Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Drilling teeth

Today had to take Maddie to the dentist to get 2 cavities drilled and filled. Do you believe that a 10 year old could have 2 cavities? Well they said that Maddie had soft teeth and that was the cause of the cavities. The Dentist said a little better brushing would help also.

Russell said that there was a night ride tonight and I got home and Cece didn't home to after 6:30 so the ride was a no go. I wouldn't have gone any how because it was to cold anyways. I'll ride on Sat but the night rides unless it is a little warmer I won't do. I will ride in the basement and not get sick. To say that I rode my bike outside and have a cold for a couple of weeks is not good for any thing. Sorry I'm a wuss and don't like to get sick.

Tomorrow we are going to the bmx track for gate practice. That should be fun as I haven't ridden the bike in like 2 weeks. Get a couple in and then it is racing on Sunday. Russell said that he might try to come out there this week and give it a try. That should be fun. I wonder where Ray and Torgler have been. They said that they were going to be coming there but we haven't seen them there yet. Maybe one of these weeks they will show up. Time to get the kids home work checked and get them into bed. Later..

Monday, November 28, 2005

Home sweet home

Well after the week of sitting in the woods and getting no deer I'm back at home. Like I said not getting a deer is not all bad news because I saved money to spend at the races and on the bikes. Don't get me wrong but any day in the woods is better then a day at work. And a week off the bike is always good for the body.

This week will be another day at the bmx track on Thursday for gate starts and racing this Sunday at about 12:30pm. So if you all have nothing to do ride early and come see some cool action at the bmx track.

Got the Christmas tree tonight and will put it up over the weekend. I have to say I'm not like the goat about the holiday I enjoy it but his tree does kick ass. We don't go way over board but the uncle's and grandparents do. That way I don't have to. Nothing else to say except that being back at work sucks. I only have 6 weeks of vacation and 13 paid holidays a year. I wish I had more time off like the Mitch Man. But the kids need to eat and the bills need to be paid. Anyhow working for the government is all that hard. Later..

Friday, November 25, 2005

Still no dead deer

Yesterday we had a nice Thanksgiving as Cece and the kids got here as did my brother. We didn't hunt as it was like 7 degrees outside and had wind gusts of like 40 plus. We sat and talked and had a great meal that my mother had prepared. We ate and the watched a DVD that my parents had made of pictures of us growing up. Boy 40 years of funny pictures and of great times we all had. Boy life was so simple and we had a blast growing up. Fell asleep at 9pm and then got up at 3 am and Jessica throwing up. Well I didn't do much Cece took care of all that and I went back to bed. Got up at 8 am and have a cold today and feel like shit.

Today I sat in the woods with the boy. We went out in the tree stand and sat there for a couple of hours and we didn't see any deer. I'm kind of thinking that my dad walking with the woods with Maddie and Jessica might have had something to do with it. We could hear Jessica a mile away talking as she was walking and falling. It was snowing the entire time we were sitting in the woods and by the time we came back in we had about 2 inches on our coats and hats. I went back this afternoon and I did see a deer but it was to far away to get a shot at it. I think it was a doe anyhow. Now just killing a 12 pack hoping that will help kill the cold.

Tomorrow we are driving to Minnesota to visit Cece's brothers house and visiting with them for the day. The only good thing is that the price of gas is 20 cents a gallon cheaper in Minnesota. There is a special if you buy a 12 pack of Coke tomorrow you get 5 cents of a gallon up to 5 12 pack purchase. I figure we are buying 5 12 packs of Coke and save the 25 cents a gallon and the truck has a 1/4 tank of gas left. So we are driving to Woodbury and getting the Coke and filling the 44 gallon tank. Figure to save about9 to 10 dollars on the fill up. We should be paying about 1.70 a gallon. Boy the little things that make you happy. Well time to go and pretend that I care. Later..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No deer

I went to the deer stand last night and this morning. I didn't see any deer either time. I kind of hope that I get a deer but if I don't it saves alot of time and money. I'm the only one in my family that will eat the meat. If I choose to get it made in to sausage that cost about $250.00. So if no deer no problem. More bike parts and race fee's if no deer.

