Sunday, August 31, 2008

Going Green

In our house we are going green. Cece is a very earth friendly person as she set up a big recycling thing at her school that showed how much her class recycled and everyone was impressed about it. She is the same here at home as we recycle everything that we can. But as far as going green I didn't get a ride in today as we went real green. She picked 2 shades of a light green and Nate, my Mom and Dad and I painted the upstairs family room. I was OK with it as I rode yesterday and a day off here and there makes the legs happy. But my fingers are sore from painting for 7 hours. But we got most of it done as my Mom is painting the base cove right now and Nate is putting the switch plates back on so we can move things back. I have to say the white was nice but we painted that 14 years ago and it needed a update. So the colors that Cece picked are nice and it looks nice with the fresh coat of paint. Now every room except our bedroom has been freshly painted or remodeled. The only thing that we have not done is the roof, everything from the basement up has been updated now. I mean everything from the floors and walls downstairs to the siding and gutters outside and the bathroom. She just painted the kitchen and now like I said we want to paint our bedroom. I think that may happen over the next long holiday or next summer for sure. I love owning a house.

The concert last night was the best concert I ever attended. Bruce Springsteen played songs of old and new. He had so much energy and was playing none stop. He would sing 1 song and then go right into the next. His voice was crisp and clear and the sound was great and the video screen on the side of the stage were big and clear. When we got the Harley parked Cece and I went to the Summer Fest grounds and stopped by my parents as they were at work to say Hi and then walked to the Veterans Park to attend the concert. As we were walking to get something to eat we ran into Steve Derby an old cycling friend along with his wife Tammy. We stooped and talked and ended up sitting with them during the concert. That was nice to get a chance to catch up about things going on now with the families and talk crap about the old days. But the concert was great and Bruce played for 3 hours and 45 minutes. We got home at 1:30am and Talked to my parents for a little bit and went to bed dead tired after the ride in the kettles and then sitting at the concert all night. But I have to thank my Uncle Bill as he was not up to going and gave me the tickets. Way to cool. Well time to move things back to the walls upstairs. Later..

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Nate and I meet Jeremey, Gage Mitch and Jerry at the Kettles this morning for a stroll through the woods. As Nate and I were getting ready and he told me that I packed his left shoe and my spare left shoe. So I quick run to the General store and pay full price for a pair so he can ride. Wwe get back and get ready and roll the blue to the connector and then Emma and back. The 3 boys were rocking it and like Jeremey said it is so cool that you never had to tell them about logs and rocks as they just rode over them. It was all cool and then I clipped a pedal on a stump on the side and flew over the bars on landed on a log knocking the wind out of myself. Jeremey was nice enough to get the bike off of me and then him and Nate helped me up. I got my breath and off we were. It was a great ride and this is the best time to be riding in the woods with some fast kids and friends. We ran into a bunch of others taking advantage of the weather and great dry and dusty trails. Pictures later.

My uncle just called and asked me if I want his tickets to the the 105th and see Springsteen. He said his hip is bothering him as he rode about 2,000 miles in the last 2 weeks on his Harley, I hope I never get old. I had no other plans so now Cece and I are going to go out on a date. It has been a while since just the 2 of us have done anything without the kids so that should be nice. Now I have to get the Harley out and then get ready to ride with about 100,000 other riders. It should be fun, all I have to do is watch out for the idiots. Later..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Boy is gett'n old

Today Nate went to his first high school football game with his buddy's. I sort of remember the first game I went to like 28 years ago. They were fun and then my jr and sr year myself and Wade were the one that the rest were watching. I just reminded him to behave, have fun and not to get in trouble.

Maddie and the girls were swimming as it was nice and it won't be long before it will be time to take the pool down. It has turned out to be real nice having the pool and now that we figured it all out it has been real easy to take care of. It has been fun to watch and listen to the kids play in it and enjoy it on the real hot days. This summer has been perfect for the pool as the sun and weather has been great.

