Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation time

Heading to the Elm Grove crit in the morning to have Nate race with Mitch and Gage. Going to try to pull off another 1, 2, 3 for the Jrs MARS team. After the race hitting the road to go to the WORS race in Eau Claire. After the race it is a week of relaxing at my brothers. When we come home I hope the house is finished. The windows, doors and siding are almost finished. It will be nice to come home to the finished product and a new looking house. Time to get the rest of the junk packed. Later..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cool pet

My neighbor has had a coon living in his house for the last year plus. He has had a critter company came in to try to get it but no dice. Tonight Cece came home from a ride with Jess and seen the coon on his roof and snapped a few pictures. Let me tell you I would not be in that house if I seen that thing. We went to the Time trials and the trails were perfect and a blast. Tomorrow it is bmx practice for Nate and the beat down for me. Later..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today it was another night of bmx racing for nate and I. We hit the track and did a warm up in the 90 + degrees and then it was race time. Nate made it to the mains in cruiser and took a 3rd against a NAG 7 and a 16 year old and beat a 23 year old. I had a total point and took a 3rd. While we raced the moto's Cece and Maddie went for a mtn bike ride and then watched our mains. I think it may be her 3rd time seeing us race bmx over the last 2 years. May parents also came and watched and took care of Jess while we raced. Tomorrow we are hitting the time trials and then it is a bmx practice for Nate on Thursday and the beat down for me. Nate is racing Sat morning and then we are heading up to the WORS race so he needs a easy couple of days after all the racing he has been doing over the last couple of weekends. Time to go to bed. Later..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Russells Supermate of the Week

Russell had to ride his bike at night the other day so his Supermate of the week wouldn't be seen in the day. I heard she has a great personality.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Winner of the Omnium

Here are a few pictures of Nate racing over the weekend. With the time trial on Friday, Crit on Sat and then today was the road race. He was lucky as he has a strong team and they helped keep the others in check and he was able to take 1st place in the Omnium. Today was the road race and the young kids caught the older Jr's with in 3 miles of the race and they couldn't get around them for another 3 plus miles. That kind of made the race different from what we had planned for them. But as it turned out they played the right cards and Mitch won the race and Nate finished 3rd and Gage rolled in 4th. Nate finished ahead of all the others in the Omnium to take the first place. He said he felt better each day and is liking the road racing. Just another thing to keep us busy. Have to see what is going this week with the weather and that will make our plans to what we will do. Planning on the WCA race Saturday morning and then up to the WORS race and vacation for the week by Wade. Time to visit with the girls as they just got home. Later..

Saturday, June 23, 2007

2 down 1 to go

Yesterday Cece took Nate to the time trial in White Water. Nate is just learning to do the time trials and the entire road scene for that fact. He did alright and finished 2nd in age. Today he did the crit and rode a great race and sat perfect wheel the entire race. Mitch and Gage rode well and helped Nate to the win today. It was a very interesting course as they ran it down a long drive way with a drop into the street. The first lap Sarah Haung crashed and that kept a few of the racers on edge for the rest of the race. On the final lap Nate jumped at the end of the drive when Caleb slowed it down coming up to the street and then kept it full throttle until he crossed the line for the win. Mitch just missed getting the 2nd by inches and then Gage rolled in 4th age and 5th overall. Now Nate has to have a good race tomorrow and just beat Caleb and he should win the Omnium. time to get to bed as we are out of here at 6 am. Later..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pictures of me at the Midwest Nationals

Here are some pictures of me racing at Nationals. It was a blast and maybe I'll try it again if I can get past the triple right after the drop. Later..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A few pictures from the weekend

Here are a couple of pictures from Nate at the races this weekend. No real order but some cool pictures of him on the track. Time for bed after a race at the Crystal Ridge time trials. It was a long and hot race tonight and I'm beat. It was nice that the Jr's got a chance to all ride together tonight and hopefully a few more to come. Later..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Russell's supermate of the Week

I was trying to get a hold of Russell for a few days and he finally called me back. He was able to muster the strength to get out from under his Supermate and get his messages. So if ya have not heard from him he may be stuck again.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

