Wednesday, November 30, 2011

this and that

Well it has been more of the same around here.  Busy running to appointments and all is good on the Dr front and now one more appointment with the oncologist on Dec 14th for the super duper check up to make sure that all is good.  Then it is only every few months instead of every few weeks like it is presently.  

Maddie has started Drivers Ed and in a few short weeks we will have another driver in the house.  WOW that is going to be a interesting time when that happens.   The thing is that she could have her license now but she never pushed to take the classes or anything.  If we had not said this is the time I think she would have still waited but it is a good thing that she is doing it as Nate will be leaving for college next year and Maddie will have to drive herself and Jess to school and she will have the practice and driving down good by then.

Nate has been working at Rays and doing his workouts as he took a little break as he was a little tired from the long year of racing.  He is ready to go again and he looks refreshed as ready again after a nice week off of relaxing.  He has the fire in the eye again as he is looking forward to the Arizona trip in December and the cross Nationals in Jan.  But I have gate practice tonight and Nate is staying home to do his workout as he needs the efforts not just gate drops.  SO it will be a little different just going on my own and I suppose I will just be getting used to it as next year Nate will be gone and I will be on y own anyhow.

Jess is just being a 10year old having fun and Cece is busy with her school stuff.  Other then that is is only 3 weeks until Christmas and we head to Arizona for vacation.  Wow has time flew this last year.  Oh well time to get some things finished that I have going.  Later..

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Home after a week of hunting and just chill'n watching the bmx grands on  A good way to pass a crappy day outside after doing my workouts already.  Up at 6 to lift and then on the bike already too.  Now to get back on track to go back to work tomorrow.  Plus I have a chiropractor and a dermatologist appointment after work tomorrow. Man the things I have to fit in everyday.  Later..

Friday, November 25, 2011


I went hunting this morning for deals not deer.  Being that I have not seen any deer the last few days and we have doing some chores around the cabin the interest in sitting and starring at trees got old.  SO last night the punks and I ran to Walmart to grab some deals on videos and some PS3 games.  We got what we wanted and a few other things and came back to the cabin all with in an hour and a half.  There are a tone of interesting people out for some deals at 9:30 at night.  I was worth the trip for the items and the people watching.  Then this morning Cece and I headed to the few stores that we have in Rhinelander for the items that we wanted and could get.  So we got deals instead of deer today.  Later..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Good Luck to everyone racing at the grands this weekend in Tulsa.  Today we skipped the deer hunting to clean up the rest of the old tree fort and we are glad to the fact that no one got hurt in the process of taking down a well nailed fort that was 15 feet in the air.  Plus no one stepped on any nails that were sticking out of any boards.  After cleaning that mess up I changed the oil in the Volvo and then we washed and waxed my brothers truck, wash and waxed the Volvo, wash and waxed my Dad's 2 suv's and then we washed my car and my brothers truck.  the good thing was that we were able to listen to the Packers play the Lions.  Now we are getting ready to sit down for another awesome Thanksgiving dinner with all our family here.  Then after letting the dinner settle in we will play some card games and Yahtzee with the kids. Later,,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Luck still holding

Well the luck is still holding and we didn't get a deer yet as we only got into the deer stand this morning. Well it would be nice to get one but if not it does save a lot of money and time.  But after a quick trip into town to get the oil for the oil change in the Volvo tomorrow we had lunch.  Then Nate, myself and my Dad took the old tree fort down as the high winds this fall took a toll on it and it was better to take it down before the kids were in it and it fell down.  So we got most of it down and we will finish it tomorrow and then this summer build a new deer stand fort so we have several spots to sit and babysit some trees.  Well time for a few glasses of wine and some cards with the kids.  Later..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In the woods

Another day in the woods that was way better then work any day. Today the temps were up a little causing the snow on the trees to drop onto me during the the late after noon.  Then I was back in the other tree stand  after lunch and I did not see any deer.  My Dad sat in the other tree stand and seen a doe stroll past but nothing else.  Maybe better luck tomorrow.  The kids and Cece are heading up tomorrow for the Thanksgiving weekend so that should be fun.  Oh well maybe we will see a buck tomorrow.  Later..

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tree sitting

Today was a day of tree sitting and watching the squirrels fight and chase each other for the day. Then I just baby sitting the trees all day.  It was a nice relaxing day but I may be taking a break to cut a tree down that is along the driveway that has my Dad concerned weather it will fall and damage some of the buildings or vehicles.  Just have to see how the day rolls out otherwise I will just be in the woods baby sitting the trees.  Later..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sitting in the woods and snow.