Also the U-verse has been great. We got it installed yesterday and it all seems to be working perfect. The picture on the cable looks better then the Time Warner and the voice has matched the picture unlike so many times that the Time Warner I had to shut off the box and turn it back on to match the voice and picture. The Internet seems just fine and the phones are good to go. The best is that the bill will a ton less as I don't have to pay for everything from the remote, boxes and services. I took the boxes and remotes back to Time Warner and now I just have to learn the new channel numbers as U-verse has totally different from cable and the Direct TV that I'm used to from Wade's and the cabin. It shouldn't take that long. Well time to check the gears on the single speeds before heading to the Kettles in the morning. Later..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Group Ride

Tonight Nate and I went to the Thursday night World Championships. The ride was a steady tempo of about 25mph after the 6 mile roll out. We have to keep it under control through the sub division as some of the people think that the big bad group of bikers rolling through is up to no good. So after the nice policeman told us to go slower and then it should go away that is what we do. It is nice as it gives us all a chance to talk and warm up. Then Aaron kept it steady and fast. It was a nice ride as we haven't been to it for the last 3 weeks as meetings and other things have popped up and kept us away. Nate looked strong and jumped the gap that formed up the long hill, then Russell and I jumped and made the gap. After that the ride regrouped and we just rode the rest in for a nice 23+mph for the 35 miles.

Tomorrow I may try to get a Harley ride in with the fact that there is several 100,000 in town for a little party. I did get it out and it started so I may as well take it for a ride. Then over the weekend try to fit a summer worth of chores in as we were away a lot this year and things are a little behind. But I have to say thanks to Cece as she has picked up the slack. Now I need to finish watching the Packers. Later..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 Tired

Got home late from the track last night and it caught up to us this afternoon. I had to get up for work at 5am, so that left me with less then 5 hours of sleep. Nate got to bed a tad earlier as I took care of the unloading and putting away the bikes and gear. It was a long day at work and I imagine a long day at school for Nate also. After 10 hours of work and homework for Nate neither of us was up to going to the time trials tonight all OK though. After the race on Sunday and last night a day off was needed anyhow. Now we need to get a few things ready for the AT&T people to install the Uverse, phone and computer stuff tomorrow, good bye Time Warner Later..

Last night of track

Last night was the last race of the season for the track. It seemed like it just started and now it is over just like that. Nate, Mitch and Gage had a great night again. Nate took a 2nd and a 3rd, Mitch a 1st and Gage pulled a 2nd and took a $10 prime. They raced smart and are really coming around fast. Nate just missed out on the money in the consolation race again but he was right there in the front for the entire race. I just rode the races as they were all short and super fast. I can't hang with then at the speed that they were going to it was another $20 dollar donation. Next year I'm going to just watch the races again as they are just getting way to fast and I'm getting old. Tonight we may hit the time trials or just go for a short ride and get the Harley out as there is a few extra of them in town for the weekend. Later..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chris at Nationals

I was reminded by Chris that I told him that I would post the pictures of the racers at the Nationals. I will try in the next week or so to get a day of everyone that went a day of just their pictures that I have. Here you go Chris.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

River Falls

Great day and great race. Everything was just perfect for a race. The course was one of the best of the year. Nate and I got to the race and got ready and then did a short pre ride with Mitch and Myles and then got to the line. I had a OK start as I got stuck behind a few slow riders that think if they go fast and hard they will place better, wrong. I caught Nate at the top and then rode his wheel for a while as we were stuck in slow rider land. We seen Myles and Mitch along with Brandon up in front and had to chase for the next 2 laps. In the middle of the 2nd lap we caught Mitch as he went down in a turn and Brandon shortly after. We all rode together for a while and then on the start of the 3rd Nate got a gap and pushed it and we then caught another single speeder and Myles. Myles said that he was cooked and couldn't go with us. Nate then got a good gap on the single speeder and then I got in front and turned it up to get the gap larger on the guy. In the end Nate ended up 1st, Brandon 2nd, Mitch 3rd and Myles 4th. I ended up 3rd in the single speeders. Also Gage took another 2nd so he is in a good battle in his class. I kind of like the rigid front as when I had it on the Gunnar I got used to it, but today it was a rough ride as the course was the bumpiest so far this year. My arms were tired and the hands stiff from holding on so tight at times. But it was a blast and I will leave it on for a while as the other one has to go in for a rebuild. Nice to see everyone and I hope that everyone had a good race.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh No Not Now

