Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Night at the Ridge

Well it was the last Wednesday night race for the year. I think that I have been doing these for the last 10 years now. Holy crap am I getting old. Tonight's race was another time not lap race that if you wanted to do more you needed lights to finish the time limit of 8pm. The course was the complete lap that included the Alpha trail for the 1st lap and then shortened laps that included everything on the ski area. It was a great night of racing and we are going to miss it till it starts again next year. Awesome race and a big thanks to Al for doing the timing and the course marking every week. Now that the Tuesdays are clear with now more track so are the Wednesdays and after tomorrow so are the Thursdays as it will be the last beat down to. What will I so? Night rides may be in order so charge the lights and watch the Metro board for night rides to be popping up.

This weekend are the BMX state championships in Wisconsin Rapids so Nate and I are skipping the WORS race. Nate is 1 point out of the 1st place in the cruiser so if he just beats the other guy Nate will take the State Championship. So it is the bmx instead of a ski hill race. Just have to try other things to as WORS is getting a tad old in our books. Needed a break from the WORS races and this year for the first time in years we missed a few as we have been WORS heads for a few years but oh well. Time to get to bed as I have another day of testing airplane fuel trucks. Later..

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