Saturday, May 31, 2008


Last night was a great night at Nate's graduation. I will post pictures and a summary after the race. Got here this afternoon and did a preride with the jrs and the rest of the MARS team. Again it was a blast and I will post pictures from the preride when I get home. Ate some Mexican stuff and now just relaxing. See you at the races. Later..

Friday, May 30, 2008


Nate is done with the 8th grade today. We have to head over the school in few minutes for his graduation from 8th grade. Man he is getting big fast.

I got the gear and the tires changed on the bike after work. I also got the oil changed in the car finally as I had to cancel the one last Wednesday to do the bone ride. I hate waiting at the dealer for them but the cost is only a $1.00 so I guess the 45 minute wait is worth it. Also got the gear packed for the race tomorrow. Just have to pack my clothes now for after the race. It looks like it should be a nice weekend. Later..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring concert

Tonight was Jessie's spring concert. I have to say the concert was way better then the one that Maddie and Nate had a few weeks ago. The songs were ones that the kids all knew and they sang them loud and strong. The songs that Nate and Maddie had to sing were from plays and musicals that no one knew and the kids sang them very quietly. It was a nice concert but holy crap there was a ton of people there. I always wonder where these people come from because you never see them at anything else. Other then that it was a real nice concert.

I had to go to Madison again today to pick up the rest of my weights. They were all perfect so you can all be assured that the gas meters, scales and jet fuel trucks are accurate after I check them. Well at least on the south side of Milwaukee.

So with the concert that meant no ride tonight for Nate and I. We were going to go to BMX gate practice if anything as it was a race weekend. We have to start hitting the gate practices as Nate is going to do the Rockford Nationals again this year. That means that we are going to skip the Morris Mtn WORS races to do the bmx races. See you at the race. Later..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lunch and back

Today I had to go to Madison for lunch and came back. It was not on the bike this time but in my work van to take all the test measures to the state Weights and Measures lab. They test the units and ensure that they are perfect to test the scales and gas pumps. The volumetric measures were done today and they were all perfect. I have to go back tomorrow and pick up the weights as they couldn't get all the items tested today so I have to make the trip again to pick them up.

Got home and washed and waxed the car and then got Jessie. After that I got the cover off the pool and skimmed all the leaves and crap that the wind blew into the pool. Man there was a ton of it. I then did a quick vacuum of the bottom and then loaded the bike. I just switched the chain ring from the 32 to the 34 and put a 16 on the back. To big for the time trial at Crystal tonight. I may have just walked a few of the hill as it was tough to turn over after the first lap. I rode it out to the finish and quick got home and finished the pool. Sitting down and eating a few egg rolls before I crash. Later..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No takers today

Here are Jessica and Maddie in the pool over the weekend. The temperature of the water got up to 74 degrees thanks to Mark and the bubble pool cover. That meant that the kids went in and stayed in, well at least for about 30 minutes at a crack instead of 30 seconds at a crack. But with the temperature about 44 degrees outside I couldn't get any one to go in today. Good thing as I didn't want any sick kids.
Nate is done with school, well no more homework or anything just play time. Tomorrow is 6 Flags and then Thursday is a graduation practice and then graduation on Friday. He is just all goofy now as he knows that school is over. Maddie and Jessica have the rest of this week and next week and then they are done. Man that was a fast year. I just want the summer and warm weather to get here. Later..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial day

Remember those who gave their lives to give you your freedom.

Missed the first 2 stages but made it to the 3rd one. So did about 20 other peeps. The ride went off in 2 groups as the ladies went off together and the rest of us rode off. Jerry and Mackenzie rode the tandem through as much of the single track as they could. I think she was pushing Jerry as he did the first 2 stages of the Tour De Goat. The rest of us rolled together and we only had to wait up a few times for those who either hit the ground or as for Mark who flatted as he rode his cross bike. To much crap on the trails for a cross bike as he flatted 2 times. The trails were in pretty good shape for how much rain we got last night, only a few greasy and water spots. After the ride we went to Bubba's for a nice cookout and some beers. After eating I took Theo home as he spent the night by us to join the ride today. Got home and cleaned the bikes and got some grass seed planted and now there is a bunch of kids in my back yard jumping in and out of the pool. Great I see what kind of summer I'm in for. Why did I buy that thing? Later..

