Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just things going on

Well just been working, riding and relaxing. With Nate and Maddie upnorth and only Jessica home I have had alittle extra time to get my rides in. Wednesday the time trials were called because Marty thought that Al was out of town. We rode and I left after a lap and a half to get home to mow the lawn and wash my car. Cece has done things with her friends Tuesday and Wednesday. Her friend Chris took her to lunch on Thursday for her B-Day. I did the group ride and felt OK as the pace was perfect and I'm feeling better but still I don't have the high end speed back. I'm hoping that I find it before the season goes into the tank. I just need a nother 2 good finishes and that should be good. Last night I had to work German Fest and I have to work again tonight and tomorrow. Today we rode from Danny's house and got a 50 plus mile ride in. At the end my legs didn't have the pep that I would like and maybe it will so up soon. Tomorrow Danny is coming up to finish the computer stuff to get the wireless and the fire walls and parent protecter things going for me. So that is it and will update later when new junks happens. Later..

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well I have just been riding trying to get the lungs and heart back after the illness. I have been feeling better and I hope by the next race that I'm back in the mix for the lead. The kids are still upnorth and having a blast at the lake. They have been riding and swimming so that should make them tired at night. Today is Cece's big 40 so I hope she isn't to down in the dump about it. Good luck to all who are doing the 24/9. I do miss doing it maybe next year we will try again. Not much so see you all later.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Was it hot up there or what? I have to say that it seems as the temps go up it seems the places I fall back do to. I hope that now that I'm able to train regularly that the infection is gone that I will be able to get the form back that was there in the start of the year. The family did good ok again. Nate won his age group, Maddie took third in her age group. Cece took third in her age group, and I took 7th in mine. My problems started when a large stick got caught in my rear derailer and it took a few seconds to get it out. As I was getting the stick out the chain got stuck between the cassette and frame. This time allowed about 20 to pass me and then in the process of trying to get back in to the mix of things I popped and never recovered so it turned into a race of trying not to fall to far back. Had I known that I was less then 40 seconds from 4th I would have tried to pass a few other racers. But I have 5 more races to get the points back that I need to finish in the top 3.

Time to hit the training that I need as the kids are upnorth with my parents and that allows me to hit the road to get that fitness back that I lost from the stay in the hospital. The good thing as that my parents will have the kids ride every day or go for rides with them. I'm thinking that I will skip the track this week and train instead and save the gas and money. I'm hoping that the Wednesday races at CR are on as I need that type of training to get the edge back.

Again it looked like all the others took advantage of the turn out and took the points and ran. Good luck to Jerry as he is racing with Don at the 24 hour race and to all the others that are not taking off this weekend to race the 24 hour race. Must go and eat cake as Cece's mother is here to celabrate Cece's 40th birthday which is the 28th. Later..

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Well Jerry and Barb got here last night and the kids were all still up so we put them to bed, then sat around for awhile and hit the sack also. We got up and had something to eat and Jerry and I went for a ride out back. We rode some fire roads with some good hills and got back and my parents had lunch ready. Then Cece, Nate and Barb went for a ride but it started to rain so they came back and jumped in the lake for a swim instead. It stopped raining for now but we will watch a movie and then eat dinner and if it's not raining we will go for a boat ride then make a fire for the kids. We will leave at 7am for the race. My parents will keep Jessica and Macinze and drop them off at the wayside by the highway for us and we won't have to worry about them at the race. I hope that it rains all night so the trails are not all dry and dusty. Well see you all at the race or for those who didn't want to drive have fun at Downer Ave race. Later..

