Saturday, September 05, 2009

Perfect hey?

The weather and the ride were perfect today. Waited till 10:30 to hit the road and the temps were great. Maybe if we took off at 9 it would have been a little better but no complaining here as it was awesome out there today. Nate and I hit the road and we rode around Wind Lake and back. There was a few other bikers going the other direction as we hit Wind Lake today in the direction that we normally ride but today we decided to do the ride in the opposite direction just for a different view. There is a lot of things that you don't see when riding one direction all the time. Nice change of pace for once. Now I'm just chill'n after eating a nice chicken salad sandwich before I wash and wax the truck. Then tomorrow is Church on the road service, should be the best church service I have attended in a long time. Better get going before I get to lazy. Later..

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