Monday, November 30, 2009


Here is what the feeling in the house was for the kids when it was time to head out to school. They went but it was some hard pushing to get Jess going as she was pulling I have a stomach ache and once there she was fine. Nate said he wasn't feeling that good to but it was no problem for him. Maddie was fine. I felt a little crappy but it went away once I ate breakfast.

Now the parties start with one this Friday and one every weekend till Christmas. Yeah looks like the Miller Flu season will be hitting me hard this season again. Oh you have to love the CHRISTMAS party season. See you at the track. Later..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work

After a nice week off and getting up to the cabin and spend some time with my parents and brother it is back to work. Got the lunch box ready and now I have to get the mind and body ready.

We stopped by Grandma on the way down to. She moved from a senior living home in South Milwaukee which we would stop by very often to a new place in Keil. Now it will be only a few times a year now. But she is doing really good for a 91 yr old.

Then we got home and where in time to catch some of the Grands on line. Very disappointed that we missed Tina's races but we caught all the 20 inch mains. Man I wish I went as I think I could have done OK. Maybe next year. Got to kick the next kid into the shower. Later..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beary good day

The small black spot is the mother bear outside her den. There are 3 cubs inside the den and were out playing later on. Nate, Maddie and Jess drove the 4 wheeler out to go get the mail 5 hours later and the mother was still out in the sun. A really cool thing for the kids to see. Nate had offered to get closer to get a picture but I thought that Cece might yell at us and then the bears would get pissed so he didn't. Sat in the tree stand for 3 1/2 hours and didn't see a thing again but I think the bears have the deer scared away. Hunting is in the books for 2009 and no deer hanging here.

Nate has been driving Wade's truck and the Excursion in and out of the road while we have been here and has been doing a good job. Still doesn't have temps or anything but our road is a private road so he can drive on it and there is no problems there. He can get his temps in Jan and we will as soon as we can and then Nate can drive back and forth to the bmx practices and the races. That will be nice as I can sit back and relax ( well maybe not ) while some one else drives. Popcorn is popping and I don't want butter on the keys. Later..

Friday, November 27, 2009


I sat in the stand today and seen 2 deer. 1 was a nice size doe ( I don't shoot them unless we have to ) and a nub little buck. They both got to see another day. I got to sit a watch the squirrels fight in the woods all day though. I was funny as there was a bully squirrel and he was really mean to the other squirrels and then 2 came back and chased the bully away. Fun to watch. Then Cece, Nate, Wade and my Mom went in to town for some deals. They got what they wanted and Nate used his race winnings to buy a PS3. He is happy and now has it hooked up to the big tv that we brought from Wade's house. Now we are going to watch a blu-ray movie. Also got in to watch Tina race her main at the Race of Champions race at the Grands and she took a 2nd. Great job Tina. More hunting tomorrow so maybe a good size deer may stroll past yet. Time for a beer. Later..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We made it here this morning and got everything done. Then Nate and headed to the woods to try to kill something. Seen nothing but squirrels and birds so nothing hanging here. Now the dinner is coming and I'm going to eat till I can't fit another thing in. I'm not one to give a crap about needing to worry about eating and not exercising as in a week when the riding and racing continues it will all be fine. So eat and drink is what is in order. Time for more wine and food. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Later..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Be Prepared

Thinking this is the message that should be posted for the drive the next few days. Just going to have to roll with the pace and be happy. Going to have to keep the thoughts of getting out of here in my mind. Safe travels to everyone visiting families and those racing the Grands.

Got the truck gassed up and the punks from school. Now all I have to load the truck and wait for Cece to get home from school and we are out the door. Hope to get to Wade's house by about 6 pm and settle in for the night. Then tomorrow when Tim gets there in the morning load a big screen TV in to back of his truck and head to my parents in Rhinelander. Then I will try to get in the woods for a few hours and see if I can sit in the deer stand for a few hours. Hopefully a nice buck will stroll by, but if not just getting out and sitting in the peace and quite is well worth it. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Later..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Short Movie of Nate at bmx

Here is a short movie of Nate racing his cruiser on Sunday at the bmx track. He was in the 21-25 class and he took 2nd in moto 1, a 3rd in moto 2, and that had Nate and Bodie tied for 2nd going into the main. Nate needed to beat Bodie to get the 2nd place and he hit it hard and pulled the win to get the 2nd overall. Great clean racing by all 3 of them made for some awesome racing to watch.