Today we got out early before the sun was up and waited all day to see the big buck to stroll by.  That never happened today.  All we saw all day was a nub buck that went past our blind twice.  It was a nice day though as the snow started to fall and turned the woods to winter wonderland.  Tomorrow we are heading out to the woods nice and early and again I will sit there for the day hoping to see a nice buck stroll past. Later,,

Friday, November 18, 2011

A little northwoods time

 Up in Rhinelander at my parents place for some relaxing and hunting.

 One of the deer stands that we will sit in and day dream about the big buck.

 Just a little climb up to the perch.

Nothing but trees and quiet time for the next few days.

Got up to Rhinelander and now it is time to relax and sit in the woods and enjoy the quiet time waiting for the big buck to happen into my sights.  But that is the bonus as just sitting in the woods and spending time with my parents and family for the next few days. Over the weekend Nate has the Cyclocross State Championships in Hales Corners.  Hopefully he has a little better luck then he had over the weekend down in Louisville Kentucky as he rolled a few tires off.  But just having fun racing is all that matters.  Then on Sunday it is Jessica's birthday, bummer that I will be up here for it but we will celebrate it when she gets up here for Thanksgiving next week.  Better get my hunting stuff ready for the morning.  Later.. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vacation time

Well this week is all done and now it is time to get the stuff packed and loaded and head to the great north woods for some hunting.  First I had to get a few things done and now it is just load the car and head it north.  I have hinted with my father since I was a freshman in high school and we have only missed a year or 2 since then.  We have had a lot of good times even though we did not get any monster deer over the years but we have gotten a few nice ones but that is not what counts as it is the time to just sit and talk and wait for that big one to stroll by someday, maybe this year is the year.  Oh well safe travels and hinting to all thise that are heading out in the woods.  Later..

Monday, November 14, 2011

A few of Maddie swimming this year

Here are a few pictures that a mother of one of Maddie's friends from school took of Maddie swimming this year.  She got a bunch but this is all Maddie sent to me as a few have her breathing in between strokes and her mouth looked pretty funny.  I guess she may be a little afraid of me posting some of those.  I will have to try to get them later some time.  Later,,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend racing

 $350.00 I won in the 50/50 raffle.

Pictures taken by Sam.

Yesterday was a single point race day at the barn and I hit it up.  I didn't make the main in cruiser and I took a 3rd place in the 20 inch class.  Nate was at the USGP race in Louisville Ky and had a front tubular roll off in his race and he finished 20.  Cece and the girls and some of Maddie's friends went to the Swim State Championships to cheer on Kelly one of Maddie's teammates.  We were all over the place having fun.

Today Nate raced again in Louisville Ky and then rolled a rear tubular and finished 23rd after getting to the wheel pit for a new rear wheel.  Needless to say we are done with the tubular wheel set up.  I again went to the barn for some racing as I enjoyed it so much I needed more.  Plus it was a double point race and we worked so hard building the track that I want to enjoy it some more.  I took a 2nd in 20 inch class and then a 3rd in cruiser class.  But the best was that I bought a few tickets for the 50/50 raffle and had the winning ticket for a cool $350.00 in the pocket.  Then it was get home and shower and run to Maddie's swim banquet.  I tried to load the pictures we took but her camera won't load them into my computer.  So you will have to believe me that all the swimmers looked great and way different not in their swim suits.  But it was a fun time and we are so proud of Maddie as she got the most improved swimmer award and always smiling award too.  Now we are just waiting for Nate to get home.  Later..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here and there

The girls are going to go the WIAA State Championships for Div 1 Swim today and cheer on one of their teammates that made it to the State Championship meet.  It should be a fun time as it is held at the the UW pool in Madison.  Good Luck Kelly and swim fast.

Nate is in Louisville Ky for the USGP Cross race.  He went down with Hans, Ian and Paul yesterday and should have gotten there to get a pre-ride in on the course to see how it rides.  I looked at the list of racers and there are some heavy hitters in Nate's race and he should be in for  a tough battle to get near the top.  I hope he has his head on and his legs are ready for ride as he will need it.  Good Luck to all those racing down in Louisville over the weekend.

I am going to get a few things done today that I did not get to do yesterday while I was off.  I got the Volvo to the transmission shop again as it had a little leak and they found that they crushed the washer on the plug and it caused a little leak.  So they found a new washer and it is holding now.  They did have to drain the fluid and refill it so it was another flush and fill making it good as now it should be almost all new fluid as they never get it all but now it should be close.  Then it was run to Sun Ringle and get Nate's new 24 inch dirt jumper wheels, bars, stem and pedals.  He now just needs his Black Market dirt jumper frame to come in.  Then it was to Tracer Joe's for some cases of wine and trendy food things.  Once I got home it was a training ride, lift weights and then go get Jessie from school before finishing it off with raking the leaves and cleaning the garden of leaves before mowing the lawn for the last time.

