Monday, February 27, 2012

Fixxie update

Fixxie is growing like a weed and getting treated like a toy by Jessie.  Jessie is dressing her up in some Build a Bear clothes and some of her american girl doll clothes.  By the looks in Fixxie's eyes she is not liking the dress up and then she was going a little crazy in her dog bed trying to get the clothes off.  Then the other pictures you can see how big she is getting as the bed that she is lying in used to be huge as she only used only take up half of it 5 weeks ago.  She is doing real good as she is now house broken and the best part of it is that so far Fixxie is not a barking dog.  I like that.  But she thinks that she is a lap dog as she paws at me until I put her on my lap every night.  But it is a good time and she is a blast to have around.  Later..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just letting the dust settle

It has been a busy week with a nice long ride on Sunday and then a trip to Marian University on Monday for Nate signing on to race with them. Then it was a few nice rides in with Billy and the Jr punks before finally getting some time to relax tonight.  But just as the dust settles I know that it will get just as crazy as ever because the training is going to ramp up and then the racing will begin and that means going somewhere every weekend.  But that is what we live for and I can't wait for the racing and heavy training to start, really I can not wait for it to start and see all the racers and people again.  See you at the rides and races soon.

Fixxie has been growing and we are having a blast with her running around the house.  She has a fun personality and it sure fits in at our house for sure.  I have to put the dog bed at my feet or she jumps on me till I pick her up to sleep on my lap.  We have all gotten used to her under our feet as not to step on her and she has gotten used to us moving and getting out of our way not to step on her.  Glad to have her hanging around for sure and I can't wait to take her to the races this spring and summer.  Later..

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Marian student/racer

Today we loaded the truck and went to Marian for the new student day and Nate also signed on to race for the Marian cycling team.  Thanks Coach Dean Peterson for the chance for Nate continue his education and cycling.  It was a fun trip today as we did not have any issues driving there and back and the entire family and Jeremy made the trip to support Nate on his big day.  I have to give a shout out to Kaitie for being there today when Nate signed on, Thanks Kaitie.  The fun has just begun.  Later...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Riding along

I have been busy with work, riding ( indoors and outdoors ) and keeping a puppy in eye sight.  It is always a challenge to keep all the Dr appointments which I had on Monday and all is still good with the cancer thing, dentist appointments for the kids and Cece having meetings after school but between Cece and I we some how manage.  I have to say getting home and getting dark so early has us riding indoors whether it is either here doing the workouts in the basement or Nate on the comp u trainers or me at the barn on the bmx bikes.  I guess all my indoor riding and going no where has made the longer 3 to 5 hour rides so tough that I may have to do something different.  Wrong on that as they are going just fine.  But on a different note we did our things all week and then yesterday we had a real nice workout for about 3 hours on the bike and then I got home and washed the truck as I have to take it on the road early in the morning and then even though it was a tough workout I hit the BMX track for some more racing.  I took a 2nd in cruiser and then a 3rd in 20 inch.  I missed the main in the money open but as always it is a blast to race the BMX bikes.

Then today it was a 3 plus hour ride with Nate, Billy Jones, Simon, Garrett, Peter, Max, Austin, Jeremy and one other Team Extreme rider ( sorry I forgot his name ).  It was a long steady ride with a few sprints after 2 hours into the ride.  I have to say that Doug was right as after the training ride yesterday that with the ride today and all that the kids could bring was water that a few may bonk.  Well a few did and we got home with a few empty tanks but it was a great ride.  Then it was a quick recovery drink from Billy a awesome plate of spaghetti and get Nate home to run to work.  I still managed to lift weights tonight to although  that may be the last thing before I sit down and have a few beverages before going to bed at like 8pm as I have to get up early for a ride south again and we are hoping for nice easy ride without as much excitement like the last time Nate and I headed that way.  Well time for some beverages.  Later..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fixxie hang'n around

Just the same old stuff here.  Fixxie is getting bigger everyday and she is fitting in real nice.  She is not having any accidents in the house and she is doing well in the carrier during the day and when we leave her alone.  We are thinking that even when she is older we are going to stick with her staying in the carrier as she has adjusted real well to it.  Other then that he have been busy with the school stuff and doing our training as we have a lot of racing and things coming up for Nate this spring and summer.  Other then that it has been work and no play but that is ok as it balances out later.  Later..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This and That

It has been a busy few days as always here at our house.  On Monday it was a Vet appointment for Fixxie and it was a few shots and now she is good to go until she is spade.   Everyone at the Vet said Fixxie was the cutest dog that they have ever seen, I agree.