Last night we went to a bar in Spring Valley and had all you can eat chicken wings for $6.25. Russell would have been proud as I ate enough for a small clyde. He could have put away double what I did but I got our monies worth. On top of it my brother had free drink coupons so the beer was free to. Nice little bar and not smokey at all. Full of good wings and beer and home by 7:00pm.

Tomorrow morning Cece and the kids are driving up to spend Thanksgiving here at Wades. We are also celebrating Jessica's 4th B-day. It should be fun and I'm going to take Nate out to the deer stand and if a deer comes close I'll shoot it even if it is not a bigger buck. It should be cool if we get one while he is there with me. Going back to the stand this afternoon and in the morning but I will take a deer if it is big before Nate get's here. Nothing else but hunting deer and drinking beer. Later..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Big buck seen

Today while I was in the woods in the morning a big buck came into my area but not into shooting range. I'm hoping that when I go to the area this afternoon that the buck shows it's head in my sites. Nothing else is happening just relaxing. Hope everyone is having fun at work and has a good T day. Later..

Sunday, November 20, 2005

In the woods

Well have been sitting in the woods for the last 2 days and haven't seen a deer. Well I have seen them at the back door of my brothers house after the hours of shooting ends. But that isn't the time to shoot a deer without getting your ass in trouble. We still have 7 days to go and maybe our luck will change and we will get one yet.

Nate went to the cross race with Russell and took 3rd in age so he had a good race. Russell had a good race also as did Pat. Now we will do the bmx races and that will be a fun time for the winter. It has been a nice break from the bike and as always I take this time to recover and start training after the hunting break. Nothing else but to hunt and sit in the hot tub. Oh yea also have a few beers to.

Today is Jessica's 4th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Later..

Thursday, November 17, 2005


We went to the bmx barn tonight and I tried a new gear for the starts. Boy going up a couple of inches makes a big difference out of the gate. I felt better and now I have to get the skills down. It was a good night of practice. Nate was getting faster and better each gate start. He should be ready to go when we get back from Thanksgiving. It's to bad that we miss 2 race dates at the barn but we will be ready to go when we get back. Nate is doing the state cross race this Sunday and I hope he does well. Russell is going to take him there I hope Nate keeps him in line again.

I'm going to go killing this next week by my bros house upnorth. I hope that I see some deer and one that is worth shooting at. I usually only shot 8 point or bigger but in a new area we will have to see. I'll keep you all posted. Have a good turkey day and see ya later. Later..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cold and Rain

Well it's getting colder by the day and the rain will soon be snow. It has to happen sooner or later that the weather will change to winter. As we don't do any of the winter cross training as in skiing or anything we will be training on the rollers in the basement again this year. Last night Nate and I did a easy roller workout before the home and school meeting. We will do another workout tonight and then it's practice at the bmx track tomorrow. This weekend is the state cross championships in Sun Prairie. Russell is going to take Nate there as I will be hunting. It will be a nice break from the bike for a week, then when we get back it will be ramping it up to be training for the next year of racing. Well nothing else new. Later..

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Today was double points at the barn.. Nate took second in age and missed the main in cruiser. I took 3rd again in the old guy cruiser. Thank's Ron for the start tip. I'm still not that fast out of the gate but I was half a wheel from 2nd in the final. After a few Thurdays I may get it down and push for better finishes. See you around as we are going to miss the next 2 BMX races and Nate is doing the cross states next weekend. Also I'm going hunting as laws don't let me shoot idiots I have to go shoot deer. Plus we are having Thanksgiving at my bro's house in Woodville ( this is by Hudson Wi.). Time to eat I'm starving. Later..

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Car = $

I had to take the car to the shop yesterday as the intake manifold gasket was pissing antifreeze. I could smell some anti freeze after parking the car. I looked under the hood and noticed a area where the leak was and took it to a friend who runs a shop and he put her in the rack today and was hoping to get it done by 1pm. It didn't get done till 3pm so I had to skip the BMX racing tonight. So it will be BMX racing tomorrow. Just what I need to spend a few extra hundred dollars right now. But I guess this is a thing going on with the engine that my car has but I'm over the warranty and had to suck it up.

