Friday, November 30, 2012

BMX and Fixxie

Again it was a great time at the bmx track.  Maddie came a gain and she is enjoying her time on the track and said that she is going to try racing one of the next few weeks.  Can't wait to see her race.  Also we ordered Maddie a Star cruiser and she will use my Kuwahara 20 inch bike if she races a age class race.  This last gate practice Maddie did well and looked more comfortable then last practice.   She was riding Bryan's cruiser this week as it was closer to the size that she is going to get this Sunday so that was nice.  She did crash this week when another rider took her front wheel out in turn 1 but after sitting a few gates out she was back on the bike and finished the night out with her last gate being her best.  Just as happy as I can be with the fact that Maddie wants to race again.

Fixxie is the same old goofball leaving a 100 toy's ( thanks to Cece and the girls getting her a new toy every time they go to the store )  all over the house.  She gets up every time the heat kicks on and not wanting to go outside as the weather gets colder.  But she is a blast to have around and I can not believe it is almost a year that we have had her.  Nothing else to interesting going on.  Later.. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Well we made it home form the cabin last night so Nate wouldn't have to be in the car for 9 hours today.  He did get a ride in yesterday and it was a nice 23 degress when he rode.  He said he was fine but the hills in the woods were still icy and slippery making the climbs and efforts fun.  Did did say he went a little to hot into the road leading to our place and drifted the turn and had some fun.  Then it was pack the truck and put the hunting stuff away before the drive home.  It was a blast being up north and can't wait till Christmas and we are hoping for some snow so we can take the snowmobile out for some rides for once.  It has been a while since we did that.  But most of all it was nice sitting in the stand and talking to my Dad while we watched the trees and seen no deer.  I did see a bunch of turkeys one of the days so that was pretty cool, but not enough deer.  Now it is back to work witch I am lucky that I enjoy doing so it is not that bad compared to some other jobs out there.

I did get to watch the ABA BMX Grands online today and as always there was some awesome racing and cool to see the racers that we race with every weekend mix it up with the best in the land and come out on top.  Great job everyone that went and can't wait to hear the stories this week.  I have said it and maybe one of the next year or 2 I may have to go out there and race just to say I did give it a try.  I know the cruiser class is to tough so maybe the 41 and over intermediate is the only shot I have to make it through a couple of moto's.

PS.  I tried loading some pictures and I guess I am at my limit so if you want to see some you will have to join facebook as most of them will be posted there from now on.  Look me up there.  Later..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The killer cat

Zoe my parents cat that never comes by anyone.

Zoe chill'n in the bay window.

Zoe asking who you looking at.

Never mind I don't want to look at you either.

View up the drive at night.

How the side of the garage lights up the walk to the sidewalk.

Only seen a doe today and we don't shoot doe.  Still hoping to see the big deer walk by but if not that's ok as I don't have to butcher a deer as it is warm as hell up here.  But other then that nothing new here.  Nate is home and they are all going out for Jessica's Birthday tonight as she turns 11 today.  Wow where has the time gone?  Nate is in college, Maddie is a Sr in high school and Jess is 11 yrs old and in 6th grade.  Crazy fun times but they are going by to fast.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jessica.  Later..

Monday, November 19, 2012


A view of my parents place driving towards it.

2 of the 3 garages filled with stuff.

The garage and house.

The Casa.

View of the front porch.

The house and the front of the garage and family room above it.

View of the lake.

View form the tree stand.

Another view of trees and no deer.

Leaves everywhere.

 No deer, not happy.

Dead trees, not deer here.

Big ass squirrels.

He hung around here for 15 minutes.

How my Dad rolls up to the tree stand.

Bringing me lunch and more magazines to read.

Leave in the dark come home in the dark with no deer.

The flight up was cool and fast.  It took 34 minutes to get from Milwaukee to Rhinelander witch beats the 4 hour drive in the car.  Plus since Cece and the kids are coming up why have 2 cars here to get home Sunday?  I have been up in the tree stand for 10 hours straight the last few days and have not seen anything to shoot.  I did see a buck opening night but it was to far and I did not have a clear shot before it walked back away from us.  We thought it may make it back yesterday of today but it has not so far.  Still have a few days to hope I guess.  But the cool thing is just sitting and enjoying the time talking to my Dad and not having to be at work.  Deer or no deer it is still better then being at work.

Other news was Maddie came to bmx practice last Wednesday and she wants to come every week and then race after a few more days practicing.  I am so stoked for her to try racing again as I know she would do real well.  Also Maddie's friend Kaitlyn came to the practice and she may come along now on too.  Plus 2 more kids on a bike is awesome.  Plus I ordered Maddie a Star cruiser and she can't wait to get it and race the cruiser and maybe some 20 inch. She said she felt better on my cruiser then the 20 inch so she wants to start on that.  The thing is we got her a 20 inch license so I will have to get her a cruiser add on to.  Oh well she is riding a bike and that makes me super happy.  Plus Nate just texted and he is home so now they can plan the next few days and then come up here and relax in the fresh northwoods. Later..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seeing Stars

Star is in the house.

After riding the Star cruiser the other day Bryan let me try his Star 20 inch bike and I it ride smooth as hell and I could not go back to the Kuwahara 20 inch.  The old 20 was a 21 inch top tube and the bottom bracket was high.  The Star is a 22 inch top tube and the bottom bracket is alot lower and I feel a ton more stable on the Star race bikes.  Thanks Bryan and Star bmx for the get new rides.

New 20 inch Star race bike.

All the Star bmx bike parts are made in the USA....

I may need to take a link out of the chain?  Seems a little long maybe, but I will try it out and take the chain breaker with me Wednesday.

The cruiser and the 20 inch side by side.  They ride as good as they look.

I hope to get better skills as the bikes seem to be a lot faster then my skill level can handle.  Have to get more gate practice to equal that out.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

New Bike

Got a new Star cruiser the other day and took it to the barn for some gate practice tonight.  I have to save it is a awesome riding bike and I think I now need to put a 20 inch in the stable too.  It rides fast and smoother then the other 3 cruisers I have raced over the years.  I can't wait to race this Saturday and Sunday and see how it handles in race mode.  See you at the track.  Later..

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Heat hog

With the cooler weather the heat kicks on more and Fixxie knows where the vents are and she lies down in front of the vent and hogs all the heat.  It is funny as she gets up in the middle of the night and goes to the vent in the room and lies down in front of it and when it kicks off she goes back to her bed and falls asleep again.  What a odd little dog.  Later..