Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just cross'n along

Here is a picture of Nate racing at the Cross State championships I think from last year. We have had 4 cross practices the last 2 weeks and I think Nate is ready for the season to start. His dismounts, remounts and run ups are looking real smooth. Maddie is looking better each week and I think maybe just maybe I will get her to try a race. I'm still going to just play parent and go for support as my running skills are the worst and I'm not going to hurt myself any more then I have already.

I'm thinking I'm going to go for the group ride this Sat and skip the fall color festival. I road out at the Kettle's only once this year and I'm thinking that I need to get some things done around the house also. Then on Sunday it is time to get Nate to the cross race. Later..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cooler by the lake

Here is picture of Nate sitting by the fountain in the Villa we stayed at in California. I would love the temps to be like they were when we were there.

Well nothing going on right now except that the days are shorter and the temps are dropping. Soon after the last WORS race it will be time to start doing some night rides. So charge those lights and have them ready as I can't wait until we start riding.

This weekend is the first cross race. I'm taking Nate to the race and I think I'm going to just be a parent and support him. I will use the money saved from not racing and put it towards the gas. Tomorrow there is another cross practice at Greenfield park at 5pm. It is a good practice and you can ride what ever you bring. It is at the south side of the park near Lincoln Ave. Well time to eat. Later..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cross'n it up

Today we are having another cross practice at Greenfield park. It starts up at 5pm and will go until dark. Bring a mtn bike or a cross bike and join us. Sorry for the late notice. It is at the area on the south end of the park just off Lincoln Av.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Russell is leaving in the morning for Las Vegas to attend Interbike. I think he may be looking for this fine women to show him a few things or 2. You be careful out there Russell.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend update

We got the truck loaded and meet with Jerry and Barb on Sat and went to the WORS race in Wisconsin Rapids. After getting there The Boy, Jerry and myself headed to the course for a quick spin while the girls hit the pool. I felt great during the pre ride and figured it would be a good race. Jerry and I had Nate lead the pre ride lap at his pace so he wouldn't be trying to keep up and blow up and have a bad race. He was riding the single track real good and I knew he would have a good race by the way he was riding. Oh yea Jerry was looking good also. We got back to the room and the girls took off for their pre ride. The women said that they liked the course and were looking forward to the race. We ordered pizza's and sat in the room and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Race day morning was a usual eats at the hotel and get to the race and send the family off one at a time. Maddie went off first and was riding well and I was waiting for her to come at the last road area and all these kids she beats at the races come by so I'm wondering where she was. Well all of a sudden I see her running and she says my pedal fell off. I told her to get on and ride her bike one legged and finish the race that way. She finished the race and got a 5th place. She handled it well and I'm proud of her as she kept on pushing and finished the race. Nate was next and he was riding real well and finished 2nd in age and 14 the overall. A kid that was older then him sat his wheel and came by him up the last gravel hill. He still had a good race and I think he has locked up the overall win in his age. Cece finished 3rd in her age group and I think 10th overall in the ladies cit class. Jessie also raced the kids race and got her medal today also. I was the last to line up and race today. I got the call up and the first place guy and the 3rd place weren't there so I liked the odds right away. Don yelled GOOOO and off we were down the bumpy road. I settled for 2nd wheel and sat there and got towed down the road. Andy was on my wheel and got around me on the road and I sat his wheel for part of the first lap and we exchanged pulls until the 3rd and final lap. I got on a faster wheel coming past and got into the single track in front of him. The guy in front of me went down and I got past him and Andy didn't. Then about 100 yards further the next guy goes over the bars and I get by him and then I pick up the pace and Andy is going back. I was able to get past a few more racers and pull out the first win for me in the Single Speed class. I came close twice this year but I finally got the win. It was a good weekend and only one more race and then the season is over. If the last race left goes well I can maybe get a 2nd or 3rd overall for the series even after messing up my hand so I think the season is going pretty good even after busting my hand up. Time to get the kids to bed. Later..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another new baby in the house

Here is the new bike we added to the stable. It is a cool cross bike and rides real nice in the grass and trails. We did another cross practice today and I may have do race or 2 again. It is a 52 inch so it is a tad big for the boy but fits me this year and he will get the bike bike next year so he will have another bike in which he can beat Randy on. Later..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3rd Place name on the big screen

Here is a cool sight to see at a big race, your name on the big board. Thanks Candy for the cool picture. The weekend was a blast but this is the coolest thing from the weekend. Cross practice tomorrow at Greenfield park at 5pm. Later..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cross Practice

Today we are going to go and practice some barrier running and remounts with Russell, Tosa Cx'r and Fast Girl Sammi (AKA National Champion Crosser). The Boy, Mad Dog and myself are going to meet them and run the barriers that Pat has built for us to practice with. The first race is in 10 days and Nate wants to do the series this year again and try to win his age class. He took 3rd to a couple of 14 year old kids last year and they moved up so Nate has a good chance. We are hoping that the barriers are a lot easier for Nate to get over this year as in the past they were as high as his knees. I'm not racing the series but I will practice today as it always helps for mtn bike races. Maddie just wants to give it a try so we are going to help her along also as it is her first time. We will let you all know how it goes. Later..

