Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Air Waves

I talked to Jeremey today and he got Nate to hook up Wireless on the Wii and now they are playing each other over the airwaves. Good battles to be had. I have to say that a lot of the songs on the Guitar Hero do really suck but the others make up for those. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. Later..

Happy New Year

There you go another year gone by and it seemed faster then the other 44. Well there are a lot of things to be thankful for. I didn't hurt myself that required a specialist to put back together, I have a great wife and great kids and a great family. A lot of great friends and good health. I hope that every one had a great year and a better New Year. Later..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

I won

Last night Nate, Cece, Mom and myself played Yahtzee and when the dust settled after 6 games I won. I destroyed them just look at the totals and you will see. Sorry for the bad picture.

Got up today and cleaned up our crap and then I changed the oil in my Dad's trucks as he is still hurting from his fall. Then I put all the sleds and junk away before we set sail to get home. It took a little less then 4 hours and then we were at the back door. Got the truck unloaded and stuff put away. It gave me time to lift weights and now sit back and unwind after the nice time up north. Tomorrow I'm going to put the carbon fork on the 20 inch, try to get the Saint cranks moved from the felt cruiser to Nate's cruiser and see if my new project is in at Ben's. I smell dinner. Later..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

1 More

We just have 1 more day here and it went by so fast it seemed like we just got here. Nate skated for 4 hours today and then they all went sledding. The hills were ice with some snow cover. Nate and Maddie said that the sleds were faster then heck and that they were actually scared a few times as they were just flying down the hills. They put some wax on the rails of the sleds and that just made them even more dangerous then before. But what the hell why not just do it is the way the kids roll.

Also today is my Mom's Birthday and then Jan 1st is my Dad's Birthday so it was nice to be here for both of them. Then in a 2 weeks they are heading to Florida for a couple of months to get away from the cold and ice. Hopefully the time away from the ice will let my Dad's back and ribs heal. Well time to play a card game with the punks. Oh yeah the Packers managed not to blow if for once, came close a few times but they won. 6-10 is still good for shit but at least they didn't blow the game. Later..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Heat wave

Today was a heat wave up here. Not like back home but it was in the mid 40's. With the high temps it meant that a lot of the snow melted and we also got a chance to chip the ice off the drive so my Dad can walk down the the drive. Then Cece and Nate went snow shoeing around the lake and ice skated for a few hours. My Mom and the girls went shopping for some fabric to make a quilt. My brother Time went home today as he wanted to get ahead of the projected snow we are to get tonight as he has to work Monday. We are staying till Monday as Cece and I are off all next week too. The on Thursday thru Saturday we are going to Key Lime Cove water park, that should be nice given the winter weather. Now we are watching the Badgers throw a game away. Later..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After

Well the day after getting all their stuff and playing guitar hero rock band till after midnight the last 2 days the kids are finally half decent. Well Nate is OK and the girls are getting better. I still suck and may try the next step after easy later. Again today we had to plow and shovel 5 inches of snow.

My Dad slipped on the ice yesterday while we were trying to get the snowmobile going and I think broke a few ribs as he is really hurting and refuses to see the Dr as he slipped 2 weeks ago and cracked a few ribs and today he is moving like shit.

We ran into town today to get a few things after shoveling and my brother Tim shoveled a ice rink on the lake so the kids were out there for awhile and then it got dark so that was over for now. They have also been sledding down the hill so we stopped and some wax for the metal rails on the sled and Nate said it flies so I'm hoping that we aren't going to be running his butt in to the hospital as he is always doing something to get stitches in his head. Well more snow is on the way and that means more snow removal and hopefully we can get a layer of water on the ice for the kids. Now it is time for more guitar hero later..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I'm thinking that this is how he was feeling with all the snow that was coming down lately. Have a great time with your families everyone. Later..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More White Stuff

Got up this morning and it was snowing, just not as much as I think they got at home. I had to help shovel my parents drive way which is about 75 yards long and then we did the next door neighbors. I just can't get away from it. After we did that Nate and I fired up the 4 wheelers and did the road in to the house which is a mile long. Nate is a pro and now I'm going to make him start clearing the walk at home after the snow falls. Now we are going out again to clear as the drive needs it once more and we are getting ready to go to church.

