Monday, August 01, 2011

August 1st

Wow where did the summer go? It feels like yesterday that there was snow and zero temps and I was at Rays jumping around on the dirt bikes. But now summer is almost over and Nate and I have yet to race the mtn bikes or the track. He has been racing all the road races in the area and several weekends in Iowa and Illinois. Also the l'Abitibi and now he is at the Jr road camp for a week. before heading down to Illinois for the weekend of racing again. Then it is a few WCA races before heading to the Gateway cup for more racing. Just hoping to keep the bike upright and not be taken out in more crashes. Maddie has a meeting for swim tomorrow and that will be starting so we will be a litlle busy with that and Nate's biking for a while. How will we fit it all in is a question that is going to be a little tough but we will and enjoy it all while it lasts. Oh well time to enjoy the weather. Later..

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