Sunday, November 25, 2012


Well we made it home form the cabin last night so Nate wouldn't have to be in the car for 9 hours today.  He did get a ride in yesterday and it was a nice 23 degress when he rode.  He said he was fine but the hills in the woods were still icy and slippery making the climbs and efforts fun.  Did did say he went a little to hot into the road leading to our place and drifted the turn and had some fun.  Then it was pack the truck and put the hunting stuff away before the drive home.  It was a blast being up north and can't wait till Christmas and we are hoping for some snow so we can take the snowmobile out for some rides for once.  It has been a while since we did that.  But most of all it was nice sitting in the stand and talking to my Dad while we watched the trees and seen no deer.  I did see a bunch of turkeys one of the days so that was pretty cool, but not enough deer.  Now it is back to work witch I am lucky that I enjoy doing so it is not that bad compared to some other jobs out there.

I did get to watch the ABA BMX Grands online today and as always there was some awesome racing and cool to see the racers that we race with every weekend mix it up with the best in the land and come out on top.  Great job everyone that went and can't wait to hear the stories this week.  I have said it and maybe one of the next year or 2 I may have to go out there and race just to say I did give it a try.  I know the cruiser class is to tough so maybe the 41 and over intermediate is the only shot I have to make it through a couple of moto's.

PS.  I tried loading some pictures and I guess I am at my limit so if you want to see some you will have to join facebook as most of them will be posted there from now on.  Look me up there.  Later..

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