Nate and I drove up to Wade's house last night to get a good day of rest and then pre ride the course. We got here at 9 after and 4 1/2 hour drive here. We hit some rain but nothing to worry about as it was short and brief. We got in to Wade's and sat around and talked and then went to bed. We got up and headed over to River Falls to ride the course. Nate and I rode the first lap together with the Pedal Moraine gang and then I went on my own for a 2nd lap. Everything was going good and then I hit a turn and washed out a little and hit a root and my fork was just mush, gone. I rode it out and then ran into Randy and he tried to help figure out what happened, no go. He called Rob and he hadn't gotten to far from home and turned around and picked one up just in case I couldn't get it taken care of, thanks Rob. Randy then pointed me to the local bike shop The Route in downtown River Falls. We then took the bike in to see if they could help. They did that and more. They offered me a Reba or a Switch Blade off one of the workers bikes. I took the carbon Switch Blade as it was hardly used and the price was good. They took my blown up one off and put the other one on. Thanks to guys at the shop I'm able to race tomorrow and not have to try to put a fork on right before the gun goes off. The guys there great and I can't say thanks enough as now I'm rolling and ready for the race and the hospitality was great. Thanks Randy for trying to help figure it out and Rob for turning around and getting a spare just in case and the guys at the shop for everything. Now I have to see if the hands and body hold up to the rigid ride. Then on Tuesday I have to get the fork to Len and they can see what went wrong and get it back to me as good as new. Now it is time to catch some Olympics and NASCAR. See you at the race. Later..

Thursday, August 21, 2008


After a few days of school for Nate and the weather being hot and humid we were both a little drained. Plus throw in a few days of racing this week we decided that the Thursday night ride would be a no go. We were just going to go and ride the single speeds along the lake but the rain started to fall as we got a few miles away. Turned around and went home. We were just hoping to spin out the legs after a few nights of racing but the weather had other plans. That is OK as the little break of 2 days off the bike will do the legs and body good. Tomorrow Nate and I are heading up for the race as we are going to stay by Wade's so we figured we would spend a little time with him instead of just showing up Saturday and crashing and then going to the race. I feel lucky as Wade is near 2 of the races this year and my parents are by Rhinelander so that helps save a few $.

Nate got his lap top today at school but he couldn't log on the thing. I asked if he tried at school and he said yeah and it didn't work then. He said none of the other students didn't either and that they will get it looked at tomorrow. Hope that it all gets straightened out. He said that school hasn't been to bad and that starting so early kind of bites but in the summer next year being done early will be nice. The nice thing is that he hasn't had that much home work this week but I know that will change real fast so he better enjoy it. I know that the fact that he has to get up early is getting to him as he is in bed already and it is only 8:30 how funny. Well see you at the race. Later..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I talked to Len this morning and the girl who crashed last night was taken to Children's Hospital via flight for life and was still unconscious this morning from her crash. Len then called Mr. Winn and he stated that she was a wake and things were looking better. We were so glad to hear that and hope for a speedy recovery and that she still wishes to race a bike. Then tonight at the time trials Lynn Senkerik crashed on the cap and was out cold and Coop stayed with her until the rescue personal loaded her up and took her to the hospital. I hope she is OK to and back to the races. Hope that the crashes are used up and that no one else has a bad one.

The time trials were good tonight although it was a light turnout. I started out OK and stayed on Marks wheel and was just happy with the pace he was setting. I missed a turn and then had to pass about 7 people that made the right turn and I caught Mark again and was on his wheel and then he decided to lie down on the switch back and I passed him and never looked back. My legs were a little unhappy with me today from the abuse I dished out on them at the track last night. The legs felt better on the 2nd lap and I was able to open a larger gap on the others. On lap 3 the legs cramped up going up craters and I was able to ride the cramps out until the last time up the gravel road to the finish. I almost walked up the hill but I pushed it out and made it to the finish. That is the first time all year that the legs have cramped up so I have to take in extra fluids. Tomorrow depending on the amount of homework that Nate has we may not be able to make the group ride. Just have to see. Later..