Got the truck back today and for the way it sounded it was not easy doing the ball joints on a Excursion as Jeff said it was big, heavy and a tough job. But in the end now I have grease fitting in the ball joints and that should help make them last longer. Glad it is done but man the amount it cost is crazy, but it is something that I can't do so oh well. Again ran some errands and got a lot done on a day off. Tomorrow we head up to Wade's for the night and then to Rhinelander. Can't wait to get he heck out of here. Later..

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pictures from the racing yesterday

Here are a few pictures from the races yesterday. Nate at the cross race and then some more at the bmx track that Guy snapped of Nate and I racing. I have the week off and had a few things that I needed to get done. First was getting the ball joints on the Excursion done and get the emissions test on the car done. The car passed and the truck is still at the shop getting worked on. They said the the truck will be ready tomorrow as they were a real bear to get one side done today and wouldn't be able to finish it today. Good thing is that I am off and Cece is working and we don't need both vehicles. I also got a few more errands done and got my workouts in so good day off. But I do have to say that I do go to work to relax as the days off seem so be super busy. Now I have more time to do the packing to head up to Rhinelander on Wednesday night. First to stop and spend a night by Wade in Stevens Point and then to Rhinelander. Can't wait to get up north and hunt a little. Got to run and get Cece. Later..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting it done


Last night I got the Christmas decorating done for the house. With the weather being so nice how could you pass up the chance. It took me about 20 seconds to get it done. I have to say it does look nice.

Today was another day of stacked up racing. First was the State Cross race and I have to say it was perfect weather. For Nate it went bad from the start though. I was wondering why he was not in the front group but after the race it was apparent as his derailleur hanger broke at the start but the skewer kept it place enough to race but he had 2 gears. He ended up 7th at the end and it was good that he stuck it out and that the derailleur didn't snap off and go in the spokes as I didn't feel like buying a new one. The hanger is way a better deal. Gage had a great race and took a 2nd place. He had a great cross season and it was great to see him have such a awesome race. All I have to say is great racing Gage.

Then it was off to the bmx track. We got there and got a few gates and then had to wait about 15 minutes as Tim E went down hard and was out for about 2 minutes and had to go to the hospital. Last I heard was he had a cat scan and things were ok just a real bad concussion. Nate made the mains and he took a 2nd in cruiser and a 4th in 20 inch. I took a 3rd in 20 and did not make the main in cruiser. Great to see Mitch K there as he raced and won his first race as a Novice. Not bad to show up and never ride the track and then win. Great job. Now I have off for the next week and have a long list of things to get done. Hope I can fit it all in. Now time for some home made lasagna that Cece made for us. Can't wait to dig in. Later..

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Party getting started.
Tim taking a break after separating himself from his bike.
Waiting for the food to arrive and having a few cold ones.
Carlito playing with Toni's crank that fell off her tandem.

Last night was the Ronsta Rockesha ride and let it be known that if you were not there you missed a good one. We sat around Ron's crib waiting for a few peeps to get there but as always the wait provided time to have a few cold Blatz and talk to some of the folks that you have not seen in a while. When all the riders got there the 35 to 40 of us proceeded to over take the roads for a while. The ride was pretty uneventful for the most part till Tim Bates decided to separate himself from his bike and meet the pave up close. After a few minutes of making sure that he was not hurt we rolled on. Then it was time to roll down the downtown streets and show the good people of Waukesha how we roll. Then we took over the Mexican restaurant to enjoy a awesome spread of food that they provided Buffet style since there so many of us. Great food was had and then it was back to riding and racing through the downtown streets again. The people that we were flying past were in amazement as we were just killing it and topping off a great ride, great food off in style. As the big boys were heading in to the bars Nate and I headed home. Thanks again Ron for the great time.

