Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jr race in Kenosha 3/25/12

Today was the last of 3 spring training crits in Kenosha.  With a few of the ISCorp Jr's away in Arizona for some training that left only a few here to race the 3rd crit.  So Nate, Max, Joe, Matt and Sam went to work.  After a few laps Nate picked up the pace making a few of the other teams react and chase him as many were waiting for the ISCorp team to start the action.  After a hard pull Nate pealed off the front and then Max and Joe went off the front and Nate sat in blocking and not letting the chase get to far.  With that done Joe won the race and Max took 2nd and Nate won the field sprint for a nice 1,2 3 ISCorp finish.  Now it is time for some USAC and WCA racing to fill in the weekends.  I raced to and I will post that up later this week.  Later..

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