Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Finally the summer is over and the punks go back to school tomorrow. I am happy for that as they will be in a structure again and using their brains ( the little that they have ). It will be a strange year for Nate and Maddie as we transferred them from St Tomas More to St Francis High School. I was a long thought out and tough decision as Nate is a Sr and Maddie a Jr. so I knew that would be a lot tougher on them and then anything as they would be starting over making friends and getting used a new school. But we talked to the guidance adviser and she was awesome and helped us feel very comfortable with the new school. So both Nate and Maddie are great and looking forward to starting school tomorrow with a great attitude about the transfer. Thanks Nate and Maddie for being so great about the transfer. Jessie is in her 2nd year at Deer Creek and she is looking forward to getting back to school and seeing all her friends, oh to be 9 years old again.

Nate is lucky though as he is only going a half day tomorrow and missing Friday to race the Gate Way Cup in St Louis. What a way to start the school year though for Nate. But Cece talked to the administration staff and they are supportive of his missing to go racing. So that makes the new school cool right off the start.

Maddie is loving swim and it has been a blast to see her face and attitude about being on the team. She has picked up the breathing and the strokes real quick even though it was her Jr year that she decided to go out. Thanks to Grandpa who worked with her up north on the strokes and breathing during the few weeks she was up there. It made a huge difference to her doing so well right away at practice. Her first swim meet is next week Thursday and I can't wait to go and watch and see how well she does. I just love seeing kids doing any healthy sport, just love it. Well time to get a few kids ready for their first back to school. Later..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crossed up

Nate and Gage on the top box of the Jr xXx cross relay. Mitch and Ryan on the 2nd box. Not sure why Ryan wasn't there.

How Gage and Nate looked after the cat 1,2,3 cross relay race. (pictures from Jeremey)

They raced it 45 minutes later after winning the Jr race. I bet they were tired but they raced it as hard as any other race and placed 5th. They were in the mix from the start and gave it their all till the end. This was the first time that Nate was on his cross bike this year and what a way for it begin. Thanks Jeremey for taking the kids to the race and being the support crew for the day. I went for a 41 mile ride today at a easy tempo that got me home a few tics over 2 hours. I do have to say that it is nice when Nate is on the ride and pulling my sorry butt instead of me having to suck it up into the wind like today. But if he is racing and enjoying the race it is better then pulling me around. I hope that the kids enjoy their last 3 days of summer vacation as they start school on Thursday. Then on Friday I have to pull Nate out of school as he is going to Gate Way cup over the weekend so that should be fun. I need to get some burgers on the grill and watch Jersey Shore with Maddie ( 1/2 hour of my life lost for sure ). Later..

Friday, August 26, 2011


Maddie and a few friends at her Birthday party. Nice eyes Maddie.

Well I am cooked as I have been testing the fuel trucks and the de-icer trucks at the airport. So if any one flying out of Mitchell Field airport can be assured that they have enough fuel to get to their destination and when the snow is falling that you are getting enough de-icer to keep the snow off your planes. But 5 days of 8 hours in the sun has me cooked and tired. But I am glad that the weekend is here and I get to go for some long steady rides and some time in the pool. Nate is going to go to Chicago and race the xXx cross relay with Gage. It is going to be a long day as they are racing the Jr race and then an hour later they are racing the cat 1,2,3 race. I wish them luck.

Other then that Maddie has been having swim practice and today she has been moved up to the next level and has her practice upped by 2,000 yards a day to make it 8,000 yards a practice plus the starts and turns tossed in. I wish Maddie would had gone out for swim her freshman year but later is better then never giving it a try. I think that she is liking it and the structure is perfect and the team has welcomed her so that is nice. Can't wait to go to her first swim meet.

Jessie well I can't walk anywhere in the play room upstairs as she has all he Barbie's and every thing that goes with them out. I mean you can't even walk around up there without tripping on something. But it is all good as soon school is going to start and that means that the toys are going to have to be put away and then the books will be out.

