Friday, June 30, 2006

I'll have another one.....

We are sitting at my brothers relaxing after a nice ride in the morning and swimming in the pool across the street all afternoon. Boy not working for the last 5 weeks has been nice and I'm getting used to not having to answer to the man. But I do really miss going to work believe it or not. Looks like Maddie may have to miss the race as she cut her foot pretty bad and may have needed stiches but nurse Joy put a few butterflies on it and they seem to be doing the job. May have her just race and get the toss away points and that is it. I felt ok today on the bike and I'm looking forward to racing. I did pull Jessica on the trail a bike for 20 miles on a gravel path and it felt fine also did a few hard efforts to get the leg's moving and the heart rate up. Going to go and preride tomorrow and check out the course and come back to my brothers as the neighbor fires off about $3,000.00 worth of fireworks. The fireworks are way better then any show around even maybe better then the Big Bang as they are right over your head. Well time to go and have a few cocktails.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

About time

This is going to be the scene for the first time this weekend. All 4 of us are going to be able to race for the first time this year. I'm going to give it a try and Cece is finally ready to race. See you at the race as we are heading up there today and stay by my brothers and then go to the pre ride and then race on Sunday. Later..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I went to the Doctor again yesterday and he said that the hand is healing real nice. But he did move it in a few ways that I don't and the pain was really cool. But it is something that I don't do for the cool factor as I'm afraid that I would hinder the bones in the healing process. He said that the bones are not fully healed yet and that I can start to try to move them more to get more mobility but not to grip hard yet as I could do damage to the bones. I have to still do movements to try to loosen up the joints and to try to break the scar tissue down from him reconnecting the tendons. So much damage to such a little area but moving in the right direction. Still not able to go back to work and just going to have to suffer being home with the kids and healing.

We went to the track last night and it was a good night of racing. Nate was able to get 2 2nd places in his races. I have to try to get a bigger gear for him but it doesn't really because we are going to miss the next 4 weeks and there are only 2 or 3 more the week after. Maddie had a good night as she got 2 3rd places and that is not to bad as she just got home from up north. Travis came and watched and now wants to try it so I'm going to have to ask the Goat for the spare track bike back and get it to Travis so he can try track racing. Then russell was on last night in the sprint heats. He rode smart and made through the first round to the main and got a 2nd place. He then Raced the Madison with Jack Hammer and never got tossed in the race and they managed to finish 5th and get paid for that also. Jerry also had a bunch of good races again as he finished 2nd in the sprints and a 3rd in the team race with Danny. Spring Bob had a good night with a win in the team race and a second in the snowball and a 4th in the sprints. Come down on Tuesdays for some good racing. We will miss the next 4 as we are going upnorth tomorrow and then to California and won't be back until late July or the first week of Aug.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Russell's Supermate's of the week

With the weather nice and the Summer in full swing Russell is taking his ladies to the beach more often. Here is a fine picture from the last visit to beach when the temps were soaring in the high 80's and 90's. Hope you have time to ride when you are done giving the ladies the loving that they need.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Crap going on

Friday was a day of having Lunch with Russell, Ronsta and the Boy. We ate a all you can eat Mexican buffet. A meal that would cry if Randy walked in but we did so some damage to the food that they laid out. I ate to much and suffered as I went to the Crystal Ridge 12 hour course to trim the branches that were hanging in the trail. I then made it up the top and helped Al and Coop finish marking the trail for the race.

Sat got up early and helped at the Metro 12 hour race. I sat on the hill and yelled at dump truck drivers to slow or stop to allow the racers to come through. I had to yell at a idiot to slow or stop and he looked at me and said my tires are bigger then yours and I'm not. The nice guy that I am I got in his face and he slowed and stopped every time. Another idiot drove up and wanted to get into it with a truck driver because he flipped him off. I nicely told told the guy to leave or he would have had a bigger issue if stayed. He left also to avoid the bigger problem about to happen. After the trucks stopped I had time to get Nate ready for his 6 hour duo with Travis. Last year they won the race but this year there was more teams and faster guys also. They put up a good race and finished 3rd over all in the 6 hour duo. Ronsta and Tbone won the race and another duo beat Nate and Travis by 5 miutes. Not bad for a 11 and 12 year old kids. For Nate's good finish Russell and I took him to Hooters for some wings.

