Saturday, January 31, 2009


While everyone got the chance to ride or do things outside we had a gathering at Cece's Mothers house. She had to have everyone over as she is have a heart valve fixed on Tuesday. I usually ride there and back home for a nice 70 plus mile ride but just didn't have the time today. Plus we had a few stops to make on the way. It was nice but I wish I got to ride outside instead. Anyhow tomorrow Nate and I have bmx racing so that will make up for it as we get 2 hours of gates before and then some good old racing. Then maybe we will catch the Superbowl. Now it is time to focus on Napoleon Dynamite, always a great movie to just sit and laugh at. Later..

Friday, January 30, 2009

Was that you?

So I was on just sitting there on the rollers and the phone rings and Jessie brings one over. Maddie and Cece just got done getting her class schedule for her freshman year at St Thomas More done and they wanted to pick up some dinner on the way home. Maddie wanted Gyros and that is what is was to be. I got done and lifted weights and then we had dinner. Nate's friend Kyle is over so their was and extra which was good as we just managed to finish all 4. The thing that is so bad is I ate 2 1/2 of the sauces with mine and I have brushed my teeth and eaten a few Andies candies. I still have the the garlic taste in my mouth and as always it will be worse later. The good is that everyone has it and you can blame the Gyro burps on someone else. Time to find a movie to watch. Later..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crash'n the gate

Here is a video of Nate kill'n a gate at the practice last night. Still tired from the practice last night. Later..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Nate and I went to gate practice tonight and hit the gates all night. By the end we were cooked. I'm actually sitting here and it fells like I just got done doing a marathon race. Nate said his arms and shoulders are tired from pulling out of the gates and then hitting the manuals. He is getting faster each week, damn kid kills me every gate we are in together. I felt good and feel smoother on the cruiser then the 20 inch bike. The issue is the guys in the cruiser class are fast as hell and the guys in the 20 inch are more my speed. But I have to do cruiser if I'm thinking that I want to get faster and better. I need to get the feet and legs up as I'm cooked. Later..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crash in Nate's Moto

Here is a video of a kid in the 2nd moto on Sunday that went into turn 3 a little to hot. He jumped into the turn and took a nice dirt nap in front of Nate. Nate didn't even tap the brake to go around. He seen the crash happen and just rolled to the finish. All Nate had to do was not finish last to make the main and would have even if the crash would not have happened but it was a good thing that he didn't go down and have to worry about getting up and trying to get in before the other kids. Gate practice tomorrow and then some more racing over the weekend. Later..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Crazy kid

They had crazy dress up day at school so Jess just wore a bunch of miss matched clothes. According to reliable folks still was the craziest dressed one. You can't see her lower legs as she still had stripped tights on under her flowered shorts. Just glad she was dropped off and we could get out fast before anyone seen us.

On another note a nice easy day tomorrow as I have a meeting in Madison. Just a 1 day but always a nice break from tossing the 20 50 pound weights around all day. Enjoy the weather and training. See you on the road soon. Later..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video of Nate Today

This is a short video of Nate today at the races. This is one of the gate practice before the races. Being nice and cold today he was wearing his red hoodie for warm up. He took a 3rd in class and a 3rd in cruiser. I raced cruiser and was against the fast former pro's and National ranked guys. I got to the main and took a 4th place. I have a few other videos and I will post them during the next few days. Later..


We watched 2 movies last night and let me tell you they were a little different. Lars and the Real Girl was funny but different, I mean a guy buys a doll and wheels her every where. The entire town accepts it and they just think the guy is a bubble off that's all. Just have to say if you get a chance to see it you will be sitting there thinking friends that you could see in that role. Then we watched Igor and that was a cute kids cartoon. A good cartoon about the good taking over the evil people. Time to get ready for some bmx racing. Later..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Stuff

Today was a day of leisure. I got up and lifted weights and then Cece and I ran to the store and got a gift for a Birthday party at the track tomorrow and some groceries. Then I watched the Sooner BMX Nationals on Sign up for some good action on a cold day, it is free. Then tonight we are going to watch a few movies and eat a bunch popcorn. The movies we picked up today were Igor, 27 Dress's, and Lars and the real girl. So I'll let you know about them tomorrow. BMX racing tomorrow so enjoy the cold weather training. Later..