To everyone a Merry Christmas and see you next year on the trails or road. Later..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Great White Up North

Got up this morning and shoveled again and then loaded the truck for the ride up north. Stopped off at work to get the pay check and then got on the road for a nice slow ride up to Rhinelander. It was slow going out of Milwaukee and then the traffic got lighter right around Holy Hill. The right lane was pretty good but the left lane was crappy. The traffic was moving OK and I had to spend a little time in the left to get around some drivers on the phone or trying to drink coffee going around 40 in a 65. All good though as we seen about 30 cars in the ditch or upside down. We got to Stevens Point and dropped off the GT cruiser to Mark Cole so he can now show his made skills at the Wisconsin Rapids track this summer. It was nice to see Mark and Scott as the last time was at a WORS race. After the bike drop it was off to get some wipers as the ones that were in use sucked and also bought some fluid to keep the windshield clean for the rest of the drive. While putting on the wipers Cece ran and got a few last minute things from the store and then we were off to the cabin. Got here with no problems and only seem about 5 more cars in the ditch, WTF are these people doing while driving? Unloaded and now the kids are getting ready for some sledding and I'm getting ready for some chilling as I was frazzled after the drive. Later..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookie Monster

I felt like Betty Crocker tonight. I baked 12 dozen cookies while Cece wrapped and cleaned up after the kids left. I have to say that I did not eat 1 cookie during the process but I do plan on eating a lot of them once we get to the cabin. I did get to the shop and got a few things ordered that I need and a start on the new project for next year. Hoping that the Packers stop giving the game away and pull off the win. Later..


The kids are gone and now we can get the rest of the things done and clean up the storm they left. Oh crap Cece just remembered that we still have to get a few presents for our nephew and niece, thought we were done oh well. Also I have to run to the bike shop and get a few things ordered and check into the next project Nate and I are thinking about for the next race season. Also need a stem lock for the carbon bmx fork I'm putting on the 20 inch, should take about 2+ pounds off the bike. Time to lift and get ready for the last round. Later..

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yes Cece and I are done. Done Christmas shopping that it. We got most of it done yesterday and then we finished the rest today. I was thinking that we may have had to finish the job tomorrow but we got it done today. There was a ton of people out today and yesterday and while Cece shopped, I watched people and there are some that made it through the cracks let me tell you. Real interesting sights to behold. We managed to get the shopping done and that is a big relief. Now the wrapping needs to be done and it is nice as we put them in the boxes and Maddie does the rest. Nice..

Got time to lift and ride the rollers for an hour and then move more snow. Now I'm tossing that white crap higher then I am. Man that is a workout. But after all the shopping and shoveling I'm beat and I'm ready for bed. Now Nate is playing with my I-Phone. Cool little thing that can do a ton of crap. The kids are going up north tomorrow with my parents and Cece and I are going to go up on Tuesday by ourselves. That is going to be a great ride up and we are going to savor every minute. Now I need to get my feet up and try to keep the eyes open for a little while. Later..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

F'n Plow

The plow came by over night and dumped a ton of snow in front and it was heavy as hell. Like always you clean your area and then the plow makes more work and to top it off the snow is heavy as hell. So you suck it up and get it done. The Boy is going to have to start getting it done from now on. Time to run and get the last minute gifts. Later..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Got one of these

I got one of these today and now I have to have The Boy show me how to use it. Merry Christmas to me. Later..

Holy crap

It took 3 hours to get the snow put in its place. Now I hope we don't get more as there is no place to put it right now. Plus there are 5 80 year old ladies happy as their walks and alley ways are cleared to. The best thing was Cece made some Ho made chili for me when I finished. Later..

Snow Day

I got the call just as I was getting ready to go in, don't come as you are not essential to run this town. That was news to me as I thought it couldn't run without me. What do I know I guess. I have to burn a comp or vacation day to not work today but that is better then working and day. Now I need a few cups of coffee and then get the snow blower going to get this stuff put in its place.

