Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures from gate practice....

Here are a few pictures from the gate practice last night. It was a light turn out which meant that you kept going till you were ready to drop.

Hailey the #1 girl in the state for dist. 1. Fast and could smoke many.
Dan T. and I going down the 2nd straight after side by side in turn 1.

Matt G. eating a licorice in his warm Russian hat while Cody was ripping a few laps.

Nate in turn 2.

Nate riding a manual over the triple after turn 1.

Nate dropping in turn 2.

Sami in the gates getting her last sprint workout in before going to California for training camp with her pro road team Type 1 next Wednesday.
All the fast guys lined up in the gates.

Cody in the gates.

Danny T getting ready for lift off. Later..

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