1st place at Midwest Nationals

Just got back from the Midwest Nationals and it was a great weekend of racing. We got there on Thursday and set up camp and got things started with racing that night. Nate won his race and I took a 3rd place. Got some good sleep and got in some great gate practices. We then signed up for a long weekend of racing. Nate again won his race and I took a 4th place in the main. we then had to get to bed early as Nate had gate practice at 6:30 in the morning and I had practice at 8:20. Then it was racing all day for us. I didn't make the mains and Nate did so then it was time to cheer him on. In his main he got the hole shot and another rider clipped his rear wheel and Nate had to unclip to stay up and he rolled in 5th. Today he made up for it by winning the Sunday big main to big home the big trophy. We are very tired and need to get some things done so I'll post a bunch of pictures of the races later. Later..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

4 days of BMX'n

I have been busy getting things done so while I'm gone over the weekend with Nate at the BMX Midwest Nationals in Rockford I don't have a bunch of chores to do on Sunday. I have to pack for 4 days and then take enough food and things to make it over the weekend. Have to pack a couple of bikes. Nate's 20 inch and cruiser, although he may just race his 20 inch as trying to race both classes over the 4 days makes it real hard to stay on top in either class. Plus the cruiser is really stacked with some Nationally ranked racers. I'm going to take 2 cruisers for myself. I'm going to practice with the GT and the Felt and see which one feels better on the track there. I haven't decided if I'm racing every trace this weekend or not. I'm planning on trying at least 1 day of the big races either Sat or Sun but I don't know yet. Have to see how I do on Thurs and Fri. Nate is planning on doing all 4 days of racing and said he is ready to rip it up. Time to get things piled up as I'm working a half day so we can get a good camping spot for the weekend. Later..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gate Practice

Tonight Nate and I hit the BMX tack to get some gate practice in before the Midwest Nationals. The track was getting smoother thanks to a bunch of good guys raking down the wash board areas. In turn 1 after they raked down the rough areas and tossed the fine dirt back up and wet it down I went down. Not bad or anything but enough to make me 2nd guess the turn for the next few gates. I got it back after a few and back t full speed again. Nate had it down god and was one of the fasted out of the gates all night. He was working on his manuals and hopefully he is ready for the weekend. We are leaving on Thursday afternoon and racing the entire weekend. Nate is hopefully going to have better results this year from his 2nd and 3rd last year. His goal is to have a couple of 1st places this year. I hope to make the mains. Time to get the list of things I have to have for the weekend. Later..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Funday ride

Today was a nice ride with the Punks. It was a comfortable pace as Nate just rode in front and I tried to keep up with the single speed and the trail a bike with Jessie on the back. Then Maddie was in behind me. We kept a good pace and all 3 are in bed and sleeping by 8:30. Man we are going to ride and race every day if it is like this all summer. Later..

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time Trial

This morning it was another day out in Lyons for a time trial. Nate and I headed there about 7 in the morning to try to get a decent start for the race as we didn't preregister for the race. Nate got a start of about an hour after the first one. Not bad and thanks to Gordy and Cristine for taking Nate on a pre ride to warm up for the race. Nate rode well and finished in 27 and a little change for a 15K hilly time trial. We didn't wait for the results as you all know the WCA and the people putting on the races just drag it out and I wanted to get a ride in today. The results will be up soon and they mail your awards to ya if you didn't stick around. Nate rode will and should have been the top or at the least 2nd so we will just have to wait to find out.

After the ride we raced home and I called Danny and slammed a pb&j sammy and hit the rode to meet the guys for a road ride. I had to pound nails into the head wind but I was able to meet them and join the ride. I'm glad I did as the head wind was stronger then I thought and I hit it hard to catch them. The ride was a nice pace and the PBR's and the ice cream tasted good after. Poor Jerry locked his keys in his car and had to borrow John's Jeep to go and get the extra set. Bummer. Well easy week for Nate as the BMX Midwest Nationals are this weekend and we are heading there Thursday and we will be racing for 4 days. Time to relax and read the paper. Later..

Saturday, June 09, 2007


The Jr MARS team took the top 3 spots at the State Road Race today. Mitch took 1st, Gage took 2nd and Nate took 3rd. It was a great race and the kids raced great together today. After the road race we raced over to the bmx track and they dropped a few extra gates so Nate and I got a couple before the races. Nate took a 1st in age and a 3rd in cruiser, I took a 4th and Len took the 5th. Sam C. took a 2nd in his first bmx race today and I think he is hooked and maybe Len is more hooked as he was happy with Sam's finish more then Sam was. Now it is time to take the Harley for a ride. Later..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Full plate

