Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Toy

I stopped by Vince at Ben's and got my new toy delivered today. Vince has a bunch of these that are used and they are priced to sell. I had it delivered and Maddie rode it for her workout tonight. I sat on it and did a easy spin for half hour just to spin the legs as it has been a week since I have been on a bike. I held the arm up and it didn't throb so maybe a half hour to a hour easy will work without any damage to the healing paw. Going to try to ride easy for a couple of weeks and then after talking to the doctor then I will amp it up.

E-mailed Alexis today and I'm going to volunteer at the WORS race this weekend. That leaves me only 3 more at the end of the year to do to get a overall. I will work at a couple of other races that I will be at until I can start racing again. Boy what a way to go into the summer, well at least I don't have to work either. Just not being able to ride is what really sucks. Time to get the kids ready for bed and finish cleaning up the dinner. Later..

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Looking better

Cece's mother drove me to the Doctors office in Kenosha as they both thought that a Vicadin and covered hand should not allow me to drive. Well the drive with a 78 year old Mother in law was a adventure. Arrived in one piece with about 5 minutes to spare. The Doctor took the bandages off and the fingers look a lot better then I thought they would have. I'm hoping to get the stiches out next week and then have to wait about 2 to 3 more weeks then the therapy will start. The good about the visit was that the Doc refilled the Vicadin. Now happy land for a couple more weeks. The pain is still there but not as bad as last week but still no exercise or anything until after next weeks visit.

Looks like with the rain that track may be off tonight. If no racing we will have to have the kids do a work out in the basement. Looking forward to the race this weekend and I'm going to volunteer and try to get the last couple of races to get a overall. The kids are looking forward to the next couple of races and then we are doing BMX Nationals and NORBA Nationals. Time to get a few things done. Later..

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Russ's Supermate

With all of us thanking those who gave their lives for our freedom here is a nice flag bearing gal for Russell. And again thanks to Russell for getting me to places with this injured paw and everything.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Rock

Went to Rockford yesterday with the Boy and Russell. Russell came over after riding in the Kettles in the Morning with Danny, Lenny and also seeing about 15 other WORS racers there. We headed to the Rock and got there with time to spare and get the boys bikes ready for racing. Russell built a new cruiser wheel and I put a sweet White Industries free wheel on the back for him. Way to nice for a kid but what the hell he just gets on the bike and races with no questions asked. The bmx track is a really nice and I wish I could have raced. Thanks to Russell as he got the bikes all ready and got Nate ready for the races.

We got to the track and 5 minutes after getting there it started to rain, great we thought. Jake and the guys got the tarps out and covered the dirt straight aways in no time. It was really cool and then the rain stopped traps came off and the gates started to drop. With the rain delay it was every one to the main and a one run shoot for the finish. In cruiser Nate took 5th out of 7 and in age he took 3rd as he sat up at the end and got passed. What a Randy move I tell ya. In all it was a good trip and hope to get back there 2 or 3 times before the Nationals in 3 weeks.

While at the track I also bought a sweet Answer carbon pro fork for the Felt 20 inch bike I'm building up for the Boy. We are going hook the bike up with some sweet carbon bars, Sun Wheels of course and a few other geek items to make it a nice and light machine. We will post pic's when it is ready, hope to get it done by the the end of this week.

The paw is feeling better but I still take a Vicadin every 4 to 6 hours so that is why it probably feels as good as does. On Tuesday I get to have this wrap taken off and see how the Doc was able to put me back together. Going to go down by Jerry for a cookout and see maybe go to Randy's if I feel up to it and get home at a decent time. Well time to try to help Cece alittle in cleaning the crib. Later..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hitt'n the Rock

Today Nate, Russell and myself are going to Rockford so Nate can get some time on the track before the Nationals there in 3 weeks. He is going to race age and cruiser tonight. He hasn't been on the bmx bike in like 2 months but after a couple of gate drops he should be fine.