Nate did a cross race this morning in Sheboygan Falls. He was tired looking and not really in it. He took 4th but there was only 4 guys in his age group. But all the guys in his age group were 14 years old and being 11 he is doing alright. Russell went with us also but he finished out of the top 20 and Rick Walls went and broke his seat and just rode to finish. Pat finished I think in the top 10 as I counted and he was in 13th the first lap and was picking off riders each lap. And big thank you to Liz for playing with the kids while at the race, that was great and the kids loved it. Have to go watch are we there yet with Jessica now. Later..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rider's Ready

The gate starts at the BMX track always start with the saying rider's ready. Then the fun begins racing elbow to elbow. Tonight Nate and I are going the barn for some gate starts and to get to know the track layout better. This weekend Nate is doing the cross race Sat. morning in Sheboygan and then we are going to the BMX track for racing for some Sat night and racing. Then it's back to the BMX track again for double point Sunday. It should be a fun weekend in the car driving from race to race. I'm sure glad the price of gas is down in the $2.30 range.

The last 2 night's I have done some night rides with the gang. They have been a little greasy because of the rain and the leaves on the ground. This always makes for some great wipe outs on the ride. I enjoy the night rides as it is so different riding the trails in diferent directions then you do in the day. You can do that at night because there isn't other people on the trails to run into. Both were uneventful and just 2 hour rides. I hope the weather holds out and we are able to do a few more before the snow falls. Later..

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday barn action

Last night Nate said he wanted to go to the BMX track instead of the cross race. After driving home in the rain and unloading in the cold I think he was happy to be inside this morning. I talked to Russell and he said that the cross race was in good shape but the BMX'n was a blast. Nate and I made all the mains and placed. Nate took a 1st in age group. He had a great hole shot and it was over right from the start. In cruiser he was in a total points against 2 expert racers and was right on their tails right from the start. He is going to be in the mix with those guys soon. I made the main and had the same guys as last night. I was a lot closer today and I think in a few weeks after Thursday practices and getting the track dialed in I may make a good showing in the races.

I hope that everyone had a good race this weekend. Nate may skip the next cross and race the weekend again at the BMX races. We will wait and see how he feels at the weeks end. Time to go and eat dinner. Later..

Saturday, November 05, 2005


We loaded the bikes and headed to the barn in Elkorn and raced today. It was a fun day of racing. On the way there we got to East Troy and was hailing the size of golf balls so we pulled over to the side of the road to not dent the car. There were some FIB's that were driving in it at like 70 mph and all I can think these shit heads are going have some big dents in the cars and vans. It sounded like the windows were going to blow out at 15 mph. But after a few seconds the hail passed and we were on our way again. It looked like it had snowed on the road there was so much hail.

Well a race recap is that Nate took a 2nd in age. They had him racing 11 inter and he is a novice but he doesn't care he just raced and did great. In the first moto he was battling the lead guy and over the last table he was about to pass him and the guy took Nate out real hard on he hit the dirt. After a few seconds I got him up and got the cruiser and he was right back at it. He got the first in the next moto and made the main. He fought it hard and just missed and got his 2nd place in age. In his open he missed the main as all the others were experts but he wasn't far behind. In cruiser he got 3rd place and that was a good finish also.

I got a 3rd place in age group cruiser. It was a total point but it was against 2 experts but I had fun. Skyler took 3rd in age and I don't recall how in the open. And Jay from Ben's took first in age inter. And Alan didn't race because he didn't have the money to get a license and race so he may try tomorrow or Thursday.

The track is way different and I think Ron will be flying on it. Right out of the gate there is a small table type bump. After that there is a 3 to 4 foot rhythm bump not a table just a roll over and then the 1st turn. After the turn there is a step up. After that there is another higher step up and then a rhythm right in front of the 2nd turn. Then there is a rhythm and then a little table and then 3 or 4 rhythm and then the last turn before another table then the line. I hope that will help you Ron. Come out and have some fun.