1 more note

I forgot to put it in the post last night, but there was a bad crash in the consolation race. There was a group of racers that came up I believe from the Chicago area to race with us. While the race was on the first lap one of the riders from that group crossed wheels and went down on the back stretch. She hit her head hard and was lying on the ground out cold for a good period of time. The scout leaders attended to her and called the fire rescue. As the scout leaders attended to her and she began to have some movements as the fire fighters were putting her into the rescue squad. They then transported her to Bradford high school and the flight for life came in for her as the head injuries appeared pretty bad. I seen the flight for life arrive as we were leaving the track to pick her up and it then passed over us as I was driving home. I pray that every thing is OK and she is recovering and back in the saddle soon. I tried calling Len to see if he heard anything but I only got his voice mail. I will post something if I hear anything. Later..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Track racing

Nate and I loaded the bikes again and went to the track for some left turns and none of that coasting racing. I had to race the main again as being a cat 3 they have all the cat 1,2 ,3's race the main and not the consolation race anymore so off to the races it was. The main was a 50 lap points race and it was fast and hot from the start. I lasted about 18 laps and then I started to go down a few laps by the end of the race. I finished it and refused to drop out. I then had a unknown race and it was another 18 laps and then a unknown in the cat 3 race and I was done and Russell offered a PBR and I didn't do the miss and out. Nate had a great night as he took a 2nd in the unknown and a 3rd in the miss and out. In the consolation he raced great and sat near the front of the race and took a flyer to take the $10 dollar prime. Then Nate and Mitch sat in and tried to pull Dan Berg back to the front, Dan struggled and they then just finished. Mitch looked good tonight again and took two 4th place finishes and Gage looked good as he is looking more comfortable and next week he can be right in the mix for the top 3 I think. Now I tired and need to eat my fried chicken. Later..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer's over

Nate starts school tomorrow. I can't believe that the summer is over for him. He is a freshman in high school. Right now he is doing some summer home work that he was to do over the summer before he goes in tomorrow. What a fool as Cece was asking if he was doing it over the last few weeks. I guess we should have pushed it a little more and followed through but so much is going on that it just slips the mind. Well all said and done he got it done and maybe the better as it will be fresh in his mind when he goes to school tomorrow. He said on the ride today that he feels that getting up may be hard but that he isn't nervous or excited about high school. Just hope that he fits in and that he doesn't get to frustrated about his new adventure. Also tomorrow we have track racing and then Wednesday time trials and then maybe the Thursday group ride. Then over the weekend the WORS race in River Falls. This is going to be a busy week for Nate and I hope that he can handle the work load at school and the racing or I may be going to a few myself. Time to watch some women's beach volleyball, possibly the best sport to watch in the Olympics. Later..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy weekend

Cece painted well into the night last night. To keep going I had to pull out Nate's helmet and night light to light up the back hall so she could see what she was doing. The lights have come in handy many times in the chores around the house and working on the car at rimes in the dark of the night. Cece and my Mom finished most of the painting last night and then the rest today before they left to go back to Rhinelander. Thanks Mom for the help.
Today was my Grandma's 90th Birthday. We had almost everyone in town except Wade who lives to far for the trip. It was a nice gathering and she was happy to see everyone and all the great grand kids. Getting to see the 90th is cool after the scare we got a few years ago I never would have guessed that it was going to happen. Hopefully many more to come. Happy 90th Grandma.
Here is a rare moment that the pool has not had someone in it. It has been perfect since the magic that Mark had me do to it after the trip out East. The water temp has been perfect and the water is as clear as ice. I'm glad that it has come around now Cece has the chems figured out and the water has been perfect and the kids are enjoying it, also me to after the rides. Today I jumped in after Nate and I did some hill climbing and sprints and I felt great. I hope that the summer lasts a few more weeks before the great fall and night riding starts. Also Nate starts High School Tuesday, man I'm getting old and he is growing up way to fast. Later..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Teen agers $