The hand felt like shit last night and had to take a extra Vicadin to help. I was trying to hopefully take less drugs but the fewer I do take the worse it feels. So I will have to stay on the plan of 1 or 2 every 4 to 6 hours for now. Going to talk to Vince and get a spin bike delivered to the crib so I will have a easier way to train with one paw beat up. I'm thinking that a nice Lemond should do the job. Cece is fine with it so time to jump on it right away. Have to get some things ready for the bmx tonight. Later..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Still Throbing

Here are a few pic's on how the paw is wrapped and protected it from me. The Doc has extra padding and length on the end to prevent me from hurting myself any more. It still hurts and throbs but learning to deal with it better. Hoping that it will feel good over the weekend and that I'll be able to get Nate to Rockford for a bmx race. Everyone have fun riding and racing and thanks for all the support and prayers. I will be back and hope to riding and racing with all of you guys soon. Later..

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What a pain

Just sitting around and not being able to do anything is a royal pain in the ass. Not only does the hand hurt but my ass is getting tired of just sitting around. In short the hand hurts a lot and throbs all the time right now but I think in a few days to a week it should be a lot better. I'm hoping that after the visit to the Dr on Tuesday I can put the bike on the trainer or even rollers. Even if he says not yet what he doesn't know won't hurt. I will be back for the last half of the season and I will hope to be in as good or better shape.

For now I will watch movies that I have and didn't get a chance to view yet. So if anyone has nothing to do call and come watch some movies if you want. So call and anyone is welcome to stop by anytime you want. I will be taking the Punks to the races and I will volunteer for Don and give something back until I'm all healed up. I will also take them to the Wed races and work there so the others can race for once also. My hand is killing me so I'm going to go sit down and take a Vicadin. Later..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That's going to hurt

Well the race season may be done now. I was down at the track last night and was closing the gate after Tim pulled the trailer in the infield. Well it gets better. I pushed the fence and my right hand went along with the gate and proceeded to go inbetween the top of the fence and a wheel that guides the gate. I pulled the gate back as fast as I could but it was to late as my right hand was crushed and mangled already. My last 2 fingers on the right hand were totally fucked and bleeding all over the place. I feel to the ground in pain and proceed to scream in pain and then Russell came over and helped me up and Len left to get the medic's but it was taking to much time. Paul said screw them and gave us his keys to his car and we went to the hospital on our own. Once there they all went to work. The pictues said 2 fingers smashed so they called a hand specialist and off to the operating room I went. 3 hours later and 16 titanium screws, wires and titanium bridges I was in recovery. It still hurts like hell but I'm home and off from work for 8 weeks and I think the race season is over also. That really sucks.

Thanks to Russell for all your help with the kids and all. Also thanks to Rick Miller for sitting at the hospital all night with me. Also thanks to everyone else who helped with the kids and all also. Time to rest as my hand is hurting like hell right now. Later..

Monday, May 22, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

I think this is what Russell is running from at each race. This is a true Clyde. Here's to your good racing Russ.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well after a good meal and getting some good shut eye the Punks and I got the truck loaded and headed to Alpine Valley. We got there and Rita and Gordy had the new team jersey's for the team. Got Maddie all set and got her warmed up with some riding and hit the start line. She got a call up and took care of business right away. She can climb and took off and was like 3rd out of all the boys and girls coming down past the first turn. She just put her head down and put a good gap on the other girls. My main thought is I hope that she doesn't pop and give up. I could see her go across the top and was still looking good. I went to the finish line and she got her first ever WORS win. This was great and this is from the girl who didn't even want to race this weekend again. Now she can't wait until the next race comes. Rock on Maddie.

Now it was time to get Nate ready at the same time. A lot easier as he just is calm as hell and does a warm up and gets to the line by himself. He got a call up and took care of business right away also. He was like 4th out of the 18 and under group coming down to the first turn also. He looks so smooth when he is riding and I could see him go across the top just by his pedaling and I was at the bottom of the hill. He came across after the first lap and was sitting in a good position and held it to the end. He came across the finish line in 2nd place again and was only 40 seconds behind the winner of his age group. I don't think it will long and he will win a cit 10 to 14 age class, Nate is only 11. Way to go Nate.