The girls are happy but Cece and Nate are bummed as Cece has to us a banking day to make up the day and Nate now has to go to school Monday to take 1 exam. Have fun everyone. Later..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

White out

Just sitting here waiting for the BIG storm to hit tonight. Jess and Maddie are hoping that school is called off and Nate wants school as he has exam tomorrow and if school is called he has to take it Monday. I hope that school is on as Nate has a exam and then my parents want to the kids up north Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather and he can go. My parents came down today to avoid the BIG storm and to celebrate Christmas with my 90 year old Grandma. I got the snow blower gassed up and I'm ready to go to bed early and get up early to get the snow removal done before work. Time for some tomato soup and grilled cheese. Latter..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wiped out

Today I had to go to the airport to check a Jet Fuel trucks meter. I had to be outside for 4 hours and the thing was frozen up and I was to by the end. I told Scott that it was enough and to call me when it was fixed and ready as I could not stand the cold any more. Then it was off to the office Christmas party and I ate to many cookies and to much food. Then it was off to bmx practice. The first few gates were rough as the luncheon was trying to get all over the inside of my full face helmet. After a few drops the feeling went away and then it was time to ride myself into the ground. Mission accomplished as it was cooked at the end. Now it is a well earned 2 week break. Also Nate has 2 more days of finals and then his freshmen year is half over, WOW the time is flying bye. Later..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it drop

Tomorrow is the last day of gate drops of the year for 2 weeks. So if get them while you can. I just have to see how Nate's studying is going as he has finals this week and I may be heading there by myself. Tomorrow afternoon is our office luncheon so I will have to control the food intake as I don't want to be leaving it in turn 2 at the gate practice. Also I only have 3 more days of work and then it is off for 2 weeks, can't wait. Now I have to get cooking the cookies for the luncheon tomorrow.

Also our prayers go out to the Guerra family.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Pictures from Wade's

Here are some of the other pictures that I got while we had Thanksgiving and deer hunted at Wade's house.

Grandpa and Nate walking in after a afternoon of hunting.

Wade putting his angel on the tree.

Saddie keeping an eye on the kids in the rec room.

Some of the games in Wade's rec room.

Wade hung the picture of Nate that we gave him by his awards in the rec room.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Nate and I loaded the little bikes and went to the bmx races this morning. I was a little under the weather from the beers last night at the work Christmas Party. For the first hour I was hurting and really felt like not racing that is how much I was suffering, even my eyes hurt and that has not happened in a long time. I didn't even drink that much yesterday, I must just be a light weight. Well after the effects of last night finally wore off I got down to business and won my age class on the 20 inch. Nate took a 2nd place on the cruiser and a 4th on the 20 inch. We both had a good day on the bike. Now there is only 1 more gate practice on Wed for the year and then a 2 week break before it all starts up next year. Now I need rest and recovery from last night and today. Later..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The stand

Here are some pictures from the deer stands this year by Wade.
I killed some time reading a book and several magazines during the week.
Nate killed time sleeping.

One of the fields that I over looked at the Police chiefs farm. I seem 4 doe here but never close enough or a clear shot without a house behind.

The view in the morning from the deer stand.

A view from the deer stand that was along a dry creek and next to a corn field. Didn't see a thing here either. Good time hunting and look forward to next year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Too many

There was to many people every where Nate and I went tonight. I guess I'm not the only one with the last minute shopping to do. But I got a few things out of the way. I also bought a few shirts for myself for the kids or Cece to give me. Then when I get the Fly stuff from Bryan on Sunday that should cover the rest of the gifts for Nate and Maddie. Got some cool coats and sweatshirts at a killer price. Even got myself a pair of new bmx pants for $15 instead of $90 on the closeout page. So cool.

Tonight Maddie and Jessie babysat our niece's kids. They had a OK time but I think that they will think twice about that again. The kids were 2 and 4 months but I think that they will wait a few years before that happens again.

Tomorrow I have to get the skates out and have the kids try them on and see what still fits. Then take the ones that don't and head to play it again and trade them in for some that fit. Have to have them as we always clear a spot on the lake to skate on. I also have to remember to pack the sticks and pucks.

