Monday, April 30, 2012

Kettle Moraine road race

 Picture taken by Peloton-Pix.
The 4 man break in the jr 15-18 30 mile road race. How yo see them is how they rolled across the line.  Kevin, Nate, Garrett and Kaleb.

 Nate laughing at something Kaleb was saying at the start line.

 Nate chill'n after the jr race before he races the Pro 1,2 65 mile race.

 Nate, Scott and Kevin at the start of the pro 1,2 race.

 Nate at the front of the pro 1,2 race.

Nate sprinting for the finish line in the pro 1,2 race.  In the end he raced 97 miles yesterday before he then came home and showered and went to work.  Must have been a tired boy at school today.  Later..

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whitnall Park race

With the rain coming down this morning we were on the fence about having Nate race as he leaves for Belgium in a week and a half and he does not need to get sick.  But as it came closer to race time the rain stopped and we loaded Nate's bike and headed to the race.  It was nice that we went as all of Nate's teammates were there ready to race so Nate was glad to get there to race.  In the first lap there was a few attacks and then Nate took off and Matt went with and they were gone.  Then it was Garrett, Kevin and Max bridging before the final of Peter and Joe went and got on too.  Then they raced the rest of the race taking pulls till the end with Matt taking the win for the ISCorp Jr team.  Tomorrow it the road race and the Jr race is 29 miles and goes off at 9:30 and then the Pro 1,2  race at 12:30 and that one is 65 miles.  Should be a fun day.  No racing for me today or tomorrow as the rain and then I would race at the same time as Nate in the morning and did not want to miss his races.  Later..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tracodero race pictures

Here are some pictures from the race on Saturday.  Nate raced the Jr race and the pro 1,2 ,3 race.  He took a 2nd place in the Jr race and then took 13th in the pro 1,2,3 race.  Solid results for bth races and a great race put on by the Tracodero team.  I raced the 35 plus masters cat 3-4 and took a 15th then again in the 35 plus master 1,2,3 and took a 32nd.  Good results for me as a field finish and no crash is always a win in my book.  Now there is the Whitnal park and White water road race this weekend.  Later..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Dane #2 pictures

Here are the pictures from the race today.  I still have a race report and pictures from yesterday to get up and just thought about that after today's were already done loading.  We headed out early this morning and picked up Simon at 6:30 and headed to Madison with Kaleb following as he spent the night after the races yesterday.  Once at the race we got Simon all st up and he went to work.  He broke off the front right away with Austin and they stayed away for the entire race.  In the end Austin went around Simon as he pulled to much in the break, lesson learned and we will work on that for the next race.  Then it was Nate and the rest of  the ISCorp crew taking it to the line.  Right away as always there were attacks and then after a few Kaleb went and a racer again from Great Dane Velo went.  They stayed away and Kaleb won the race with Kevin then Max as they both broke away from the field and held on as Nate and Peter played with the rest of the racers.  As the field sprinted for the line Nate took the sprint win for 5th and then Myles, Lionel and Peter rounding out the top 4 for the field finish sprint.  Good smart racing for the ISCorp jr kids again.  I again raced and as always it was a win as I finished without crashing and getting dropped.  I finished 17th today in the Masters 35 plus 3-4 race.  Yesterday I raced the Masters 35 plus 3-4 and finished about the same in the top 20 and then in the masters 35 plus 1,2,3 race it was about 20th maybe a give or take a few spots.  But it was fun and I will sit out this weekend as the $ for the races are a tad high in my book.  SO I will watch Nate race and then take the weekend off of racing.  Now I need to get my feet and legs up after the fun I had this weekend.  Later..

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Thanks to Dan Berg I am going to give this a try at the race today.  Also thanks Nate for setting it up last night for me.  Later...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Racing in Madison

 Craig giving the Jr racers the instructions at the line.

 Nate with his game face on.

 Nate and the Jr kids chill'n as Garrett, Max and Peter are up the road.

 Fixxie watching the Jr ISCorp team race.

Peter taking the win with Max 2nd and then Nate won the field sprint and Kevin took 5th.  Good racing by all the Jr Iscorp kids again.

I raced the master 35 plus cat 3,4 race and it was uneventful as a few got off the front and then their team mates blocked well and I was just sitting in and hoping to make it to the finish with the group.  It has been a while since I raced on the road and the ABR racing is not as aggressive to say and I made it with the field for the sprint and rolled in at 18th place.  Good day as I finished and I didn't get crashed out.  The high light of the day I have to say was Simon winning his first first and then Billy also winning the Master 35 plus 1,2,3 race for a double win for the ISCorp Jones racers.  Now today is some riding and then a trip down to Marian University Friday so Nate can registrar for his classes and get everything in line as he will be in Belgium and then in Canada racing when the days to do registration are planned.  Seems like we have been there alot in the past few months.  Wait we have but it is worth the trips for sure.  Later....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pictures of fixxie

It has been a while since I posted just pictures of Fixxie.  Her are a few of her over the past couple of weeks.  She loves to roll around in her bed and then when ever someone sits down she wants up on their lap and then proceeds to fall asleep.  She had a little fun this morning though as Jessie put her candy on a table next to the couch upstairs and Fixxie found it.  She ate a lot of it and then puked it all up all over the kitchen and in the bedroom.  Nice way to wake up this morning, NOT.  Hope Fixxie is all ok now so that Cece doesn't have to keep chasing around cleaning up after her.  I also hope that Jessie is not to mad as she has no candy left after Fixxie found it.  I guess the note on the table stating This is Jessie's candy do not eat any was not seen or read by Fixxie.   Later..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last few rides

 Nate leaving me in the dust again.

 Last effort I was to close so he drilled it more to drop me.

 My Dad motor pacing us yesterday, thought we wanted to go fast from the start. Not...

 He got it down after a few miles.

 It was cool out but nice behind the Audi.

 Even behind the car I suck on hills.

 Nice ride along the Wisconsin river during the ride.

 Some cranes that ran as we went past.

My view today as I drove and Nate only rode and did a nice interval workout that would have killed me.

Then a few burn offs at the end to toast him real good.  Thanks to Wade for the weekend in Stevens Point and Mom and Dad for the great Easter and fun time upnorth.  It was nice that Tim made the trip to Sevens Point for Easter and we were all there for some fun and laughs.  Now it is back to the real world as Nate has a trip to Marian University on Thursday that Cece is going along with him and then right back the same night.  That is going to be a long day of 9 hours on the road.  Then we have a few days of work for me and then more riding and racing tossed in.  Oh yeah Fixxie was great in the car and at Wade's and then at my parents place.  The cat hid the last 2 days but Fixxie was great and had no issues at either place.  Later...