Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Ready

The way the trails will look with all these kids from EXPO taking it over at the WORS race on Sunday.

It should be a good weekend as the WORS season starts. I can't believe that it will be the first time in 12 years that I will not be toeing the line for the start of the season. The shoulder surgery has me down and out and I am leaving the bike at home as I know I will do something stupid like try to race even though I know I can't. So my S-WORKS will stay home hanging in the basement. But I hope that Nate is ready as he is riding good this spring now I just hope it transfers to the mtn bike as he did ride the dirt a few times. But it will be nice to to see everyone and finally do support for Nate during the race season. We are heading up in the morning with a truck full of racers, Mitch, Chris, Regina and Angela for a pre-ride and then to Stevens Point to stay by Wade's house and then back to the race on Sunday. It should be a blast and we can't wait to get rolling. See you at the race. Later..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beat down

Again I had the urge to do the beat down tonight and it was just that. The wind took some of the riders out early as there was no place to hide. The group rolled along and I was keeping an eye on Nate and he was at the front and in many cases he was pulling. But that is why I bring him so he can pull me around as I did it for the last 10 years. Finally I get some payback and it is sweet. I made it with the lead group till the long up hill and Dr. Rudy and I got gapped by about 3 feet and with the wind and the power in the group we were done. We rode together and about 6 miles later we sat up and another group caught us and then we motored in for the rest. It was a nice ride and in a few more weeks I should have the legs back and hopefully make in the lead group with Nate as he hasn't missed the break yet. Today he chased the lead group down with Rudy and me on the wheel to get back on it as he was in the back when the leaders took off. He learned today to sit near the front no matter what at certain points in the ride as the gaps form fast and then you are done. But he looked good today. Well now I have to go over his mtn bike and get ready for Iola. It will seem weird to be watching but I really don't no if I will miss it. I guess I will see come Sunday. Later..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Work is easier

A picture of our new kits. Still racing the purple on the road though.

Work is easier then the day I had today. I drove the punks to school this morning and the ran right to the chiropractor for an adjustment and I have to say it really helped since the shoulder surgery as I was all jacked up favoring the bad one and that effected my entire body. After that I washed the car and went to the dentist and had a chipped tooth repaired and drooled all afternoon waiting for the numbness to go away. Then I went and picked up Jess from school and then drove Nate to Crystal Ridge so he could get some single track riding in before he races Iola. I just rode around as to not hurt myself and it felt good to get out on the mtn bike even to just ride around on it. Then it was stop at Science Surplus to get some supplies for Nate's science class project, good thing he only waited till the day before. Then got home and grilled some dinner. Now I get to sit and relax. Boy it is hard work not being at work. Later..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bone Head

We went to the track for the practice tonight and Nate asks me when we get there if I have spare road shoes in the car. He forgot his shoes tonight so we threw the bike back on the car and went back home. Once home I put Nate's old shoes back in the trunk of the car so we don't have to worry again. There was spare mtn bike shoes in the trunk but the spare pedals were in his other gear bag. But in the end at least it was not a race night. The good thing was that Len did bring our new kits to the track so we can rock these new colors on the road and trails now. I have to say that they are looking real nice and I can't wait to show them off. Later..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Going on 8

This week Thursday will make it 8 weeks since I had the shoulder surgery. I think that it is coming along good as the pain is getting way less and the range of motion is getting better when I lift the arm with the other arm. But I do have to say that the strength to lift the arm on its own has a long way to go. But I have the time and it is getting better. I got the OK from the Dr. to ride and it is getting better each time to but still trying to lift the left arm or put all the weight on is not happening. But at least I am riding and that makes the days go better. Now I need to get in my lazy boy and watch Pawn Stars and American Pickers, then DVR'd 24. Later..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not a

Not a thing going on today. I went out last night and listened to Jim's band play at Benno's. I have to say that they sounded good and Jim was impressive on the bass guitar. After having a good time and getting some sleep Nate and I again skipped the drive to race today. With the rain yesterday and the high chance today it just was not inviting. So we skipped the Fitchburg race and BMX was called today to so nothing for us today. We went to church and I watched the NASCAR race which was boring till the last 20 laps. But a good crash filled finish. Now tomorrow I will have to try to fit in a ride to take care of the beers from last night and not riding in the last 2 days. Here is to 1 week till the 1st WORS race in IOLA. I will be there to support Nate and the kids wishing I could ride and race but it should be nice either way. Later..