Also tomorrow I have the work Christmas party. Should be nice as they always have really cool gifts, I always get a $25 dollar gift card for a oil change and wash. Maybe my luck will change this year. I need to get to sleep. Later..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little voices

No I'm not hearing voices in my head talk to me but the ones from the girls at their Christmas concert. As always it takes all night as you have to drop the kids off an hour early and then wait sitting on a hard pew. I took a few SI's and the paper from Wade's town where he lives. The concert was great and as always the little kids sing and the older ones don't. It was a nice night and now I'm typing on the lap top as Jess was on the computer the minute we walked in the house. I will try to load a video later over the weekend. Later..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gates a popping

Tonight was another night of gate practice and it was a light turnout again. That just means that you get gate practice till you can't breath. I was a night that Joey, Danny T., Ray, Chris, Nate and myself going at each other all night. Nate gets the better of us most of the time but it evens out by the end with Joe and Dan getting him. But it is fun to watch Ray try to take Nate on the gate drops that he lines up with him, again Nate gets most and Ray gets some to. Well for me I never get Nate, Joe or Dan but I sneak one in on Ray and Chris and that is getting harder to do each week. Now I need Jack to show up so I get some new meat on the line. There is 1 more practice next week before the Christmas break so that will be nice as we are going to Rhinelander this year. Well time to get the punks ready for bed as Cece's Mom is her as she is having a surgery tomorrow and spending the next 2 days here. Later..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Taking care of business...

That is what it felt like all day today. Got up and shoveled the slush and then went to work and tossed the heavy weights around all day. Got 47 10,000 pound scales done today. Way to many and I will be feeling it later. Then I got home and got the snow blower out as about 5 inches of snow fell while I was at work and did my area behind the garage , then I did the areas for the 4 houses of the ladies that in their 70's and 80's. I also did half the block of side walks as that snow was heavy and I figured the others would like it if it was cleared when they got home. I'm beat and I feel like I was run over by a truck, hey wait maybe not that bad as I know how that feels. But they all came out and thanked me and told me had much they appreciated that I always clear their snow and that I didn't need to do it. I always tell them their thanks and smiles is all I need and that I know I don't have to do it, I like to do it. Then I came in and put the brake back on the cruiser and lifted weights. Now I need to take a few aspirin. Later..

Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Tree

Here is a picture of the Christmas Tree about an hour before it tipped over on to Maddie sitting on the couch. She was yelling I didn't do a thing it just fell over thinking that she was about to get in trouble. No problem we up righted the thing, put about 20 on the ornaments that fell off back on and all good now as I put 2 25# plates from the work out area. Good thing that I had about 500#'s worth of steel to spare. That should keep it up right for good I hope. Later..

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wild times

Last night Nate and I went tot the Brew City Women roller derby. I have to say it was some of the best entertainment I have attended in a long time. I have to say that some of these women may be a lady and some are on the boarder. There were some that had unibrows, the Sea Hag, Pabsty Cline, and the list could go on. We were entertained by the Beerleaders and the Evil Dude. Some of the ladies were small and some were BIG BONED if you know what I mean. It was a show that I tell you, you have to witness at least once. Hell we were there for the history making first ever tie. They had to fight it out after a 69-69 score in regulation. The next one is Jan 17th.

One of the bruisers families was sitting next to me. The Raine of Pain. She came by after the match to say hi to them and let me snap a picture. See was a terror on skates that would keep me away from her.

The beerleaders came by several times to do a cheer in front of us. John Buran couldn't keep his eyes off of them.

The Sea Hag coming by to say hi to some young fans pre match time.

The guy in the Mullet was a huge fan of the ladies on the track.

The one and only Evil dude.