Having teens is the endless money costing sucking hole. They grow to fast and the shoes and clothes are still good, the bikes are still in great shape and the coats are barely used. But now that Nate is going into high school it was time to get him a phone to let us know where and what he is up to, also got one for Maddie while I was getting one for the Boy. Good thing is that my other plan was up so it was a good time to get the family plan. The only thing is what plan to pick. I picked one that had a good amount of minutes ( 1400 per month ) and then the unlimited texting. I know that the texting is a issue with everyone but with the unlimited texting they can text and that won't burn the minutes. And they don't drive so who cares if they text, just not while they are at school or at the dinner table. I also got the U-Verse thingy set up and in a week and a half we will be switching over from cable. I hope it is as good a deal is it sounds as it will save a bunch of money and get more HD channels and all. I took a bundle that will have all the cable, inter net, phone and wireless all on one bill, NICE.. Cece is still going on painting the kitchen and maybe it will be done later or tomorrow. I have to say it does look a ton better then the gloss finish and the slightly different colors are nice. Must get out and ride. Later...

Friday, August 15, 2008

At it again

Cece painted the kitchen last year and she wasn't happy how it turned out. The colors were fine but she didn't like the fact that the paint was a gloss. To shinny for her. She was ready to paint it right away last summer but school came up and she didn't. This year she had a few Masters classes and then we were on the road going on vacations and traveling out east so that put it off and I thought out of her mind. Well she never forgets anything just like the rain man, she went out and bought the paint and now she is going to start painting tonight. I would help but I tied that once and that only pissed her off so I just move the things and let her loose. My parents are coming in town over the weekend and I think that they are going to help paint the upstairs so that will be nice as it hasn't been done since we moved in, long over do. They know what they are doing so Cece will let them help. I'll post a few pictures when she is done.

Nice to not have any race this weekend as the next few are going to mean some traveling. Thanks Don. Oh well at least Wade is right by the River Falls race so we will stay by him and then the Rhinelander one we stay by my parents. I can't believe there is only 4 more races. The season flew by again. Ahh I better get out on the bike. Later...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Did

I went to the meeting with Cece as it is the first kid going to High School and all. Next year when Maddie is starting I think I will skip the meetings as it will be old news then. If I didn't go I wouldn't have missed anything but it still was the right thing to do. Nate and I were able to get a short but go ride in before we went to the meeting so all good. Time to catch the Olympics. Later..

Should I?

Tonight there is a parent meeting at the High School Nate is going to attend and there is the group ride. Now Cece keeps saying do you want to go to the meeting or would you rather go to the group ride. Well you know the answer to that one. I know that if I go to the meeting that we will hear the same things we heard at the other 2 we attended and the same parents will ask a bunch of real stupid questions that you already know the answers to. But if I go to the group ride I stand the chance of missing something that I really may need to know. I will ask Nate if he wants to go to the group ride and if he does and I hope he does then I have an out. It wouldn't be the first time I went for a ride instead of doing something that could have been a tad higher on the list then the ride. But what the hell why change now. I hope Nate wants to go on the group ride. Cece will cover for me if we go on the ride, that's why I love her. Later..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Track racing

Tonight Nate and I hit the track again and we went down early to meet Gage and Mitch. We wanted to get there early to ride some laps with Gage as it was his first night on the track. As we were doing some warm up laps Gage told us the bike was making a loud creaking noise every time he put a heavy load on the pedals. So Jeremey and I looked at it and all seemed fine. We sent him back out and told him not to worry. Well Mitch does a sprint and Gage stomps on the pedals and BAM he hits the ground. He broke the freaking track chain. The good thing is he gets up and aside from some road rash he looks at us and says " Now I'm ready to race". I go to Bob and any one else and see if I can find a few links to try to fix the chain, no go. So I told him to race my track bike and I will watch as I can't race and have a kid not get the chance. We started to switch the pedals and one was giving us a hassle so I asked what size shoe and he wore the same size so he used my shoes and we moved the saddle and sent the kids out for more warm up. We then got the kids registered and off the races it was. Gage did well as the first race was a scratch and Gage finished in the middle of about 12 kids. Nate took a 4th and Mitch grabbed a 3rd. In the miss and out Gage not knowing how to sit in the front to middle was one of the first eliminated. Mitch rode to a 4th place and Nate took a 2nd. That was it for Gage as someone needed his beauty sleep so they went home. Nate and Mitch rode the consolation race witch was a 25 lap scratch. Nate and Mitch rode great for the entire race. Nate went with another racer on a flyer and Jeff and Mitch bridged the gap only to be chased down. They sat in the rest of the race and then contested for the sprint finish only to miss out by a place for the money. They all rode great and I hope Gage enjoyed it and that he will be back for more. Tomorrow is the time trial and then some meetings for Nate as he starts school next Tuesday. Later..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Road Rash

