Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye 2005

Well the year went as good as I could have wished. I set some goals and did as good as I could to reach them. I hoped to be in the top 3 in age in WORS and ended up 2nd overall. Done. I wanted to win a race and won 2. Done. I wanted the Crystal Ridge race to be the win and I got that as a win and it was the most gratifying win of the year. Done. I also was 3rd overall in a race in sport at the Sunburst race, maybe the mud had something to do with it but that was a great race also. I won the race at the line taking it by a missed turn and myself paying attention and racing hard until the finish. Also raced the track and had more fun this year then in the past. I enjoy the track but it is getting harder and may have to play Dad and get the kids ready more then race myself. I did the Parkside races in the spring but not every weekend as we were racing the BMX also. I raced the BMX and really like it. I plan to race the BMX for a long time as it isn't as demanding as the other types of racing.

Nate had a great year on the bike again. He won every race in the WORS cit youth and locked it up and moved up to cit after 7 races. He also did well after moving up. He won the Crystal Ridge race also and was like 17th overall. He raced the BMX also and won the first 5 out of 6 races he did. We bought a cruiser and he raced that to get the skills better and then this year he raced both and moved to intermediate after the first 3 weeks. Thanks Ron for helping us at the BMX track. He raced cross, road and the track again and did well in all. The Boy can ride a bike and he loves it.

Maddie raced the WORS series this year and finished 3rd in age. That was great and she enjoyed hanging out with the other girls after the races. She also raced the road and track. By the end of the track season she was doing great. I hope that she keeps getting better and stays in the saddle.

Cece raced the WORS series and finished 2nd overall. That is amazing that the fact that she never road her bike except at the races. I hope that she continues to ride more and even move up. But what ever she wants to do.

Tonight we are going to Indy to race at the track in Hobart at Midnight. It now will be myself, Nate, Russell, Samantha, Skyler, Dave, Katlyn and maybe Jeff getting into the truck. A little tight be should make it. Then after the racing it will be come home and nap then out to Walworth for New Years day racing. It will be a fun day of racing and trying to stay awake for a couple of hours Sunday night.

As for the plans this year I really don't have any set in stone yet. But will do some thinking in the next couple of weeks and let you all know. Have fun and hope everyone had a good year and even a better New Year. Later..

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lot's O Fun

We went to the 4 season's skate park and rode the bikes for a couple of hours. I was more fun this time and there was less people so more time to ride all the areas. Nate had a lot of fun and I thought he would had be a little more crazy but he tried a lot of the different areas as the night went on. I tried a lot more this time and got some of the turns and jumps down. I will try more things the next time as Jay said he is planning on renting the park at least once a week. Maybe we can get Russell to try it.

Today we are going to see a movie with the Kids. The movie is The Chronicle of Narnia. We are taking Travis and Liz with us also. I hope that they are quit during the movie. They are usually pretty good if we can separate the girls and boys.

Have to get some things lined up for the races in Indy on New Years eve at midnight. As of now Russell, Nate, Samantha and Skyler are coming. We will have to leave around 6pm and then hope to miss the traffic in Chicago. Later..

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Wow I posted that Nate and I are going to the bmx track and I got phone calls that others were thinking Walworth. But my bad as I did mean the 4 seasons indoor bmx and skate park. I didn't think people read my blog. But I do mean the 4 season's and we are going there from 10 to midnight tonight. I t was fun last time and I'm looking forward to Nate trying bmx Xgame style.

We went bowling last night and it was fun. Russell and I were neck and neck each game and Bubba was the bowler though. He was consistent and had some good games. I had the high one of 181. Not bad for a bunch of bikers. We couldn't match the 10 year old 200# kid and his old man bowling strikes. They both were fat and had the Milwaukee tumor going. The kids were having fun and Jessie was funny. She sat on the alley and pushed the ball so slow that it almost stop before the pins. One time it did and I smashed the ball with another one. Only one ball still made it down there and Nate had to go get the other ball anyhow. Jessie did get a strike in one of the games. Nate, Dylan and Megan bowled all night as the others had to run to the game room and were in there for the rest of the night. We will have to try it again. Have to go and eat. Later..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still breathing

Yes it has been awhile since I sat and updated the blog. It has been busy around the house the last couple of days. We have been visiting with the family and having a great time. My brother and parents have left and headed home today so maybe more to normal here. Just been training in the basement with the kids. Tonight we are going bowling and tomorrow going to the indoor bmx track. This weekend Nate Russell and myself are going to Indy for midnight bmx races. Nothing else new so later..