Now it was my turn to put my front wheel on the start line. I got my call up and waited for Don to yell Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and off we were. I didn't get that great of a start and was in like 6th place SS for a good part of first lap. I was holding good and passed a few of the other SS and got passed back after a climb or 2 and having to run up the hills after some one walking in front of me. But hey what the hell it's a race and I will get the chance to pass in the next lap or 2. On lap 1 a few of the other SS popped and that made the passes easier. Adam from Darcy was the first to pop and then the guy from Point pursuit was next and then it was 4 of us running wheel to wheel for the next 2 laps. It was a fun race and I was sitting in 2nd for a good part of the next lap and a half. Then after a crash I was in 4th in no time. Then with a last little single track Montie took time to hug a tree and that opened it up and I was able to catch up to the 2nd place guy and we came out of the single track and we sprinted for the finish and one racer got in the way and I got another 3rd place. Good for me as hills are what take me out of a lot of the races and I have been able to hold on this year. Next is the Wausau race and then BMX nationals in Rockford.

Tonight got home and cleaned up and headed to a Sports award banquet for Nate. He plays softball for his school. They are in first place right now and have out scored the other teams 135 plus to 4. They have 2 more games to play and I hope that they hold it together and win them. He got 2 medals and a trophy tonight and also won a $25.00 gift card for Target. So it was a good night for Nate.

Sorry I couldn't stick around to get to see the finishes of everyone. But hey Bubba great race today, Lenny also had a good race. Russell also pulled another 1st way to go. Jerry pulled some Bling also this weekend. Anyhow way to go to everyone else as I need to sight and read the paper and have some ice cream. Later..

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today the Tool came over and we loaded the truck and went to Waterford for the KR bike club ride. The KR bike club gives the youth team some $ so the punks kids, myself and the Tool went and did the ride. We only did the 10 mile route and then we went to Alpine for a pre ride. The Skinny's team did a great job on the course and added a few spots to make it a little rougher for the Comp and Elite and cleaned up some of the troubled areas. The course is in great shape and we can't wait to race tomorrow. No time to get the clothes from the dryer and get the Punks in the showers and to bed some so they are ready for the race. Later..

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday 5.19.06

I like Fridays. Today worked at the airport all day and then stopped at Ben's to drop back off the Phil BB tool. I borrowed it so Russell and I could put in the Phil Wood BB that I bought from Jerry. That thing is like butter. Can't wait to ride it tomorrow at Alpine. Today Nate had a ball game and they won 19-0. Only 2 more games and they should win those also. Rode the rollers after the game and the legs felt ok. The test will be tomorrow at the preride. The punks, Russell and myself are going to do the KR ride in the morning and then go preride. Boring stuff right now and time to go to bed. Later..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Did the Bone Ride today and I was toast about 111 miles into the ride. The ride from Tosa to Madison was a nice pace and the groups stayed together real well. The rain on the way there was kind of shitty but all were able to make it to Madison no problem. We got there and went to Noddles and Co like we do every year ate and gathered for the ride home. I got in the front group and we were riding along at a brisk pace of 30 mph plus on the flats at times and up the hills at 25 mph plus. Doing all this as it was pouring rain. I made it for about 40 miles but with the heart rate pegged at max plus for 40 miles I pulled off that group to ride with the group behind me. That group didn't show up for about 20 miles so I was in no where land by myself and riding along just hoping that it would ride up. Well it did just as I was going up a hill and I said later as another group was still coming. Just as that group was coming it started to pour and hail so I said enough and got in the van for the ride to the cycle shop in Hartland and got a ride to Joes with John. At the end I had 130 miles on the legs and with the rain hail and cold that was enough as I was toasted by then. This is the first time I didn't make the entire ride but hey it still beats a day at work. Congrats to Russell, Jeff Senn, Jack, Joe, Jim G., Mike G, John T., B-dog, Spring Bob, John B. and the others I forgot. As they all made the entire ride. Can't wait until next year as I always enjoy the ride and will get in a more appropriate group for the ride home.