Waiting 2 hear

Went to bed last night with the sound of thunder and rain in my ears. Woke up this morning and the winds were blowing and the sun was kind of popping out. I got on the lap top to see if anyone posted that the ride was off. Not yet and I hope not. turned on the TV and checked the weather and it said that the rain my be a little hit and miss. So I will wait a little longer and make a few calls to see. Now I have to get Nate and Theo up and get some food in them and get ready for a ride that I hope is still going on. Otherwise we will show up at Bubba's and just let the kids mess with him. See you at the ride I hope. Later..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Play'n and work'n

Picture of Bob taking a picture.

Lenny smiling as he is pushing the BIG GEARS all ride.
John rolling along just before Lenny put the hammer down.

Nice roads all ride. Maybe about 5 cars came past us during the ride. The wind was nice and not to strong and the temps were perfect. Danny did start the ride with us but cut off as he had to get home to prep his house for a gathering later that night. We rolled for 2 plus hours and finished with 45 miles. A nice day on the bike with some team mates.
Then I got home and washed the car and truck. After washing the truck I finally waxed it. It has been since the fall and it needed it bad. Then I got the lawn cut and ran to Home Depot for some potting soil and pots and flowers with Maddie. We then planted the tomatoes and the flowers and replanted the orange tree. Then I got cleaned up and John stopped by and we went to Danny's house and enjoyed some beers and grilled meats. Got home and crashed before my head hit the pillow. More or the same today. I will post the Boys race later. He called last night and told Cece that they took a 2nd place in the 6 hour duo. Later..

Friday, May 23, 2008

15 years old

Today is the 15th year since I was in the accident. I really can't believe that it has been 15 years since I was run over by the semi. I still get the willies when one cruises by to close, but not as much as the beginning. I didn't get on a bike today as I didn't want any thing bad to happen. It is also 2 years since the fingers were reattached after the run in with the gate. So there was nothing you could have done to get me on a bike today as this day just seems to be a jink for me. Well only 2 plus hours to go in the day and all should be good. I have made it this far so only a little longer. I'll make up the time in the saddle tomorrow for not riding today. Later..

Locked and loaded

Nate is gone as Ted picked him up today so He and Theo can race the 6 hour duo. The race is at the New Fane trails and they should do alright. There is no rumor that they may ride on a 4 man team or anything, just the 2 of them doing a 2 man team for some training. Good luck you 2. I'm going to get a ride in with Len and a few others and then come home and get some things some around the h0use and wash and wax the truck. Then I plan on going down to Danny's now that I can swing it as Nate is also going to spend the night there again after the race to as they should be a little tired.

Maddie went to a dance tonight, Cece is a a awards dinner as one of her students won some city wide contest that she entered him in. She didn't know a dinner was included in the program but she is proud that her student won and she figured she should go. So that leaves Jessie and myself home by ourselves. Nice and quite around here. She wanted a chicken nugget happy meal so I didn't complain so that is what she got and I got 2 chicken sami's. Now I have to get back down stairs and put some Force on Nate's Cross ( road ) bike. Later..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bye Bye $

Well after the ride yesterday I was kind of surprised on how the legs and body felt today. Other then being a little tired they felt pretty good. I did a short ride after work just to loosen them up and I really didn't fell any aches and pains, just a little tightness and after about 10 minutes the legs were right back. I don't think another 100 plus mile day would be a good idea but a nice ride was good.