Cece had a rummage sale the last 2 days and like always we sold some things but sat around alot and said again this is the last time. Then when it was over today we loaded the stuff that she did not sell into the truck and took it to Goodwill. Not even a chance of it coming back into the house this time. But other then that not much going on other then I am cooked from 8 hours a day in the sun testing meters. Time for some ice cream to try to bring the temps on the fore head down. Later..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Jessie having a fun time the other night.

Maddie and her 16th birthday cake.

Billy and Kaleb on the front of the Main event last night as Nate took a flier.

Nate going off the front last night in the main event.

Well as always things are getting a little busy here as Cece is getting ready for the new school year and also the kids are getting ready for the new school year at a new school. Teacher will be a math teacher leader for several schools instead of 1 school this year and that will keep her busy for sure. Jessie will be in 5th grade this year and tonight Jess and I went to her school and found out who her teacher will be for next year. Jessie is still excited about going to school and I am sure that this will change in a few years as it did for Nate and Maddie. This year it is Nate's Senior year and we transferred him to St Francis instead of finishing at ST Thomas More as the cost was way to much. It was a tough one and I have to say that Nate is a great kid and has handled it so awesome that he has made Cece and I so proud. He said that it would not had been fair if Maddie was going to go to St Francis for her Jr and Sr year and he finished his Sr year at St Thomas More. Also Maddi has been awesome to about the transfer to. Maddie has also gone out for the swim team and the ironic thing is that it is a combined team with ST Thomas More so Maddie still gets to hangout with many of her friends and made some new friends from St Francis. Cool.

Monday we went out to eat with Tim and Ken for Maddie's 16th Birthday. As always it was a fun time and we enjoyed good food and alot of laughs. The food and atmosphere at the Cafe Benelux is awesome and if you gt a chance you have to go there and sit on the open seating on the roof. Then last night Nate and I loaded the bikes and hit the track for some racing. Nate raced the 10-12 yr olds in the same gear that they race on which is a 76 inch gear. The kids got a 3/4 lap head start and then Nate, Kaleb, Robbie, Jake chased. The little kids head them off and beat then which was a blast to watch. Then he did the main event and took a 6th place. In the jr miss and out he took a 2nd and then the rain started and then we waited for a while and just said heck with it and hit Big Star with Billy, Simon, Kaleb, Sarah and her friend for some burgers. As we finished and drove past the track they were still racing and we were a little bummed that we packed and left but were still happy that we were going to be home early. More track racing will have to wait till next year as this weekend Nate is racing the cross relay with Gage in Chicago so that means Nate won't be able to defend his ABR National title from last year. Good luck to those racing at the Washington Bowl this weekend. Well time for some ice cream. Later..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy weekend

Family fun weekend.

Cece and Jessie on the tandem. Thanks Jerry for the use of your tandem for the Cheq again this year.

Maddie on the road bike for the ride. We may have another racer on our hands.

Nate taking it easy as the coach told him he had to.

All 3 of them chasing me down.

They had me on the rivit the whole ride. Hehehehe.....

Jessie and I went to the Packer game thanks to Pam for selling me some great tickets.

At the game watching some of the pre game.

A set of plays before the Packers score.

Amazing how many people are at the games. Just crazy and really how could the owners complain that they don't make any money as there are crazy people spending tons of money at these games. Not us though.

I had a busy couple of days even though Nate did not have any races. We thought about the Race the Lake but he said that he wanted a weekend off so that is what we did. Plus with 1,800 racers at all abilities and worst of all throw in some tri athletes in that never makes a good thing. But Friday was a Packer game with Jess and then yesterday it was a nice with Nate with some relaxing at night. Today was a nice family ride along the lake as the weather was perfect. Then Nate and I washed our road and mtn bikes as they were filthy from the last few rides. Now it is time to sit and get my feet up. Fast and fun weekend. Later..

Friday, August 19, 2011


Well Friday got here and for once there is not a race to drive to. Last night was the Beat Down and as always there was a large group of riders making for a nice ride. Nate took to the front a few times trying to get someone to go with him for a flyer but he got no takers. But in the end it was a brisk fun one and I can not not believe that there is only 2 or 3 more left. Today is going to be a fun night as Nate and I are going to the Packer game as a friend from work sold us some of their season tickets. Should be a fun game even if it is only a preseason game. Then for the weekend it is some nice long steady long rides for Nate and I. So see you on the road. Later..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gun Show 8/16

Pictures taken by Ronsta.

