Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nate and Lionel in the Madison race.
The 3 EXPO jr's in the points race.
Myles in the Jr points race.
Myles in the Jr points race.
Nate in the points race.

Last night was a great night of racing at the track as Myles and Mitch joined Nate for some racing. The races were the Chariot which is a 500 meter standing sprint. Nate took a 2nd place, Myles and 4th and Mitch a 5th. Then the guys lined up again for the Sr categories. Nate took a 3rd place int he cat 3. Mitch took a 2nd in the cat 4 and Myles a 3rd in the Cat 5. Then it was a the Madison and Lionel wanted to race and Nate was sitting there so they teamed up. They had never did any exchanges before but they were up for the race. After the first half of the race they figured out that they needed to stop in the turns before the exchanges. After that they began to make up ground and finished 7th place 1 out of the money. Next time I think they will do better. After the Madison it was time to line up for the points races and Nate finished 3rd in the Jr and 3rd in the cat 3. Myles finished in the field in the Jr and 3rd in the cat 5 points race. Mitch finished 5th in the Jr and in the field in the cat 4 points race. Then Myles and Mitch raced the consultation which was a 20 lap scratch race. Myles stayed safe in the front of the race and kept it at a brisk pace to keep anyone from getting off the front and then Mitch took off on the bell lap and and won the race and Myles finished in the field. I was a great night of racing and now we are getting ready for the trip to Colorado. Must finish packing. Later..

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week End Update

We did a lot driving to different races that Nate did this last week and weekend. We first finished off the ToAD race on Friday with a 3rd place finish in the Fond du Lac crit. With that finish we left the series with Nate sitting in 2nd place and when the dust settled he still finished 4th overall so it was a good week of road racing. Wish we could had stuck if out and seen if he would had been able to hold on to the 2nd place that he was sitting in.

We then loaded the road bike into the truck and headed to the WORS Cup at Mt. Morris. We pre road the course and then headed to the cabin Gus had gotten us for some needed rest. Over night it poured rain and the track was a little greasy and humid as hell. But when the dust settled Nate took a 2nd place in the cross country as Myles again killed it. After a long day in the sun and handing bottles to everyone we headed up the hill to watch the pro's take the course. Now that was a great time as they really know how to ride the single track and fly around the course. After that it was off to the dinner for Aris's Birthday and then I was so tired I crashed around 10pm and woke up at 7 am the next day. Then it was Back to the WORS Cup for the short track and the Super D. Nate finished the short track in 4th place and then 2nd in the Super D. I guess after 10 days of racing today he earned a day off before we hit the track tomorrow and then finish off the racing before we leave for Colorado for the Mtn Bike National Championships in Gramby. I will post some of the other pictures that I got over the weekend later in the week. Later..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ToAD #8

Today was the Greenbush road race. Again it was a great day for some racing. Nate toed the line for a 40 mile hilly race in the cat 4/5 mens. This is the only picture that I got as I was water boy for Nate and the 3 Curtes brothers. So the laps ticked away and Nate was sitting in the front 2 or 3 and looking like it was no problem as the field got smaller each time they rolled past. Then as the group approached the long up hill finish Nate was in the perfect spot and sitting 3rd but at the end 2 guys got around him and he took a 6th place today. The field was about 60 riders today so he has been having a good week of racing. Tomorrow is the Fond du Lac crit so we are hoping for another good finish as he is sitting 4th overall right now. See you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ToAD #7

New carbon wheel with some Conti sprinters on them. Also Gus Tattooed them with some EXPO stickers. Nate loved them.
Nate diving into turn 1.
The race moving past the start finish line.

Today was the Waterloo crit. and it was a beautiful day after a night of heavy rain again. But the race day was great so that is all that matters. Nate was sitting perfect all race and looked like that was going to be another great finish but his legs gave out and he rolled in 10th. Good day and now tomorrow is the Green Bush road race so Nate has to get his legs up and try to be ready for a 40 miler. I have to say great job again to Lionel as he won again for the 3rd day in a row. Fun to watch the Jr's race the men and take it to them. So see you at the races. Later..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ToAD #6

