Thursday, March 01, 2012

Good show

Last week Saturday Nate, Kyle, Tim, Ken and myself went to the Wisconsin Wrestling State Championships in Madison.  It was great to see Wade as he runs the tournament and I have to say it is smooth and that the action was non stop and went off without out a glitch.  I was interesting to try to watch the 3 division state championship matches go on at the same time but we managed and enjoyed them all.  I did think of the times that I wrestled in high school and college.  I did think of how different it was when I wrestled for the state championship and it was just the 1 mat and everyone was watching it.  I was on that night as I did win and I have to say it was one of the best feelings that I have not forgotten over all the years. It was a little different as I was a WISAA and later they took the WISAA and WIAA and made it just WIAA.  But I still had a blast wrestling in front of everyone and was lucky to then wrestle in college and got to the Division 2 National championships 2 times.  That to was a great time and I had a blast and I will not forget the great times that I had.  But I have to thanks Wade for the great time running a great tournament.  Also congrats to all the wrestlers and the ones who were able to win and may they never forget the feeling of being on top that night.  Later...

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