Today was a day of getting chores done. Cece cut my hair in the morning and then I was out side cleaning the garage and washing the truck. After that I pulled the Harley out and cleaned it up and put a charge on the battery as I washed the car and vacuumed and washed the windows to. Man was the car dirty after a summer of racing and a few bmx races. Then it was off to a single speed ride along the lake front. Oh the weather was perfect to get all the chores done since I blow them off all summer. Tomorrow is the State Championship Cross race for Nate and then right after off to the bmx track for some fun racing. Then I am off for the next week and going up to Rhinelander for Thanksgiving and some deer hunting. Now I need a cup of Alterra and kick my feet up. Later.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today is Jessica's Birthday. She is 8 years old. If I leave the 3 kids at home I put her in charge as she is more mature then the other 2. Later..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gate pictures by Guy

Again here are some cool pictures that Guy snapped last night at the gate practice of myself and Nate. Thanks again Guy for the pictures. I have a few videos that Sam took from the races on Sunday and I will post them later.

Today I took the kids and we all got the H1n1 ( swine flu shots ). They were giving them out free to everyone so I could not pass it up to protect ourselves from the swine flu. There was no wait and we were out in less then 15 minutes. Good deal.

Tomorrow night is the Ronsta ride in Rockesha and it should be a nice little cruise, noise and food. So come on out and join us. Later..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gate drops

Nate hitting one of the many gates tonight.

Tonight was another great night at the gate practice and as always a fun time. Got as many gates as your body could handle and at the end my butt was dragging. Not Nate though he kept going till the last gate was dropped and he looked cooked at the end to. But this weekend there is a cross race to attend and then after that we are heading right to the bmx track for some more racing. Should be fun. See you at the races. Later..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Popping away

After sitting in a meeting all morning I finally got out and tested a few scales. Just can not sit all day and I don't know how people can do that. I guess I'm not cut out for that type of work, and glad my job does not require it. After work it was get Jess and then rake some leaves, again. Lift weights and then head to the chiropractor to get adjusted. Then I still had some time for a roller workout before my school board meeting. Just another night in my not so busy life. But the good thing is that there is gate practice tomorrow night and I can't wait to bust a bunch. So see you at the gate practice. Later..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pictures by Guy at the bmx track

Here are a few of the great pictures that Guys seems to be able to get of Nate and I racing at the bmx track. They are great action shots and I can't say thanks enough for taking the pictures and letting us have them. We had a great weekend of racing and have another full weekend of racing coming up this weekend. Gate practice happens Wednesday so be there. Later..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Double point day

Today was another day of hitting the gates at the barn. It was a double point day which means more racers and faster ones. Nate always has the fasted and the most daring racers that take chances just to get that 1 more spot at the finish line. Nate made both mains today meaning that he had to bust some of his best gates and racing. Well he answered the bell and made both mains. He had the outside gate in both and ended up 4th in the cruiser and 5th in the 20 inch. My day pretty much the same as I had the outside gate in both mains meaning hit it hard and go. I ended up 6th in cruiser and 2nd in 20 inch. So it was a good day of racing and on top of it a fun one. The racing is fun but the guys and gals on the team make it a lot more fun. Gate practice on Wednesday and more racing this weekend. Going up deer hunting over Thanksgiving as I'm going to use my 3 days off next week to get a few things done around the house this year. Time to get to my brother Tim's house as he is hosting Jessica's Birthday party as she asked if would as they love to go over there. Thanks Tim. Later..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Round 2

After the cross race this morning Nate and I loaded up 4 bmx bikes in the car and hit the barn for some racing. Nate as always had a staked class and took a 3rd in cruiser and a 5th in 20 inch. I took a 3rd in cruiser and a 3rd in 20 inch. I was the first intermediate race for me and I had 7 guys in the gate so it was fun. More racing tomorrow at the barn. Later..

1 Down 1 To Go

Mitch, Nate and Lionel on the boxes.
Nate and clean wheels at the finish.
Mitch, Nate and Lionel going over the barriers.
Nate leading the pack down the hill.
Nate and Gage at the start.

