Monday, April 30, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

With the WORS season coming up Russell's Supermate is getting herself ready. I don't think she will stand out at any of the races.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

K-Town crit today

Today was another race for the Jr's. It was a ABR race in Kenosha. It was another good race for them. Mitch took 3rd, Nate finished 4th and Gage finished just after the field. They raced will together again and I think we well have to fit a couple more road races in to let the punks mess with the Jr's again. Now it is time to get the WORS races going and see how they all do. I think that they will be riding well and still getting great results. Later..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another win for MARS

The Jr's from the MARS team won another race today. It was Gage in first, Mitch in 2nd and Nate in 5th. The kids are really riding smart and as a team the entire race making it possible for the team to take the wins in a manner that it looks real easy. Now the deal needed to finish the races is all 3 in the top 3. Nate sat 2nd wheel the entire race but at the end he just sat up and settled for 5th. maybe one of these races he will go form start to finish and get in the medals. He is learning and looking better each race though and I think when the Mtn bike races start he will get back to what he really loves. It was cool to see that Mitch won again and I like I said these 3 kids are going to tear up the Jr's all year long. Great job guys. Now tomorrow we will have to try to get another win in Kenosha with the Jr's.

Here is the finish and Gage had a great jump and had a nice gap on Mitch and then the other racers were not even in the picture. These kids are going to have to start pulling us around soon as they looked great on the course today.

I got home and went for a ride and while I was heading south I ran into Danny. He was going out for a spin before he races tomorrow in Kenosha. I rode with Dan for about an hour and then went back on my way and made it home and got in about 2.5 hours in the saddle. Going to get another long ride in tomorrow and then a 80 to 100 miles on Monday with Jeff. Have to get a long ride in before the bone ride so with the temps in the 80's we are hitting the road about 10ish so if ya want in call me. Well I have to get the grill out and start cooking before I get yelled at. Later..

Friday, April 27, 2007

Money in the pocket

Today Cece came home from school and said let's go and eat there as they are having a big party. Got Nate from softball practice and then loaded the truck and off we were. Got there and the gym was packed with families for the all you can eat taco's and pizza. Well got in line and waited for the taco's and then found a couple of empty chairs and the family sat there and I went and sat at a empty spot by some others. Well they have a raffle and they call out my number for a cable, phone and Internet package for a year worth $2,100. That includes every pay channel and everything. Nice to win some thing for once I tell ya. We will start it after we get back from NORBA nationals and then we will be able to enjoy it for the year then. I'm talking every thing like all the sports and I think the adult entertainment and all. I'm going to have to parent lock a lot of channels I think. Have to keep my eye on Russell when he comes over to the house now. Got to make sure that Nate is in bed and get his things ready for the race in the morning.

Hey any one want to take Monday off? Jeff Senn and I are and we are going to and go for a 80 to 100 mile ride so call me. We just want to get a long ride in before the bone ride in 2 and a half weeks. Later..

Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 Goofs

Here are a few pictures of the 3 kids and the faces that they make when the camera comes around. Not a thing going on here so nothing to post. Beat down didn't happen because of the damn rain so it was a sprint workout on the trainer for us to keep the legs going in circles. Nate is racing Whitnall Park on Sat and then maybe we will do the crit in Kenosha on Sunday. Have to see what is on the honey do list. Later..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Full House again

The Punks are back from Tree's for Tomorrow in Eagle River. Jessica was really loving being the only child for the last couple of days. I have to throw a thanks to my Dad as he went to the camp and watched over the boys at the camp for the last 4 days. The kids liked going but Nate said not next year if a kid that bully's the kids goes along again. I guess he was a bit of a problem. There is always one at every school I guess. The kids get to spend the 4 days in the woods and learn about conservation. They both said better then being in school for the last 3 days.

Nate is going to race the Whitnall Park race this weekend and then we are thinking maybe doing the Rock Cut race but his age group is 17 and under so maybe a nice long trail ride might be done instead. Just have to see how he is feeling after the race on Sat. It has been great as the MARS jr team has been tearing up the jr under 15 class so he is looking forward to racing this weekend. But as always Nate can't wait until the WORS races starts. Maddie doesn't really care either way. I have to register all of us later for the Iola race. Boy I can't believe that the race season is starting, so get your bike ready and see ya there. Time to eat. Later..