Today John picked me up and we drove to Sammi's house for a group ride. The group was a good size group and a good pace for 50 plus miles. The pace was even and comfortable for the entire ride. We were going to ride to East Troy and back. On the way out we ran into some rain and then changed directions and kept out running it. We were able to avoid the rain for most of the ride and never got caught in a down pour. After the ride Dave and Connie cooked up some brats and good eats for us. We ate and had a few beers and now it is time to start my grill and eat more.

Just registered all of us for the race this coming weekend in Eau Claire. Yes I'm going to race and just finish to get a few points. I'm not going to take any chances but hope to have a good finish and get a few more points. We are going to head up on Thursday and stay by my brother's house for the week and come back home for a few days before we head to California for the NORBA nationals. So that is the new crap going on. Later..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Made it

Well I made it to the end of the ride. Thanks to Jeff who had my back. The speed was ok but the hills is where I lost a wheel a time or two. But Jeff made sure I got back on. Thank you Jeff. I'm going to go have lunch with the Tool and the Ronsta tomorrow and I may even take the Boy. Then may go and finish marking the trail for the 12 hour race on Sat. Still have to wait and see if Al calls and said he didn't finish. Time for bed. Later..

Group ride

Going to go and do the group ride tonight. I hope that I can keep up for most of the ride and not get dropped to early in the ride. I hope that the rain holds out so we can ride. Update the adventure later.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

1st day of summer

Well for the first day of summer it sure came in with a bang. The wind and rain this morning was cool. I got up early as Len was dropping a Fork off so I could buy it and put it on The Boy's mtn bike. The one he had on the bike was not working that good any more and the brake mounts were stripped out. Russell had made them work by putting some lock tight and plumbers tape on the bolts and that held up for now. But going to NORBA nationals in a couple of weeks we needed some thing more reliable and I bought the fork. It is a Rock Shock Duke with lock out on it also. The Boy should like that and I left the steer tube longer so I can put it on the next bike he gets. He and Cece are out for a ride right now testing it out. Also it should get the true test this weekend as Nate and Travis are doing the 6 hour duo.

The fingers feel pretty good but they are a little stiff today. I don't know if the weather has anything to do with it but the feel sore and stiff today. Oh well maybe they will feel better later or tomorrow. The Boy and I hit the track last night and he had a good night as he took a 3rd and a 4th. I rode around for an hour and then took my place in the infield helping by telling at the racers to where they were in the races. They all looked good as Jerry got a 4th in the main and the B Dog had a few high places again. Len had a few nice high places again. Aaron also was blowing the others away in the sprints. Everyone on the team looked good again this week. So if you have time you need to come down and see some good racing at the track on Tuesday nights.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the shop again as I'm going to put a cruiser together for Jerry as the bmx track should be ready in a few weeks and now he can come and hit it up with us. So if you don't have a bmx bike yet it's time to get one and come and join the rest of us and hit the track. It should be ready in about 2 to 3 weeks. They may also have a few rider info nights and then some gate practices. They may even try to get a few races in this year also. Just have to wait and see. Time to get something to eat. Later..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

4 weeks

It has been 4 weeks since the gate tried eating my fingers. The stiches have been removed and now the cuts have healed shut and the dried skin is pealing off. I have been trying to move the fingers per Doctors orders and it has been a slow and minor painful process. The fingers are pretty stiff and the pinky has very little flexiability but I'm hoping that it will get some to most of it's movement back. I'm hoping that I will be able to ride the bike and race in a few weeks.

Enough of the fingers as I did a road ride with Russell, Bubba, Coop and Ann last night. It was a great feeling to be out on the road again. I'm going to ride at the track again tonight and do a few laps before the CR Time Trial tomorrow if it's not rained out. If it is rained out The Boy and I will do a nice long road ride instead. I think that I may even try to do the Thursday road ride this week. Just have to see how things fall into place later in the week.

The 12 hour race at Crystal Ridge. I'm going to go and mark the trails this Friday and work there on Saturday. I'm going to take a few hours off in the afternoon and ride a few laps and then help for the end of the race. So if you are not planning on racing get a ride in early and come and help. Even if you are racing coming and give a few hours of work before or after the race. See you there.

I stopped by to see how the BMX track was looking and it is cool to see all the bumps and jumps laid out. Now the real work will be starting and the track should look real cool in a few weeks. I think some drainage in the corners are a must as they were holding a ton of water and now is the time to put that in or there will be a ton of issues down the road. But hey I hope that they know they are doing and get it done right the first time that they do all this work once and save alot of time and money the first time through. Later..

Monday, June 19, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week.

