Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last few rides

 Nate leaving me in the dust again.

 Last effort I was to close so he drilled it more to drop me.

 My Dad motor pacing us yesterday, thought we wanted to go fast from the start. Not...

 He got it down after a few miles.

 It was cool out but nice behind the Audi.

 Even behind the car I suck on hills.

 Nice ride along the Wisconsin river during the ride.

 Some cranes that ran as we went past.

My view today as I drove and Nate only rode and did a nice interval workout that would have killed me.

Then a few burn offs at the end to toast him real good.  Thanks to Wade for the weekend in Stevens Point and Mom and Dad for the great Easter and fun time upnorth.  It was nice that Tim made the trip to Sevens Point for Easter and we were all there for some fun and laughs.  Now it is back to the real world as Nate has a trip to Marian University on Thursday that Cece is going along with him and then right back the same night.  That is going to be a long day of 9 hours on the road.  Then we have a few days of work for me and then more riding and racing tossed in.  Oh yeah Fixxie was great in the car and at Wade's and then at my parents place.  The cat hid the last 2 days but Fixxie was great and had no issues at either place.  Later...

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