Monday, February 27, 2012

Fixxie update

Fixxie is growing like a weed and getting treated like a toy by Jessie.  Jessie is dressing her up in some Build a Bear clothes and some of her american girl doll clothes.  By the looks in Fixxie's eyes she is not liking the dress up and then she was going a little crazy in her dog bed trying to get the clothes off.  Then the other pictures you can see how big she is getting as the bed that she is lying in used to be huge as she only used only take up half of it 5 weeks ago.  She is doing real good as she is now house broken and the best part of it is that so far Fixxie is not a barking dog.  I like that.  But she thinks that she is a lap dog as she paws at me until I put her on my lap every night.  But it is a good time and she is a blast to have around.  Later..

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