Then on Tuesday it was a orthdontist appointment for Nate and Maddie.  I think the orthodontist said that Maddie is getting close to getting her braces off so that will be nice.  As for Nate I think he a bit to go before his come off.  But the teeth are looking good and it as always it worth it.

Wednesday was as always gate practice at the barn.  There was a lighter crowd there so it was gate drops till you dropped.  At the end I was pretty tired and for sure got my share of gate practice this week.  Hoping that the practice helps one of these race days.

Thursday was the usual workout and then get a bunch of things done around the house.  I had to get one of Nate's bikes ready for Jake to try bmx racing tomorrow too.  I hope that Jake is ready and watching a few videos as bmx racing is a lot different then any of the other types of bike racing.  But we are hoping he likes it and keeps at it after tomorrow.  I always look forward to another racer trying bmx as I think it really helps Nate and his racing the road, men bike, track and cross.  After that it was run to Nate's High School and attend a financial aid seminar. Glad to see that there are ways to get a few extra $ to help pay for some of Nate's college as it is going to be a few $.   

Yesterday was just do a easy spin and and lift before chill'n  with a few glasses of wine.  I have to admit it is nice to just chill and have a few beverages before heading to bed at like 9:30.  I have come to realize that I am getting old and the high light of the day is going to bed. 

Then today was a early morning workout as we had brunch at Cece's Mom's house.  We got to take Fixxie and she got to meet the rest of the relatives.  Fixxie ran around for 4 hours and now she has been sleeping for 3 hours.  I hope she doesn't get up and run around all night.  Then it was drop Jessie off at a swim party, get Nate out of the house for a training ride with Garrett and Max before getting Jeremy.  Now I am just waiting for Nate to get out of the shower and then head to BW's for a few wings ( like 24 HOT wings ).

See you at the barn for some bmx racing.  Later..

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Lazy dog

Fixxie doing what she seem to do the best at.  Hogging the heat and sleeping.  Great to have a dog that is not to hyper and running all over the place all the time.  She is fun and active most of the time.  Later...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ride'n in Rockesha

Ronsta tossed out a invite to ride for a few hours out in Waukesha and the surrounding communities.  In the end it was Ron, Forrest, Shelly and myself rolling for a few tic's under 5 hours.  We rode awesome roads that had as it seemed alot of up hill direction, but it was a great day and with the sun out right now I could do it again but the bmx track is calling.

After the ride I got home and pulled the hose out and washed the cars and truck as they were filthy.  Then it was clean up and head to Racine to get Len and Bob so we could get to the 40th Birthday party for Brad.  It was nice talking to Dave for awhile there before heading home as was a little tired from the days activities.

Nate heads home from Tuscon today after his 5 days of training out there.  Looks and sounds like they had a great time and go some good miles in again.  They get in around midnight so his first day back to school is going to suck but I think that will be OK as he had a nice vacation.  Well time to get to the bmx track.  Later..

Friday, February 03, 2012

Fixxie is getting big

Fixxie is getting big as she barley fits in the bed we got her 3 1/2 weeks ago.  She just chills in the morning as we get ready for work and school.  A few weeks ago she would be going crazy and having a melt down knowing we were gong to leave her for a few hours but now she chills and goes right into the dog carrier and chills till we get home.  The cool thing she is not having any accidents in the house any more.  That is a nice thing for sure.  But I do have to say it is nice having her around the house and playing with her each night after work.  Now to plan for a ride tomorrow with this spring weather what should I do? I am thinking the Ronsta ride is at the top right now.  Just waiting to see what is on the plate with the family right now.  Later..

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pop'n some gates

Pictures taken by Sam again.  Thanks Sam....

With Nate gone training in Arizona it left me for a drive to Elkhorn by myself for some gate practice.  As always it was worth the trip, but the parking lot with this warm weather and the melting snow was a big sloppy mud pit but other then that it was a good night of gate practice. I felt real bad for Fred though as he was heading out of a gate he blew up his hub and went over the bars hard.  But he bounced up and was OK but he tore that hub up but he is OK.

Nate is in Tuscon, Arizona getting some extra road training in with Randy, Garrett, Kaleb, Max and Simon and I know that they are loving it.  They will be hitting Mt Lemon again and Nate was looking forward to riding up to the top again and getting a giant cookie from the Cookie Cabin before flying down the Mtn.  Then it is some nice long training rides in some great weather.  He comes back home Sunday afternoon before heading into work and then back to school.  Lucky kid is all I have to say.  Other then that Fixxie is doing awesome and both her and us are getting used to having each other around.  I will post some pictures of her tomorrow.  Later...