Tomorrow Nate and I are heading out early for the State road race and then we are going to try to make it in time for the bmx races. It should be fun to hit the bmx track again. Nate I think is ready for the road race and hopefully he will ride well. The jr team just needs to ride smart and I think all 3 can be on the podium. I think the bmx racing should be fun but a little interesting since we haven't touch those bikes since late March. Well I hope that we get there in time for the races and we have enough racers to make classes. Today was a easy ride for Nate to spin the legs and then I got the grass cut and the car washed. Well time to get everything ready for the races. Later..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chickened out

Today I got the weather report on the TV as soon as I got home. I got dressed and went outside and a few drops fell so I looked at Nate and into the basement we went. We did a indoor roller workout as Nate has the State road race on Saturday and needed a good workout tonight. As I sit here the rain still hasn't come and I think we could have done the Thursday ride or gone to Crystal and did a nice Mtn bike ride. Oh well we got a good workout in and I think he will be ready for the race Sat. After the race Saturday Nate and I are going to try to get to the bmx track for some racing,. Just have to wait sand see if we can get to the track after the road race. Time to go outside and beat Nate in a game of HORSE. Later..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Velodrome racing

Last night was another night in Kenosha as the bmx was rained out. Nate and I made the trip and he raced ok. He was still tired from the long race on Sunday. I could see it in his riding that he was tight. He pushed through but made some mistakes and did some things that I hope he is learning from. 1. Started a sprint with the sprinters on your wheel, does not work. 2. Getting up to the front and letting yourself get boxed in, can't get any money that way. 3. And not getting a good warm up and getting dropped in the 25 lap race and getting back in and then hanging on for 17 laps and then having no problem hanging on. With the bmx Midwest Nationals in 10 days it will be hopefully some bmx racing next Tuesday. With the time trials called off today Nate got a much needed day off and then we will do the beat down and a easy Friday before the State road race Saturday. The rest of the Hayes team was riding strong with Jeff R. winning the sprints and Jeff B. winning his first race. Lenny was winning like always and Danny was racing strong all night. Bob was also looking strong all night with top finishes. Jerry rode a great points race and came from behind in the last 15 laps to steal a 3rd place finish.

The punks have 1 more day of school and then off for the summer. Cece has 1 more week and then she is off so that will be nice. I have to work unless I can come up will another body mangling injury. I would rather work then go through the last few summers of things that I have dealt with. Now I need to go and lift weights and make sure Nate's bmx and road bikes are ready. Later..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BMX update

The racing at the bmx track has been cancelled for tonight. Too wet for any racing. The practice Thursday is on if weather is ok until then. See ya at the track in Kenosha instead.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Here is a picture of Russell's Supermate waiting for Kenny to finish the race. It was another killing in the woods this weekend.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wausau rainathon

Today was a fun ride. After the start of our race about 2/3's of the 1st lap it started to rain and the rest of the race it was a light rain. The trails held up ok with some parts getting real greasy fun. Got to witness a few yard sales but I managed to keep it up right for the race. In the end it was fun buy all. Maddie got to race first and got a entire race with no rain, lucky her. She took another 2nd place. Nate and I went off next and I tried to get him on my wheel but I sensed that the pace was to high for him and told him to just find a good wheel and go from there. He ended up riding with a few others and took another 2nd place. He finished 59th overall out of 170+ racers. After leaving Nate I hit the gas and caught back up to the lead group but I may have burnt a few matches doing so as I took a drink I dropped my bottle and had to stop and go back and get it. That was just enough to be in between a few groups and hoping for fst guys to come up. Rick walls came up and I rode with him for a while but he had better tires and rode away from me, he had a great race and won the Single Speed class. I then ended up riding with Stuart for the next lap and a half and finished 3rd in age and 8th overall. Racing in the mud was a blast and I love the trails up there. Cece took off last today and had a good race and finished 3rd in her age. The race was a blast and those who think that the marathons are a waste of time missed a great race and a great race format. Time to relax. Later..

Friday, June 01, 2007

K-5 and out

Today was Jessica's K-5 graduation. It was a nice ceremony and the kids all were fun to watch perform little songs. Now Jessica is done with school as they have a few days off for carpet replacement and then a few trips and a party. I can't believe that she is going into 1st grade. Man Nate is going into 8th and Maddie is going to 7th. Man I'm getting old. Well off to the WORS race tomorrow and Nate and I are looking forward to the longer race and see how we fall in the mix. See ya there. Time to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Later..