Friday, January 23, 2009

video of Nate in the gate

Here is video of Nate at gate practice. If you didn't know he is #18.


With the temperature dropping into the negative side again Nate and I are lucky. We have the little bikes to ride and race. It is a nice way to break up the time on the trainer and not have to do a sprint workout. With the 2 to 3 days a week on the bmx bike it allows us to do 2 to 3 days on the trainer doing some tempo and pyramid workouts. Have fun doing what ever you need to do to get those rides in. Later..

Sunday in the lead.

Nate at practice.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

15 Years Today

I have to say that Cece has a GREAT big heart as she has stayed for 15 years. Many more to come. Thanks Cece. Later..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cruiser Style

Today I pulled the cruiser off the hook and took that to the gate practice. Holy crap it felt weird to ride after not touching it for since last June. the first few gates had me hanging on for dear life. The bike being longer had me just about going over the bars a few times to many to count. After getting used to it again I felt faster then I do when I ride the 20 inch. But don't be to amazed I'm still way slower then Nate. I'm going to race the cruiser the next few weeks to keep the 20 inch wins in Novice for the Midwest Nationals this year. It is the same weekend of the WORS Cup so we will be racing the Thursday, Friday at the Nationals and then fly up the morning of for the WORS race to do the race and then back to the Nationals for the Sunday racing. A little busy but still a blast to do it all in the weekend. Now time to get back to Man vs Food. I could do that. Later..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School Board Meeting

After a nice 3 day weekend and some great racing tonight I have a School Board meeting. I am glad that it wasn't last night as the new House and 24 was on. I will have to get filled in on the Idol rejects though maybe I will have Maddie DVR it. We get a kick out of the fools that think that they have a chance at getting past the 1st day. The only real good part is the auditions so that is all I really watch and then it is back to the travel and speed channel. Then tomorrow we have gate practice and one of Nate's classmates wants to come and watch and maybe even try it if his Dad can make it. The funny ting is that his Dad and I went to school together so it would be fun to see the kids hangout a little as we did 30 years ago. To Funny. Crap I got to get going. Later..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rest Day

Cece is at the Hospital with her Mom who is having a heart procedure done today and I took the girls to school. The house is nice and quite right now. Nate has off and is still sleeping, imagine that a teenager still sleeping at 9am. I'm on the 2nd pot of coffee and sitting here watching the Big Labowski. Nothing like a good day off as when I walked downstairs this morning my legs were a tad tight from the 3 days of BMX racing. But I can't wait till gate practice this Wed.

Going to spend some time in the basement working on getting the recently welded Haro back to life. I had a friend who welds put a bead on the crack and now once I get the few parts needed Cece is going to ride it on the road. This will save my race bike as she was using that and it was eating my tires up. Then it it is off to Ben's to hunt down a few pieces for the main project. Good to have a day off after the long weekend of racing. Later..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 Days of BMX'n

Jessie holding mine, yes for once my 1st place trophy.
Nate pulling a Manual over the double in to turn 3.
Well last night Nate took a 3rd in the cruiser and I also took a 3rd in the 20. In the BS open I was taken down in a crash in the semi finals and didn't make it to the main. The 8 that did make the main were the legit ones and they were all fast and fun to watch.
Today Nate had a rough day as the speed in his races are the fastest at the track and missed making it to both mains. He hit the ground in both races trying to move into main but his tires washed out ending his day early. I took the 1st place today and that now makes 4 on the 20 and I only need 4 more to move up to Inter. But that will have to wait as I need to race the cruiser and get some points on that for a while. But as always a great few days of racing and a fun bunch to hang with. Now time for a few beers and enjoy the day off tomorrow. Later..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bike Lab

When ever I'm downstairs lifting weights, riding the rollers I'm thinking of what I want to do to the new project. I'm hoping at the end it will be a nice monster of a project. Can't wait to get the final stuff in hand. Later

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night races

Today with Nate having the day off of school and me getting home @ 3:30 we went to the barn for some bmx racing. With it being a 3 day weekend of racing there was some new faces in the gates which is always nice. Nate had a tough age class group and he was able to pull a 4th place and in the cruiser class it was more of the same and he pulled off a 2nd place finish. For me I had a good race but one of the racers got the better of me in turn 2 and I ended up 2nd. Now there is more racing tomorrow night and the 4th annual BS open and then more racing on Sunday. Going to try to make it to the going away party for Clayton tomorrow night after the races. Later..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures from gate practice....