Today was a crit in Sheboygan. Got a lucky beautiful day to race as the storm came through last night and left early leaving it race perfect. We got there nice and early to get things ready and then he asks for any Ibuprofen as his hip hurt and I say sorry I don't, but Mike Froh saved us as he had some. So he pops them and then goes and warms up and he just didn't look like he was into it today and was hitting the 5 days of racing tiredness. But Nate was moving from the front to the back of the race often and it had me wondering if he was suffering or just taking it easy. Well he was just taking it easy as he pulled a 2nd place finish today. It was a nice finish but a gap opened up out of the last turn as he hit his pedal hard on the ground causing him to stop pedaling for a few seconds and then it was just finish the best he could and that was 2nd today. Lionel had a awesome race today and took the top spot and that is nice to see the Jr's ruling the cat 4 races. Tomorrow we are heading to Waterloo for another crit. Jess and Maddie are coming home tomorrow as they have been upnorth with my parents so the house will be full again. I better get some wheels ready for tomorrow. Later..

Monday, June 21, 2010

ToAD #5

Well we loaded up the truck with Nate, Ben, Gus, Brandon and Jordan today to. Just Nate and Ben raced though. We got there and got a nice warm up in and then the race went off. Nate was just sitting in the right spot all race and was coming into the last turn up the hill for the sprint finish and some guy tries to go in between him and another guy with no room and then falls off his bike and lands on Nate's rear wheel. He also knocked Nate's rear wheel out of true and he then was trying to pedal with it rubbing bad all the way up the hill. He finished around 13th to 15th today. He could had been in the top 3 to 5 easily had that not happened. Oh well tomorrow is Sheboygan and we will hope for some better luck. See you at the races. Later..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ToAD #4

My view of Nate racing today. From the Pace car with Jack.

Today was a crit in Appleton for Nate. The drive was OK as the weather was nice and again a perfect day for some racing. Nate toed the line with 60 plus racers this morning and the course was a nice flat wide open 4 corner race. It was also nice to see Myles, his sister Cloe and his Mom Amy come to watch. I have to say that I am sorry to run as Jack asked me to ride in the pace car for the race and that doesn't happen often so I jumped in. It was different as being on the move and the corners short picking Nate out was a little tough bit at the end we seen the sprint coming and he pulled off a 4th place in a pretty much photo finish of the top guys all across the line. Another good finish and fun time with a road race at Road America raceway tomorrow. But I have to say the funny thing today was Joe Curtis taking a bunch of primes and then sprinting for the win with 1 lap to go and raising his arms and being told by the announcer that he had 1 lap to go. Joe still finished a strong 10th I think but it was funny. Well time to get some rest as we have to be on the road at 5:30 am for the race. Later..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ToAD #3

Nate on the 2nd box today. Awesome finish and 6 inches from the top box.
Sitting in the top 10 all race today.
Eying up the guys to beat to the line.
Joe Curtes taking the lead into turn 1.
Nate just chilling.

Today Nate, Cece, Gus and I headed to Grafton for the ToAD crit. The field was a 65 strong. Nate toed the line and was off and sat in the front 10 all race. About half way through the race there was a huge pile up and thankfully he was upfront and wasn't caught up in it. Then with 3 to go he and Joe Curtes moved to the front and got into position for the sprint finish. Nate pulled out of the line at 150 meters to go and chased down the guys and if he had another 3 feet would had won it. But a solid 2nd and great way to make up for yesterday. Then we watched the other races and then Joe was sitting perfect on 4th wheel into the last turn and his fork snapped and he went down hard. He is OK but the bike is hurt good. Hopefully he is doing OK and the road rash lets him race tomorrow. Tomorrow Nate and I are heading to Appleton for the next race and hopeful for good results again. See you at the races. Later..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Toad #2

Nate taking a 3rd in the mtn bike crit.
Joe rocking it to the top box in the masters 1,2,3.
Nate all bandaged up and ready to race the mtn bike crit.
Nate getting ready for the cat 4 race.
Warming up for the race.

Today was a nice day for a race. Nate toed the line for the cat 4 and was sitting 3rd wheel and Peter Davis went wide out of turn 4 and came back in he took Nate's front wheel out and down Nate went. Then Nate got up and hopped back in and ended up 13th just out of the money. Have to get back to it tomorrow and hope for a better finish. Joe Curtes took a awesome first place finish to top it off in the cat 4, 5 race so Nate's crash hurt a lot less. After cleaning Nate up we watched Joe toe the line and Joe got into a break and made it last and then sprinted to the top box. It was a awesome move and just fun to watch. Nate then toed the line for the Mtn bike crit and took a 3rd place. Great finish and to top it off Jack Hirt the director of Tour of Americas Dairyland gave Nate his 2nd place prize of new HAYES stroker disc brake to raffle off at WORS cup for the EXPO Jr team and their trip to Mtn bike Nationals. Thanks Jack. See you at the races. Hope that everyone is doing well at the Rockford BMX Nationals and kind of wishing we were there. Later..

