Monday, June 30, 2008


Well today it was more new things for Gage. He got to ride in the tractor while cutting hay. Then he got to drive the gator, 4 wheeler, swim and bail hay. I think he may never leave. I will try to post pictures later..

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Over load

Today I think we have put Gage in over load. He got to ride his bike, paint ball, go to a vine yard and play games all day. May try to get a out door movie in yet at the neighbors 50 x 50 projection screen theater. Now just relaxing before we send the boys out tomorrow to cut and bail hay. I think Gage is having fun. Have to see what else we can get him to do over the next few days for the first time. Later..

Racing and relaxing

We got the bikes on the rack and roof of the truck and arrived to the Elm Grove crit. Then got them registered and warmed up for the race. It went off and they got a group of 6 away from the rest and they rolled around for a while. Mitch pushed the pace a few times up the hill but it didn't shake the others so it stayed that way till the last lap. Coming down the hill the kid from Michigan got the win followed by Mitch then Peter, Nate, some other in 5th and the Gage. They got some extra spending money for their efforts and they all raced great. We loaded the bikes and hit the road to my brothers. The traffic was crappy in 2 spots were it was stopped for no reason. Just made the trip a little longer but we were glad that it was no accident or any thing. We stopped in Warrens to see one of Cece's friends place and say Hi to Edddie for his 30th birthday. Then we made the last hour and half to Wade's place. Got here and unloaded the truck and you would have thought we were staying for a month. Got the stuff put away and then the kids played, played pinball, slot machine, blowing game, 4 wheeled, hot tub, swimming, chased the cows sat by the fire and who knows what else. And this is just the first day. Now it is time to just relax, ride and have a few cocktails. Later..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Packed and ready to roll

Got the most important stuff packed for the week up north at Wade's house.

Got the bikes and gear packed and ready to go in the truck after the rain. Nate and Gage are doing the Elm Grove crit tomorrow morning and then we are hitting the road right after. Then it will be a week of playing and the Fire Cracker race at the end of next week. I think I need a cold one now. Later..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beat Down but not done

Took the boys to the Thursday Night Beat Down tonight and they both rode well and strong. Nate was at the front much of the ride surfing wheels staying out of the wind but never further then a few back. Gage was in the middle by me and he had no problem hanging on either. The pace was at 26 or higher for about 3/4's of the ride. They got home and jumped in the pool and now they are playing some Wii games. I went into the basement and put a new front brake on Nate's mtn bike as a pin holding the front brake lever fell out at the races last night. I had to put 2 zip ties to hold it on so he could race. I'll have to look at it after our vacation. I also got my rear wheel back thanks to Russell and Carlos. I got it locked and loaded in the bike again. I also talked to Len and ordered up another set to have a spare set at the races. Now I need a few more Swedish fish and hit the bed. Later..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Went to the track again last night and I was just tired from the weekend of racing and then again on Tuesday. But the speed and the leg just don't respond as they did years ago. I will keep making my $20 dollar donation to race and try to make it further each week I guess. Nate and Mitch raced and Mitch hit it perfect on the unknown and almost pulled off the win but was nipped at the line. Nate did well in the points race and pulled a 3rd place and they both hung on for over half of the consolation race. Nate is jr geared and the others aren't so he was just spun out. We will change that for the next time we race. I brought Gage home with me and now I have him with us for the next 14 days as he is joining us for our vacation to my brothers. It should be a blast.

Then tonight we went to the time trials and as we were starting the race I accelerated and twisted the hell out of it. I thought that I pulled it out of the drops but I just plain old messed it up. So I pulled it out of the drops and tapped it on the ground and got it semi round and headed out for a quick lap and a half. Carlos was cool and said give him the wheel and that he will have it good as new tomorrow for me. Thanks Carlos. Then we got home and the kids and I jumped in the pool and let me tell you that felt great as hell. Now I'm chilling with my parents and getting ready to go to bed. Later..

Monday, June 23, 2008

Spin to win

Got home from work and put a new stem on the Gunnar. Then Nate and I went out for a nice ride on the single speeds. The Gunnar fits him way better then his old Gary Fisher as he has way out grown it as the seat post is 2 inches past the limit and it is a extra long post on top of it. We had to spin the junk out of the legs as Nate wants to race the track tomorrow night again. I'll go and see how I feel and I may try it again. I have to get the track legs back as the speed and rpm killed me last week. I felt a little tired and stiff this morning from the race yesterday but as I was at work I felt better as the day went on. I'm hoping that the time trials are on this week but I haven't heard anything yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Now I have to get downstairs and lift weights. Later..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Green Bay

Nate and Myles on steps 1 and 2.
I rode the new 29er in for a 3rd place finish.