Monday, April 23, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Here is Russell's supermate wondering why the hell did he crash in front of Jay. She was really made that he couldn't just fall and not take another rider with him. She said that he better not do that again.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kettle ride

Today a bunch of us hit the Kettles for some riding. In all there must have 2o or so of us there for the ride. It was a large group and it made for some waiting here and there for everyone. Plus throw in a few flats it makes for a 8 hour day. Way to much time for the ride time sometimes. But today was a blast and well worth the trip. On the ride Russell was riding Jerry's wheel and decided to lay on the ground in front of me. What is a guy to do except use him for the landing so that is what I did. After getting the bikes off me and then untangled it was time to ride on and finish the ride. A small group of us rode the Emma lap and in and by the end we were all out of water as I was told it was 88 in the woods. After the ride we stopped by Kyles parents to check out his Dad's Cobra and headed home. A bunch of water and a gyro later I feel ready for the WORS season. Time to read the paper. Later..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

MARS Jr's on top again

This morning was the Brown Deer race and the Jr's again decided to take the top spots. Gage won the race, Mitch took 2nd place and Nate rolled in like 6th age group. As the race rolled out Mitch picked the speed up to see who followed. The entire group did today so the kids rode smart and let the others take some pulls. In the last lap Nate took the front and took Mitch and Gage on his wheel. At the last turn he pulled over to the side pinching the others that were on his side out of the sprint making it a easy 1,2 for the team. It was a great ride for the kids and like I said there will be many more wins to come. These 3 kids are beginning to click and should be able to keep their winning ways. Oh you should have seen Gage's face after he won, it was Priceless. Maybe with out Dad there he will race better ( just kidding ). I missed taking a picture of the finish as I was yelling and just blanked out, sorry..

Here is Nate's new race bike all done. Well I have to meet with Jerry and we are going to work on the brake housing in the coming weeks. Thanks to Rachel the bike is a sweet ride. We went on a nice little trail ride today with Bubba, Russell and Coop. After 1 stop to adjust the rear derailleur, as it was ghost shifting the bike was running perfect. I thinking the Punk will do fine in the sport class this year.

Before the ride a bunch of went and did some cleaning of all the trash that the Tosa bums toss in the woods. We spent 90% of our time hauling out wood that the park workers cut up after the punks brought in to build a free park with. To see the amount of wood we hauled out check Russ's blog. As much work as it was it is always nice to give some back. Now time to get to CR and help clean my play ground.

Tomorrow we are sending Maddie and Nate to Eagle River for a class trip so down to 1 kid. Oh yea you have to love that. Also we are heading to the Southern Kettle for a ride at 12:30 if any of you are interested for a connector ride. Have to get the Punks things ready. Later..

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday Night World Championships

Well Nate came to the first Thursday Night World Championships with the full boat of riders. He was hanging in good for a while. At the Fox river he feel back a bunch of times and after pushing him back on I was toast. Not to bad for his first fast Thursday ride. Glen stayed back with me and we rode in together with Nate. Thanks Glen. Nate won't be on all the rides as I think it may be to much on race weeks but most of the none race weeks. After a few of these rides he will do fine and our goal is to make it farther each week.

A few things on the ride always need to be fixed before someone gets killed. On some rides the riders point out everything and it gets old fast. Well this ride the ones up front are riding with their heads down to keep the pace up to show off and are pulling out of line at the last minute and the rest in the field are fucked. Riding in holes, broken glass, piles of gravel and who knows what else. Get a clue and point the obvious stuff out. Yea no one pointed the glass out and I got a flat thanks to no one pointing out the glass. Also keep the pace as the guys in front of you if you can or get to the back. There are riders who don't like to have to chase to catch the guys rolling off. Some of the riders like to keep pace with the front group. Also when the gap forms it makes cars and trucks pissed when they have to pass several groups of riders. Also not a cool thing to go 3 wide to pass the slower rider holding up the rest of the riders. Just keep pace or ride at the back. All this does is cause the group to make unneeded speed changes and cooks some of the riders who are just hanging on. Just asking everyone to ride smart and as if you are the rider getting fucked every now and then. Enough on that. Later..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nates bike and my wheels.

Here is Nate's new race bike. It is a beautiful bike all decked in SRAM. Just need to finish the steer tube cut down. Shorten the brakes housing and change on front disc. Should be ready to fly in the next day or 2.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wheels that Russell built a year ago. I have raced and beat them and never had to touch them. Great wheels. And oh yea they are Bubba beaters. Later..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Were is my tablet?