Doing the KR ride in Waterford on Sat morning with Hayes Youth team and Russell. Then we are going to Alpine for the pre ride for the race on Sun. Cece is going to Minnesota for our niece's baptism and taking Jessie along so I have only 2 punks for the weekend. That should be a fun time. Well time to go and clean the bike from the ride today and get some rest. Later..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

8 hour ride

Tomrrow is the bone ride. This is the ride from Tosa to Madison for lunch and back. The ride is about 160 miles and somewhere from 150 to 200 riders show up. It always a blast as the pace is about 20 - 25 mph the entire way. So maybe if I'm up to it I'll post something after the ride. I just hope it doesn't rain on us. Nate's softball team won again and now are 5-0. Have to finish getting the stuff ready for tomorrow. Later..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Now that Russell has destoryed the Comp big boys I think he will have a little trouble with this one. Ride on Bro.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

Happy Maothers Day to all of you hard working mothers out there. May you have a great day of others waiting on you all day. I know that is what is going to happen to Cece around here today as the The Punks and I are going to do that (yea right). Going to try to get a ride in today with the Nate on our single speeds. Time to get something to eat, I hope that Cece has something ready to eat. Later..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nate's Single Speed

Put a single speed bike together for The Boy out of spare parts and a frame that was lying around. Not a perfect one as I need to fine tune a few things but he can ride it for now. He is going to race it at the time trails and maybe a few WORS races later in the year. Running a 32x18 for now and seems to be good for him. Now The Boy can drop Randy on a geared bike and a single speed.

Friday, May 12, 2006

1 more ring

Today I added another ring to the trunk. That makes 42 and still going. Going to do nothing tonight except make the kids get more cocktails. Later..

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Final choice

Well the Mtn bike National championships are going to be in Sonoma Cali. It was rumored that maybe that they would be at Copper Mtn in Colorado but it is going to be in Sonoma. On top of it it is going to be a week earlier also. Have to sit down and talk to Cece and see how to fit it our plans and still may try to make it out there.

Today was another trip to Madison to get the weights and measuring cans. It was a real shitty drive as the rain and wind were a real bitch. Got back and then got home and the Punks and I did a roller workout. My parents are in town as they had to take my Grandma to her sisters funeral. Time to go and sit and talk to them. Later..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Since the race it has been kind of crazy here as usaul. Monday Cece went to the Dr and found out that there is a crack in her elbow. That is what we heard up at the hospital at the race also. She is lucky as she will miss the next race because she has to go to Minnesota for a baptism of our niece. Nate, Maddie and myself get to stay home and race though. So she gets to heal until the race in Wausau and that should be enough time for her as she doesn't ride in between the races anyhow.

Yesterday I took the day off from work and went to the zoo with Maddie's class. It was a fun time as the kids where really enjoying themselves. Then we got home and Nate and I did a roller workout as Maddie still had work to catch up on from missing the week of school last week. Nate really is working out hard and I think he want's to win a few of the Cit races this year. He is alot more focused this year and I think after half the year he may try a few of the sport races also.

He played softball on Monday and they won agaiain and the team is 3-0. They have now won by the scores of 24-0, 16-1 and 26-0. The team is really good and I think that they may have a chance to win every game if they keep playing as well as they have. Nate has made it safely to first base at every at bat that he has had so he is doing good and hasn't let a ball get past him at first. He has had a good year so far and I hope he doesn't have a melt down over the last couple of games.

Today I had to get up at Goat time and get to work and drive the weight's, weight kits and gas measuring unit's to Madison. The lab there then certifies them so we are accurate when we do our jobs. So I took the day off the bike and took the kids to get a Mothers Day gift for Cece. Tomorrow I have to go back to Madison and get the rest of the equipment that was not finished when we can home today. Oh what fun this new job is. I really don't miss the restaurant inspections at all. Well time to get the kids to take their showers and get in bed. Later..