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Hope you al got all your parts and bikes. I got nothing as I buy what ever I want. See you all soon.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Da ride's

Well last night we went to the indoor skate park. I have to say the guys who ride there are real good bike handlers. They were flying and jumping every thing. I myself kept the bike way closer to the ground. I took one tumble and that was it. Bubba got out the spare cruiser and was hitting it with me. He got some skillz going and was doing everything. He was riding up the little stair set up and managed to get a pinch flat. Hmm a cylde and a pinch flat? Russell had a spare tube and Bubba was back at it. Russell took the night off as he had a bad head ache and didn't feel up to it. I liked the pool as I could handle the banks and didn't have to make high tight turns. It was fun and I would do it again.

Today I got the grocery shopping done and stoped a the shop and paid my bill. Then I went to meet the guys for the ride. Bubba, Jim, Mikey, Dr. Evil, Greg, Randy and myself hit the trails. We went into the woods and the snow made the riding tough and we decided to hit the road. I know Russell would have made the riding in the snow look easy but we didn't want to work that hard. Well then as we hit the road. I think I got the vibes of Dr. Evil's plan. I think it was to get rid of anybody that doesn't agree with him. We were going up Watertown Plank road and I figured that if I stayed in front of him his plan wouldn't affect me. It worked as his plan was to get rid of the single speeders on a Rig. First was Randy and then Bubba turned his Rig around and said he would see us back at the start. We never caught Bubba again so he must of been Hhhhhhaaaauuuuulllll'n because he was back before us. Actually Randy and Bubba I 'm sorry as I was attacking the hills and waiting at the top so the pace may have screwed because of that. I play better the next ride. The weather was great and I hope that the family plans allow me to catch the ride tomorrow. Just have to wait and see. Later...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New addition

Today I got the Specialized Hemi expert that we ordered for Nate. It is a cool white color. I did get that look and we all know the look when brought it home. Cece knew that I was getting the bike but still another bike in the basement will always make her give me that look. Nate is by my brothers house today and he is spending the night as he is helping my parents and brother insulate the 3rd floor of the house. So he doesn't know that I brought the bike home. He will race it at the New Years race in Indiana It is a little longer then the Jr that he is racing now so the position should help. Maddie is looking forward to riding the other 20 inch bike at the next open gate practice.

Tonight I finished wrapping about half of the presents and will finish the rest later. My back was getting sore from sitting on the floor. I don't mind the shopping and all but I hate the wrapping. If I had it my way I would put all the presents in a bag. Now all I have to buy is the bottle of gin for my 87 year old Grandma. She likes her booze so I get a bottle for Christmas every year. I know you all think I'm bad but that is what she likes so why not make her happy.

Tonight we are going to the skate park and riding our BMX bike with the guys from the shop. It will be fun and I hope that I don't hurt myself or others. I'm gong to try some of the jumps and see if I can get the skills to try at the BMX track. Hope to make it home in one piece.

Tomorrow I have to head it out early and do some grocery shopping and get the final stuff for the dinner Sat. Then get home and get to the 1pm ride with the guys. Well have to get my stuff and head to the skate park. Later...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas concert

We went to the school and watched the kids sing their Christmas songs. Jessica's class was so cute. The 4 year olds sang so loud or should I say screamed their songs. Jessie was smiling so much I don't know how she could sing. Nate was singing with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders. I think only the girls and the well you know dork guys were singing. I think I saw Nate move his lips a few times. Maddie was in the front row and I think she was singing. It was a nice Christmas concert. Now it feels like Christmas is almost here.

Not much else is happening and I have off after tomorrow until Jan 3rd. I plan on doing some riding so if anyone else is off give me a call as maybe we can hook up for ride. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas. Later..

Sunday, December 18, 2005

8 degrees

That is right we rode today and it was fricking cold. I did dress properly and I was warm but the toes did get a little cold at the end of the ride. I went to Russells and we rode to Hoyt Park, Bubba and Rob weren't there when Russell and I did a lap to stay warm. We got back to the parking lot and Bubba was there and Rob's truck but no Rob. We rode to the dog park and finally after about 40 minutes until we ran into Rob. We rode around for about 2 hours and then headed in. We got about 2 1/2 hours in. Just enough to be warm and not freeze like the water in my bottle. If you got your front tire off the trails you hit the ground. I found this out a few times today. But riding at the speed that Randy races at, when you fall you don't hurt yourself so that was nice. A little scrape on the skin graft but that was it. It was a perfect day to ride the dog trails as the road ride there and back was a little cool.