Got up early and loaded the car and headed to green Bay for the 5th race in the WORS series. Nate and I got there and got bikes and gear ready for a great race. At the start I had to chase on finally got to Nate about 3 miles in. I then rode with him till the last 3 miles where I had to finish a little faster to get my 3rd place. Again it was a blast to race with Nate and watch his skills and riding get better each week. A great course and race. Now it is time to watch Ice Road Truckers in HD. Later..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kuwahara Klassic

Nate with his 1st place # plate and trophy.
Nate getting out of the gate in the main.
Out of turn 1 his has a 10 yard lead.
Out of turn 2 he increased the lead.
Rolls in for the win.
My main start before the crash.
Our class in the gate.
Mike leading Bryan in the 1st moto.
Bryan taking the lead in the main for the win.
Len getting the win today in the main.

Today Nate and I went for some BMX racing at the Franklin track. I was the Kuwahra Klassic today. It was a good turn out as we had 20 moto's today. Nate rolled with a nice win today and I had a 3rd place finish. In my main a young kid was with us and he moved over and fell on my rear wheel. I kept pedaling and rolled him off the wheel but I was in 5th place by then. I had to hit the gas and I caught a few of the riders but then I ran out of track and had to settle for a 3rd place. Fine with me as I didn't want to crash and be hurt'n for the ride tomorrow. Nate and I are heading up in the morning and hope to make it to the race before the start. See you at the races. Later..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bike..... Nice

Today after work I picked up the truck after Cece dropped it off to get new rubber on it. The tires had 70,000 on them and when I was doing the brakes I noticed a nail in the front and one in the back. That sucked big time. I was planing on getting new ones but I was going to hold off but now was better with some traveling coming up.

After getting the truck Cece and Nate and I went for a stroll on the single speeds. I let her ride the new bike and she loved it. Nate will now get the Gunnar as just lowering the seat it will fit him just fine. I finely kicked her off and let her ride the Gunnar the rest of the time as I needed some bonding with the new bike. Now I just trying to figure on what gear to run this weekend. Just may have to throw on a gear and just run what I brung.

Tomorrow Nate and I are doing the BMX races at Crystal Ridge as it is the Kuwahara Classic. Then we will see if we want to drive up or just do the drive up the morning of. I Hope that the rain holds off and we get to race the little bikes tomorrow. Now I need to get my feet up and sleep as my butt is tired. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

10#'s of crap in 2# bag

I tried to fit too much in today. I went to work and worked 6 hours and then decided to check the brakes on the truck. They have been thumping for a while and with the travels coming up it needed to be done. I called Coop and he said he could turn the rotors so I ran home and ripped then off and ran to his shop. I got new pads also as I had the calipers off and the needed to be replaced any ways after looking at them Ran home and got Nate and the bikes for the group ride. Nate made the break with the fast guys as I rode in with the rest of the group. It was still a great ride and we rode in right behind them by about a minute or 2 so it wasn't that far back. But he still rode strong with them. Then I ran home and put the brakes together. They included a stupid spring that kept falling off and it took about 30 minutes each side. Normally I can get it done in about 30 minutes but it took a little over and hour and a half. Well got it done and they worked like butter again. Thanks Coop. Cece made a pizza and I scarfed it down and now I need sleep. Later..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My New Ride

Here are a few pictures of my new 29er. Thanks to Len, Danny and Russell for helping me getting it rolling. It is a a Haro Mary SS. It is loaded with nothing but the best form the Hayes Bicycle Group. I got it together tonight and took it for a ride on some local trails by the lake front and it was smooth as butter. Can't wait to roll it out this weekend.

One of the heats for the Kerin last night.
Jeff B. in one of the races last night. Nate was on his wheel.

Nate in the consolation race last night.
My Torta from Sunday night after the weekend of races.
My plate after eating the entire thing.
Nate and Mitch trying to eat their Burritos that were the size of a Nerf football.
The 2 skinny boys looking at the dinner and thinking how the Hell can I eat all this. They each finished about half. Later..

Circle racing

Went to the track for some fast and furious racing. I forgot how you need a few days on the fixie to get the legs used to 120 rpm for miles at a crack. I lasted as long as I could and hope to get in the groove in the next few weeks. Nate had a good night as he took a 2nd and a 3rd and stayed in the consolation race till the end. Next week I hope to get the track legs back under me. Picked up Russell to get his but to the track as his van coughed up a piece of important thingy from it's motor on the way to work so he hoofed it home and rode a bike to work. Cooper is taking care of the piece needed. So I drove over and picked his butt up and got it to the track.

Tonight the girls and my parents come back. That will be nice, but they all go back up Friday and then back next Tuesday or Wednesday. Man the good life. I'll post some pictures after work. Later..

