Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here and there

The girls are going to go the WIAA State Championships for Div 1 Swim today and cheer on one of their teammates that made it to the State Championship meet.  It should be a fun time as it is held at the the UW pool in Madison.  Good Luck Kelly and swim fast.

Nate is in Louisville Ky for the USGP Cross race.  He went down with Hans, Ian and Paul yesterday and should have gotten there to get a pre-ride in on the course to see how it rides.  I looked at the list of racers and there are some heavy hitters in Nate's race and he should be in for  a tough battle to get near the top.  I hope he has his head on and his legs are ready for ride as he will need it.  Good Luck to all those racing down in Louisville over the weekend.

I am going to get a few things done today that I did not get to do yesterday while I was off.  I got the Volvo to the transmission shop again as it had a little leak and they found that they crushed the washer on the plug and it caused a little leak.  So they found a new washer and it is holding now.  They did have to drain the fluid and refill it so it was another flush and fill making it good as now it should be almost all new fluid as they never get it all but now it should be close.  Then it was run to Sun Ringle and get Nate's new 24 inch dirt jumper wheels, bars, stem and pedals.  He now just needs his Black Market dirt jumper frame to come in.  Then it was to Tracer Joe's for some cases of wine and trendy food things.  Once I got home it was a training ride, lift weights and then go get Jessie from school before finishing it off with raking the leaves and cleaning the garden of leaves before mowing the lawn for the last time.

Today it is wash the cars and truck and then ride and lift weights before I head out to the Barn for some bmx racing this afternoon.  It should be a fun night of racing and hanging out with the crew again.  I need to get the stuff ready for a ride and then get to work on washing the cars and truck so I can race.  Later..

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