like he could last a few seconds. See you at the races. Later..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Funny

Taking it easy today from the last weekend of riding and training. Just to funny today to take anything serious any ways. At work Seen a guy piss in a plastic bottle and toss it at the gas station store. He must have been pissed off about the high prices as the guy never went in but just wiped the finger and drove off laughing. At the next stop I seen a girl get out any pay as the Mother tried to gas up the car. The manager was laughing as told her she had to go to a different pump as that one only took credit cards. The girls swears and starts pushing the car and the Mom pops the clutch and starts the car and moves it to the other pump. I was laughing and she says my babies Daddy needs to put a new battery in and he is to lazy to do it. I asked how long she has been starting her car that way? Only about 2 months. Then after getting her $5.00 worth of gas the 2 of them push the car and hop in after it starts. Now Nate, Maddie and myself are sitting here watching a true redneck show. Trailer Home Disaster on CMT. I have never seen such a funny show. They are doing a trailer make over on a 40 year old trailer for a bunch of goof balls. Good stuff man. Got to get back to the show. Later..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend update

Saturday Jessica had a soccer game with a few classmates. There is a bunch at practice but for the game there was only 5 at the game. They played the game even though they were short a few players. Cece said the other team was real good and they may have scored about 6 goals and Jess's team didn't score any. Jess had fun though. Today was the same even after the coach called the rest of the kids. Again there was only 5 and they played on. Jess was in the goal for a period of time and the other team didn't score. She stopped all the shots. In the end the other team scored 3 goals and Jess's team had none. Being short so many players make it tough but they played and had fun.

Saturday Nate and I hit the group ride out of Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket. The ride was a nice easy 36 plus miles at a pace of a tic or two under 20mph for the ride. After the ride we at at the bagel shop and headed home for some chores. I edged, trimmed and cut half the grass as Nate went in the pool as I finished. I then washed the truck and then cleaned up a Nate's bike. Got to sit down for a minute and then we headed to a open house and out for some Pizza at the Classic Slice. Nate spent the night at a friends and I was a sleep by a little after 9 and got up a 8:30. I think I needed the rest as I felt good today.
we loaded the bikes and went down to Kenosha for some good cross practice with the rest of the Jr team. Jeremey had a great course and practice set up. We did a nice warm up and then the time trial to set the order of the chase. We did a 3 lap pursuit that was a good way to burn the legs and lungs. After a short rest is was a 2 lap pursuit. Then to wrap it up it was a nice 1 lap burner. After a brief rest I got Nate's new mtn bike down and we went for a brief trail ride to test it. Nate said it was all good, now the test will be Sunday. Now sitting and watching the Packers. Later..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nate's new ride

Nate was out growing his Leader mtn bike so it was time to get a new frame and move the awesome parts to the new frame tonight. It took a while to get it done but once it was done it turned out looking to nice for him and maybe I should race it and make him race single speed. It is lighter and tighter and we are looking forward to taking it out on some trails in the next few days. I need some ice cream and sleep, so see you on the sat group ride. Later..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Same old stuff

More of the same. Up early for work, eat and run out of the house to get to the north side for the prover to test more fuel trucks. The nice thing is that starting early is that I end early. Got the job done and then got home and lifted weights and waited for Nate to ride home from school. He has the ride done to less then 15 minutes on my old bmx cruiser. He likes riding back and forth from school now and dreads the bus on the rainy days. He got home and we ran to Ben's to shop for a new frame. I had my eyes on one and had it on hold until we could get Nate to sit over a bike in that frame size. He fit fine and then we talked to Vince and he made a deal that we couldn't resist and we took it home, it is a beauty. I will post pictures when it is built up. We may try to get it done over the weekend and have it ready for the lst couple of races. He has out grown his old bike and the seat post is about 1 1/2 inches past the max line. So if you know anyone that would like a 14 inch used but in good shape Leader mtn bike frame get a hold of me, priced to sell. Now Tomorrow I have to get the frame over to install a King head set and then transfer the SRAM stuff and get it ready to roll. This kid better stop growing as he is costing me to much in new bikes ( 2 bmx and now a new frame ) this year. Also today I had to get home from the shop and get Jessie to soccer and load the bikes and so Nate could do another cross practice. 3 days in a row this week and his dismounts and remounts are smooth and his riding in the grass is nice and smooth. Then we got h0me and got dinner and now the kids are getting the school work done. Tomorrow more of the same, but a little bike building maybe. Later..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cross practice

Nate and I hit the cross practice and ran into a few others that had the same idea. It was nice to see some of the gang that you only see at the cross races again. Nate looked good going over the barriers and the run up. It was nice to practice on the cross course as you get the feel for the entire lap and after a few hot laps you can really feel the pain. I tried a few barriers and again with the half ass and half leg I know I will be support for the boy again this year. I just don't need the possibility of hurting myself. But it was nice to ride along with Nate, Angie, Russell, Mike and the rest. Tomorrow we are going to take Jess to soccer again and Nate will practice the dismounts and remounts to get his timing down. This weekend is open so I will catch Jessica's first soccer game and then try to get a ride in. I asked Nate if he wanted to go to the cross race in Chicago and he said no so I was glad and that gives us the much needed break. Later..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Run on empty

Today Cece had a learning team meeting after school and a doctor's appointment. I got home from work and lifted weight's, changed the tires on Nate's cross bike, washed the car and then loaded the bikes and took Jessie to soccer practice. When we got there Nate looked at me and said "Dad you forgot to change the pedals on my cross bike." I ran home and got the pedals and changed them and then ran back to the park. Changed the pedals and then Nate practiced dismounts and remounts. I was going to try to make a few barriers but the time ran out. He has his dismounts and remounts down and tomorrow at the cross practice at Estabrook he will get his share of barriers. I didn't think that I would beable to fit it all in today but I did and now I'm ready for bed. I have an early start tomorrow so I should be done by 2pm and then run home and get a ride in before running Nate to the cross practice. Maybe I will try a few barriers to, just have to see how I feel after the ride. Later..

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Pictures from the Weekend

Here are a the rest of the pictures that looked OK to put up. With the rain I retired to the condo and had a few beers and took a nap before the awards. The first ones are from the Friday pre ride. Nate and I did the entire route and Dan, Jeff and John cut off and did the finish of the 40. I wish the weather was the same as the pre ride but it was OK for our race but it got a little ugly for the others. But here are a few that were worth posting. It was a great weekend and looking forward to next year. Maybe Nate and I will have to get a tandem and try racing one in the short and fat. I may have to beg Jerry and just maybe he will let Nate and I try it. Later..