Just sitting at work waiting for the IT department to get my note book up loaded with the updates and the new weights and measures program. They are wanting us to do all the work on a computer instead of the old faithful hand written paper. This is a project that started 4 years ago and some 1 million dollars later it is still a shit program. That is the way the Gov't works. But hey I still get paid and I'll do what ever they need to make the bosses happy. I do think it may make the paper trail easier down the road but the first year or 2 will be a royal pain in the ass. I hope I'm not the 1st to loose or break one. Later..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Maddie's ride and other stuff

Went over Maddie's bike the other day and it is race ready. I put the SRAM brakes on and now we just need the trails to dry up and get some riding in. I know that the steer tube is long but I couldn't just cut it so short for a bike that she will out grow so fast.

Working on Nate's new race bike and I will get some pictures up once it is all done. It will be a sharp looking bike. I will have to check the weight of it when the job is done also. It already has way better stuff on it then most of my bikes. The Punk better race it like he stole it and of course beat Randy.

The Punks did a sprint work out today. I'm hoping it helped Nate get into the mind set that he can do a short sprint and not loose the wheel in front of him in the next race. Maddie is looking better I just need her to get the leg speed to be faster and her form better when she stands up on the bike. Nate has started softball so that will be taking up some time for awhile so the workouts will have to be very specific when he fits them in. My parents went back home so now I have to cover for all the help they do around here. Time to get dinner ready. Later..

Monday, April 16, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Russell's Supermate can grow a better stach then Randy. But hell she can push her bike faster.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mitch wins one for MARS

Today MARS jr kids chalked up the 1st of many 1st place wins to come this year. Mitch was able to get in the break that formed off the 1st lap and rode it to the win. Great job Mitch. Nate missed it as he didn't close the gap and let it get away and then Gage and Nate rode around in no mans land till the race ended. Nate knows better then not take the 3 or 4 pedal strokes and make it to the wheel or be out the back. I think he learned and hopefully that won't happen again. No more extreme moves off the back.

I got home and was able to get out on the SS for a spin. I tried riding the gravel utility road but it was wet and shitty. I got out for about 1.5 ours to just blow the carbon out after yesterdays ride. I have to say I can't wait till the Mtn. bike season starts. Then after the ride I had to go and help my parents start moving my Grandmas stuff out of her apartment. I have to say for a 88 year old person she has a lot of stuff. In her assisted living place she only needs a few things so a lot has to go. Now just chilling watching the NASCAR race. Later..

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Check... Done...

Got a bunch of things done today. Got up and John rode up and we rode to the group ride. Rode the group ride and rode home. 3.5 hours in the saddle. Check... Done... Got home and planted the cana bulbs along the house and garage. Check... Done... Got the truck and car washed and the rack back on top of the car. Check... Done... The kids got home and we then went to church and now waiting for my bro and we are going to grill out. Check.. Done ... Time to start the grill. Later..

Friday, April 13, 2007

This and that

If anyone is interested we are leaving from my house at 8:30am tomorrow to ride to the group ride at wheel. We will ride to the ride and then ride home giving us about 3 to 3.5 hrs in the saddle and 60 plus miles. So if ya interested give me a call to get directions.

Going to take the day off the bike and meet some of the co workers for a few malted beverages after work tonight as I always skip these. I hope to be home at a good time to get some sleep so I don't Randy on the ride tomorrow. Last night was fun to watch the Exotics play again. Some of the best surf rock around so if ya get a chance catch one of their shows. Time to do some work. Later..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Freak'n snow

Here is how I feel about the snow. Actually this picture is from the last day of bmx racing at the barn. I had the hole shot and another rider took me out in the first turn in moto # 1 . I still made the main and took a 3rd. Today I again rode the rollers as I didn't feel like waiting till 6 for the group ride. Also maybe no group ride also although Russell will ride I didn't feel like taking the chance that no one would be there. So rollers it was. Now time to go and get something to eat and then go watch the Exotics at Cafe Lulu's. Later..
Thanks for the picture Shelly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blizzard April 07

Looking out the window at work I'm seeing the snow come down sideways. It is beginning to stick to the ground now. Man this bites as the kids are upnorth so I have to shovel the snow by myself. I hope the Goat got his 4 hour ride in early today as his ass is going to freeze out there today while I sit at work. Maybe no ride tomorrow so dropping John may have to wait another week, oh well. Looks like another night on the rollers. May have to stay in the office this afternoon. Later..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do you hear that?

