Sunday, September 30, 2007

Football and racing

Nate getting ready to remount
Nate clearing a barrier
Nate clearing the 2nd barrier

Diane getting ready to remount
Ben pushing to the win after lap 1 mishap and falling to about 25th
Carlos riding to a 2nd place finish
Maciej riding to a 3rd place
Here Maciej is getting ready to remount

Steve from Ben's clearing the barrier
Steve again looking like he knows what he is doing
Gus suffering after a WEMS the day before
Nate riding to his 1st place
Nate clearing the barriers with no problem

Marcus clearing the barriers
Aris closing in on his 2nd place finish
Theo riding strong after a WEMS race
Marcus again looking strong
Mitch riding strong clearing the barriers

Aris making a move on a shark
Russell riding to a strong 2nd place in the 40+
Marcus again
Aris riding a single speed to 2nd place
Theo riding a single speed built the night before

Nate during pregame warmups # 60 Tight End
Pregame huddle
Nate getting announced during pregame
Nate getting ready for the snap

Well the weekend is over and I get to go to work tomorrow to relax. Any day at work is way easier then a weekend at our house. Nate's football game was a blow out. The other team just killed us. The guys on the other team make Russell look small. Nate played well on defense the entire game and didn't let them score on his side, but the other outside linebacker couldn't stop anything. Nate also played well on offense but the other team just out played our team. We are still hoping to win a few games and we should be able to if the kids will just work harder in practice.
Today Nate and I loaded his bike and went to the cross race at Lapham Peak. It was the 3rd race of the omnium and Nate did win the 2 races yesterday so it was his to loose. He took of right from the start and never looked back. He was smooth over the barriers and made no mistakes and rode a way from the feild to a victory by at least 1/2 a lap on 2nd place. He was able to win the omnium and looked strong and ready for the cross season to go full speed ahead. We seen a few others racing today and Russ looked strong and placed 2nd in the 40+, Aris riding to a 2nd place in the 15+plus jr's, Gus riding strong as well as Steve and Marcus for their first cross races. The best was Ben as he was leading into turn 1 and the 2nd place guy tangled up with Ben and his rear wheel ws knocked out. Ben was cussing up a storm and dropped to like 25th before remounting his bike. He chased the entire race and passed everyone and on the last lap took the lead for the win. Carlos took the 2nd and Maciej took the 3rd behind Ben. It was the best race I have seen in a long time, way to go Ben. We took off before the rest of the races so I could get a ride in also so I hope everyone else had a good race. Later..

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures from the race today

Here are a few of the pictures from the races today. Nate won both the uphill time trial and the trail time trial. For his efforts he picked a nice base layer shirt. We then took off before the final results were posted. Jeremey did take a 2nd in the uphill time trial and I think he was also 2nd in the trail time trial so he may have taken 2nd in the 1,2,3's. Jeff Melcher I think won the 40 overall also. Tomorrow is the cross race and I think Nate should be ready for that also and has a good chance of winning the race and the omnium overall. There is also a shot of Andy and 1 of Steve from Ben's cycle mixed in the pictures finishing the trail time trial. Tonight we have a night football game to play and it is the team that beat them in the first week so it would tell us if the team has improved since that. Just have to wait and see. Time to get to the game. Later..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally Friday

Finally got to the end of the week after getting to work early to get some things done and all the running that goes on during the week. Today was a day of work that I couldn't wait to end. Got done with work and got a ride in with Nate on the single speeds to get his legs loosened up for the weekend of racing, I also got the car washed and the grass cut. Then I got Nate's cross things ready so I know nothing will be forgotten for the races. I have been running at work for the last 3 to 4 weeks and with the traveling to the races and all I'm happy to see the WORS season come to a end. Still have the Cross season now for Nate and the indoor bmx'n will fire up real soon again to. And we still have to throw the football on the pile for another 7 weeks. Now it is time to finish the bottle of wine and get the punk to bed soon as we have a busy weekend coming up. Later..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tri fecta

This weekend is going to be a busy one for us. Nate is going to do the 2 cross races on Saturday and then the one on Sunday. The races on Saturday are a uphill time trial with a few runs ups of to the side of the race course and 1 lap on the mtn bike trail of Lapham Peak. It should be a interesting format and Nate is looking forward to it. After the races on Saturday we will have to come home and get the football stuff and then get to his football game. It should be a fun game as they are playing at night instead of the normal Saturday morning games. Nate says that the racing and then the game and then the race again is no problem. Man to be young again and be able to do that. We have been busy with the football practices and school so again the riding has been put on the back burner but Nate still manages to get on the bike about 4 times a week so he should be ready. I'll bring my bike and ride around a bit as he races as I don't do the cross races because it is to hard to try to run with the bum leg and all. But maybe I will try a race or 2 this year again just to have some fun. Time to get The Boy ready for practice. Later..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Great reading

Here was a story about Jesse LaLonde in the Milwaukee journal the other day. It is about his winning the Fat Tire 40 on the single speed. Enjoy..

Monday, September 24, 2007

Russell's Superwife of the week

I seen this fine lady running from Russell's van while I went by during my race. I thought maybe it was his new wife so I thought nothing of it. I kinda thought it was a fine catch for Russell and all so I said nothing. To only find out later that Russell's bike had a break down so I think Russell must not have put out the night before the race so she loosened up a few chain ring bolts on the bike and a few wheel lug nuts on the van. This means your chain ring will fold in half on your bike during the race and your wheel lug nuts and bolts will shear fall off the van on the way home. Russell you have to recognize the new wife as the boss or you will be paying for ever. Don't be a FOOL and she won't mess with the bike or van. BE NICE TO YOUR NEW WIFE. .

Sunday, September 23, 2007

11 down

Man I am so happy that there is only 1 more WORS race. The season has been a long one and after the crash and with Nate playing football the training and racing are suffering. Today Nate and I went up with Danny for the race in Iola part 2. When we got there I was feeling the effects of the cold that I got from hanging around Donny last week at the Cheq. Well after the call up and Don yelling Gooooooo the race was full speed ahead. I went into the bowl in a nice comfortable 2nd on Todd's wheel. Marcus came around us just before the first single track and was flowing just a little too hot in spots and just nailed a tree and we asked if he was OK and he said yea just keep going, so off we went. We did never see him again but I did hear that he went over the bars in the bowl later in the race also so he was having a though race. After the last part of the single track I took the lead and Todd followed and I eventually dropped him. Riding along I could see Dave getting closer and after the last up hill he caught me and I was feeling the full effects of the cold and lost his wheel and rolled in 2nd. The finish today seals up a 2nd overall for the year and that now means that all 4 of us will finish 2nd overall for the cross country series. In the marathon series Maddie has 1st, Nate and Cece have 2nd and I took a 3rd. So this year is another year of fun racing and good results. One more race and then it is time for the bmx and cross season.

Nate had a football game yesterday and the team looked a lot better then the other games. The team was moving the ball and stopping the other team nicely for the entire game. But the last quarter our quarterback tossed a interception and the team lost 6-0. We are getting closer and the win will come soon. Nate was in some good tackles and played tight end well for the game. Tie to watch the Bears lose to the Cowboys I hope. Later..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Poor Mikey

Len came home after racing the Fat Tire 40 and told Mikey that he had to go and play with Russell next time he come over for a ride and Mikey just lost it. Now that was mean of Len if ya ask me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pictures of Fast guys

Here are some pictures of some of the fast guys in the 40. Not in any order but we know who the real fast guys are.