Today Nate and I hit the bmx races. He raced the $ open, age, and cruiser. I just raced age. Nate had nothing but fast guys in the open and pulled a 4th place witch was well earned. He got $4.00 for his effort. In class he had a full gate of 14 year old experts. Several national ranked and a World Champion. He made the main and had gate 8 and fought it to a 4th. I think if he had a 1-4 gate he would have been in the top 2 or 3. In cruiser he pulled a 2nd place against the 17 - 20 year olds as he didn't have any in age that wanted to race cruiser today. I had a full rack of 8 in my class but I was the oldest in the 17 and over novice. I made the main and took a 4th place. Time some riding time on the couch. Later..

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Teacher in the House

As a teacher you get days off for 2 things.
1.) Lice
2.) Pink eye

The good thing is that Cece has not taken a day off for either one. So far no lice, but she got pink eye Thanksgiving day. She called the Dr. and he said he would call in a script before she left for Wade's. He never did. The eyes seemed to get better but yesterday the eyes got all gooey again so she went to see him after school. Got some eye drops and a prescription and sleeps and rests like this now.

Here is one of the field trips that Cece took her class on. They walked about 16 blocks to a Pick n Save for a tour. They got to see the different areas of the store and then the kids got some cookies. They all seemed to enjoy it but one kid smashed his cookies and made a mess. There is always one goof in every class.

More snow

Got up this morning and looked out and had about 4 inches of nice powder. The nice thing was a neighbor got a new toy and cleared my front walk. I went out and cleaned the sides of the house and then Nate came out and helped clear the back. Then we went out and helped the neighbor ladies as they are in their 70's and 80's and live alone. They are are always thankful and that is all we need is the thank you from them. Now it is time to clean the girls room as they are gone for a Birthday sleep over. Man I have never seen so much stuff tucked every where. I think I may need a couple of garbage bags for it all. I think that they will be upset when they get home but it needs to be done. Time to get to work so I can get a workout in and get ready for the Roller Derby tonight. Later..

Friday, December 05, 2008

Cross Banquet

Tonight Nate and I drove to the Cross Banquet in Johnson Creek. It was a nice place and the food was great as always. Nate took 2nd place in the Jr 18 under as Mitch rode a strong season and too the overall with Thompson in 3rd, Gage in 4th and Aris in 5th to round it out. And Jeremey took 1st overall in the 30+. There were many others tht did well just check out the WCA site. As we drove home the snow was falling and that means more shoveling in the morning. See you at the roller derby tomorrow night. Later..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pictures from Jess's Birthday

Here are the pictures from Jessica's 7th Birthday. I know that they are late but better then never I guess.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lost and Found

After tossing the heavy weights around at work, then getting home and shoveling snow Nate and I headed to gate practice. With the little snow falling the turnout at the practice was low. But it was nice to see Ray and Chris at least show up. The low turnout meant getting gates till you blew. I think I lost my lungs and legs there so if anyone finds them please return. You never had to wait for a turn in the gates and that was great. Then we ran a few errands on the way home and then I had to shovel again and now I just finished dinner. Now I must shower as I have a funk going on. Later..

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tree delivered

After getting home and working out, the kids and I cleaned up the upstairs where we put the Christmas tree. Man the kids have to much stuff. I hope that no one is getting them any more toys as they have way to many. I know that they are not getting any from Cece or me. After getting that done, Nate and I went and got a Christmas tree at Home Depot. It was nice as the store is 4 blocks away and all I had to do was put it in the bike rack and close a few of the wheel straps. It held till we got home. Got it upstairs and in the tree stand and now I have to get the lights on it on Thursday and then the kids can put the ornaments on.

I got the Felt 20 inch bmx bike ready for Kenny to try tomorrow at gate practice. I think he has an itch to give the tiny bike racing a try. Nothing like another twitchy old man racing in the 29 and over nervous class.

Cece is at her soccer game tonight and they are turning it on and killing the other teams, last week I think it was 14-2. They have a few women on the team that are really good and they are just running circles around the other teams. I'm beat as I started the heavy duty scale testing today and we were tossing the 50# weights around all day. Later..

