Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. See you at the night ride tomorrow at Hoyt park. Food and beverages at 5:30pm and ride at 7pm. Lights needed for the ride. Meet at Hoyt Park off Swan Blvd. Later..

Monday, October 29, 2007

Inside and outside racing

Nate and I raced at the bmx track on Saturday night and it was fun to be back at the indoor track. The races were fun and it was a blast to race the guys again. Nate took a 2nd in cruiser and I took a 4th in the old man cruiser. Nate and I were both over geared as we had the gears from the outdoor season on and they were to tall for the tight indoor track. You need a gear that you can spin and get the hole shot or at least be there to contest the guys in turn 1 or you are done. I ordered some new chain rings today so we can dial in the right gears and have a few for the Grands also. There is gate practice this Thursday and we are heading there to get some time on the bmx bike.

The rest of the pictures are of a lot of the people not all but a lot of them dressed in their costumes for the race. I do have many more and I will post them over the next few days. Nate was able to pull another win yesterday and now has won all the cross races so far this year. He is having a good year racing cross and having a blast racing with Mitch there at the races. Now it is time to get some extra miles on the bike for Nate as Grands are coming up and with football Nate has only been racing and no time on the bike in between the races. So I'm really surprised that he has been able to hold off the others with no real riding for the last 3 months. Man I wish I was young like him. Congrats to all the others that raced and see you at the next race. Later..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gutt'n Pumpkins and win in football

Today was Nate's last game of the season and the team won today. It was the only win of the year and they played so well I would have liked the season to keep going. It was a little to late to pull it all together as they should have easily won about 4 to 5 more games if they played as they did today. It was fun to watch and help coach the team and I enjoyed seeing the kids get better and play more solid each week. Now it is time to hit the training hard as we leave for BMX grands in a few weeks.

Last night we cleaned the pumpkins and cut them up. They do look nice and now are ready to be lite up for the trick or treat guests tonight. Nate and I will miss it as we are heading to the bmx races. After the bmx'n tonight is is get home unload the bikes and then get the Cross stuff ready. for tomorrow and even try to get to the bmx races tomorrow afternoon if time allows. Time to go and load the car with bikes and gear. Later..

Friday, October 26, 2007

Heavy Duty

I have been busy the last week at work doing vehicle scales in the city. Here are a few pictures of John unloading the 5,00 pound cart and then the 1,000 pound weights. We would put the cart and then 20 wights on the scales and then roll the cart down the scale using a remote control. That sweet cart that was remote controlled by John and it would have made any kid jealous let me tell you. Then out of the 14 scales I did this week with John 6 failed. Now they have to pay a few 100 dollars and get them calibrated. Now I have to go and clean pumpkins. Later..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1 more

Nate has 1 more football practice and 1 more game this weekend. He is going to be able to make it to the game as there is no cross race. But there is a bmx race in the afternoon that we will be going to though. The team has not won a game this season and we are hoping to win the last one of the season. As the season has gone on we have lost about half of the players as there are only 13 to15 kids showing up out of 24 to the practices now and a few that do hate to have the heavy hitting drills and always have a excuse to getting out of them. But the rest have realized that it is fun to lay out some one and are just eating it up. Nate has taking a liking to running the ball and hitting the runners and receivers now. I have been telling him be the hitter not the one taking the hit and he has figured it out and no is hitting real solid. Today he had a bunch of nice tackles and even hit another kid so hard he knocked the wind out of himself. Well at least now that the season is going to be over we will be able to hit the bike training hard as bmx Grands are in a month. He should be ready and we do have 3 or 4 gate practices and a few races before also. Time to get to bed. Later..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cross Pictures

Here are few pictures from the races this weekend, not the best but I have a few and I have to figure the camera out to get better ones at the other races. The weather was perfect for the races and I think that will change for the last couple and now it will be true cross weather coming. I'm not complaining as I think it was perfect the way it has been and know a few of the others are looking forward to the true weather of cold and either some rain and or snow during the races. I really don't like cleaning muddy bikes rather I hate it but it is part of the game so bring on the cross weather and I will cheer ya on from the side.
BMX racing starts this Saturday and Nate and I are going as he needs to get the BMX skills down a little before the Grands next month. So see ya at the races this weekend. Also the gate practice starts next week Thursday so see ya there for some bumping in the corners. The practice starts at 5pm and goes to about 7:30 or sometimes a little longer depending on the weather and crowd. I will be taking the girls and if one of you guys want to try it let me know as I have a extra cruiser you can try, but call a head as you will need long pants, long sleeve shirt and a good helmet. I have a few BMX helmets that anyone can barrow for a night. Have to get some things done. Later..