No Thursday ride tonight as Cece, Nate and myself are off to St Thomas More to see how my hard earned money is going to be spent to educate the Punk. Though a tad higher then when I went there, I think it will be well spent. I know that many wonder why spend the money when there are so many public schools in the area? Easy, there is not a school around us that I feel that is good enough or safe enough for my kids. So private grade school and high school they go. Bye Bye $ for the next 5 years as Nate and Maddie will both be there for 3 years. Oh well easy come easy go. Later..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Jeff, Kyle and Pat in Lake Mills.
John, Kyle and Pate rear ends.
Rolling along outside of lake mills.
Kyle with a full tummy after lunch in Madison before the ride home.
Gathering after lunch for the picture then the ride home in front of Yellow Jersey in Madison.
Shooting the shit.
The gang together before the ride home.
Bob just being happy as always.
Rick giving us the COOoop relaxed look.

Riding out towards the Capital on the way home. It was a beautiful day and it is said that there was about 180 plus riders today. Dan, John, Jeff, Kyle and myself started the ride in Hartland today as we felt a 116 miles would do. The total from Tom's house is 160+ but I have done that and had enough of that and the shorter ride was perfect today. We meet the ride and the cruise to Madison was a nice 18+ into the wind. It never got to fast and as always was the easy end of the ride. After lunch the ride home with the wind was a little different. It was a 27+ all the way back. It slowed a little up the hills but the flats it was 30 so it made up for it. Once we got to Hartland it was nice to be done and the rest rolled on. Then we waited for John and Kyle as they were in the group behind us and then we headed home. I showered and ran around with the punks to try to find a Wii fit but all gone so we have to wait for a couple of weeks I guess. Now after eating I'm going to go lay down. But man what a great day for a ride. Later..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Win and out

Softball is done now. Nate's team won tonight and it was the last game of the year. The game for tomorrow was played the other day when we had a double header as the other team had a thing going on tomorrow so we played the game last week. Nate's team went undefeated and only lost 1 game in the last 4 years. They won the league every year and I think the others are glad to see some of the older kids go away. It was fun and enjoyable to see some of the kids get better each game and the good ones just get way better. Now it is time to ride.

Speaking of riding I took tomorrow off and I'm going to do the Bone Ride with Dan, Jeff and John. Nothing like taking a stroll to Madison and eat lunch and pedal back home. I decided at the last minute as Nate's game was played and it freed up the day. Nate will miss the time trial but he is doing the WEMS race this weekend so he needs to just take it easy as we will have more time to ride more with out softball now.

Just got home from a school board meeting and Cece made some home made french toast and bacon. So time to eat till I can't and get some rest for the ride. Later..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Guest Photographer

Gage at the start on his new bike. Rode it like he stole it to a win. Gage rolling out of the gate.
Gage rocking it after the down hill.
Expo flying down the hill.
Sam rolling after the down hill.
Theo at the top of the hill.

Cody getting to the top of the hill.I don't know what Bubba is doing here. Was there a beer or some food over there?
COOoop giving the evil eye...
Rachael going for the front at the start of her race.
Rachael flying down the hill.
Here are the pictures I had on my camera that Goat took. Then I didn't get the camera out of the car after my race so I got no others. Check around as I know there were a ton taking pictures. Later..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

#2 in the books

I have to say this was a fun race and the venue was great. The skinny's did a great job. But man was there a lot of climbing. Pre riding it seemed easier but after cooking the lungs and legs they seemed a ton tougher. A side from that it was a blast. I think that everyone should be able to do the entire rock garden though, I like the longer one as Nate and I rode it yesterday and it was no problem. Maybe next year I can talk Ray and Butch into it. Again great race guys.

Now for the race it went well again as I got to ride with Nate and Myles again. Man is that a great thing that I am so grateful to be able to do. If you ever get a chance to race at the same time as your kids take it as you get to see them grow into great riders right in front of you, Nate struggled on the hills and by the end he was dying but held on for a 2nd place finish. Mitch had a great race and took the win again with Myles charging back after hitting a tree to just miss getting past Nate. Theo also had a great race and took a 2nd in his age. I rolled in for a 10th in the single speed today. Felt good but the gear was a tad tall by the end. Maybe next year I will be able to get a new set of wheels that allow me to go into a little smaller gearing. Legs are tired now and need a good rest. Watching the others suffer made me glad that I was done as my body could not have done another lap. The legs, back and arms were toast by the end.