Monday, September 18, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

I think that Russell may have got his hernia moving this fine lady around.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back from the Chequamegon

Well we did the long ride home today after the race over the weekend. It was another great weekend in the Northwoods. We left on Thursday for a day of riding the trails right behind the condos that we stayed at. They were some of the sweetest trails that we have ridden so far this year. After the ride we cleaned up and went for a great meal and a couple of beers at the place right down the road. We kind of drank to much and then paid the price the next morning. Danny, Len and myself then rode the race course on Friday to find where the bad sand and hills were and then relaxed for the race the next day.

The race went about as good as I could have planned I guess. Danny, Len and myself all had preferred starts so we got to roll up to the start and then get a good warm up and be ready for when the gun went off. The race started and I got into a good spot and spun the legs as fast as I could and hung on for the road lead out. I was sitting in a good spot and was in the top 30 for the entire race and never really felt as I was at the max. As we hit the first hills and sand I just kept it pinned and tried to see where it would take me and it never really hurt as much as I expected. I stayed with the other Single Speeders until I got stuck behind a guy that caused me to get off in a sand trap and I lost contact and then the chase was on and I could never close the gap. I just then made sure I could keep it going so not to give up my 3rd place spot. I was happy with the finish as the guys who did beat me were 19 and 21 years old hell I'm old enough to be there father. Good finish equals great tasting beer.

Props to Ron who finished 3rd in the 40 Single Speed class. John who finished 2nd in age in the 40 and to Murphy Kate who finished 1st in the Single Speed in the Short race. Len who finished 5th in age and Danny who finished 5th in the Single Speed in the short race. Also great job to everyone else as I don't feel like typing all those results. Time to rest and read the paper. Later..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lock and loaded

Here is a picture of part of my support crew. Cece's mother, my mother and Cece at the start of my race. My parents came along with us and Cece's mother flew out to watch us race and stay with some of Cece's cousins. The start of my race was about 80 and over cast. The end of my race it was clear skies and about 95 degrees.

Well today I took the day off and went to a apple orchard with Jessica's class. It was a fun time but let me tell you there is nothing like 100 kids from 4 years to 8 years old running all over the place. It was a fun day and well worth the day off of work. Now the bike bag and bike or packed and loaded for the trip to the Chequamegon. We are getting on the road at 7am to get up there early to ride the single track right behind the condo. Then the rest of the gang should start trickling in over the next day and then it is race time. I'm racing the single speed in the short and fat and got a prefered start so hoping to have a good race. Update when we get home. Later..

Monday, September 11, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

I think Russell pulled his pink cape out the other day on the bmx track to try to get a hook up with this mate. I think if Russell pulled a better colored cape out he may have a chance. I think if he keeps pulling the cape out he might have a chance. Keep your cape a flapping Russell.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sun Burst

Here is a picture of Myself and Monte Milner at the NORBA Nationals. Monte used to live in Racine but his job now took him to living in Reno. We both enjoyed the race and he finished several places and a couple of minutes behind me.

Yesterday The Boy, Sammi, and John went and pre rode the course. As always nothing really changed except that they added a little more trail in the open bumpy field.

To start today Maddie raced and looked good and finished 2nd again in the race. If she raced the entire series she could have won it or at least finished a solid 2nd. She may finish 3rd if she races well but it is looking like a 4th at the end. Nate had a bad day as he finished 6th today. 4 older day taggers raced today and Nate wasn't feeling all that good at the start and I could tell that he was going to have a off day at the races. He did well and is still in 1st and with another good finish he should be able to win the overall. Cece had a good race and finished 2nd in hers. She was having a rough start and had to walk her bike for a bit and then had to play catch up and pass others to get back to 2nd place. Again If she raced more of the races this year and didn't crack her elbow in the first race she could have been in the top 2 or 3. But oh well not bad for a weekend racer that doesn't train.

I had a good race I guess. I was with the lead 2 guys in the SS and then got caught in a mess in the single track and got crashed by another racer and lost contact and never closed it and had to settle for 3rd place today. I felt good but the last time up the hill I was glad that I didn't have to do it 5 or 6 times. If I have another good race and a solid one at one I may be able to hold on to a top 3 finish. Just have to wait and see I guess. Big props to John L as he looked strong and should be able to hold on to the Comp Overall. Great job John. More props to the other racers as some looked like they were hating it and others were just flying around the course. Next up is the Cheq this weekend. See you there or the nexr race. Later..

Friday, September 08, 2006

Never under estimate a kid

Here is a picture of the family at a winery. It was a real nice set up and we were able to eat lunch there also. Oh yea we bought a bunch of wine also.

