Friday, September 11, 2009

Playing it safe

Looking forward to racing the little bikes again.

Today I put a nice big Band Aid on the heel and hoped for the best. It stayed on all day and the heel cup in the Adidas shoe didn't any more damage to the heel. I pushed the flap of skin back over the bigger scrape or deeper hole to try to get that to protect or hopefully not have to regrow the graft back. A little blood leaked through the bandage and sock but not as much as I feared so that worked so far. So after work I picked up another 30 extra large Band Aids as I know I will be needing them for a while. I asked Cece and she said we plenty of antibiotic cream ( some reason I think she asked for them as a wedding gift ) at home so I'm set there. But to play it safe I didn't go for a ride today to let the heel get at least 1 day of recovery from yesterday. Tomorrow we leave for the double point bmx race in Wisconsin Rapids and then the State Championship race on Sunday. So those that are racing at the Lake Geneva race good luck and see you at the next race.

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