Last night Nate and I hit up the Gun Show after a few weeks break for racing and riding camps. It was a nice night to was ride with the gang again. But the gang was not a nice gang as they kept me on the rivet the entire ride. With the help of Nate and many others I was able to make the entire ride again. Let me tell you that the fact of rolling in with the group is something that in the beginning of the year I thought was only a dream but with some hard riding and of course some help with a guys pulling me back up to the group I love this ride. But in the end this ride is one that is fast and fun and if that is your goal of being either fast or having fun come and join us for a ride. Later..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo's from the weekend of Racing

Nate on the top box for the cat 3's in the pro 1,2,3 race.

Nate at the front of the pro 1,2,3.

Just moving along in the pro 1,2,3.

Taking turn 1 in the pro 1,2,3.

Nate just chilling in the middle of the pack pro 1,2,3.

Nate at he front trying to chase a break back in the pro 1,2,3.

Nate on the top box, Mile in 2nd and the other guy didn't show up.

Nate in the field into turn 1.

Nate taking his turn at the front.

Nate trying to pull away.

Nate on the front as he was many times.

Nate in 2nd, Doug in 1st and a guy from Seattle in 3rd.

Nate looking how much time do I have after taking a flyer for a prime.

Nate trying to get a way from the field with 4 to go.

Nate in the field.

Billy ( Helena), Brian and John on the boxes.

Nate in 2nd, Leif took 1st and Alex 3rd.

The ISCorp gang coming across the line.

Leif and Nate.

Nate and Leif are the break.

This is just a bunch of pictures from the races this week end. Nate raced on Saturday in Manitowac in the Jr 16-18 and the cat 3. He took 2nd in both races. Sunday was the ABR National Championships in W infield Illinois. Nate raced the Jr 17-18 and the Pro 1,2,3. He won the National Championship in the Jr 17-18 and then won the cat 3 as they had to race with the Pro 1,2,3 and their placing was then hoe they finished with in the race. Nate also was top 10 out of the Pro 1,2 3 total field out of about 70 plus starters. Good weekend of racing. Later..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nate wins 2 today.

Nate and Maddie in Nate's King Pin Chair.

Nate won the Jr 17-18 race today claiming the ABR National Championship. The 3rd place decided not to show up for the awards.

Nate won the Cat 3 race today too. He had to race the Pro 1,2,3 race and he was the first cat 3 across the line and also was we think around 8th or 9th in the total finish for the race out of like 70 plus starters. I will post more pictures tomorrow. Later..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 2's

Nate raced in Manitowoc today and the results for the day were 2 2nd places. Good day of racing and more racing to come tomorrow. Later..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Not much

Been getting in the grove of getting Maddie to swim practice as she is going out for the St Francis swim team. She is having a fun time and really enjoying the girls that she is hanging with. The practices have been 11:00 till 1:00 for this week and Cece has been running her there and back. Next week they go from 3:00 till 5:30 as it is a combined team with Thomas More and they start school next week. It is kind of ironic as Nate and Maddie went to Tomas More but with the cost of sending them there was going higher each year we could not afford it any more and open enrolled them to St Francis and now they start school 3 weeks later. They are happy about that but they also go 3 weeks later in the spring. The good thing is that they are ok with the transfer in their Sr and Jr years knowing that the cost was getting to high. Thanks Nate and Maddie for being so understanding. Also Nate raced the track on Tuesday and then we did the ride from Atwater Park on Wednesday with Simon, Peter and Mike and then finally the Beat Down last night. That made for some fun racing and riding for the week and now we have the last of the WCA races this weekend and Nate is currently sitting in 1st and with 2 races left he has the the jr 16-18 class locked up for the overall win. He is racing the jr and cat 3 both days over the weekend again so he should be a little tired, but with all the racing training I hope that he recovers quickly. Well time to head to the airport for the TSA training and FBI background check for the clearance badges. See you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Track racing

