Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cross'n up at Washington Park

Today after test yet more deicers Nate and I hit up the cross practice at Washington Park. It was a nice set up and ran the cross course for the race coming up on Halloween. It was a good group of about 10 guys and a few girls. They did 6 hot laps with a rest in between so it was a nice pace for Nate. I rode with the slower group and went around the barriers. We had to hit 1 as next week Monday Nate starts drivers ed so that is going to put a damper on the training but we will manage even if we have to do a bunch of night rides. Tomorrow is more of the same though as I have more deicers to test and Jess has soccer. Kind of caught in a rut I guess. Later..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More pictures from the USGP

Here are the last of the pictures that were worth putting up on the blog. Hope that they are good enough and can't wait to see the race grow next year. It was a blast to attend and watch Nate race.

Today was more deicer testing and with the breaks of sun it was perfect. Then it was a Chiropractor appointment and hauling Jess to soccer practice. While there Nate and I did a cross practice. Going to try to make it to the cross practice at Washington Park tomorrow if we can with the Cafe Hollander team. Then I got the junk to change the oil in the Monte Carlo and all was going good but I didn't know that the oil catch pan pan was cracked. Needless to say the oil was all over the ground. So after the oil change it was getting the cat liter out and cleaning up a nice mess. After all that it was good and I finally got to eat and sit down. I will take the car to the dealer for the free oil change and sit there for an hour and let them tell me after the oil change that I need $2,000.00 dollars worth of this and that every time. I need a big bowl of ice cream to settle down. Later..

Monday, September 28, 2009


Here are a few more pictures form the awesome racing on Sat and Sun. Thanks to Renee and JP for the best cross race in the state hands down. These pictures are of the PRO women and men on Sunday. Tomorrow I will post the rest as I still have a few left from the other races on Sunday.

Today was testing the deicers at the airport all day. More of the same for the rest of the week or till it is done. Just hope this wind dies down as it was not fun out there today my face is wind burnt as hell after today's testing. The way it is sounding right now the wind must be blowing at least 50 to 60 mph.

Also tomorrow I have to run Nate and Maddie to the orthodontist to get the spacers put in so they can get the braces put on in 2 weeks. Oh I hated the spacers as they hurt the next day when the teeth started to move. I should offer the apples to them tomorrow or Wednesday when their teeth are really sore. I'm mean aren't I. Looks like soup and ice cream for the next few nights. Good thing is I like both, matter of fact I think I will have a big bowl of ice cream right now. Later..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

USGP day #2

Today was day 2 at the USGP and again Nate, Mitch and Gage toed the line in the Jr 15-16. The results were the same as Mitch took 2nd, Nate took 3rd and Gage came in 5th I belive after dropping his chain. The racing was great the weather was awesome. Watched all the races today and seen the best cross racing I have ever seen. Great time and wished the rain would have been more and longer before the pro men to see how they would have handled it. I will post more of the races later in the week of all the other racers I got today. I have to sort through the rest. Later..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

USGP Cross pictures

Went to the USGP cross race in Sun Parerie this morning and Nate, Mitch and Gage toed the line in the 15- 16 year old class. The gun went off and they were gone and Nate, Mitch, Gage and Jordan were in a small group. After a slick turn it was Mitch and Jordan with a gap that Nate and Gage would never close. The finish would be Jordan, Mitch, Nate and then Gage. Te course was long and nice but some of the turns set up were tight and slick after the rain last night and that caught Nate off guard on the first lap. He hopes to get in with Mitch and try to work together to give Jordan something to deal with. Now it is off to the wedding for Fred and Tammy. Later..

Friday, September 25, 2009


Well Wade came in to town and we hit 3 football games tonight. He had to check the officials out for the state games later in the year. We hit the Menominee Falls game and the were up 21-0 after the 1st quarter so we left to the next game was the Marquette vs Brookfield East. Marquette was up 21-0 so watched the refs for a few minutes and went to the last game. St. Thomas More vs St Francis. St Thomas More won 28-23. It was cool as Wade walks up and says I'm with the WIAA and they are with me and we walk in and watch for a bit and leave and say thanks. May have to have him come for a few more. Nate wants to got to the Cross race so we have to get a few things ready and then run home to get to a wedding in Elkhorn. Later..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grass Practice

Today after doing more taxis and tossing some iron around in the basement Nate and I took Jessie to soccer practice. Then we hit up another grass practice on the cross bike for Nate and me on the single speed. He looked a lot better and he said that he felt a ton better then yesterday. No pictures as Maddie went to a soccer game and kept texting me about coming to pick her up. She said that it was all set when she left but then she wanted me to come and get her and a friend. It was like 30 minutes away and I could not leave Jess and get her so her friends brother came and got them, I test taxis, I am not a taxi.

Now we just have to decide if we can make it to the race on Saturday and get back and then drive to a wedding in Elkhorn. But Sunday is on the plate and Nate is looking forward to getting some cross action in the legs. Should be fun to watch the racers suffer at the first cross race of the year. Later..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get some saddle time

Bike begging to be ridden.
Jessie up and rolling after her spill.
Nate practicing the remounts.
I fixed that helmet at least a dozen times. Time to start wearing Maddie's old one with a rock lock in it.
My little house of pain.

Today after another day of testing taxi meters I got home and got my mtn bike Jessie's single speed and Nate's cross bike out to go for a spin in the park. Jessie seen that Nate and I were going to the park and wanted to come along so what are we to say except lets go. We got to the park after Jess become a pavement inspector up close, she ran into the curb and crashed. Nate and I looked at her and asked what she was thinking and she said you do it Nate. He says Jess I bunny hop it and you can't do that and you shouldn't because you will crash again. She agreed and did not try that again. Once at the park she rode laps in the grass to work on her turns she told me as Nate did his cross workout and I did hill repeats. Good riding with Jess and Nate.

More cabs tomorrow and then teacher conferences for Nate and Maddie. No issues just get to have some face time with them. I should let Cece go but I always like to put a few on the edge with some questions about how they tell I do this and that at the open house and then the kids tell us they never do what they told us. I figure I pay a ton of money I get to ask for my monies worth. Time for a bowl of ice cream. Later..