Well I ordered a new BMX for Nate. I got a Specailized Hemi expert 20 inch. The top tube is the same length as his cruiser. I did notice that he is kind of cramped on his other 20 incher so this should help him. He should be able to ride it next year also. It should be here early this week. Maddie will be riding the other 20 inch bike. Now I have to get her some body armor and a helmet. I hope that she picks it up and does a race or 2 later. No pushing, just a lot of hope that she will try it. Hey maybe she will race before Russell does.

I have to think of a thing or 2 for Cece to put under the tree. We also have to get something for my parents. They are always hard as they have everything and do not really need a thing. But we will find something different as we do every year. Have to go fold all the clothes that I washed yesterday. I hate folding the clothes maybe I have to get the kids on track with this job. Then maybe just maybe they won't get in each others faces. Have a good one. Later..

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pounding the dirt

We loaded the loser crusier to the max last night with the Mad Dog, Little Dog and The Boy, Russell and myself. Russell had the crusier at the comfortble speed of 80mph and not a wiggle in the beast. As we were going the kids were very quite and I looked back and The Boy and Little Dog were sleeping. That is a nice sign as no fighting was going on. We got to the track as the snow was begining to fall. I like it when it snows. There was about 40 people there so open gates all night again. Russell was doing some gate starts clipped in and he is looking better each week. Torgler should be afraid to show as I think Russell would only school in another form of bike riding. The newly crowned National Cross Champ Samantha joined us for some gates also. Her Uncle Danny brought her. Skyler didn't want to come and the rumor is she was afraid of Russell? Nate is looking about an inch from jumping the double. He tried a few times but pulled it short. He will have in a couple of more practices. At the end we were able to get my Maddie and Pat's Maddie to try the BMX bikes. They both liked it and now I my be adding another bike to the basement. Cece just looked at me and rolled her eyes like that is all we need. If Maddie enjoys it we will add another bike to the collection. The best was Pat forgot little Sam's riding shoes so he was out there in his moon boots. He was rocking the house in those boots. Ron it can be done, racing in moon boots I have seen it. Diane brought Bradon out to the practice and he enjoyed it and I think he will be back for more. The ride home was alittle slow as there was like 4 inches of snow out there. Russell got us home safe again.

Tonight we are getting together for a dinner with the guys who race on the road team. It should be a nice dinner and a good time to talk about the last season and all. I can't believe it that the year is almost over and the Parkside races are in 3 months. I haven't decided if I want to race more WEMS races and less WORS and be a parent at the WORS for the kids. I may go that route as trying to get 4 racers bikes and all ready is stressful at times. But if I race the WORS it will be my single speed to do something different for a change. I have Russell building up a set of race wheels this winter and I will be looking to get a few different things for the bike. I will have to get the spare track bike on the rollers and ride it on the road this spring with Danny to get ready.We will have to wait and see.

Let it snow let it snow. Later..

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today was a disapointment in the amount of snow we got. Oh we are going to get 4 to 6 inches and what? We get 2 maybe 3 inches of heavy sloppy snow. I got to drive to nort side of milw and then drive home in that snow. I drive the speed limit and watchout for others, but the a$$holes that live and drive on the nort side like to drive like shit. Passing in the right at the stop light's and going 50 in a 25mph area. I don't know why the man pulls them over. It must be DWB not the fact that they drive like shit.

Made it home in like 45 minutes and got the kids and headed out to shovel the heavy sloppy snow. The Boy, Mad Dog, and Little Dog got dressed in the snow clothes and made a 8 foot snowman. We got up this morning and the 8 foot snowman turned into a 3 foot snowman. I guess that I'll have to teach the kids the proper way to build a snowman that will last.

Tonight we are heading to the last gate practice of the year. I hope that the little bit of snow will keep some of the others away and then we have open gates all night again. Tonight we have to take Maddie and Jessie with us as Cece has a Christmas dinner with some of her old co-workers. It shall be fun with the loser cruiser loaded and flying to the BMX track. The entertainment shall be endless witht the kids and Russell together. Later..