Nate had his first race of the day this morning and took a 1st place. It was the Polska cross race put on by the awesome Polska team. The course great and the weather was even better. At the start Gage took the hole shot and then Ian, Nate, Ben and Mitch in tow. Up the run up the kids were already passing the group that started in front of them. On the back side Ian went down and Ben went over him and that is when the break formed. Nate took the lead and Mitch was in 2nd and Gage in 3rd. It stayed that way for the next few laps and then Lionel got on Gage's wheel and bridged to Nate and Mitch. After a lap or 2 it was just Nate and Lionel for the last 2 laps. Nate sat on and let Lionel lead and answered to the attacks that Lionel tried. On the last uphill before the barriers Nate attacked and got a 20 foot gap and by the time he was over the barriers he had a 40 yard gap and rode it to the finish. Mitch rode in for the 3rd place and Gage held on for a nice 4th. Thanks to the Polska team for a great race and a awesome course. Now the bmx bikes are loaded in the car and ready for the 2nd half of the day. There is a cross race tomorrow in Janesville and then more bmx racing. Should be another fun day. Later..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Movie night

Got the movie UP the last night on the way home from seeing Race Across The Sky and now we are sitting here watching it. We seen it in the theater this summer and loved it so we had to buy it. If you have not seen it you have to as it is a really good movie.

Tomorrow is a cross race in the morning for Nate and then running home to get the bmx bikes and head out to Elkhorn for some evening racing for the 2 of us. It should make for a long day for Nate but a fun one. Then we head right back out there on Sunday morning for another day of racing. As of now we are still on the fence to weather Nate is going to do the cross race on Sunday morning before the bmx races. But in any case it should be a race packed race weekend again. See you at the races. Now back to the movie. Later..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Race Across The Sky

Tonight Nate and I went and seen Race Across The Sky tonight as when it was shown last time I had to run Nate to drivers ed. There was about 20 people in the theater tonight for the showing which is to bad but that way there was no idiot talking during the movie so that was nice. The movie was pretty good I think as they showed a lot of stories other then just the leaders the entire time. What an epic race though, 14,000 feet climbing in 100 miles all at 8,000 feet or higher. That is just crazy and at the pace that Lance did is even more crazy. A race that would be fun to try but I don't think my butt or leg could take it so I have to say it is on the bucket list. But I hope that some day maybe I can get Nate into it and see him suffer. Noe it is time to watch the Mentalist. Later..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movie of Nate at gate practice

Here is a short movie of Dan getting to turn 1 first but then Nate got him on the 2nd straight and beat him to the line. Had a good night at the gates and felt good even after the weekend race so that was nice. Put a smaller gear on Nate's bike and he was getting out of the gate a lot better and was right on the other guys by the end of the night. This weekend is going to be a tad busy as Nate has a cross race in the morning on Saturday and then we have bmx races Saturday night. Then Sunday Nate can do a cross race in the morning in Janesville and then we can fly right to the bmx track and race there again. Right now are looking at just doing the bmx on Sunday though. Should be a fun weekend. Later..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Ride'n

Today was another nice night and with Cece at school meeting taking her into the night Nate and I grabbed the Single Speeds and hit the rode and trails near home. Nate was riding through the leave piles and he wouldn't take the dare to ride through the one that a guy had just piled up and was standing near it. What a chicken. We were hoping that just maybe we would get to the night ride in Tosa but that just was not in the cards tonight. But still got out and spun the weekend out of our legs and it was a perfect night. Tomorrow is gate practice so that should be a blast and more fun if Dan T, Chris and Joe show up as Nate will have some others to play with. Now I need to get some laundry done and ask Nate if he wants a gear change on his cruiser. Later..

Monday, November 09, 2009

Out with the old in with the new

New stove is a Frigidaire and looks great.
Old stove was a Magic Chef.

We had it for 16 years and it can with the house that Cece bought 5 years prior. So we don't know how old it was but it was slowly dying and now the oven would not light so being a gas stove we couldn't take the chance. After work we went to Colder's and they had this one 50% off and we were out the door in 30 minutes with it in the back of the Excursion. Glad that the truck is so big that we could just throw it in and take right away. Also glad that Nate was able to help me get it from the truck into the house. All hooked up and looks and works great. Now I have to have Cece start getting busy and cooking on it. Later..

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend recap

Nate at the start line.Myles and Nate getting ready for the pre ride.
Sitting around the camp fire after a great Mexican dinner.
Nate trying to fool the bartender and order a beer. She told him no. Maybe next time.
The Bikes hung out over night so we had room in the cabin.