Today Jessie got some road rash, not from the fact that she has mastered the bike without training wheels but from tripping over the hose by the back door. What a goof as she was just walking and tripped. I thought either Nate or Maddie did something to her like always as she was screaming bloody murder. After a few band aids she was all good to go. She still wants to ride her bike but I think she is afraid of hoses lying on the ground. Again Randy do need the training wheels so you don't fall over the bars and break something?

No ride today just work and then lift weights and clean the pool. The pool is looking great and the water is as clear as ice. I can't believe it as when we got home form the Nationals and it was green I thought it was done and I would have to drain it and clean it and then start over. But thanks to Mark it is great and the kids love being in it. Now I'm just relaxing watching the Olympics and eating a bowl of peanut M&M's (1 pound bag). The bowl is half empty right now and I can't stop, oh well. Tomorrow Nate and I are heading to the track and the boys are going to do some laps with Gage. See you at the races. Later..

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Nate and Mitch rolling in the cut grass.
Nate int he cut grass.
I'm looking at the boys in a switch back in the cut grass.
The boys taking the spots on the boxes.
I brought the girls so Cece could get some shopping for school done and he is what they do in the free time. They were great as they did hand ups and helped when ever we needed. At the races that little bit makes a big difference to keep things smooth for the race. Myles was flying again and just rocked the entire race and Nate and Mitch rode together and Nate just took it at the end when Mitch let up for a second. Good racing guys. I was feeling like crap for the start and I think the sun yesterday at work and at the bmx races got to me. I just didn't have it at the start and ended up behind a triple x racer and he fell over right at the start of the single track on the hill and I had to run and I lost a bunch of spots and then had to fight to get back. I got it going and crawled back to finish in 4th place. Thanks to all the others who encouraged me as I was really feeling like crap, even tossed out what was inside after the race and then I felt better. I was happy as I just dislike this course but I seem to do ok at it. At least it is done and now there are a few good race courses coming up. I'm tired and it is time to watch the Olympics. Later..

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Sun Ringle team does the parade lap. As a cool and rewarding thing to do.
Nate in the gate for his cruiser class.
I had a full gate of wired novice racers, as scary as it gets.
How Nate gets ready for his races.
Cece enjoying the races and the great weather.

This morning I had to work for a while and I got to the races with 5 minutes to spare for registering. As that goes I had no time for any gate practice so I went out to race with out a warm up but oh well. I made the main but in to turn 1 Lenny pulled out of his pedal and I had to check up hard. I tried to hit the gas out of the turn but we were all bunched up and I didn't feel like messing things up and hitting the ground with the race tomorrow. I settled for a 6th place and Len pulled it together and got a 2nd. Nate took a 3rd on the day and it is showing that we show up once every few weeks during the summer as the rest race 3 to 4 days a week. We will catch up later. Congrats to Sam and Mikey today as they both took 1st place. Now time to get the gear ready for the races tomorrow. See you at the race. Later..

Friday, August 08, 2008


Jessie getting ready to try again to ride without her training wheels.
She made it about 50 feet right after this picture. she was screaming and didn't know how to use the brakes so Maddie chased her down and caught her before she fell. Kid of funny but cool. Now I can give Randy the training wheels so he doesn't fall again and ruin his other shoulder.
My cruiser, 20 inch and Nate's 20 inch waiting to go for a spin on the track.
Nate firring out of the gate on his cruiser.
Nate waiting to take a gate.

Tomorrow is the state qualifier at the bmx track. Racing starts at about noon and should be done by about 2. We are not going to go Sunburst for a pre ride as Nate wants to race the bmx and the course at Sunburst hasn't really changed in 5 years. Also if it does it won't be enough to worry about or in that fact waste my gas and time. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Jessie are you in there? Jessie you are the perfect little sister. Maddie had nothing better to do last night so what the heck Jessie do you want to play make up? Sure she says and then she comes down the stairs and looks like a zombie and is tickled as heck, that is until Cece says you have to clean up and take a bath before bed. She wanted to go to bed and then still be dressed up like a zombie today. She took a bath and then it was good and I think it will happen again before school starts. I think Jessie should dress up Maddie but I think Maddie will say no but as always Jessie will say yes.

