Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whitnall Park race

With the rain coming down this morning we were on the fence about having Nate race as he leaves for Belgium in a week and a half and he does not need to get sick.  But as it came closer to race time the rain stopped and we loaded Nate's bike and headed to the race.  It was nice that we went as all of Nate's teammates were there ready to race so Nate was glad to get there to race.  In the first lap there was a few attacks and then Nate took off and Matt went with and they were gone.  Then it was Garrett, Kevin and Max bridging before the final of Peter and Joe went and got on too.  Then they raced the rest of the race taking pulls till the end with Matt taking the win for the ISCorp Jr team.  Tomorrow it the road race and the Jr race is 29 miles and goes off at 9:30 and then the Pro 1,2  race at 12:30 and that one is 65 miles.  Should be a fun day.  No racing for me today or tomorrow as the rain and then I would race at the same time as Nate in the morning and did not want to miss his races.  Later..


Travis Miller said...

Really wish there were more kids racings or at least some on other teams.... IS Corp vs 3 others? :-(

That can't be a fun way to race when it's basically just against the rest of your team

Jay said...

Travis you are right. The ISCorp Jr team is a strong team and I think alot of the other kids just race the cat 5 and cat 4 races so that they aren't racing against them. The kids are always working together and giving each a chance for a win in the Jr races. They use them for the chance to work on team tactics for the cat 3 and pro 1,2 races later in the day.