Monday, December 01, 2008

Relax'n time

Man is it nice to be back to work. I go to work to relax. I mean all it seems like when I'm at home is I'm running every where or doing something for someone all the time. It was nice to be by Wade as for 3 days we busted our tails cutting and splitting wood for him but the rest of the time I got to sit in the tree stand and veg out. But the drive home was terrible with all the traffic and the snow. It took 6 hours and the dive is about 4 plus a couple of minutes, but yesterday was a total crap drive. Then this morning up a 5 and then out the door to shovel the snow then run to work and then I could finally relax as I knew I was going to running again once I got home. I was right as I had to get Jess, run to the bank, shovel snow again, get Nate from school, lift weights, ride the rollers, run to picture that was framed, eat dinner, take a picture that was framed wrong back, read the paper and finally sit and now ready to fall asleep. Pictures from the hinting area to come later this week. Later..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Head'n out

Today is the last day here at Wade's. It is snowing today and that should make it a interesting drive home. So we didn't get a deer this year so that makes it easy that we don't have to run it in any where when I get home. We will hunt here again next year and hope to get a deer then. My Mom is making homemade waffles for breakfast and mine is ready. Later..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Well

Last night Nate went over to Ezra's and stayed the night so he could go and sit in their stand bright and early. He got there at 6:45 and they then walked to my stand at my stand around 11. They didn't see a deer and neither did I. We then headed in and I'm done hunting for the year. Time to drink a few beers and relax.

Then Cece, Mom, Dad, Tim and I went to the Cady cheese factory for the real good fresh cheese. While we were gone Wade and the kids got his tree up and decorated and it looks real good. Now I have to get ours when awe get home and put ours up. Time for a beer. Later..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Empty hooks

The rest of the gang got here about noon. Just got in from the stand and like the other days I didn't see a thing. Got the truck unloaded and then ate a small lunch and got Nate dressed in orange and headed back out to the stand for more fresh air and quite time in the woods. Nate and I spent 3 1/2 hours in the stand and didn't see a thing. Well 1 more day of hunting for us and maybe we will get a chance yet.

Cece took her Mom to the twin cities to spend the spend the weekend with Cece's brother and then she came back for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Then on Sunday Cece's brother is driving her Mom back here so we can head it back to Milwaukee after a great time away from the crazy world. Now we are watching the Grinch that stole Christmas. Later..


I have been sleeping in every morning except the opening morning. My alarm goes off at 5:30 but I just turn it off and then roll back over. I figure the deer are sleeping in too as it is to cool in the morning to move. It is nice to get the 9 hours of sleep every night as that never happens at home. I plan on going out in a few minutes after I get something to eat for breakfast.

I will also miss the big shopping day that most of you are hitting to catch the big deals, my loss I guess. The rest of the gang should be here it about 3 hours so the noise level should get crazy high and the peace and quite will something of the past. Nate is going to come out and sit in the deer stand with me or my Dad. Time to see if he can just sit there and not move for 3 to 4 hours. Maybe we will see a deer that we will be able to get a shot at. Oh well time to get out and hunt. Later..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More warmth

This morning we got out and cut a bunch of trees down and then split and stacked it for Wade. He now has more wood then ever before and can sit back and enjoy the warmth. After that my Dad and I want back to the Police Chief's place to hunt and with the gusting winds we didn't see a thing. Oh well at least we don;t have to worry about what to do with a deer right now. Still 3 days to get one though.

Talked to Cece today and the rest of the family is going to her mothers for Thanksgiving. Wish I could be in both spots at the same time. But I'm lucky as Cece, my brother Tim, the kids and her Mom are coming up here tomorrow. So I guess I'm lucky as we still get to have a great Thanksgiving together. I can't wait.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chief's Casa

Today we got more trees cut down, split and stacked. More to to come tomorrow as we are cutting a few more and cutting a few that blew over in a recent storm. After the work was done for the day my Dad and I went over to the Chief's house to hunt. Mt Dad went to a deer stand at the edge of the woods and I went to a corner of 4 fields. I sat in the sun and read my book watching and waiting for some deer. About 4pm I look to the field to my right and see 4 doe coming my way. I kept an eye on them and was hoping that they would hop the fence by me as there was the Chief's house and then his neighbors house in the direction I had to shoot. No luck as they looked at he fence and then turned and walked away. No deer hanging yet. Maybe tomorrow as we are going to go back to hunt by the Chiefs after we get some work done in the morning. I need a beer. Later..

