Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Racing in Madison

 Craig giving the Jr racers the instructions at the line.

 Nate with his game face on.

 Nate and the Jr kids chill'n as Garrett, Max and Peter are up the road.

 Fixxie watching the Jr ISCorp team race.

Peter taking the win with Max 2nd and then Nate won the field sprint and Kevin took 5th.  Good racing by all the Jr Iscorp kids again.

I raced the master 35 plus cat 3,4 race and it was uneventful as a few got off the front and then their team mates blocked well and I was just sitting in and hoping to make it to the finish with the group.  It has been a while since I raced on the road and the ABR racing is not as aggressive to say and I made it with the field for the sprint and rolled in at 18th place.  Good day as I finished and I didn't get crashed out.  The high light of the day I have to say was Simon winning his first first and then Billy also winning the Master 35 plus 1,2,3 race for a double win for the ISCorp Jones racers.  Now today is some riding and then a trip down to Marian University Friday so Nate can registrar for his classes and get everything in line as he will be in Belgium and then in Canada racing when the days to do registration are planned.  Seems like we have been there alot in the past few months.  Wait we have but it is worth the trips for sure.  Later....


Mark Ehlers said...
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Mark Ehlers said...

Congratulations to Billy and Simon!
A whole new meaning to "keeping up with the Joneses". :)