Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend update

 Group of well rounded fast kids.

 Rocco and Frankie wondering what are these kids up to?

 Scott the Birthday boy.  He is now 21 so you may see him tipping a few back now.

 Nothing like being on the train again.  Just like it was in Arizona.

 Doug and Simon talking outside the Fiddler Head coffee shop.

 Chad Hartley giving the boys some training and racing tips.  Yeah Chad is a pro and has won a few races too.  Thanks Chad.

 What Fixxie looks like after a day by the lake and then in the yard with Cece.

 She ran into the house and hit the bed and has not moved.

I have to say I like a tired dog.

This weekend went by fast and we got a few nice long rides in with the ISCorp jr boys, Scott, Doug, Billy Jones and Chad Hartley.  I was lucky as they are cool with me hanging on with my lungs and legs blown apart.  Yesterday was a little tough as the wind was tossing us around like a rag doll a few times.  But we made it home a little cooked but happy to be outside.  Today was another longer ride with the Jr boys and some hard efforts tossed in.  Again the kids were ok with me just hanging on and at 1 point dropping me as they hit hyper speed for a little while.  Today was some nice weather and it made for some great riding.  Hoping that all the miles and time on the bike now pay off when Nate is in Belgium from May 6th till the 23rd doing some road racing.  Only time will tell and hope to see you on the road soon.  Later..

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