Another cold one

It is 16 degrees this morning and we are getting ready to cut a few more trees down and split the wood we did yesterday. Unlike the die hard hunters we get to the stand early only opening day, after that we sleep in. Nothing like getting 9 hours a night. Then we get wood for Wade and hunt for a few hours in the afternoon. I do hope to get a deer but the fact that one isn't hanging is no big problem. Like I said we are going to go hunting on the farm of the Chief of Police from Baldwin. He has said that there is a lot of doe and some bucks running around. So there is hope that we may get one. I need some coffee and then out to cut and split some wood. Later..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Luck still holding

The luck is still holding as there is nothing hanging here. Like Jim and Kenny said the deer count is a messed up. People see deer in the parks in the city and they think deer are every where. There is not as many as they say up here, as when we are here we never see that many, even when I ride in the woods and the rail trails. I heard 2 shots all afternoon today and they were pretty far away.

My Dad and I cut down 8 trees this morning as it was 11 degrees this morning and we didn't feel like sitting out there freezing again. Got the trees cut and then had a lunch and sat in the stands for 4 hours and didn't hear or see a thing. Wade got home from work today and the Chief of Police has invited my Dad and I to hunt on his farm as his kid is shooting and missing a bunch of deer. So we are heading there tomorrow afternoon and maybe we will get a shot at a deer, if we are lucky to see one. We just want to get the doe and then if a buck would come along we can shoot it. We are in the earn a buck area. Then maybe we will hunt there the next day again. Then tomorrow morning we are going to cut a few more trees down and haul the wood up for Wade. Got to give something back since he is letting us hunt and stay here for a week. Time for a few beers. Later..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing Hanging

I walked out this morning and kicked up 2 doe. I was hoping that they would turn in and head towards my Dad but they stayed in the field and ran away from him. Just our luck. I then headed to the stand and I sat there for a couple of hours and didn't see a thing. I didn't hear any shots today either. When I got in for lunch my Dad said that he seen a doe that was limping around as if it was shot. He found some blood on the ATV trail and tried to track it and couldn't find where it went. I went out after lunch and tried and went through all the areas around and couldn't fine any trace of the deer. I went and sat in the stand for a couple of hours and again I didn't hear any shots or see any deer. Then I walked out and ran into my Dad and the both of us tried to track the deer again and couldn't find it. Well more hunting tomorrow. Later..

Day 3

Seen nothing in the afternoon yesterday, not even birds or squirrels. Hopefully it gets a little better as the other hunters leave to go to work and the deer get back in the normal routine. Have been getting out later in the morning because I don't want to freeze my ass off for the first hour or two. Well time to walk the mile and a half to the stand. Later..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Early morning

Went pout again this morning and sat in the stand. I didn't see a deer again but I did see a bunch off squirrels messing around and a few birds. Hope for better luck later today. Hope everyone is having fun at the State cross race. Later..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 1

Went back to the stand in the afternoon and I settled in. About 15 minutes in and a doe comes blazing by. Another hunter must had spooked it and it was moving past me fast. I got a front look and then a side view for a brief second. I ripped a shot but it went under and I got nothing. Good thing is I still have 8 more days. More hunting tomorrow. Good Luck to all the racers doing the cross race tomorrow. Later..

Not A

Got out early this morning and froze may 1/2 ass off. It was a cold one and the feet and hand with all the hardware were frozen. I got up and moved to the stand a little further in the woods to get out of the wind more and try to warm up. I lasted another 2 hours but I haven't seen a thing so far. Got some lunch and time to head it back out as the sun has come out a little so that should help keep warm. The temp was 18 this morning and presently it is 26 outside. Time to go killing. Later..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spot Picked

Got here and got our spots picked for the hunt. Hope to shoot a doe in the morning and the buck in the afternoon. Just hoping I know but I hope to at least see a deer this year. Well spending the week here will help that cause as last year it was just Sat and Sun as we went to the BMX Grands in Oklahoma. But with the 9 days the chances are better to get the deer. Time to get the gun ready. Later..