Monday, December 12, 2005


I got the honor of being Russell's Loser of the week. Now I'm in the same league as Bubba's girl's, what a honor. I have a question for you Bubba. Why do we let Russell in the same room or in that fact the same anything with us? Well when I figure how to post pictures I'll post a few good one's of Russell. Not a thing new going on. Have to still find a few gifts for Cece and the parents but other then that same old same old. See you all for a ride this weekend maybe. Later..

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Move'n on up

The boy and I went to the BMX track again today. The Boy won his age group and now has been moved up to intermediate. He won his age with no problem today. He rode away from the other kids. I think he will do alright in the intermediate class. He will rise to the level in no time. He will make the mains and hold his ground. In the open he made the main and was sitting in 3rd and the guys go down in front of him and he had to run around the guys on the ground. He got up and was in 3rd but another couple had the speed and he had to settle for 5th. He missed the cruiser open as he was racing 3 real fast 12 year olds. I missed the main as I had 3 former pros and another real fast racer in my moto's also. I was a little timid from the crash yesterday. I could have pushed one of the other racers over the burm or made something bad happen to make the main but us old guys don't race that way. We have to get up and go to work the next day. Now we wait to see what numbers we get for next year. I hope you are feeling better Ron. Joey got a few places today like a 2nd and a 3rd so we need you back there. He will get a big head.

Russell, Jim, and Mike went for a ride in the snow and it sounded fun. Now that we are done for the next couple of weeks I'll be doing the rides with the guys. Our next BMX race will New Years eve in Indiana. The gate will drops at Midnight. We will then drive to Walworth for the races there. So outdoor riding the next couple of weekends.

Time to get the trimings for the tree out and let the fun begin. Later..

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hitt'n the deck

Cece and I shopped this morning and got most of the gifts for everyone bought. I hate the mall's but it has to be done. Got home and Nate and I made it to the BMX track. I love when it is snowing out as the parents who like to sauce it up all day don't bring the kiddies to the races. Only 34 moto's. Nate took a planned 2nd in age and missed the cruiser main. I got into the main and was in solid 2nd and pulled my right foot out and hit the deck. I brushed myself off and rolled in for 3rd. Bummer. Tomorrow is a double pointer and we are going back for more.

Putting the lights on the tree tonight and then we are going to decorate it when the Boy and I get back from the races. A big congratulations the Samantha as she is the National Cyclecross champ. Way to go Samantha you rock. Also a great job done by Katie A. as she won also. Well have to get the BMX clothes out of the dryer and get the rest of the lights on that tree.

Friday, December 09, 2005

More Snow

We went to the BMX track and did gate practice last night. I love going there when it is snowing outside as the parents who I smell the beer on as I pass are afraid to drive and have been drinking. That means that the little kiddies are at home getting Pop's another cold one instead of riding their bikes. It gives a chance to run open gates all night. Last night Jake even let us run about 15 to 20 minutes extra so that is cool. So gates for 2 plus hours meands you are tired at the end and sleep real good.

Russell drove in the road bastard and the pure weight of that thing just kept us on the road as on the way there the snow was coming down and Russ's speed was a steady 80 plus. The way back you know Russell is concentrating when the Boy is offering him candy and Russell is saying I have to keep 2 hands on the steering wheel you have to unwrap that for me. We made it back in one piece and Russell is a fine driver at that. Thanks for the ride.

Russell broke in the new BMX bike that he put together last night. I felt bad by the look on his face as the Boy rode by it for the maiden voyage on the track. I have to say if he were 18 and not 11 Russell may have jumped the wall and tore his sorry ass off the bike. Russell is looking better each time he is out there. A few more weeks and then he can maybe try a race with us. Last night Russ did have the mad skillz to not ride over a 5 year old girl who rode him up the side of turn 2. I think that if Russell hit her she would never ride a bike again. Also Russell had to avoid the speed bump that appeared on the course. Ray, Dan and myself were going into turn 1 stacked 3 high and Ray hit the pebbles and got sideways and Dan hit Ray's rear wheel and hit the ground and I rode high to not hit him and Russell missed to. It was a fun night at the track. The Boy is getting better and he has to as one more win and he moves up.

This weekend we have races Sat and Sun. It is the last time to get points for the year and it was a good year since we only race the winter and the rest race year round. Nate and I both have a good amount of points and should get low numbers for next year. I hope that Ron and his bumb wheel are healing and that he is up and peddling soon. If you can get around Ron maybe you can come and watch the races. I hope that the Sat ride with the gang is fun, I will be thinking of them at the races. Later..

