Friday, August 26, 2011


Maddie and a few friends at her Birthday party. Nice eyes Maddie.

Well I am cooked as I have been testing the fuel trucks and the de-icer trucks at the airport. So if any one flying out of Mitchell Field airport can be assured that they have enough fuel to get to their destination and when the snow is falling that you are getting enough de-icer to keep the snow off your planes. But 5 days of 8 hours in the sun has me cooked and tired. But I am glad that the weekend is here and I get to go for some long steady rides and some time in the pool. Nate is going to go to Chicago and race the xXx cross relay with Gage. It is going to be a long day as they are racing the Jr race and then an hour later they are racing the cat 1,2,3 race. I wish them luck.

Other then that Maddie has been having swim practice and today she has been moved up to the next level and has her practice upped by 2,000 yards a day to make it 8,000 yards a practice plus the starts and turns tossed in. I wish Maddie would had gone out for swim her freshman year but later is better then never giving it a try. I think that she is liking it and the structure is perfect and the team has welcomed her so that is nice. Can't wait to go to her first swim meet.

Jessie well I can't walk anywhere in the play room upstairs as she has all he Barbie's and every thing that goes with them out. I mean you can't even walk around up there without tripping on something. But it is all good as soon school is going to start and that means that the toys are going to have to be put away and then the books will be out.

Cece had a rummage sale the last 2 days and like always we sold some things but sat around alot and said again this is the last time. Then when it was over today we loaded the stuff that she did not sell into the truck and took it to Goodwill. Not even a chance of it coming back into the house this time. But other then that not much going on other then I am cooked from 8 hours a day in the sun testing meters. Time for some ice cream to try to bring the temps on the fore head down. Later..

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