As for tomorrow with the rain and all Nate and I don't know if we are racing cross. We may just go to the bmx instead. We will make that decision in the morning. Later..

The Barn

The bike's have been looked over and now it's time to go to the barn. If time will give the details later. Later..

Friday, November 04, 2005


Last night we went to The Rusty Tool Shed and did a night ride. I made some calls during the day and got Russell, Bubba and Magan to join Nate and I for a night ride. It was a nice mellow ride on the trails in Tosa. Magan was on Rick Wall's single speed as Bubba took her bike apart and Rick lent her a bike to do some riding on. Magan was riding real smooth on that thing. I think that she is riding great now and should be ready to hammer in sport next year. Nate was doing ok as he was tired. He rode well and all but didn't have the pop he normaly does. The weather was perfect and I could have weather like this all the time and be happy. It will be soon enough and we will be on the roller s in the basement and looking forward for any time we can get out for a ride. So it's time to ride as much as possible now.

This weekend we will be going to the bmx track and a cross race. On Sat is the first day for bmx racing. It is the first day for racing but no points are awarded as we need to get the feel of the new track layout. The track points start on Sun but we are doing a cross race. We will have to see and check the weather and if it is real bad maybe go to the bmx track instead of the cross race. I will leave that up to Nate. A bunch of the guys went to the Iceman race. I hope that they all have a good race and the weather is snowy to make the race a real Ice man. Good Luck to all in the race. Later..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cry Baby

I posted a reply on the WORS board to epicmadness and crying about a pulled muscle in his leg. I see that he may have pulled it on the way to the buffet. I was replying that sorenss is a minor thing that happens when you exercise. He posted on his blog that I'm a prick. Well enough said, I hope he comes on a ride or when I'm passing him in a race he can kiss my half ass on the way past him. He is a little fish in abig bowl that I can see may last in racing for a year or 2 and then find a hobby that he doesn't have to committ so much energy to. I guess the newbies don't know how to handle minor discomfort and all. I hope epicfatness had a good work out as he was pissed at my reply. I see that I'll be making a new friend real soon. Later..

New family member

A addition was just delivered to the family. It was so nice clean and shinny. It was as tight as I have ever seen ( when I figure posting pictures I'll get one up). It is a 24 inch cruiser for the bmx track. I put a great GT frame with a Answer carbon pro fork some primo cranks, xtr brakes and now waiting on a set of Sun race wheels. The bike is clean tight and fast feeling. I'm hoping that the bike will help my poor skills get alittle better this year. It is about half the weight of the bike I raced last year. You have to love it as putting together a great light race bike is less then 4 or 5 bones. I'm going to get out of work alittle early today and go bombing around on it as bmx racing starts this sat.

Did a night ride last night and it was a faster one which was fine but the leaders never waited long enough for the ones that fell off the back or had to wait for the others to get over the logs they wanted to ride over. The minute they got over they would just take off screwing the ones behind. But hey Jack was there so I knew that would happen. I had no problem keeping up a but I didn't want Sammy or a few others to be dropped and not know where to go. It was a good ride and enjoyed every minute of it. I can do night rides every night instead of training any time.

Russell didn't make the ride as he has a real bad eye infection. His eye looks so bad that it looks like a red golf ball. He went to the Dr. yesterday and I haven't heard from him yet to what happened. He may have lost a contact lens in his eye or something. I told him to wash his hands after taking a dump and rubbing his eyes. This happens to him every year. Have to try to talk to him today and see what's up.

Tonight is parent teacher confritation. I get to hear your kids are great but..... I go to the first one and let Cece go to the rest as I tell the teachers that they can deal witht the issuses as that is what they are paid to do. This is when Cece tells me to be quiet. So after that it's better that I don't go any more then the first time ( 2 more later in the year). The teachers get the drift and don't say much after that as I point out the fact that they embarass my kids in front of me to make them behave better and I do the same to them and make them feel like crap in front of the kids. You have to keep the upper hand at all times. We will have to see how they are doing as of right now it all seems ok. Got's to go. Later...