Thanks Mark for the bubble cover for the pool to help heat the water. As I walked in the girls wanted me to toss it on, but I told them they had to wait till later as I was tired and I didn't want struggle right now. Cece and I Will get it on the pool tomorrow and maybe in a few days it will be warm enough to go in and stay in longer then 2 minutes. Later. .

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Got alot done and Rode too

The boys from Skinny's have put together a nice race venue again. A side from the hill climbing the single track is awesome just kidding it is racing. The course was nice and dry. Hopefully the rain holds out and the course stays nice for all the races this year. Nate and I did 2 laps today, 1 just the 2 of us and then one with The Baron, Mitch, Jeremey and myself. Those boys are ready for another great race. The bike was fine even though the gear is a tad tall but that is all I got so I'm running what I have. I may suffer at times but it will work. See you at the race.

Got a lot done in the morning before heading to the race course. Got my hair cut thanks to Cece. Got the pool uncovered and cleaned once more. Cut the grass, washed the truck and car as they were dirty and bird doo on them. I also got the front siding and windows of the house washed as they were very dirty form the road salt and dirt. After all of that Nate and I loaded up at 11am and to get to the pre ride. Got home and Cece, Nate and I covered the pool as no one wanted in today even though the temperature went up 4 degrees. Mark told me to pick up a bubble cover as that will help rise the temperature more quickly. So Next week I will be looking for one. I hear no screaming and yelling so the kids must be tired. Later..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tooth fairy

Yesterday morning Jessie lost her first tooth. She promptly placed under her pillow and the Tooth fairy proceed to give her a few bucks and the book Junie B., First Grader The Toothless Wonder. She read the entire book already. She is so proud of her first tooth loss. Very funny.
Again today after school the girls wanted to go in the pool. First I pulled the cover and vacuumed and cleaned it and then they jumped in. The water temperature was 62 degrees. They lasted a few minutes and then were freezing and got out. again they wanted in and I just said go ahead and waited for the freeze to set in. Again it was just plain old funny to watch.

Maddie making her way around the edge before going under and getting out. Nate did go in to his knees on the ladder and never went any further. Maybe he isn't as dumb as Randy after all.
Tomorrow Nate and I are going to head over to the race course to do a few laps. Have to check and see if the gear will work on the hills there. I hope as it is all I got, it worked at Devils head a few years back and I always roll a bigger one at Crystal Ridge. Well time to eat. Later..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday night beat down

Tonight was another edition of the Thursday Night Beat Down. We started off with a nice group of about 25 people. The pace was a brisk 25 rolling down Woods road and then it stayed at a nice high speed for the entire ride. Most of the group hung on till the Fox river this week even with the higher pace. The hills after that is when the pace stays high and then the riders start to fall off and the group dwindles down to the final ones for the ride in to the shop lot. The pace was higher this week as the fast guys just stayed at the front and kept it high for the ride. There was a time or 2 when I was in the hurt locker and was just happy to not fall off the back. I stayed near Nate for the ride and he seemed like he wasn't having any problem hanging on and riding in the group. For not getting as much riding as he needs he is hanging on great. he made it to the finish in the fast group this week again. Now I hope he can transfer it to the race this weekend. Later..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Double Header

Tonight Nate had a double header softball game. In the first game they won 17-3. The team played well and made some great plays to end the innings with some of the other teams runners on base. Then in the 2nd game they got in the hole 3 runs to the other team. But the responded by scoring 3 to tie it up after the first inning. Then they proceeded to keep scoring and were up 11-3 after 3. They ended up winning 14-6. They are undefeated and have 1 more game to go. Then we can finally start to ride the bikes a little more. Nate also only has 8 more days of school so he can then get out a little more to. Time to yell at Nate as he got some black cherry on Jessie's white shirt and coat. What a dork, anybody want a slightly used kid or 2? Later..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Softball game