Locked and loaded

Well last night was a fun time for Jess's Birthday. I will post pictures later once I load them. She wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings again so that is where we ate. Nothing like a 7 year old eating hot wings, now that is tough little girl. She got a bunch of movies and webkin animals so she was in heaven.

Now I'm at work putting in a few hours to get the monthly paperwork turned in and then I'm going to Wade's for the entire week of hunting. I can't wait to just sit and relax and hopefully get a deer. So have a good state cross race to those racing and a Happy Thanksgiving to all. Later..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Putt'n the feet up

Went to the bmx track tonight for some gate practice. It was nice to see a few faces that have not been around for a few weeks to months. Got to see Dan T., Joe, Chris, Kenny and the most surprising was Jack. Joe had talked to him earlier and told home to come to the track and he did. In case you didn't know Jack raced bmx when he was fast and he is thinking that the fact that he bought a cruiser last year maybe he will come and throw it down with us. Can't wait to go in the gate with him.

After the gates tonight the legs are off the bikes for at least the next week and a half and that should feel great as I hadn't taken a break for a long time and now with the hunting the walking to the stand and back will be all the exercise that I will get. Oh yeah lifting a bunch of beers every night to. But most of all maybe hauling a big ass buck out of the woods. The only thing is that we are in a earn a buck area and that means you have to shoot a doe first. I hope to see a doe, shoot it and get it over with as there is a big buck behind Wade's house and I hope to see it. Oh well time to hit the sack. Later..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just try to keep up

Had a meeting this morning which meant that I was out of the house @ 6:30am. Then it was sitting around listening to how we had to do more with less and that we had to get this done and that done. The good thing is that I don't have to worry about all of that as it pertains to food inspection not weights and measures. After the meeting it was back to the office for some paperwork and then some work and done @ 2:30. Nice.

After work I was able to gas my car up for $1.91. I was so cool that I filled the car for $23.00 and got 11.98gallons. Way to cool. I'm hoping that the prices hold for the next week so when Cece comes up by Wade's in the truck it won't cost to much. I hope to see the prices stay down and even get to about $1.75. This makes it way nicer to go to gate practice and the bmx races. These prices would have been nice during the summer when we were going all over the place to race and out East for Nationals.

When I got home and lifted weights before I went and got Jess when she got out of school. Then when Nate got home we did a roller workout before dinner. I also have a home and school meeting to go to as Cece still has conferences at school with her students parents. Nate and I were hoping to try to get a night ride in tonight but the temperature was way to low. It was 26 degrees here a@ 5:45 and there was no way that we would ride in weather that had temps that low. I'm just getting over a cold now and I don't want to be sick while hunting. After the meeting I will get all of my daily and the few hunting clothes that I have here packed for the week at Wade's. Man I need a vacation and the 9 days off will be nice. Time to run. Later..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Deer hunting on the brain

Got the license tonight for the gun season of deer hunting. The gun is ready, boots put aside and the hand warmers are packed as the temps are to be in the high 20's to low 30's. The bright orange clothes are at my brothers already so all I need to do is pack the daily wearing clothes. I'm going up with my parents as Cece, the kids, my brother Tim and Cece's Mom are coming up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to just sitting in the woods with the fresh air and the hopes of a nice buck strolling past. Can only hope to get a shot at the big buck at least once in your life as Wade says that there is a big one strolling around in the woods behind his place. Now I need to get the kids moving for their showers and bed. Later..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going on's

Here are a few of the pictures the races last night for Nate and then the Tosa ride today. The races last night were great and the ride today was also a great time. A big thanks to Russell for the great ride and then to the team of Pat, Nate, Aris Gus, Kyle and myself for the fun time.

Nate in turn 1 in one of the moto's.
Nate in turn 1 in one of the moto's again.

One of the check points we had to find today.
Don't even ask.
The winning team.

The nice Policeman showing us how it is done.

Team work.
The team hamming it up for the camera.

The guy putting on the show.