Here are a few pictures from the gate practice last night. It was a light turn out which meant that you kept going till you were ready to drop.

Hailey the #1 girl in the state for dist. 1. Fast and could smoke many.
Dan T. and I going down the 2nd straight after side by side in turn 1.

Matt G. eating a licorice in his warm Russian hat while Cody was ripping a few laps.

Nate in turn 2.

Nate riding a manual over the triple after turn 1.

Nate dropping in turn 2.

Sami in the gates getting her last sprint workout in before going to California for training camp with her pro road team Type 1 next Wednesday.
All the fast guys lined up in the gates.

Cody in the gates.

Danny T getting ready for lift off. Later..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here is a big congrats to Brian Matter. Wow that is great to have 2 from the state going for the rainbow jeresy. GOOD LUCK Brian... Later..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pay Attention

I have to say that paying attention can save your butt.
1.) Is that while riding the rollers that when using a towel to wipe the sweat hang on to it. It may end up between the front tire and fork. Not good you may think, but with the mad skilz I just pulled it out and kept riding.
2.) Keep your eyes open while riding the rollers as you may ride right off. I was just trying to see how long I could keep them closed and keep the bike on the rollers, 12 seconds was when I rolled off. Again my mad skilz kicked in and I just rolled of and didn't fall over.

All said and done, no damage and just pay attention and keep your eyes open. Later..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Different day

Today was it seemed like the cabbies were either bathed over the weekend and I hope that was the case or I'm getting used to the smell. In any case it seemed a lot better today. Very busy today I hope to finish them off in the next couple of days. I will never ride in a cab if at all possible unless it has something to do with work.

Watching the 3rd and 4th hour of the 24 season premiere and it can get you all amped up. What a big difference watching it in surround sound. And nothing like 11 speakers in the room to amp it up even a little more. Need to get back to the show. Later..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Front to back

Today was another day at the bmx races. Nate had the toughest races of the day again, he took a 3rd in cruiser and a 4th out of gate 8 in class. He right in there with the guys but in time the results will change and he will be on the top again. In my race I won the first moto and in the main I had a great gate and then pulled a pedal and went from the front to the back. Oh well next weekend I will make sure that there isn't a stone in the cleat before the races. Next week is the BS open on Friday and there are a bunch of pros that are lining up as there is a big payout this year. In the last few I have made the main to finish 7th and last year 6th. I will need a lot of luck to make it to the mains this year though. Always a fun race though. Then on Sunday it the Race for Life Qualifier race. There is racing on Friday but Nate and I are still in the air about racing as it means a long time at the track and a few extra $. Just have to see how we feel. Later..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The cold has me wishing

With temps going down I'm wishing we were back here. Also today Nate and I went to the swap meet and picked up a few goodies for the project and the SS for Cece. It was nice to see all the peeps again and we can't wait till the season starts. BMX tomorrow and then back to grind of smelly taxi's. I need to get to my bowl of ice cream and watch the BMX Nationals in Vegas online. Later..

Friday, January 09, 2009

Car Wreck

I needed a ride in one like this today. Think it would handle good in the snow?