Right now I have a quite house as Cece and Barb took all the kids to a Alterra concert by the lake. It was opera music tonight so I took a pass and went for a nice single speed ride and stopped and caught a few innings at a few softball games. It was nice to just go for a easy ride and not a race pace ride. I just need a break as the race season is still 2 months long. Tomorrow is gate practice and bmx racing on Saturday and WORS on Sunday. I thought there was gate practice tonight but Len called and told me that the practice is tomorrow not tonight. Good thing was that he ca;;ed as I had all the gear packed and the bikes ready to go on the top of the car. I put them away and now we are ready for tomorrow and the double pointer on Saturday. To bad we have a WORS race as the is a triple pointer on Sunday to. Maybe next time we can get the triple pointer. Well see you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Information needed

Got the cable bill today and well after getting it for free for the last year from a gift certificate that we won at Cece's school I was shocked. All the services that we got for free were still activated and I told them and seen the guy type it in that they were to notify me when we had a month to go. Well no call and the bill was pretty high but I know that the services that we have would be and getting it for free a month of a higher bill is OK but. I was wondering if any one has the AT&T or Direct TV and if they like it and think it is better then Time Warner. Just fed up with the cable and I think it is a good time for a change. My brother has the Dish and it seems good, but I want the computer and phone so is AT&T a good thing? Or just stay with the cable bundle? Help... Later..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just spinning

Yesterday we took a day off to let the legs just relax and recover after the 24-9 race. Then today we also just took the single speeds out for a ride to get the junk out of the legs. I was surprised that the legs felt as good as they did after the efforts put out during the race. But I still didn't feel that racing at the track tonight was in the plans or the bmx as it was way to hot to have all the gear on. So we just rode around to loosen the legs up. Plus being outside and testing gas meters in the heat I was just too worn out to drive to Kenosha or to Crystal and put all the gear on to race. It feels nice to be home and sit with the family for once even though the kids were getting each others nerves. Now we are watching Mr Woodcock with Billy Bob Thornton and it is kind of a goofy funny movie just what we need to watch to relax and laugh. I like the dude he plays. Got to see if you get a chance. Later..

Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is Maddie's Birthday and now I have 2 teenagers in the house as she is 13. Lucky us. Happy Birthday Maddie. Later..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Come and gone

My single speed team took the runner up. Thanks Mark, Steve and Todd for thinking of me to be on your team.
The boys taking the third place against a couple of strong 16 and 18 year old kids.
Myles riding a strong 1st lap and every lap after.
Nate riding to the waiting area for his first 1st lap.
Mitch finishing his 1st lap.
John and his team. They rode a strong race to take a 3rd.
John looking good on the boxes.
Holly and Abby on the 2nd box after pushing the winners right to the end. This is how Nate looked in the truck for the entire ride home after racing for 24 hours.
Here is Maddie after the 24 hour race. Her and Chloe supported us and the kids all weekend. Thanks girls.
The race weekend was a blast again. The MARS jr kids are a class act. They raced their hearts out and were as humble as ever knowing that they were up against other strong trams. They were not cocky like the first place team and I do have to say a big congratulations to the Expo jr team. They were as humble also and a great bunch of kids. Great job guys. I have to thank Steve, Amy, Diane, Jeff and Dale for all the help and support for the kids and me over the weekend. None us could have done as well as we did with out them. Thanks again.
The team that I was on was just put together and entered in the 4 man single speed class. I was hoping not to bring them down and that we would have a strong team. Well after the antibiotics kicked in I was wondering how I would ride. But I was able to keep up and turn solid laps int he day and strong ones at night. All the others did to and we held a small 3 minute lead into the night laps. But the other team pulled a fell faster and got a small lead. I was able to get 5minutes back on my last lap but it was to much and we settled for 2nd in a close race. I had a blast and I may try it again. For fulls results check here Look through and find a friend that raced. Sorry I'm tired and I don't recall every ones results. I need sleep. Later..