Friday, July 22, 2005


Just got in from a nice mtb ride in the woods at the family retreat on the lake in Rhinelader. Boy it is nice to be here as we were in the Dells for 4 days. Boy all the swimming in those pools gets old after awhile. Now that we did that we can wait for a couple of years before we need to do that again. Well for the race update. Nate took first in his race and has now won all the races so far this year. Maddie took second again and is begining to do well in all her races so I hope she is enjoying it. Cece took first again and I wonder how she would do if she rode her bike other then just at the races. She has not trained 1 day this year she only rides her bike the day she races, how nice that must be. I took second in the time trail on Sat and then I hit the wall in the xc race and finished 9th but was able to keep a eye out for any of the guys that were behind after the time trial and I still was able to hold on to 2nd in the omnium. I was happy with the finish so onto Phillips now. Good job to all the others at the WORS cup and see you at the races. Later..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

group ride

Well today I did the group ride and I sat in and made it with the lead group. Jeff took off and we were cruising along at 34 mph for about first 4 miles and that took the trash out of the ride right away. That made it good for the rest of the ride and a smooth one at that. I'm feeling good and I think it should be ok for the WORS cup as I'm doing the cup for the weekend of races. Going to leave like at 6am on Saturday to make it for the races but that should be ok. We are then staying Sunday at the race and then the next 3 days in the Dells and doing the water park thing. After that we are going to the cabin for a few days of rest and then the Phillips race. So see you all at the races. Later..

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Well after racing the track last night I don't know what to think. I felt alright but the heart rate was high and it stayed there. I hung on in the races but was no factor at all. Like 6th in the danish and 6th in the miss and out. I was 5th in the pionts race but just had nothing so I hope this weekend goes alright. I'm racing the omnium so I'll see how that goes. Nate had two 4th place finishes and Maddie had two 3rd place finishes. Going to go watch the pro's race tonight and maybe go ou tfor dinner with Whitey. Later..

Monday, July 11, 2005


Today is Nate's birthday and he turns 11. He wants to go to eat at Tumble weeds so the gang is off to eat there tonight. Nothing really new except that the last couple of rides have been really hot. Going to race the track tomorrow and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I hope the leg and lungs will hold up. Good luck to all racing Super week. Later..

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Relaxing in the woods

It has been nice recovering in the north woods of Woodville in my bothers palace. The leg is begining to feel better each day as the skin has peeled off and it doesn't hurt any more. The day of the race it was really swollen up and I was worried that it would give me a problem that night. But after sitting with it up for a couple of hours it got better right away. On Monday I took it real easy and wore a stocking like tube on it and it was good all day. I hope that my leg will be ready for the next race. We went to the snowmobile skips on water Monday and that is really fun to watch and see the red necks drop their sleds in the drink. There are some real fast ones and it always surprises me that they can speed across the water and not go in. After drinking beer all day we went into the hot tub for a few hours and that felt real good. My brothers next door nieghbors have a projection tv outside and it is like a drive in with great sound system and a great picture and all. We watched dodge ball and it was great to watch outside on a screen that is 16 x 16 feet. Yesterday we went to the Mall Of America to go through the shark tank exibit. It was real cool as you stand on a moving sidewalk and the tank is all around you and also above. The fish swim all over you and it's real cool to see. We then went to Cece's bothers new house in the twin city area. It is a really nice house and a big one at that. They just moved in about a week ago and are still moving things from the other house yet. We got home around 9pm and realaxed and then got some good sleep. Today we are taking the kids to the Crystal Cave that is about 5 miles from my brothers house. He has lived here about 18 years and has never been there. The kids should have fun as they have never been in a cave. After that the kids across the street want the kids to come over and swim so that will be a good time for them. They have a in ground pool on a farm, what a life up here. Well time to watch the race on my brothers 65 inch tv and wait for him to get home from school to go to the cave. Have a good one and later..

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Racing upnorth

Today was a good day of racing for the family. It was kind of different not racing and working at the race and hearing your name for a call up and not racing. It was ok as it is always fun to work at least 1 race a year. I suggest that everyone try to do it every year. Nate won his age group again and was looking strong. Maddie raced and took 2nd and Cece took a 2nd in her age also. So it was a great day of racing. The course was great and I wish I could have raced but the leg needs to heal first so I hope by the next race every thing will be good. I worked the finish and it was cool to see everyone come across the finish and I hope that everyone left it all out on the trails. Good job to all and enjoy the 4th and the extra day off. I don't know how everyone finished but good job to all. We are staying up by my brothers for the week and it will be a nice week to let the leg heal so see you all at the next race. Later..