The Boy did the Beat Down with us last night. The little shit held is own and only needed a push up a few hills and when the pace was hovering around 29mph his little legs had a little trouble hanging on. In all he rode great and thanks to Russell and Danny for the help on ensuring he stayed on. At the end we did about 34 miles and ended up with a average of 22.6. great job Nate. I think he would have dropped a few others that I won't mention but I know Russell will later. Time to eat, Later..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BMX'n and 1 more Beat Down

Here is a fine picture looking at one of the salt flats just outside of Salt Lake City. They were just like looking at snow for awhile but is was 95 degrees outside. The salt flats were long and seemed to go on forever and I wish I had the time to take the Excursion out and run it wide open to see what the beast could do.

Today was the lat time trial at CR. But I didn't ride it I spent the night on the bmx track again. It was fun to see the gang there again I can't wait until the indoor so we can all get together and blast each other out of the gates again this year. There will be one more bmx practice next week as the sun is going down so soon that it isn't possible to ride that late anymore so just one more. Maybe you can talk John into a Sat or 2 but with having to activate the insurance I think that may be out as he would need about 25 or more to make it worth it. Also it is teh last beat down ride so come out and ride it with us as we are plannig to get something to eat after the ride to end another fine year of Thursday night rides. Time to get to bed as I have another day testing De-icers at the airport. Later..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain Ride.

Here is a picture of the Boy and Mad Dog holding a couple of star fish by the Ocean in Oregon. Jessie also had one but didn't get in the picture. We brought the star fish home and they are drying out and looking good.

Yesterday The Boy and I rode with the team Extreme racers. They ride started at the Alpha trails and the rain moved us to the Tosa trails. We got going and the rain started there also but it was light enough to let us ride for about an hour and a half. After the ride we had some good food at John's house. Thanks for the ride and the food. Tomorrow is the last time trial at CR so see you all there. I'm riding the bmx track again and I think the Boy and Mad Dog are also only riding the bmx bikes. See you there. Time to get the kids in bed. Later..

Monday, September 04, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

Being that it is Labor day and this fine lady is all business in the front and party in the back here is to you Russell for getting paid to partyt today.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just rolling along

Here is a picture of one of the vineyards that we were at and the flowers were just beautiful. Also the wine was good and we bought a few bottles for home.

A quick weekend update of the things that went down. Nate, Russell, Megan, Jeff, John and myself did a nice 43 plus a few ticks mile ride. The Boy held his ground great and Megan also did a great job. Thanks to Jeff, Russ and John for just doing a nice steady ride and teaching the kids the right way to ride a pace line and to also ride a revolving pace line. Maybe we need to put a clinic on for the Menace as the kids rode better then he ever does. Then it was get home and wash and wax the car, truck and my motorcycle. It is the final one before the winter unless I get a few warmer days later I will wax them once more. Today was a nice mtn bike ride with Russ, Nate, Pat, Megan, Bubba and myself along the river. The trails are in great shape but they are in need of some trimming and a few trees that are down need to be cut. Hopefully we can get to that one of these days or someone will now that it will be night riding time. Now just sitting and waiting for Jerry, Barb, Mackenzie and Russ to come over for a little cookout. May try to get to the ride at Alpha tomorrow if it isn't raining and ride with the gang and eat some brats and have a few cocktails. Later..

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Menace appears

Work has been the same old crap that I didn't miss while the fingers were healing. So nothing new there except that I have to try to catch up from missing 10 weeks. The Beat Down was a fun ride again last night. I knew the pace would be amped up as when I pulled in the lot Jack Hammers truck was there. Jack played nice for a while until we turned off Janesvile road and he took a flyer off the front and only Jeff went with him. The rest of us stayed mostly together working a revolving paceline at a steady pace. But as always Mike the Menace sitting in the back and then pulling through manages to mess it up. This old kind of fast rider can't ride a straight line or a steady pace to save his life. Well we let up hoping to shake him but he goes to the front and Dan sits his wheel to let him get nice and tired and then try to drop him, it works for now. We turned off a different way as the day light is less and he goes with the few that did a little longer loop. We are now cruising at a good pace and the Jack and Jeff come up from behind and we get the pace amped up a little higher again. About 7 miles to go Jim gets a flat and we wait and the group with the Menace rolls up, great. We ride in and in the last sub division Russell, Jeff, Todd and myself go flying up for the lead out sprint. While doing that the Menace is all up in Dan's face for about a mile plus. It didn't stop until the parking lot and that is where I got all up in his face. You all know me and I would never get in anyones face. Well I told the piece of work not to come on the ride any more and if he was wondering why he has been tossed from all the local bike shops and no ride wants him on them just to ponder that for awhile. For a guy that can ride strong but always rides like shit and can't keep his mouth shut I'm wondering why he still has his teeth. Other then having to watch out for the Menace the ride was a good one and it appears that there will only be 1 more and then the night rides will start so get the lights ready. Later..