Had a great weekend and a great time traveling with Greg, Joe and Nic. A big thanks to Nic for driving the truck both ways as I got a chance to relax and enjoy the ride. I have to say the weekend was a blast and I never laughed so much to the goofing around that we all did. Can't wait to do it again.

The race went OK for me as I got sick Friday night after eating and I did not have anything to eat or drink before the race. I know that a race of any length would really suck after not having proper sleep, and nutrition. I was on the bubble right up to the start of the race weather I had it in me to even try to race. But Joe kept telling me that I should and just ride how the body felt. Well I towed the line and when the race started I just fell into line with the leaders and the next thing I knew it was about 7 miles into the race I was in a break away group of 5 of us. But I knew the end was coming as when our group was passing the racers from the waves that started before us I was falling off as the pace picked up and had to hit the gas to get back on. So I looked back and told Glen that he better get around me as I needed to slow up as I the effects from being sick the night before were catching up. So for the next 19 miles I just kept a tempo to keep the damage to a minimum. I worked for the most part as I did end up 9th overall. Good considering how I felt and the fact that for 29 miles and 2 hours of racing I did not eat or drink a thing.

Nate had a OK race as he also finished 9th in the Michigan Youth Race. This was the first time that they had the entire youth class as 1 class of 18 and under. He had to stop 2 times to close his front skewer as it popped open. As he had to do that the group rode away and then when he did again the race was over. He just kept it rolling and finished the race. He still beat me by 4 plus minutes, Punk. We had a great time and may have to do this race again. Time to find a stove on sale as ours is failing. Later..

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Got the bikes cleaned and ready, kits packed, clothes packed, truck gassed up and washed ( can't drive in a dirty one ). Also picked up 8 pounds of smoked meats and now I will throw in a few #'s of Runts and Swedish fish for the trip too. Sounds like good way to help pass the 7 hour drive to the race. Now all I have to do is throw in the coolers for the soda and other beverages for after the race of course. Then I have to wait for Greg to get here and put his stuff in the truck and head to Racine to pick up Joe and Nic, that is when the trip with get interesting I think. Should be a fun ride to the race. Now I need to get to bed as 4am is going to roll around mighty fast. See you at the race. Later..

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gate practice

Here is a short film of Nate coming out of the gate and then passing Many of the others and then Fred on the 3rd straight. It was a fun night at gate practice and both of us kept it pretty mellow as we have the ICEMAN this weekend and we didn't want to do any damage to ourselves. Enjoy. Later..

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bikes on the brain

There is a few things on the mind right now. First is that there is gate practice tomorrow and I can't wait to go. Have been having a lot of fun racing the bmx bike and I'm liking it more then some of the other bikes as of late. But that is because it is still new to me. Have been only doing it for 4 years and that is new compared to the 20 plus years for the other bikes. But still it is a blast and if you get a chance some out and see some racing, it is on Sundays at the Walworth County Fair Grounds on HWY 11 in Elkohorn. We race at or around 12:30pm.

Then this weekend Nate and I are heading up to the ICEMAN with Joe, Nick and Greg. I did this race a few years ago on a tandem with Mike Owens and it was a blast. But this year it is solo and I can't wait to see where I finish. Should be fun as every group takes off in there own wave so you can see where you end up as if you are lucky and can get in a group and hold on for the ride. Just hoping that something good can happen at the race this year too like finishing in the top 5 in age class. We are staying in a cabin at the finish line area so look for 1 of us and stop by and say Hi. Later..

Monday, November 02, 2009

Photo's from the Tosa Tour

The Tosa Tour was fun as always. The fact that the teams all had different maps to go to this year was awesome as everyone didn't try to follow one another. Awesome idea to keep everyone flying all different direction. More work for you but well worth it. The Crazy figure 8 race was the best as always and I thing you could just have a day of that in a tournament format. That would be crazy. But thanks Russell for the hell of a great day. How the dust settled was we got Lucky and won the overall at the end. Man it was a blast.

Tonight after getting the kids after school it was eat your last solid meal for a few days. I had to run Nate and Maddie to the dentist to have each of them get 2 teeth pulled. Man I fell for them and they are good sports and I have not heard a peep of of either one. I am waiting for the script to get filled as I know once the freezing of the mouth wears off they are going to want some pain meds. Time to run and get the meds. Later..