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today Nate and I were on the fence to race or not to race as racing in the rain bites. But when I got up it was not raining and the stupid weatherman sad the rain was going to hold off till later. So I woke Nate up and asked him if was thinking that he might want to race. He said yeah why not? So I got the bike and wheels out and loaded and he ate his bowl of cream of wheat and off we were. Once we got there and paid to race the freak'n rain started to come down. Wouldn't you figure pay and then the rain comes. Well he was sitting nice and just finished in the pack taking 7th. Now all cold and wet we pinned a new number on and then Nate toes the line in the cat 4 race. He was sitting near the front for the first 7 laps of the 11 laps that they did. Then the field comes past and I don't see Nate. Then all of a sudden he rolls up the finish hill and I figured that he was frozen to death and pulled, no he was taken out in a crash. Another racer went down and in the turn and Nate t-boned the guy and went over the bars. Nate got up and rolled to the finish line to renter the race. He just asked for his brake levers to be straightened and get back to racing. Again once back in he stayed up front and finished 9th at the end. Cold and wet he raced to the truck to warm up and dry off. Good racing in bad weather and he wasn't hurt which is the only thing that matters. He did stay that it was fun elbowing a xXx racer that kept trying to push Nate off a wheel during the race and finally the guy gave up when Nate would push him harder back. See bmx helps in road racing to.

Tonight going to go and see Jim Greenfield's band play at Benno's. Should be a interesting show. I have a feeling that his band is going to be playing Boy's to Men and Madonna. I guess I just have to wait and see. Then tomorrow if it is not raining Nate is going to race in Fitchburg. Hope it stops raining so he can race. Later..

Friday, April 23, 2010

New bike to hang

Nate took some of his money for once and built up a nice 20 dirt bike. He bought a nice Specialized Dirt bike and we hooked up the rest in the last few days. Yeah I know he needs a helmet but the dirt helmet is to small and we are going to get a new one asap. But we went to the dirt jumps and he tried out the new bike and like always he likes it. Now it is time to go out for some Pizza and have a few beers as you know it is Friday. Later..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beat up

The shoulder has a lot less pain everyday and that has helped but it is still weak and I can't lift it upward. But that is OK as I can push down and the Dr. has given me the OK to ride the bike outside so that is what I did. I got a ride in before the PT today and that helped loosen up the shoulder and I got good range of motion today. So after the dentist appointment and getting Jessica I called Joe and he brought a one of his spare road bikes to the beat down and we set it up for Nate and he rode it and I rode the Tarmac. I have to say that I was a little nervous as this was only like the 6th time I have rode outside and I rode earlier in the day. But I rolled out and hung on till the Fox River hill and then rode the rest of the way with Pat, Carrie Ann, Jessica, Steve and then Matt for a the rest of the ride. I was surprised that I made it as long as I did and I was glad that I made it to back. I am beat and have a long ways to go but it felt great to ride in a group again. I have to say that riding alot of the ride with mainly one hand and the other one just resting on the bars because of the bad shoulder made it a little tougher and that is fine as all my rides are that way with the bad leg. But I hope to make a few more soon. Now I need to go to bed as I can hardly keep my eyes open. Later..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pictures from the road race Saturday

Here are a few pictures that I found on line of Nate and Mitch at the races on Saturday.

I went to the doctor today for a follow up appointment and was told that things are going as planned. I still can't go to work and talking to the physicians assistant as Dr Pennington was in surgery it still looks like another 3 to 4 months as they want to make sure that the Labral repair is 100% healed. So really I am not to bummed as the time off is real nice too. So here is to healing and more time off. Later..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Track training

Tonight was another night at the Kenosha Velodrome. The crew showed up this week and I have to say it was a nice workout. Nate was with Bob, Kaz for the sprints and then they also did some 200 meter sprints. I think Nate should be ready in a few weeks when the season starts. It was also nice to see Curt stop by and chat for for awhile. I hope I can get him to try it in a few weeks or months. So if anyone is interested come on down and check it out and see if you want to try it. We are practicing on Tuesday's at 5:30ish.

Today PT went well and the range of motion is getting better but there is still alot of stiffness and soreness in the shoulder which is normal. I was hoping that I would be further along but the therapist said that I am doing good and not to worry. So in the long run she said that I have a long way to go and not to worry and to let it heal and go along with the process. So a few more months of PT here I come. I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow and I hope that goes as well to. So here is to another Friday, I can get used to this. Later..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pic's at the Kettle's

Here are some of the pictures that Joe took of Nate at the Expo photo shoot in the Kettles last Saturday. Jeremey had phoned me while he was out riding saying that we had to get some pictures at the new berms that were built as they were awesome. He was right as the spot was perfect and some great pictures were captured of all the Expo Jr racers. You can see some of Nate's bmx skills come out in the turns as he has the body english and lean down. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures that Joe took.