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hey Taxi

Nothing new. I have been running the kids here and there. Not that I'm complaining but it does mess with the training alittle. I do get 2 days at the BMX track every week. This weekend there are races Sat and Sun. I still get on the bike 2 or 3 days while not at the track for a easy spin. Tonight it is another day at the BMX track and Russell already has a BMX bike built up for himself. That should be cool to watch again. I hope that Ron is up and moving and his broken wheel is feeling better. Well out to get some work done. Later..

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Nate and I went to the BMX track today and had a fun day at the races. We ran into Ron and hung out with him for the day. Things where going real good and then a crash, I'll get to that later. Nate made some great moves in his races and made the mains in his age, open and cruiser. He won his age and the took 3rd in the cruiser and a 5th in the open. He looked way better after the pointers that Ron gave him. I wish that I had the skillz to pick up the things Ron tells us. One more win and Nate moves up you intermediate. I think he will do alright but he will have to get the manuals and the jumping better or he will be toast. I think he will do fine though. I took another 3rd place. I'm racing 2 former pro racers but it is still a blast.

Now to that crash. Ron made the mains in both age and open. He was a little PO'd about a dude that rode like shit during gates and qualifiers. So Ron is riding great and in 2nd and jumping the double and the dude comes under Ron and hit's his bars. Ron plants his foot in the ground and goes down and his ankle is goofed up. No place in open class for Ron and he was doing great. He ices it and goes to the gate and rides to the line and gets a 3rd. It really sucked because he was doing great. Hope every thing is good and he is able to get up and going fast.

Russell said that he and Pat had a good cross race in Chicago. Pat got a 10th and Russ a 16th. Way to go guys. I have to say that I was a little tight in the shoulders after the ride yesterday. But in BMX the races are fast and the soreness was no problem. The work party was ok and I won a gas card. I don't know how much but I don't think it was enough to fill the Excursion. Well time to read the paper and relax before putting out a few Christmas items. Later..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Single again

No I didn't get tossed from the house. I broke out the Single speed again. Today I joined the gang for a ride along the lake front in Crud a hey. It was a little chilly in the morning so I put on clothes until I was warm. As we rode I got to warm. I had too much on. I was sweating my ass of. Russell, Coop, Jerry, Goat, Lori, Mikey, Jim, Rick, Kevin, Bender and myself were on the trails for a nice spin. Nobody went for a swim off the side and I think I'm the only one that took a nice spill. We rode for about 2 1/2 hours. It was a good ride.

Tonight I have a work Christmas party. I'm going for the free food and drinks. Tomorrow it's time to hit the BMX track. Nate and I are going and then come home and get the Christmas stuff out and put some of that up. Later..

Friday, December 02, 2005


Went to the BMX track last night. Boy could I tell that I had a cold and haven't been riding for a couple of weeks. The break was nice but the gate practice was hard at times. I'm goig to have to train a few times a week on the rollers to get the lungs back. I was gasping for air a few times last night. I'm thinking what Ron said about the gearing. That 41-17 is alittle to big to get out of the gate and all. I'm going to go back to the 41 -18 and look at getting a 39- 18 maybe and see how that goes. My knees were alittle sore this morning so I think the gear was alittle big.

Ray was there last night and looks smooth as hell on the bike and ready to rock the barn this winter again. Nate was getting real good gates last night and looked the best he has this year yet. He is getting his form back and the break that he had the last 2 weeks did him good. And the best of all I beat Samantha out of the gates and around the track so she has to pay her Dad some money how funny is that.

Russell came to the track last night and did some laps. He got his license and all and enjoyed it. He was funny to watch out of the gate the first few times. He got the track down alittle and got the hang of it by the end of the night. I think he figured it out that it's harder then it looks. After a few practices he may try a race down the road. He needs to get the gate starts down without waiting until everyone leaves and with one foot on the ground. I think after a practice or 2 he will be fine. So again if you all have nothing to do races are Sunday at about 12:45. You all think you have mad skillz come see these 10 and 11 year old kids fly around. And a few of the old guys do to.

Tomorrow night is the union Christmas party. I say Christmas they say Holiday because we are Gov't workers. How lame is that, just suck it up it's refered to Christmas and you get paid for the day off and you don't complain. Any how it should be OK and all. Go to the party and talk work all night, I'll be standing at the bar as the beer is free to avoid that shit. I'll head home by 1am as we race BMX on Sunday. Later..