That is what it is like checking the meters in the cabs. You can smell it and looking at some of the drivers is like a car wreck. You know that you should look as you drive by but you do any how. Today was a real gem of a day as one driver had about 3 teeth left and well his breath was so bad I opened the window as he talked and the snow was pelting me in my face. That was better then his foul breath. Another was so big and fat that his cab smelled like ASS and I almost gaged when I got in. I again opened the window and let the snow pelt the side of my head. Then there was the plain old dirty cabs and drivers and a few good ones thrown in to keep it honest. To top it off there was the snow tossed in for good measure. Some of the drivers were good and drove with respect of the fact that the snow made conditions a little crappy. The first guy never turned on his wipers and when he did he could only see the road through a small sliver and almost hit a few parked cars and scared the crap out of me, I knew it would be a long day. One guy drove so freak'n fast I had to tell him to slow down twice as I thought I was going to die. I'm beginning to really dislike cabs a lot. Well at least I have a 2 day break before we finish up next week. I can't wait till we are done. Swap meet tomorrow and then bmx racing on Sunday. Dinner is ready got to run. Later..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ice time

While up north Tim cleared the snow from a chunk of ice while we were running errands in town, then I helped make it a tad bigger. The kids enjoyed skating on it while up for Christmas. Nate spent hours skating everyday that he could. I was tired watching him skate for that long but be loved it. Jess and Madddie enjoyed it but they didn't last as long as Nate did. Can't wait till next time we can do it again.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kids hitting the hills

Here are some pictures of the Punks sledding up north. They were flying and I didn't have to take any to the vet for injuries.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Up north

I tried to load some pictures from up north during Christmas but it would only load a picture of Wade. Here he is playing on the drums on the Guitar Hero World tour he bought for Nate. It was fun to watch and play but I bet my parents are glad that the game is gone.
Tomorrow I get a break from the taxi meter testing as I have a Weights and Measures board meeting in the Dells. I needed a break from the worldly smells and people any how. Then I hope to get back in time to get to gate practice in Elkhorn. A lot of windshield time but need to get it done. Just hoping that the snow holds out and we don't get much as I'm not looking forward to driving in a bunch of crap for a few hours. Later..

Monday, January 05, 2009

Taxi's stink

Today and for the next 2 weeks I will be testing the 340 + taxi meters in the city if Milwaukee. Not a tough job by any means, but a tough smelling job as those cabs and mainly the drivers have a odor of some type. Some of the cabs just smelled before you entered and others where the driver. It was a bad stinky odor like that they didn't bath for a couple of days or that the fact that they sit in the front seat for 12 hours a day that they had ass smell worn into the seat. Just take my word for it not a good thing to deal with the first day back from a 2 week vacation. Well got a bunch done and many more to go. After work I got the kids and dropped them off at home to do their homework and then I ran to Ben's and picked up the new project. Should be nice when done. I will post pictures then. Later..

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Water logged and Back to the Barn

Here are a few pictures from the water park that we went to over the weekend. It was fun and the kids had a blast. The things that they have come up with is amazing and they sure know how to keep the kids attention for the entire time that you are there.

This is how Jessie was sleeping after the 1st night at the water park. She was out like a light and never moved and neither did her animals.

Today was back to bmx racing at the barn for Nate and I. We got there in plenty of time to get some extra gate drops to get the water park out of the legs. It was a good time at the track and nice to see Leif there to race again. He did take 4 crashes through out the day but got back up and right on his bike and too a 2nd in age and then took a 4th in the open. Great job. Nate took a 3rd in the cruiser and a 5th in his open. He just has the worst luck in gates for the mains as he has 7 and 8 respectively, just can't get over in those outside gates when racing expert class or in his cruiser with those fast guys. He will only get faster and he has each week. I raced class only and took a 1st place again. I had a good gate and that got me the hole shot and I just pulled away from there. Need 5 more wins and I will move up to inter. Racing faster guys makes you faster so the move will do me good. Also we can't wait for gate practice on Wed and that is always the high light for the week. See you at the gate practice. Later..

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Water logged

Went here for the last 3 days and I don't want to set foot in water for a while. Man I have to say if it jiggles please cover it up. There was a lot of people that should not have been in a bathing suit there. The kids and I had a lot of fun and we hit the slides and water for 6 hours on Thursday and 13 hours yesterday, we passed on today as we were all tired of it and the Chlorine was getting to us.

We also hit the outlet malls on the way down and back and bought a few things that we need and many that we don't. I did buy a good surround system at the Sony place and the TV sounds great and also bought a bunch of Flavor Blasted Gold Fish. I love those things. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get back from bmx racing. Later..