Tomorrow is track practice so load up the bikes and see you there. It starts at 5:30ish so be ready and it goes to about 7:00. Later..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Break from Racing

Today Nate and I decided that traveling to Rockford for some bmx or Madison to crit race was just not in the plans. So we slept in then Nate took a ride and then I put him to work as I needed the cana lilies planted and the lawn trimmed and mowed. Nice thing is he did it no questions asked. This shoulder thing sucks but having a great family helping do things that I can't do right now has made it easy to deal with. Also friends that have helped made it nice to.

Tomorrow is another Friday as it will be for a few more months while the shoulder mends. I hope that the shoulder keeps healing as well as it seems to be and I can get back to what I think is normal and others think is crazy. I miss that life. Now I need to ice the shoulder to help the healing. Later..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First road races of the year

Today was Nate's first road races of the year. I was worried on how he would be as we have been bmx racing all winter. We did not do any of the Kenosha races, or the race last week in Madison as Nate wanted to race bmx in Rockford. But he was able to cover the surges in the Jr races and sit near the front and finished 4th. Well 5th but Greg was relegated out because he rolled out about 8 inches to far for the gear roll out. So the chief official moved Greg from 3rd to 7th. I feel bad for Greg but he knows better and I always check the roll out for Nate's bike before the race, 1 for making sure his gear is right as I never change the gears and to check and make sure the roll out was measured right. Caught it set up to short once. But that moved Nate to 4th. Mitch was sitting good but was forced off the road and went into the grass and a gap formed and Mitch never caught back on.

Then Nate and Mitch toed the line for the cat 4 race along with 63 others. They sat in nicely for the race and at the end Nate finished 14th and Mitch 26th. Good racing and glad that they both did not crash in the many that did in that race. I have to say awesome racing by Lionel today as he finished 3rd in the jr race and a 3rd in the cat 4's. Then we watched a few more races and came home to get a few chores done. Now we are on the fence to drive to Madison tomorrow or spend some time at home and Nate just ride around here. We are gone so many weekends that it would be nice to spend a day with the family.

Jessica is sleeping over at a classmates house for a Birthday party so we are waiting for Cece to get out of the shower and go out to eat. Later..

Friday, April 16, 2010

More bmx pic's and the beat down

Here a few more of the awesome pictures that Sam got of Nate last weekend.

Yesterday was a good day at PT as the range of motion is getting better and the pain is way less to the point of only in the morning right now. But there is a spot when I lower the shoulder that clicks and a sharp pain shoots through it. But in time we are hoping that it goes away. We did try to lift 2 1/2 pounds yesterday and that was not going to happen so we have a long way to go yet.

Then last night it was the Thursday night Beat Down. I dropped Nate off and got the Sun Ringle wheel that Russell built for Gus and headed out while the ride rode away. I dropped off the wheels by Gus so he could build up his bike for the Trans Iowa and went back to get Nate. I got there and Joe, Sammy and Nate rolled in with the best about 7 minutes later. Good ride and I hope to get back to joining them in a few months. The bad will be is that the group will be full speed and I will be getting back so I may be looking at them roll away for a few weeks before the legs get back under me. But at least I will be riding. I need more coffee and cookies. Later..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dirt jumping

Today Nate took a break from the road bike and Mtn bike to hit up some dirt jumps near the house. Have to hit it up more often as it was fun to watch him jump today. Now he has to transfer it to a place or 2 at Rockford now. Tomorrow is the beat down and the word is that they are not going to a lite beat down anymore, so be ready to ride. Later..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Rockford by Sam

Nate pulling a manual into turn 2.
Have to block well in the turn to prevent the high low.
Pulling it up down the first straight.
Nate flying into turn 2.
Nate landing it into turn 2. Again the great pictures were taken by Sam.

Tonight I'm loading up Nate's new track bike and we are heading to the Velodrome for some track practice. Have to see how the new Bianchi fits and handles. Also see if my building it up holds up. So if you have a track bike come on down as it all starts at 5:45pm. See you there. Later..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Pictures from Bmx

Nate taking the lead in turn 1.
Dragging it down the 1st straight.
Over the double down the 1st straight.
Nate going over the triple into turn 1.
Here is Nate in the open going over the double.