Tonight's game was forfeited as the other team dropped out of the league. I guess that they didn't win any games and instead of finishing it out they dropped out. Our team was not notified and we were there so the parents and kids made teams and played a game. It was fun to play with the kids as some of the parents did real well and the others well didn't do to well, they whiffed a lot. I have to say that I killed it each time I was up. Not that the kids made mistakes and I got on but I hit it at Nate twice and then at Cece twice to get on base. Cece had a nice hit and Nate had a bunch to. But my team beat Nate and Cece's team. It was a fun time and I really do miss playing softball. I can still hit well and play the field but the running is lacking for some reason. It was a blast and I hope we play another game at the end of the year again.

Got the WORS race this weekend and just trying to pick the gear for the single speed this weekend. The hills come into play and that has me going a little smaller for this race. I don't want to go to small but yet to tall for the hills. Just have to see how the pre ride goes. Mate should be ready I hope after the weekend of bmx'n and a few games this week. I hope he holds some fitness for the first couple of races. For that fact I hope I do to as I have to run his butt to all this stuff. Well time to get the laundry for Maddie to fold. Later..

Monday, May 12, 2008

44 and still ticking

My cake that the girls made and put their Polly Pockets on.
Maddie, Jessie and myself with the cake that they are proud of.
Jessica saying that 44 candles would have looked great on the cake. I think not.
My ladies giving me a birthday kiss.
Cece, Joan ( her Mom ) and brother Paul at the house for Mothers day and my Birthday. It was a nice day and dinner together.
Nate made it home safe from Missouri and had a tough couple of days at the bmx Nationals. He had a World Champion and 5 other National ranked racers in his class. He made it to the semis's everyday but just missed making the main each day. He said next time he may try to race the cruiser instead of age. He just wants to try it once at the Nationals and see how that goes. He just needs to get on the track again as it has been 6 weeks since he raced. His gate was there but the others are just a little ahead in the skills but after a few weeks at the Milwaukee track he should be ready for Rockford and Minnesota Nationals.
Today it is my 44th birthday and I never take the day off from work and do something by myself. I keep the day and use it for a race day or a day that I go on a field trip with the kids or Cece's class. My day will still be a day of relaxing and I know that I will have to yell a bunch of times at Nate to stop bothering the girls. But why should my Birthday stop any of that. Well time to get the feet up and relax. later.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all the Mom's out there. You diffidently earn a day of praise and pampering. Enjoy your day. Later..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hit'n the dirt

Waiting around for everyone to get ready to ride.
Getting the last few on their bikes and Kyle finishing off some water before the ride.
We were waiting here for the last to clear the log .
COOoop leading the rest of the pack up the hill.
Russell and Rick enjoying the ride.
Rob riding his relic converted single speed. He broke his Rig, I can't believe that. we ran into some riders we race with.
Holly laughing at Russell.
Russell eye balling a guy sitting on the ground eating a bagel sandwich.

COOoop relaxing before the ride back.
We stopped and the Pegasus group stopped to talk as Russell changed his flat.
Yep no air in there.
Best helmet seen on the ride.
Best bike we passed in the trail.

Kyle enjoying the ride. It was the perfect weather for a nice ride. Had a larger group and had to wait a few times for the others but as always a great ride. The guys that are doing the trail work are doing a great job and the trails are in perfect condition and re routes are great. Thanks for the hard work guys.
Looked on line and Nate didn't make the main in his race. There was 21 guys and the World Champion won the race. Nate has one of the largest classes and the fastest guys at every race. I hope that he has a better day tomorrow.
I'm just sitting back and having a nice cold beer and watching the NASCAR race. Cece and the girls are at a ball room dance competition as some of the students from her school are dancing so I have the house to myself, NICE. Later..