Friday, September 25, 2009


Well Wade came in to town and we hit 3 football games tonight. He had to check the officials out for the state games later in the year. We hit the Menominee Falls game and the were up 21-0 after the 1st quarter so we left to the next game was the Marquette vs Brookfield East. Marquette was up 21-0 so watched the refs for a few minutes and went to the last game. St. Thomas More vs St Francis. St Thomas More won 28-23. It was cool as Wade walks up and says I'm with the WIAA and they are with me and we walk in and watch for a bit and leave and say thanks. May have to have him come for a few more. Nate wants to got to the Cross race so we have to get a few things ready and then run home to get to a wedding in Elkhorn. Later..

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