Here are some of the many pictures that Sam took of Nate racing Rockford on Sunday. Thanks for the cool pictures. I will post the others through out the week. Today I just relaxed as the last week plus had me drained. Tomorrow is some training down at the Velodrome for Nate. See you there. Later..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here and there

It has been a very busy weekend. Thursday the kids and I got home from Rhinelander to get to PT. Then later that night I went to cheer on my co-workers play in the Health dept. volleyball tournament. I hat e to say without my playing we lost the 1st place trophy. I will be back next year to get it back to the proper home. Then Friday was busy with stopping Clayton's to buy a few things before he moves to Germany and then get to the airport to pick up My brother in law at the airport as he flew in for my Mother in laws 80th birthday party. Then it was down to Racine for the St Pat's party at Steve's. All I have to say what happens here stays here. Enough said. Then Saturday it was all day at the kettles while Nate and the awesome EXPO Jr team had their Photo shoot. I have to say that they are looking good. Then it was drive , like crazy home to get to my Mother in laws 80th birthday party. I have to day it was a great time and nice to see all the people show up for it. After that it was get some sleep and then drive to Rockford so Nate could get a few bmx race in. He took a 3 in open and a 2nd in cruiser and then a 3rd in class. It was a nice day of racing and a awesome time to see everyone on the team. Great racing everyone. After the racing it was time to race home for a cookout with the family at the house. It was nice and now I need some sleep. Later..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Last Day

Today is the last day that we are spending up at the cabin in Rhinelander with my parents. My Dad and I waxed the truck and cleaned the inside. It looks nice. Then Grandma played bean bag toss with the kids and took the girls for a 4 wheel ride out back while Nate rode his bike. The few days here went by fast as we are hitting the road early tomorrow so that I can get to PT at 2pm and try to get Nate to the group ride. Then a action packed weekend ahead too. Later..

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cabin fever

We were able to get a nice hour plus 4 wheel ride in this morning with all of us on the 3 machines. It was nice to just sit there on the machine and let Nate drive, just like he is going to have to do on the drive home Thursday morning. I like having a personal driver. Then we helped move a few cords of wood for my parents before heading into town for lunch and run a few errands. Now we are relaxing watching some Goose Bumps movies that Jessica had me buy in town. Nothing else we can do as it is raining outside right now. But still better then work and the shoulder is doing better each day but I am still a far ways away as the range of motion is getting better slowly. But the pain is way better each day and that makes things a lot better. Now I need to watch some real scary movies. Later..

Monday, April 05, 2010

Cabin Life

The kids and I are at the cabin enjoying the weather and getting a lot of things done for my parents. We got the boat uncovered and ready to cruise the lake. Then we put the raft out but none of the kids would jump in as the water was ice cold. Then we put the deer stand up as we didn't have time in the fall to get it in the tree so that was nice. Then we fixed the neighbors 4 wheeler as it had no power. So my Dad and I took the belt cover off and it was packed full of acorns and crap. After cleaning it up and putting it back together it was running normal again. While we fixed the 4 wheeler Nate got out for a 1 1/2 ride in the back trails. Now we are relaxing watching 24. Nice way to end a busy day. Later..

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter and have a safe day traveling. Enjoy a day of laughs and love with your loved ones. Later..

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bock night

Came to Stevens Point and we are spending the Easter Holiday with Wade, Parents and Tim. WE stopped by Grandmas on the way up to say hi in Keil as she is turning 92 this summer to say hi for Easter. I hope I am doing as good as her she is at 92 when I am 50. We were going to go to Rhinelander but Tim has to work on Monday so he was not going to be able to make it. So we said Wades place it was. We came up to Point today and are spending the weekend here for Easter so time and the family can be together. Then Cece is going to go back to Milwaukee with Tim and the kids and I are going to Rhinelander. Cece has to finish the final plans on her Moms 80th Birthday party for Saturday so we are giving her brothers the time so get it finalized. Then we are heading back on Wednesday so I can make it to PT and then get to the 80th Birthday on Saturday. Just nice to relax. Tonight we hit up a sweet Fish Fry and enjoy some good fish and Point Bock beer. Now we are watching Blind Side. Later.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Break

Today was the first day of spring break for Jess so slept in. Nate and Maddie had half days so everyone is now home and on everyones nerves already. This is going to be a long week and I hope I can make it. Today I took the rollers outside and rode the road bike one handed for 26 miles. Felt good to be outside even if it was on the rollers. Then it was off to PT. Today was a painful one as Kristen really put me in the pain locker. But I can tell that the shoulder is beginning to loosen up and hopefully in a few months I can get most off the range of motion back. Then tonight I dropped Nate off at the beat down so he could suffer for a while. Well that he did. He made it with the lead group but was sitting on as he was suffering. Nate just needs a few more rides outside and it should be OK. Now I am beat and sitting in the chair. Later..