Monday, June 16, 2008


Here are a few pictures from the weekend of racing. I'm still dragging from all the racing over the weekend. Had a easy day today at work as I had to pick up samples for the lab so that was nice. Got home and went for a easy single speed spin and washed the car and truck. Then I got the track bikes ready for some racing in K-Town tomorrow. The girls come back home tomorrow as they have been upnorth with my parents for the last week. Man has it been quite here. Later..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spun Out

That was a long weekend. Nate and I started it on Wed at the BMX Nationals. We got there about 5pm and set up camp. We then relaxed and got a good night of sleep. On Thursday Nate and I helped at the open gate practice from 9am till 3pm. We had to take the tarps on 6times in between the rain but got a solid day of gate pratice in. There was more rain so the races were called off for Thursday night so we relaxed and helped get the track ready for the weekend of racing. Friday we did our gate practices in the morning and then had the first round of racing to do. Nate took a 2nd place in the cruiser and I took a 5th in the 20 inch. We then got some taco's that the group saved for us and sat around and talked by the fire and hit the sack early. Got up and loaded the truck with the mountain bike stuff and hit the WORS race. Thanks to Dan and Russell for the course updates as that made the decision to the go to the race a go. We got on the road and had to take a few detours as the roads and bridges were closed every where. We got to the race and got ready and watched the experts and comp racers suffer in the heat. We got started and I was taken out at the start and had to chase to catch the boys and the rest of the single speeders. I caught the boys about 10 minutes in and we rode together for the rest of the race. On lap 2 Nate hit a tree and Myles got away and Nate and Mitch never caught him. Nate got a way from Mitch and me about a mile from the finish and rolled in 2nd and Mitch took 3rd. I rolled in for a 3rd place finish in the single speed even after the crash and I was wasted at the end of the race. Man it was a hot one. We then loaded up the bikes and Mitch and headed back to the BMX Nationals for some racing today. Nate and I both were tired today and neither of us made the mains. Nate had 5 guys that are in the top 10 in the Nation and a World Champ in his class and I still have to get used to the 20 inch bike. We were just tired from yesterday and it showed as we couldn't close the deal. Maybe next time. Got home and cleaned up and got the stuff put a way and got some good food and now the Punks are playing the Wii. I will post some pictures from the weekend tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packed up

I went over the little bikes and they are ready to go. Man this week is flying by and I hope I don't forget anything for the races this weekend. Got the tent, sleeping bags, air mattress, pillows, gear, clothes, bug stuff, tools, extra wheels, cooler of drinks, and food. I preregistered Nate for the races and I will try the 20 inch again and then the cruiser and see how I feel. I will race the races on Thursday and Friday and then have to see how they go and then maybe the ones one the weekend. Nate is going cruiser this weekend instead of the 20 inch to see how that goes at this Nationals. I offered that he can do both but he said that is to much and just wants to see how the cruiser goes this round. What ever I said.

Nate and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon and then we are heading to the Nationals. This one is always fun as they are close and everyone from the area tracks races this one. It should be a blast as we camp with the Dickerson's, Fred, Todd and a few others. The last 2 years have been a blast. Well time to run to the store and pick up the last few things. Later..

Monday, June 09, 2008

Water anyone?

I went for a ride today and I didn't take the camera as it was a little dark out side and I thought maybe I would get caught in the rain. I road along the lake front and when I got into South Milwaukee I came along all these people walking down to Grant park. I figured that they were going down to the creek to see the water fall. Well when I got down the hill the water fall was huge and part of the road was washed away. It was real scary to see how fast the water was moving and how close the kids were getting even as their parents were right there. I rode on and just laughed to myself. There was water everywhere as I rode on. I took it easy as Nate and I have the Midwest BMX Nationals this weekend. We leave on Wed and start racing Thursday. Later..

Sunday, June 08, 2008

State Road race

Today was the state road race for the boys. It is out in Lyons and they had to ride a few hills over the course of the race. Mitch had a nice race and was able to get a break going and he and 2 others got off the front. They stayed that way and Mitch ended up coming in 3rd. Nate and Gage got gaped on the hill on the first time through and they rolled together for a good part of the 2nd lap and Nate took 4th and Gage 5th. We were lucky as the rain held out till we were on our way home. Now as it was last night it is pouring rain again. I have a hose in the pool again draining it down some. I took about 4 inches out yesterday and today as it is overflowing again. The weather man says we had about 3 inches of rain but I swear that it has been about 5 inches as everything that can hold water has 6 or more inches in it. Oh well it is better then snow I guess. Now I have to get things ready as we have to head to Cece's Mom's house for a gathering. Later..

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sun takes over

Here is a bunch of pictures from the bmx racing today. Len, Sam and Mikey joined Nate and I today. Sam got a 1st as did Len in the 20 inch. Nate took a 2nd in 20 and a 3rd in cruiser. I took a 2nd in 20 inch and cruiser and Mikey took a 3rd. It was a hot and windy day but it was fun to be racing the little bikes again. Today was the first time I have ever ridden a 2o inch and the first time so I figured why not race it. I may be doing a lot more 20 inch racing as it was fun. I need to get in the pool. Later..