Monday, May 08, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

I think Russell had a great race as he was dreaming that he was chasing these 3 racers through the woods. Here's to your great race Russell and keep dreaming.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

1 done

Well that kind of has a double meaning. The first race is in the books and the first family member is done for awhile. Cece was doing the pre ride and fell and seems to have a fracture in her elbow. We spent 2 hours at the hospital and thanks to Barb, Jerry and Russell as they watched the punks as we got pictures of Cece's elbow. Needless to say no racing for her and then Maddie has been sick so no racing for her either. I wasted 2 entries and the 2 didn't race. Maddie could have I think as she was running all over the place but what ever. We stayed at the Best western and the pool and water slides and all were cool so that is always fun.

Race day was cool and then the Punk Boy was ready for his race in Cit 10-14. After the pre ride I was thinking that he may be off a little but he had a good start and took it from there to take a solid 2nd place. Nate is really got the mind and the power to do well and never give up. We thought about moving him to sport but being only 11 he doesn't need the pressure to try to race that hard right now. So the crying parents will just have to kiss my ass as he races and beats their kids for a while.

My race went well as I didn't know what to expect as I was moving to single speed. I remember getting passed by a few single speeders last year in races and thinking that they were faster and that I would be happy to finish in the top 7 or 8 would be fine. I got a good start and hung on a few of the guys that were ahead of me and got a gap and worked with a guy from the point team. On the 2nd lap I told him that I needed to get around him in the single track area as he was moving to slow and I was getting kind of worried that others may have been catching us. I put the hammer down then and dropped him and never seen him again. But then I never seem the guys in front of me either. In the end I finished 3rd and that was way better then I expected so a good start to the race season. Now I have to wait and see at the next race as Alpine has a lot climbing and the leg just doesn't do well at some of those courses.

Kudo's to everyone else that raced as I don't have the memory or the energy to type all the results right now. Sorry. But to everyone thanks for yelling words of encouragement to me during my race. Later..

Friday, May 05, 2006


The check list is ready. Got 4 bikes ready to go. Check. Got riding clothes, shoes, helmets and misc gear. Check. Got the tool bag, extra wheels, pump and trainer ready. Check. Got the swim trunks and extra clothes and the food bin ready. Check. Boy getting ready for the first race of the season is always the most difficult as you need to get things ready for all 4 of us to race and Jessica wants me to take her bike along also for the kids race. Going up tomorrow for a pre ride although we have done this course for the last couple of years we still like to pre ride it. We are going to bring Russell up also so the ride up should be fun. We are maybe also going to ride up with Jerry following but have to wait and see if his furniture gets to his house or he will just meet up there. Then we are staying at the Best Western and the kids get to use the water park so it should be fun. So see you there sat or Sunday. Later..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beat Down

Today's ride was one I think for the first time in years that it stayed together. We did loose a few but the rest mainly stayed in. I have to say the fact that Jack was not taking flyers off the front the entire night did help. He made himself sit in for the ride and I could tell about 40 minutes in it was eatint the shit out of him, but he stayed in the pack for almost the entire ride. With the first race this weekend a few hard efforts today and then recover was just I needed.

Looking forward to the race this weekend and seeing where the fitness is. I hope that I don't pop in the first lap, just have to wait and see. Cece still hasn't ridden her bike and Maddie has been sick so it should be a fun first race for them 2. Nate should be ready as usual. Later..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Yhea....

I love it when the sun is out and winds die down. It makes for a great day to ride. The only down fall is the grass is growing faster then I can cut it. I will have to pay the boy to cut the grass this year. We went to the track and did a work out and it felt way better then the last one. It was 20 degrees warmer and the bike feels better after each workout. Nate was looking good and I hope that he wants to race the track more then he did last year. I know he raced it but his heart wasn't in it, I hope it's better this year. Maddie will do her thing as I'm only concerned to having her get the fundimentals down. Brought the extra track bike to the track and the goat came and got it so maybe a few races are in the future for the Goat also.

Tonight we have a softball game for Nate and a spring concert for the girls. No riding tonight unless it's not raining maybe a cruise with the lights on. Time to get to work. Later..

Monday, May 01, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

With all this stinking rain Russell is going to need a few of these for himself on his rides.