Being the fact that Russell is getting down to about 200 lbs his veins will be sticking out like this Supermate of the week. It won't be long until he is as ripped as she is. Good race this weekend.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

WOW what a weekend.

We just got back from the Midwest Nationals in Rockford. It was a great 4 days and we will be spending it there the same time next year. To get the party started Nate, Skylar and myself went there Thursday for a single point race to get the 2 racers ready for racing the next 3 days went it really counted. The best thing about going to the Nationals was pulling up to the races and seeing a bunch of people you know. We were invited to stay and partake in the camp of Brian Dickerson and family, Fred Yanke, Todd Zimmerman and his daughter, Bill Dickerson, Curt Zizzo, RB, Mike Froh and a couple of others, This made the weekend very fun and comfortable. They all helped us prepare for the racers and let us leave our bikes there over night and feed us also. Nate took a 3rd place and skylar took a 2nd each in class on Thursday night. After the races we drove back to Milwaukee and got ready for the next 3 days.

We left for the races at 9am on Friday to pick Skylar and Shaun and got back to Rockford for some double point racing. We got there and got the bikes out of Freds trailer and the kids got to their gate practices. I stood in line for almost 2 hours to get the registration done for Skylar and Nate. Nate raced class and cruiser on Friday to get an extra race in to get used to the track and see a few of the other racers he would face. Nate only raced cruiser on Friday and wanted to stay somewhat fresh for class with heat and all. He took a 4th in cruiser and then a 3rd in class on Friday. Skylar took a 3rd in class on Friday. Both where looking good but we could tell that of racers were racing as neither really have been on the BMX bike since march. We loaded our car and got to the hotel and cleaned up as we needed to be back as Nate had gates at 6:50 in the morning.

Well we got to the gate practice and the racing started at 11am and went on for the next 9 hours or so. Skylar had the first race and settle for the having to go to the second moto as her races had 3 nationally ranked girls in it. She made it to the mains in the 2nd moto. In the mains she had a slow gate start but did well and held on for a 3rd place finish. Nate made it to the semi's in his first moto and had to sit until like 3pm then. He made in to the main no problem in his group. In the main he was holding 2nd but he got passed in turn 3 and had to settle for a 3rd place finish. For his first National at Rockford he looked great. After the race we all cooked out and sat around at the camp and talked and all the kids were having fun. We headed out to the hotel again and got ready to be back for the 2nd day of racing.

Well to say that the day was going to a real fun one was to say the least when I got up and it was raining. Guess what? They race in the rain at Nationals. We got ready and watched a few of the first races and there was a lot of crashes in the turns. Skylar and Nate both moved on after the first moto's. Nate then moved past the semi's to the main again.In the main Skylar had her best gate and was in the lead and went into turn 2 and washed out and ended up finishing 5th. She looking great in each of her races and got better each day. Nate blasted out of the gate and was in the lead also and was coming out of turn 3 and the guy that was on his tail got even with him and it was a drag race to the finish and Nate got nipped at the line and he got a 2nd place finish. He looked great in each race and I'm super proud of him.

Also the others had great finishes: Brian Dickerson won both of his age cruisers, Bill Dickerson took 2 2nd places in his age in cruiser, Curt Zizzo won both of his age cruisers, Tim Ering won both on his age cruisers, Fred made a few mains and others had good results also. Again the weekend would not have been as fun and comfortable with out the kindness of the others we were with. Thanks again to all.

I hope everyone had a good race in Kewaunee and see at the track or at the rides soon. I need sleep Later..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Getting to the Rock

We rode the CR time trials last night. As we got there I got the kids ready and then took a lap for the first time with the fingers splinted up. It was tricky as I didn't have the full use of the rear brake and the abilaty to hang on real well witht the right hand. I also didn't support the fingers as well as I could have and that limited me. I figured a way to support the fingers better so more riding to come after the weekend at Rockford Nationals. I put the front wheel on Nates bike and told him like 3 times to check it do you think he would? Hell no and it vibrates loose and he has to stop and gets passed by Travis and ends up 2nd. What a bummer. Maddie had a blast and rode a couple of laps and enjoyed riding her bike.

Aslo at the track we got a chance to look at the BMX track that is being built and it is looking sweet. The Track should be ready for the final smoothing out in the next 2 weeks and then it may be open for some riding shortly after that. Get your bikes now and give it a try. But as the ones that arre making the track say right now stay off untill they say it is ready as you could cause problems and make it longer for the rest.