ToAD #1

We went to the Tour of America's Dairyland last night and watch the pro 1,2, men race and then pro 1,2,3 women. It was a perfect night for racing and as always fast as hell. We watch Sarah race in the women's race and she was still Jr geared and pulled off a 12th place finish. Then we watched Joe and many of our other riding and racing friends line up in the men's race that lasted 90 minutes, the women's was 60 minutes. Joe was moving up through out the race and then ended up I think in the top 25 out of about 120 that stated the race. He looked good and stated to look stronger as the race went on. Had he moved up to the front a few laps sooner he may have been in the money. Today the rest of the categories start racing and Nate goes off at noon in the Theinsville. Then tomorrow at noon in Grafton. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get Some

ToAD road racing series starts tonight with the pro's racing in Shorewood. Then tomorrow the series starts with the rest of the racers and Nate will be racing for the next 8 days and then the WORS Cup over the next weekend. See you at the races. Later..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last 2 bite

This would be more enjoyable then the last 2 races were, even though I just watched them.

OK I will take the bait and post what I think about the last 2 races. The were not good at all and to say that they are just about racing is a cop out. I will give a little break to the guy who put on the race at 9 mile as he is new, but the race course sucked. He was a lazy director in my book as there is so much cool single track and areas to cover and to not use it to the maximum is just to lazy to put the work in to mark it. I was able to do a pre ride at 9 mile and I thought the race was a waste of good trails and time. Hopefully in the future the director does better in a course lay out. If there aren't many changes I can see a lot less people showing up in the future to.

Now as for Sunburst Dave has been putting on the race for years and it should be getting better, but it has not. To really only cut grass and then put little pink flags up and call it a race is pure BULLSHIT. Dave needs to go out and find a way to make it so people can ride it more and at least beat a some what trail in as it was so far the worst race in the series for the last 4 or 5 years. Save should be looking to improving the race and I don't see him doing that and for that reason alone Don should be looking at a new race to take it's place. Even at least make some changes or do the course in a different direction or something, but as the course is it SUCKS.

We are in a hard spot as Nate is in a very competitive group of racers and missing 1 could mean a lot so we try to go to them all. As it is he will miss one for the Jr National Road camp that he is going to. So yeah we are stuck going to the SHITTY races to. I would much rather drive 4 plus hours and I do the better races in the WORS series because they are fun. I do not just skip a SHITTY race and say Oh I rode for 3 hours at the kettles as that is even more of a waste of time then racing a SHITTY course. So I hope that the race directors put more thought into making a better race course for the racers. I know it is easy to sit back and say all this as I don't put on a race but I have helped at many and helped cut many trails for races. So that said the last 2 races were not good. Enough as I hope at least Don puts on a better race this weekend. Later..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Peeps at the race...

Sarah enjoying racing a antique mtn bike.
Kenny wishing we raced 2 times a year at this great course.
Randy in perfect form. Must have learned that at his bike camp.
Ladies at the start.
Emily on course through the mud.
Joe tossed a bottle to me and it is a missile in the picture before getting his hand up.
Luke loving the race, well not really as I asked him to smile for the camera.
Glenn hammering it in the mud.
Butch telling me he would have a beer for me and then telling me that they were all gone. Thanks Butch.
Maciej happy to to racing in the mud.

Enjoy the pictures and take them if you wish. Later..

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Had the WORS race Sunburst ski hill. There are some really cool ski hill races and this is not one of them. There is a lot of riding on the grass and climbing up a crappy what they call a service drive. I know there are not a lot of places that can hold such events but this one well I will say it, SUCKS. I know that some like it and really those are the ones that do well there. The rest weather they do well or not, don't like it. This year we passed on the State Crit Championships to do this race and next year we will not. But enough on the race as Dave really puts in a lot of work to make it happen and thanks to Dave for that. Nate had a tough race in the heat and the grass racing and finished 7th. Just have to chalk it up as a bad race and move on. Next up is the Tour Of Americas Dairyland and then the Mt Morris race. I need a bowl of Ice Cream and read the paper. Later..