Today it is wash the cars and truck and then ride and lift weights before I head out to the Barn for some bmx racing this afternoon.  It should be a fun night of racing and hanging out with the crew again.  I need to get the stuff ready for a ride and then get to work on washing the cars and truck so I can race.  Later..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gate practice

Pictures again taken by Sam.

Last night was the first night of gate practices at the barn.  It was a blast and as always a great time to see a lot of the people that we have not seen since last March.  I was getting more come comfortable on the new track and hoping that it works the next time.  It was Nate's first time on the bmx bike since last March too.  After rolling out of the gate a few times he was almost up to the speed he ended with last year.  But he knows that he has to tweek a few things and that will come back fast.  He also held back on the jumps for another week as he is heading to Louisville Kentucky for the USGP cyclocross races over the the weekend. He just didn't want to take a chance and lay it down and end up hurt.  But as always it was a great time and we can't wait till next week to do it again.  Later..

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gate Practice

Tonight is the first gate practice at the barn tonight so with the weather out there being so brutal tonight looks like a great night for some gate practice.  The gates start dropping around 5pm o'clock and continue until around 7pm.  Here is the website.  .  Come and get some fun loving dirt riding on the little bikes.  Later..

Monday, November 07, 2011

Race'n in the barn

Pictures taken by Sam.

Yesterday I loaded the little bikes into the car and headed to the barn for some bmx racing.  It was a blast to be back on the little bikes and racing with a fun crew again.  The racing is fun but the real fun is hanging out with a real cool bunch of people for a day.  I have to say that I missed the fun times on the bmx bike and it was a good choice to go there and race.  I took a 2nd in the 20 inch class and a 3rd in the cruiser class.  It was the first time that I have raced since last March and I could tell as I almost crashed coming out of the first turn.  But after a few gates I got a little better and enjoyed the racing.  Thanks Sam for the awesome pictures you got as always.  For those who are interested in any bmx there is gate practice this Wednesday at the race track in Elkhorn from 5 to 7 pm.    here is the link.  There is a cost of $10.00 but I have to say it is well worth it.  You do also need a helmet, long pants and a long sleeve shirt on while riding.  Later..

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Race recaps

Yesterday was a day of oops.  Nate was up at the Iceman and in the lead group when his cleat broke off his shoe.  They were about 8 miles into the race and he texted saying he was feeling good and looking forward to the race.  He stuck it out pedaling with just 1 foot clipped in for the last 20 miles and finished 12th overall out of 60 plus racers.  Good job Nate.

Maddie had her sectionals swim meet down at the Kenosha Recplex.  Maddie was just in the 100 yard back stroke yesterday so it was a long day before see swam.  But see took to the blocks and hit the water and was cruising along.  She came out of her flip turn and hit her right arm on lane marker causing her to have to turn to the middle of the lane losing a second.  So her time was just a .42 over her personal best.  Still a great season as it was the first time Maddie swam ever mush less on any sport team.  She worked hard took it serious and wanted to be the best she could.  It showed as she set personal best times at every meet.  So proud of her and and maybe we can get back on the bike and she will kick some butt on the road and trails too.  Time to get the little bikes ready and head to the barn.  Later..

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Well the roofers are tearing the roof off today and I do have to say thanks as I feel sorry for them with this wind and over cast weather that they are dealing with. But I am glad that they are getting to it before the winter as there was a bunch of areas of concern up there.  I hope they get most of the nails up that drop in the grass.  Maybe I will have to pay the kids a nickle a nail to make sure that all of the nails are picked up.

Nate is getting ready for the Iceman race this weekend and I have to say the weather looks a ton better then last year when they raced and it was like 13 degrees when they started.  The nice thing is they also race at noon this year instead of 8 in the morning so the trails and temps should be a ton better then in the past.  Thanks to Hans and Ian for taking Nate again this year as he has alot of fun with you guys.

Maddie has her sectionals swim meet this weekend in Kenosha at the Rec Plex.  Should be a fun time and alot of fast swimming this weekend.  I think Maddie is in 1 event and that is the 100 backstroke and no relays this weekend.  It may be her last weekend of swimming and I think that she will take a break and then I may try to get her on the bike for some cross training, just have to see.  Later..

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sheboygan cross race pic's

 Nate and Tad going around the tree marking used on the course.

 Getting ready for the gravel downhill.

 Garrett getting ready to remount his bike after the equalizer.

The top 3 after the the race.  Tad 2nd, Nate 1st, and Max 3rd.