Today Nate, Skyler and myself are going to the bmx track in Rockford for some National tune up racing. We are going to spend the next 4 days racing there and hoping for some good results. I'm hoping that the rain and all holds up and we are able to race the entire weekend and that Nate will ci=ome home with some great results.

The girls are going to go upnorth with my parents and spend 10 days there so that should be a nice break and no fighting at home. The only thing is that there is a bear running around the cabin so they will have to have my parents around at all times. Also sending Maddies bike up there with them also. Maddie is looking forward to riding it with my parents so that is good thing, so I hope she rides it often and hard. Next week is the 12 hour at Crystal Ridge and Nate and Travis are thinking about doing the 6 hour dou again so that should be fun to watch. Also I will work there and help out so come and ride and work PLEASE.

Time to get the bikes and stuff packed and get Skyler and head to the Rock. Later..

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Info over load.

Well the Doctor told me that I can ride the bike and to start on moving the fingers. The fingers are stiff and messed up so that is going to take a while. Also I have to be careful not to try to squeze them as I could break them again or break the plates. So I have to be gentle for now. I also got the track bike out and rode warm up and the track and then got in a few pace lines and boy that felt great to be back outside.

The punks did well again as Nate took a 4th and 2nd. Maddie took 2 2nd places. The rest of the team took a bunch of wins and second places also. Cudos to B-Dog as he took a win in his first race at the track also.

The bmx track have started in Fanklin so that is great news and I can't wait to see it. Nate, Skyler and maybe Sam J and I are going to the bmx track in Rockford to get a few laps in before the Nationals race there this weekend. So I'm running more now then when I'm at work. Boy I can't wait to get back to work. Yea right.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is a new mate for Russell. Hope that he still has some energy left after the team 12 hour race and doing trail work.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

2 Old men and 2 Kids

The team of Russell, Bubba, Megan, and Nate took a 5th at the 12 hour race. They raced the 12 hour open and all of them did it on single speeds. Good job guys. Nate also did his laps in a hour or less on the single speed. Good job to all the other racers also.

With Nate getting home later then expected we didn't head to Rockford for some bmx racing. I hope that it doesn't rain on Wed so we can get some practice gates in before the Nationals. Nate just needs to push it in the turns and make sure that no one comes under his line and he should do fine. We will be heading there on Friday and racing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Got a bigger gear on the 20 inch and hope that will help also as he was spun out the last race we did there. Just hope that he makes all the mains and we will go from there.

Time to wash the car and truck and get the trail a bike hooked up to the single speed as Cece wants to get Jessica to try to ride it with her. I'm not going to try it but maybe I will ride the mtn bike behind her. I will get on the spin bike later and get another ride in also. I'm hoping to come back in as good or better shape then I was before I hurt myself. Only time will tell. Later..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

This sucks

Man with screwing the fingers up at this time of the season it really sucks. The 12 hour race was today and the Boy is there racing but I haven't heard yet how that is going. I could have also done the Fat Tire tour also. I couldn't do either one. I also hat missing the other races and rides that are going on each day also. But what the hell I do get the next 8 to 9 weeks off and hope that in the next 2 to 3 weeks that I get to start riding the group rides again. I'm hoping to maybe have the ok to maybe race the WORS race in Eau Claire but if not maybe after we get back from NORBA nationals. It just sucks sitting and riding the spin bike but I figure that riding that is better then nothing. Oh well time to watch more TV. Later..

Friday, June 09, 2006

1st day of kids

Now that the kids are out of school it is full time at home with them. Not bad today as Nate went to a classmates house to play PS2 games so that left just the girls with me. It was a nice day at home with not to much fighting. We went to the bike shop a got a new free wheel on Nates 20 inch bmx bike as we may try to get to Rockford on Sunday. Next week is the Midwest Nationals at Rockford so no WORS race next Sunday. Nate is going to do the 12 hour race this weekend with Russ, Bubba, and Megan on their single speeds. He is just finishing getting his food and bottles ready and going over making sure that he has his riding clothes ready.

I think I did a little to much yesterday by folding the laundry as the fingers were sore and swollen this morning. Will have to have Cece do that job for a couple of week so I don't mess up the fingers. I got a good spin ride in today and the legs are feeling pretty good. I wish I could race and ride outside, but that will be coming soon as I hope the Doctor gives the ok Tuesday. Tomorrow is the Fat Tire ride and I thought about doing it but again I don't want to mess up the hand. Time to go over Nate's packing and make sure he has every thing. Later..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Got the stiches removed yesterday and the Doctor said that the hand is looking real good. But not to move the fingers to much as the bones are healing and I could f%$& it up again. No problem as I will take it easy and come back 100 percent not take a few steps back as I don't need to do any more damage again. The Doc said 3 to 4 Weeks and rehab will start so taking it easy yet and spinning only.