I have been at home by myself for the last 2 days. Cece took the Punks up by my parents in Rhinelander for the week. I have had the house and the peace and quite to myself. It has been nice but I have to say I really do like coming home to the kids and Cece. I can handle this for a couple of days but I wouldn't like it like this everyday. Cece is coming home tomorrow and my parents are going to bring the kids down on Sat. Cece and I will have a couple of days without any kids so that will be nice. I have been just riding the bike and lifting weights then sitting down and watching some TV before going to bed early. Tonight I plan on going to the Metro meeting and then getting home to get to bed and be ready to shovel some snow in the morning. I'm hoping that we don't get to much snow and that it is gone by Thursday for the group ride. Time to get some things done before the meeting. Later..

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Frozen stuff

I called Danny this morning to make sure that I wouldn't be the only one showing up for the ride. He assured me that there would be at least 4 of us. I went and it turned out to be 8 fools riding in the cold. We decided that we would ride the Oak Leaf trail north and turn around because the wind was stiff and temps were quite cool out. It was a nice ride as Jeff kept the pace steady into the wind and the rest of us lined up behind for a good spell. We got to the Tosa end and turned around and rode home with the wind for most of the ride back. It was cool out as we found out as Danny got a flat and we stood around in the cold as he changed it. The start after the flat was cold but we only had about 20 minutes left. I did notice that Fast Guy Jeff was pushing Russell so I think Russell must have blown a taint or something as we were HAULING with the wind. It wouldn't be a ride if Jeff didn't push someone so he may have just been pushing someone to keep in pushing shape. After our 30 mile jaunt my toes were frozen, fingers were a tad bit cold and the water bottle was frozen at the top and very slushy. Also a few other things were very cold but kids read his site so I won't go there. I had to take the top off to drink it on the way home. The tingling has gone away in the toes and fingers so that is a good sign and the bottle thawed so I could drink it. Time to go and visit Grandma. Later..

Friday, April 06, 2007

Windy riding

I have just been busy trying to do some things this week. I have had a minute or 2 to relax but I haven't used it to update the blog though. I did get off from work early yesterday to meet the guy that measured the windows and doors so he could order the new ones. We are going to have some of the widows replaced and the front and back doors done. We are also having to have the siding done. Then if any money left we are going to get the roof replaced. If not that may have to wait until next year. After that dude left the punks went down stairs and did their work out and I went to the beat down. There was only 4 of us for the ride as Russell left as he forgot his shoes. Danny, John B., Brian and myself went for a ride. It was windy and kind of cold but we did get a nice workout and I was pretty beat by the end. I didn't make it Benno's for the fund raiser as I wanted to get other things done. I ran to the Expo to see if I could get some new brake pads. No luck so I had to ride another day with the ones that were so worn out that all the slots were gone and the wear nubs were making noise every time I applied the brakes. I ran to Ben's today after the ride and got new pads and installed them and they are like butter again.

Today we did our Good Friday ride from Lenny's. It is the ride we have done together for the last 5 plus years together. There was a nice group of 6 of us today. Len, Russell, Rick, John< Nate and myself. It was another windy ride as we headed into the wind in the beginning and rode with it on the way home. I was so windy that Russell was pulling into it and pedaling down hill and he was only going 15 miles and hour. We got another nice ride in and now just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Time to run Nate to his friends house. Later..

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Just been busy with junk the last few days. Monday was a off day for us all and the punks ran around outside and played hoops. I lifted weights and got the Avid brakes on Maddie's bike and went over it a bit. It should be ready to roll. Yesterday I had our 5th annual volleyball tourney for the health dept. We won it again for the 3rd time in 5 years. It was a fun night and some beers after made it complete. I'll stick to biking as my back is stiff this morning. Tonight it is back to the regular training and then the beat down tomorrow. If anyone is off Friday we are riding from Lenny's if you want to join in. Got to get some work done. Later..

Monday, April 02, 2007

Russell's Supermate's of the Week

With Russell ripping it up on the bike his ladies are lining up. Save some energy to keep the ladies happy Russ.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


It was great that the rain stopped and the sun came out for the race today. The roads were still real wet and the bikes took a beating but the Jr team had a good day. Mitch took off on the 2nd lap and 2 other kids took off with him. Gage and Nate missed it and they rode in no where land. Mitch ended up taking a 3rd, Gage got a 5th and Nate took 7th or 8th. Nate didn't feel good and tossed his lunch on the back stretch, but he keep racing till the finish. It is great to see each week that a different Jr steps up and finishes in the top. That is what is great about these kids. The thing about is is these kids are also 12 or 13 years old and racing 14 and under. I was going to ride down to Racine do the team ride and then ride to Cece's mothers house but it started to rain so to the basement it was. Maybe we can get back outside tomorrow. Later..