Wow it was a year since Nate raced the track last and it was a fun time. We have had a busy summer with the Gun Show, ToAD, A'lAbitibi and Jr Development camp so we have had other things to do on the plate. But it was the Kenosha News Jr race and Nate wanted to head down for some racing. It was a nice night as Kaleb showed up and the 2 of them teamed up and took the top 2 spots on the podium in all the jr races, oh yeah and the primes to. Then Nate also took a 2nd in the cat 3 miss and out, and a 4th in the tempo. In the main event Nate was able to get in a 4 man break and ended up taking the 4th place as he was a little cooked from all the racing. On the way home he said we may have to do a little more track racing this was fun. It was fun to watch Nate and Kaleb race so well together and most of all I wish Kaleb good luck to racing in Moscow in the Jr World Championships. I will post pictures later as we got home pretty late after the racing. See you on the road. Later..

Monday, August 08, 2011

Picture from the Elk Grove sprint finish

I found a picture of Nate and Peter in the sprint finish of the Elk Grove race from over the weekend. Nate finished 4th and Peter finished 7th. Here is a link for more photos from the weekend and if you raced maybe yo are in a few. Take a look. Later..

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Elk Grove

Today Nate went down to Elk Grove Illinois and raced the cat 3 race as there was not Jr races. He would have done both if the was a jr race though. But in the message I got from Nate him and Peter were moving up in the last lap and then got boxed in a little and Nate finished 4th and Peter was either 6th or 7th. Good day of racing as there was a payout of 2,500.00 for 20 and Nate took home 150.00. Nice. Later..

Friday, August 05, 2011

Rolling along

Yesterday was Maddie's 16th Birthday. Holy Crap where is the time going? Nate is 17, Maddie 16 and Jessie is going to be 10. Wow.

Just been riding along as I have to with Nate being gone again to North central road camp. But the miles have been clicking and the rides have been nice at a pace of enjoyment instead of blistering fast all the time. Not that I don't like that too. Nate said that camp is going good other then a few crashes that have happened that he was not a part of for once. But the crashes did take a few of the other riders for a ride to the hospital which never is a good thing. I know that Scott is out and pretty banged up but the other rider that was involved I have no information on other then he was in the need of some stitches to his face area.

I did skip the gun show as I went for a ride early to beat the rain and I did by about 10 minutes so I am thinking that the gun show was rained out. Then on Wednesday I was rolling through Grant park and I ran into Kyle and Sara riding to the Wednesday night races at the Alpha trails and I rode most of the way there before turning and heading home. It was a nice ride and I enjoyed the company on the ride out. Then yesterday was the beat down ride and again it was a nice group and the pace was steady fast and a fun ride again. I can't believe that the summer is almost over and the rides will be done. I will miss the rides as that is one of the highlights of the week. I may have to get some new lights as the night rides will be starting soon and those are blast too.

Nate is coming home from camp tonight and heading straight to Elk Grove for the race tomorrow. Nate is staying with Scott and a few other teammates so they should have a good time and hopefully a good race. Well see you on the road. Later..

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jr Road Camp

Pictures taken by TJ.

Nate is at the Northcentral Regional Development Road Camp in La Crosse. Yesterday was the USAC Field test and here area few of the pictures that Lowell Kellogg posted on line. Nate looks to be having fun and hopefully the crash didn't take to much out of him. But from the looks of things he is doing fine. Nate will be there until Friday and then when he gets home he loads the car and goes right down to Illinois for some more racing. Being that he is going to go to St Francis for his last year of school he will be starting 3 weeks later so he has a extended summer and he likes that but that also means that he is school longer in the spring.

Tomorrow is Maddie's 16th Birthday and she is having some girlfriends over for a afternoon in the pool. So far the weather is looking good and the girls should have a fun time. Last night we went to the athletic meeting and Maddie is going to go out for the swim team at St Francis so that should be a lot of fun. She too is going to transfer to St Francis as we looked at the numbers and we could not come up with the money for them to attend St Thomas More anymore. The good thing is that St Francis is a good school and both Nate and Maddie are good about transferring this late into their high school years. Thanks guys. Now we also have to find time for Maddie to attend drivers ed and take her scuba certification classes. Going to get alittle busy for a while that is for sure. Jessie is just Jessie and swimming all day and night in the pool. Later..