Wed night time trials at CR and the punks raced. Nate did it on his SS speed and was whooped at at he end but loved the bike. He is doing the 12 hour in a 4 man with Russell, Bubba, Magatron and they are doing it all on SS. Maddie rode the full lap tonight for the first time and did a great job.

Last night was a night on the track and the punks each took 2 second places. They both rode smart and did great. Well I' tired and going to bed. Later..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

Even though Russell took a 2nd place we won't kick him off the team. He made good by driving my ass all over. Here is a nice South Amercan lady.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Feeling better after the fingers get a little air and light. Hope that they start moving and get the flexibility back some.

Race recap and graduation

Well on Sunday got the kids up and were heading to eat breakfast and Maddie is tossing her dinner from the night before. I couldn't get her to eat or drink any thing and she looked a little pale. The trooper that she is she raced and was struggling bit did manage to pull off a 2nd place. I was working the lap/finish area and she came out of the single track and laid the bike down right there, she laid there for a while and got up and finished 1/2 a second in front of 3rd. Nate took off next and finished 4th in the race. He was in 2nd when he came by the first time but the others must have passed him some where out there and he finished 4th. He was disappointed but the other kids are all 14 so he got over it quick. I volunteered and got to see every one race so it was cool. Good job to everyone that were able to make it there and I think everyone got great results this week.

Jessica had a graduation from K 4 today and it was a cool little ceremony. Nothing like 20 4 year olds yelling and running all over the place. The kids only have 2 more days of school and then mass on Thursday and then they are off for the summer. Going to get some extra training in with them as we are going to go to the NORBA nationals for sure now. Time to go and get the kids. Later..

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Made it to the 9 Mile Forest in 1 piece with Russell driving and with no speeding tickets. Got the punks out for a preride and I walked around talking to others. It is hard not racing and just watching as the others that are getting ready, but only for a few weeks and then it should hopefully be back to racing. I rode the punks bikes around and the hand and fingers didn't hurt that bad but I couldn't race no way. The punks should be ready and hoping that they both do well and get on the podium. The punks and Russell are in the pool so I hope that Russell behaves and doesn't mess with them, yea right like will ever happen. I think the kids behave better then he does at times. Later..

Friday, June 02, 2006

Getting ready

Getting ready to leave in tomorrow for thw WORS race. Getting the Punks bikes, clothes, swim suits, and snacks. Going to pack the truck and pick up Russell then head north. It should be fun.

Today I got the oil changed and like every time you pull the car in the garage they say you need this and that done. Well they said you need rear brake pads and rotors, front pads and that will be only 400.00 bucks. Yea right. I called Copper and like always he hooked me up. Pads and rotors for front and back. Did it with my Dad and saved a bunch of money. I owe him dinner for the deal. The car should be set for a while.

The hand is feeling better and the swelling is done and the hand is feeling a lot better. See you on Sat and Sunday at the race. Later..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Show me the money

I went to the office to get my check. After a few phone calls to others it was not to be found. I went to the lady really in charge and the one I told my boss to call in the first place to find my check. She said oh I put it in the mail and it should get here in a few days, no problem as we don't live check to check anyways. The kicker is that I talked to my boss on Tuesday and told him I was stopping in to turn in end of the month reports and my old cell phone to get the new one so I could program all the numbers back in. I still have the same phone number for work so no changes there. But it was still a nice visit to the office as got to thank everyone for the card and calls to see how I was doing and also to rub in how I'm off for the summer now.

Got the Vicadin refilled so 40 more happy pills to eat over the next few weeks. Good thing for great insurance as the refill only cost .76 cents and I also got a $10.00 gift card. Boy this is a great country. Missing the group ride again tonight so I hope everyone is having a safe and fast ride. I will be there in a few weeks and I hope that I don't get dropped right away. I sat on the spin bike again for a hill climbing video with the punks. I took off the splint and held the arm up and it felt a lot better today. Hope to be riding full time next week and getting into better shape then I was before I got hurt. My parents are in for some doctors appointments and meetings so I hope to get a project or 2 done while they are here. Nothing else new except see you all this weekend. Later..